The 53 Most Interesting Products Going Viral On Instagram Now

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by Mackenzie Edwards and Lisa Fogarty
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What does it take for a product to go viral? For starters, it has to be so innovative that it rises above a sea of other products and makes people stop, take note, order one for themselves, and then want to shout out its benefits from the hilltops. Consider social media the modern-day hilltop: these are the 53 most interesting products going viral on Instagram now. Considering their popularity and reasonable price tags, you shouldn't fault yourself for wanting to try them all.

There's a product on this list for every one of your wants and needs — from your longing to finally get your kitchen organized to your desire to kick back, relax, and create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. A six-piece set of stackable pantry and fridge organizers will help you find ingredients you need in seconds — no wonder they're a favorite among Instagram nesters. When you're finished getting your fridge in order, a speedy gel manicure dryer is waiting to help you get glam —don't forget to treat yourself to air-popped popcorn in the popper you'll also pick up that just so happens to have 11,000 Amazon reviews.

Every one of the items on this miscellaneous and fun list is highly rated and reviewed and has made a splash on Instagram. Find out what all of the fuss is about, add a few to your cart, and get ready to show them off on your own IG feed.

An Insulated Set Of Mugs So That Your Coffee Stays Hot

This set of two insulated coffee mugs are made from a double layer of strong borosilicate glass that keeps your coffee or tea hot for longer, but doesn't burn your fingers when you pick up the cup. Each cup holds 15 ounces, has a handle, and is safe for beverages up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. These are also perfect for keeping cold beverages chilly on a hot day.

The Cutest Toothpick Dispenser With A Bird That Picks Each One Up

The next time you offer guests a toothpick you'll also offer them up a few laughs with this unique toothpick dispenser. The adorable holder features a bird on top that you push down so that it retrieves an individual toothpick in its beak, eliminating the common occurrence of picking up too many toothpicks at one time and making a mess of your counters. The holder comes in yellow or green.

These Pantry And Fridge Organizers To Whip Your Kitchen Into Shape

Give everything in your pantry or fridge its own home with this set of six pantry organizers. The set comes with five drawers and one egg holding tray, all of which are conveniently transparent, durable, and stackable to save space. They have handles for easy portability and are perfect for storing pantry essentials, condiments, or even items like office and beauty supplies.

This Rose Quartz Jade Roller For Glowing Skin

Anytime a quirky beauty product is revealed to possess the power to give you a glow that makes you look like you're lit from within, you can guarantee it's going to go viral on Instagram. And that's exactly what has happened with this rose quartz facial roller and gua sha set, which you can use to give yourself a relaxing face massage that promotes blood flow and makes you feel ready to take on the day. The two-sided roller can relieve fatigued facial muscles and is designed with a larger roller on one side for your cheeks and forehead and a more compact roller on the other to target your under-eye area.

An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller Made From Volcanic Rock

This volcanic rock facial roller is quickly gaining cult-favorite. status because it does what nothing else can: a few rolls over your skin absorbs oil without and, unlike oil-blotting papers, it can be washed and reused. The eco-friendly skin care gem doubles as a soothing facial massager and can be used on clean skin or over makeup. It has a 4.3-star rating and more than 15,000 reviews (and it's only growing in popularity, thanks to Instagram).

A Clever Box For Perfectly-Sliced Bread

If you relate to the experience that is clumsily slicing your bread only to reveal two lopsided disasters, you need this bread slicer shaped like a guillotine in your life and kitchen. Simply place your bread in the center, then slice down one of the slots on the side. The best part? Each order also includes a bread knife.

The Tool That Turns Any Skin Cleanser Into Whipped Foam

When you find a gentle cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, and oil without stripping your skin of moisture, you want to shout it's name out from the hilltops (or just post about it constantly on Instagram). But this whip maker foam cleanser takes things one step further by actually turning your ordinary cleanser into a marshmallow-fluffy feeling cleanser. Add a pearl-size amount of cleanser and water to the tool, give the top of a few pumps, and voila, instant cleansing foam.

This Webcam That Helps Protect Your Privacy

If the thought of someone spying on your while you scroll your favorite websites freaks you out, solve the problem with this simple solution: a webcam that has a built-in privacy cover. The webcam itself also delivers HD video quality, and even features a microphone that helps reduce background noise when you’re chatting.

This Massaging Scalp Brush That Lifts Up Product Buildup

There are so many great reasons why Instagram is in love with this palm-size scalp brush, starting with the fact that it lifts up product buildup from hair sprays and gels while massaging your scalp and promoting blood flow. The highly rated brush features soothing silicone bristles, comes in four colors, and has racked up more than 73,000 reviews.

A Heated Bag Sealer To Keep Snacks Fresh

Don't leave opened snack bags up to chance — seal them with this heated bag sealer so that your food stays crisp and fresh for longer. The pack of sealers are simple to use: open the cover to preheat them, slide them along the edge of a bag, and create a secure, airtight seal. The portable sealers run on two AA batteries (which are not included) and feature convenient hooks for storage.

The Fake Collar For An Instant Zoom-Worthy Wardrobe Upgrade

You don't feel like getting all dolled up for a Zoom call, but you want to put in some effort — here's the solution: a detachable dickie collar that slides under sweaters without looking bulky and features adjustable elastic straps to keep it from shifting. It provides an instantly polished professional look without compromising your comfort. The 100% cotton dickie comes in white, black, or pink in a pointed collar or round Peter Pan collar option.

An Electric Peeler That Works In A Few Seconds

Quickly peel your favorite fruits or veggies with this electric peeler that has people stopping their scroll on Instagram. Just mount the produce on the bottom holder, lower the upper holder onto the food and press the red button. The peeler does all the work for you. It’s super fast and stays secure on the counter thanks to the non-slip base. It’s lightweight and compact making it easy to store.

A Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

Store and display your favorite beauty products at home with this 360-degree rotating makