The Most Amazing Finds Under $35 On Amazon, According To Designers

Design on a budget.

by Caroline Reinstadtler
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You don’t have to completely overhaul your home to spruce up your space, and you don’t have to hire an interior designer to benefit from their expertise. From stunning ceramic vases to ethereal paper lanterns, experts absolutely love these home accessories, all of which have amazing reviews for good reason. Take a look and you’re sure to find something you didn’t know you needed until now — no designer TV networks needed.

These Handmade Ceramic Vases With A Donut Design

Nichole Abbott, an interior designer at FLOOR360, loves these handcrafted ceramic vases for their unique donut design. "Fluid organic shapes are high in demand for adding a modern feel to your space,” says Abbott. “Homeowners are drawn to fluid organic shapes for the soothing feeling they convey.” So what should you store in them? “A matching set of objects created in this shape will look fine on their own or with pampas grass."

A Knot Pillow That's Unbelievably Soft

For a cozy addition to any room, Abbott recommends this knot pillow, which features a plush microfiber filling, because of the way it can "soften the angles of your sofa, sectional or chair with a knot pillow ball. It’s more decorative than functional, it’s the overall effect the round softness will have on the feel of your space." Choose between 13 adorable colors, from classic neutrals to pretty pastels, and rest easy knowing that each pillow is skin and pet-friendly.

A Natural Fiber Rug With A Chic Circle Pattern

“An attractive and eco-friendly area rug in a natural fiber such as jute, sisal, or sea grass adds texture to your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or porch,” says Abbott. This natural fiber rug features a chic circle pattern that’s sure to complement any room in your house, and it's fully handmade and handwoven. It's available in 10 sizes, so you can display it wherever you want it to go.

These Ethereal Paper Lanterns That Are Budget Friendly

For a budget-friendly choice that makes your home feel like a faraway kingdom, look no further than these ethereal paper lanterns. Abbott shares, "If they are in the 12-inch size range and paired with a warm glow light bulb you’ll create a sensory experience in your living space. A grouping of three will give the room an attractive design focal point when they aren’t turned on." Pick these up for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday, or just hang them up around your home for an effect that's truly magical.

These Wood Candle Holders That Give Your Space A Rustic Charm

Raquel Kehler, a house flipper and interior design creator at, cites tealight candles as "a great way to add a warm and inviting ambiance to a room without spending a fortune on larger candles. To give your tealight holders a unique spin that adds to your decor, choose interesting finishes and shapes like rounded wood, colorful glass, or terracotta.” These wood candle holders are made with unvarnished beech wood that is sure to give your space a rustic charm.

These Battery-Operated Tea Lights That Look Incredible With The Wood Candle Holders

If you love the set of wooden candle holders but currently have home restrictions on candles, these battery-operated tealight candles would be the perfect substitution. You get 24 per pack, and each candle has the capability of lasting up to 200 hours. They’ll give off a warm white glow, and help set the tone in any room. Each light has a small switch on the bottom, making them easy to turn off when not in use.

These Adjustable Curtain Rods You Can Set Up Fast

Home designer at Opendoor Yasmine El Sanyoura thinks that adjustable curtain rods are "often overlooked,” noting that “the right curtain rods (at the right placement) can really make the whole home feel more expensive! These curtain rods are minimal yet so chic, and they come in three different finishes to best complement your home style." Another huge plus? They come with all the tools you need for setup, including brackets, screws, and anchors, and they're so easy to install.

An Extra Large Storage Basket That Doubles As A Hamper

El Sanyoura loves this extra large storage basket for its clutter-control factor: "To elevate your space, utilize baskets to create additional storage around your home.” It's available in five cute colorblock designs, and it's made of 100% cotton, which is hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. El Sanyoura uses them “for extra throw blankets and pillows, children’s toys, and even your spare wires, plugs, and gaming accessories!”

This Stunning Accent Rug That's Actually Affordable

It can be tough to find an accent rug that won’t break the bank, but this one is absolutely beautiful and won’t cost more than your apartment. “Runners are a great way to add character throughout your home in long hallways, entryways, and even the kitchen,” says El Sanyoura. If you’re not sure where they fit into the equation of your home, take this tip: “They can look great layered over a neutral rug you might already own, or even on top of carpeting.”

These Brass Knobs With A Modern Matte Finish

Elevate your kitchen and/or bathroom with these brass knobs; their modern matte finish makes them compatible with most decorative styles, and they’re super easy to install. "While the kitchen and bathroom are typically top of the list for a remodel, you can give both rooms a facelift without having to do a major upgrade simply by switching out the knobs and handles,” says El Sanyoura. When installed properly, they can withstand up to 40 pounds of weight at a time, so they'll even work with heavy-duty cabinets and drawers.

This Candle Warmer That You Can Also Use With Wax Melts

Stefan Bucur, founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home, loves a candle warmer for a classic centerpiece that, as an added bonus, smells amazing. Bucur states, "As a subtle decor piece you can use candle warmers. They're a fantastic option to not only bring a classy vibe but also a pleasant smell to the table.” Pick up as many of these black and bronze pieces, which come with three-foot cords and on/off switches, as you like, so you can “add it in phases for a more sophisticated look, for example, one in the middle of the foyer hall tree and two at the extremities."

A Soy Aromatherapy Candle With A 25-Hour Burn Time

Bucur loves the eco-friendly factor of this soy aromatherapy candle: “Apart from the fact that soy candles last longer on average than wax they are also biodegradable and have a lower environmental impact in their manufacturing process. A soy candle will help beautify your living room and also add a pleasant smell that is not overwhelming when compared to some wax candles.” With their 25-hour burn times, which means you won’t have to restock very often, you can “add these soy candles to the candle warmers and you have the perfect combo.”

A Gold Geometric Terrarium Your Plants Will Love

If you’ve got a green thumb, you and your plants might love this gold geometric terrarium. “Golden terrariums work especially well in the living room and the kitchen window sill,” recommends Bucur. “Try placing air plants and snake plants in golden terrariums like this one to create a beautiful focal point." You can even use them to design the fairy garden of your dreams with soil, flowers, and figurines.

This Dried Pampas Grass That's A Low-Maintenance Alternative To Flowers

If you're in the market for a hypoallergenic plant that requires zero maintenance, look no further than this dried pampas grass. Bucur is a huge fan: "From an interior design perspective, pampas grass is unmatched if you want to create an eclectic farmhouse style decor and you can use this collection of pampas grasses to bring that farmhouse vibe into your dining room.” No matter your taste, you can make this grass fit your space, because “the best thing about them is that they come in multiple shades and different shapes which is perfect for creating a perceived random pattern."

These Velvet Throw Pillow Covers Available In So Many Colors

Available in 23 color options, these velvet throw pillows make an amazing accent piece in your living room. Viktor Holas, a professional designer and the creator of, agrees: "This velvet pillow cover comes in a variety of colors and is a great way to add a pop of color and texture to any room." With an invisible zipper on the side, they're designed for an easy insertion process, so you can buy multiple packs and switch up your color palette anytime you like.

A Set Of Adorable Artificial Succulents

These adorable artificial succulents bring a garden vibe to your desk, nightstand, or kitchen table without the hassle of... um... keeping them alive. According to Holas, they’ll add “a touch of greenery to any room without maintenance, it will give a fresh and natural look.” Each set comes with five plants that you can distribute around your home — no green thumb required. Guests likely won’t even realize they’re fake.

This Abstract Wall Art That Brings The Rainbow To Your Home

Simran Kaur, the founder of Room You Love, recommends a colorful pop of abstract wall art to brighten up any space: "With more modern tastes invading our homes, we are drifting away from colors. That can often make our homes look just too simple, boring, and bland. But adding some pops of colors with wall art is the smartest way to make the space feel inviting, moody, and personal.” Even minimalist decorators who live for a neutral color palette will appreciate these three prints, which come in five stunning designs, because “colors in homes are like salt in food. Can't do without them."

This Crystal Vanity Light With A Waterproof Base

The way you light your home can make all the difference, according to Kaur: "Good lights make a home feel welcoming and warm. And the moment you change the lighting, you change the mood of the space... that's why it's integral to choose the best lighting.” This crystal vanity light with a waterproof base is a fantastic choice, thanks to its intricate design and powerful LED bulbs. As Kaur says, “It makes your home look modern, ensures good enough visibility, and isn't stark or gaudy to the eye."

A Microfiber Blanket That's Beyond Cozy

Chris Alexakis, interior designer and founder of CabinetSelect, loves a cozy accessory like this microfiber blanket. He shares that you can always “bring comfort and style to any living space with a cozy throw blanket. These plush throws range [in price], making them an affordable addition to your décor. Choose from a variety of colors and textures to add warmth or create contrast in any room." Seriously — you can choose between 10 adorable colors that are sure to complement your living room.

An Antique-Inspired Globe With Classic Movie Vibes

Looking for a sweet piece with a lot of personality? Grab this globe, which comes highly recommended by Editor-in-Chief of Foter and interior designer Chloe Hughes. "For less than $30 this globe is stunningly beautiful, and eye-catching, and adds a touch of class and sophistication to any space!" she shares. Its shiny metal arc is rust-proof and comes in a timeless bronze shade that'll make your space feel like the set of a classic movie.

These Precious Pastel Table Lamps Made Of Durable Ceramic

You can count Brittany Farinas among the many fans of these precious pastel table lamps. The interior designer and CEO/Creative director of House of One calls them "so cute and dainty! They're great for accent lighting on a small table and for adding a pop of color to your home." Made of durable ceramic material, their modern round design will perfectly complement your coffee table or nightstand. Guests will likely think you spent a lot more on these.

These Romantic Prints That Look Gallery-Ready

Reyne Hirsch, a former Antiques Roadshow appraiser and gallery owner, loves these romantic prints, which feature four blue flowers that appear almost transparent. "This 4-panel floral in blue will create a calm feel in the bedroom,” says Hirsch. They’re printed on canvas, so they’ll make your living room, bedroom, or bathroom feel like a gallery in a museum.

An Abstract Canvas That Comes In 19 Stunning Designs

For would-be modern art collectors who aren’t sure where to start, Hirsch loves this abstract canvas: "If you are a fan of contemporary abstract art, this large canvas work would be perfect over a couch.” With 19 stunning designs available, you can select the print and size that best match your decor. Each canvas is packaged with bubble wrap and carefully shipped to your door, so when it arrives, your piece will be ready for display.

A Natural Marble Tray That's Big Enough To Hold Your Essentials

If you’re looking for a stylish way to store your essentials, Brooke Lang loves a natural marble tray. According to the principal designer and owner of Brooke Lang Design, the tray “serves as a sleek catchall for your keys, sunglasses, phone, charger, and other small items in your entryway, or as a way to display skincare products on your vanity." Choose between a sleek cloud gray and a timeless black.

This Carafe Set That Keeps You Hydrated In Style

"Elevating your space is all in the details,” says Lang of this carafe set. “I love seeing beautiful design elements in everyday items – and this water carafe and tumbler set is no exception. Perfect for primary and/or guest bedrooms, the clean lines of the carafe means this item does double duty as a decorative accent.” The tumbler doubles as a lid for the carafe, and because they’re made of borosilicate glass, each piece is temperature resistant — so whether you're drinking hot coffee or ice water, you'll be doing it in style.

These Smart Bulbs That Change Color When You Say The Word

Take it from Lang — "don’t underestimate the impact lighting can make in your living space!” That’s where these smart bulbs come in; they “offer 16 million different color combinations, along with white temperature controls – which means you can adjust [the] lighting to your mood, occasion, or time of day. I personally love using the red light setting on my Wyze bulb before bedtime, which may help prepare your body for sleep.” Install these before a party, and your living room will feel like the latest club that’s on everyone’s lips. You can also grab them in a pack of four.

These Metal Furniture Leg Covers For An Expensive-Looking Upgrade

Peyton Robinson, professional interior designer and head of marketing at Foter, recommends these slept-on design secrets: metal furniture leg covers. According to Robinson, they “add a super cool, decorative, and trendy touch to your home, making them not only super functional but a great accessory to enhance your decor.” Not only that, but they actually protect your furniture from scuffing or scratching the floor; “that way, you can move your furniture around and not worry about causing any damage.”

An Artificial Plant With A Macrame Hanger

Make your bedroom feel like a beachy getaway with this artificial plant, which comes in a woven macrame hanger. As Robinson says, "You can’t go wrong with greenery, especially if it’s hanging. It instantly makes your home feel more welcoming, inviting, and cozy. The advantage of having artificial hanging greenery is that you don’t need to worry about watering them or the insects they can attract.” If you've got a pet who thinks every plant is a new toy, don’t worry; this set comes with two faux pothos plants, in case the first one becomes a sacrifice to your dog or cat.

An Acacia Wood Cutting Board You Can Hang On Your Wall

With an open handle design that's functional and cool, this acacia wood cutting board comes highly recommended by Alex McBride, the senior manager of Home Quality Standards and Design. In her words, "The oversized circle handle, curved body, and wood tone are a beautiful addition to an open kitchen shelf, an island vignette, or a bar cart." Simply hand wash in between uses and you’ll be chopping up your favorite foods in style.

These Wall Hooks Made Of Faux Cognac Leather & Gold Metal

Place these wall hooks in your entryway or on the back of any door; their faux cognac leather and brushed gold metal materials are sure to stun. “We love the modern accents and texture the leather hooks bring to an entryway to house keys and hats or above a kitchen sink for a unique way to corral utensils,” says McBride. Each of the six hooks can hold your favorite accessories through any season, and they’re super easy to mount on the wall.

These Cotton Tea Towels That’ll Add Sophistication To Your Kitchen

Kitchen towels are non-negotiable, so why not find some that elevate the entire look of your kitchen? McBride happens to be a big fan of this set, stating, “The neutral and classic colors and patterns offer an elevated touch and texture to the everyday kitchen linen." They’d also look great as a bread basket liner, and don’t leave lint behind if you use them to dry dishes. Based on their design, they’re ideal for every season.

A Modern Vase With A Debossed Design

With a stunning design that’s debossed (or imprinted) into its stoneware material, this modern vase is a unique piece that stylishly accents your plants. It's painted with a black satin finish, and the debossed accents are a crisp white that makes for an elegant contrast. “This modern vase makes a statement in many ways,” says McBride. “Styled on a coffee table, tucked on shelves, or as nightstand decor, we love adding ceramic vases of varying heights to our designs."

These Cute Woven Coasters Made Of Absorbent Cotton

You won’t have to remind your guests to use these cute woven coasters; they’ll love them so much, your wooden coffee table will stay stain-free. Melony Huber, fashion and interior design expert, co-founder, and design director of La Peony, considers them a staple: "A piece most everyone comes in contact with in your home — cute, well-made, absorbent coasters. Aesthetically pleasing and does the job." This particular set is made with a soft cotton material that won't scratch or mark surfaces, and it comes with a coaster holder that comes in handy when the dinner party is over.

These Classic Pictures Frames You Can Display On A Tabletop Or The Wall

Julio Arco, an architect, interior designer, and blogger at Bark & Chase, loves these classic picture frames for two main reasons: “Firstly, to capture memories of past trips, friends, and loved ones as these evoke a feeling of warmth inside us; secondly, because wood has an important role in how we feel – it reminds us of nature. That's why this walnut-framed gallery wall was chosen – it offers the perfect combination of style and sentimentality.” This particular set comes in multiple sizes, including 8 by 10 inches, 5 by 7 inches, and 4 by 6 inches to match your most beloved pictures and put them on display.

A Popular Indoor Plant That Might Just Elevate Your Mood

Arco recognizes the many positive aspects of keeping plants in your home, "There are many benefits to having a beautiful plant and planter indoors, from physical and mental health to a sense of psychological well-being.” So what makes this popular indoor plant, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, such a great choice? “It's easy to care for and can thrive in low or artificial light — making it perfect for those short on time or with limited access to natural sunlight! Not only will this plant bring life and vibrancy into your home, but it also helps purify indoor air, improving your health and enhancing your quality of life,” says Arco. It’s available in three different heights.

This Faux Sheepskin Rug That's Soft & Nontoxic

If you’re crafting an exciting vibe that still feels cozy, look no further than this faux sheepskin rug. According to Arco, "Sheepskin rugs are a wonderful example of how tactile items can be used to create a soothing atmosphere. The cozy texture of these rugs gives off a feeling of warmth and brings a unique look to any space." Choose from six sweet colors, from black and white to pink and yellow.

A Rattan Serving Tray That's Straight Out Of A Still Life

Store your fruits and vegetables in this rattan serving tray, and your kitchen table will look like an Impressionist painting. Beth R. Martin, founder and designer at, is a huge fan: "You can never have too many trays, and this beautiful rattan version can be used in so many ways. The natural fibers make it look way more luxe than this price, and the sweet scalloped edge is very on-trend.” It’s not just for food, either; “Use it to corral items like keys and mail in your entryway or for candles, remote controls, and other small objects that might otherwise clutter the surface of the coffee table."

This 3-In-1 Wooden Game Set That's Elegant & Engaging

Martin loves this three-in-one wooden game set, since it benefits your brain just as much as your space: "Think outside the box when choosing your decor and add some whimsy to your tabletop with a wooden puzzle you can play with. This will look great on your coffee table or bookshelf and may even encourage your family's next game night!" Each game fits snugly inside the storage box, and the entire set is made of high-quality wood that'll stay looking good as new. It’ll also serve as a great icebreaker at a party.

Frameless Mirror With A Chic Minimalist Design

Robin DeCapua, the owner of Madison Modern Home, loves this frameless mirror for its eye-catching shape and minimalist design: "This trendy postmodern style makeup mirror will elevate your bathroom counter and speed up your morning makeup routine. Asymmetrical mirrors are trending big time, and you can have this look for much less." Choose between two stylish designs, and your guests will ask you to drop the link since they'll want trendy mirrors of their own.

A Clear Acrylic Vase That's Stylish & Stable

Thanks to the thick, steady base of this clear acrylic vase, it’s just as stable as it is stylish. According to DeCapua, “This oh-so-cool acrylic vase has all the postmodern feels and comes in at a nice price, too. Smoked glass and acrylics score high on the must-have list for today's designers.” It comes in a translucent amber shade that gives your space a burst of warmth, and its round design is all the rage right now, so don’t wait; “get this trend for a bargain.”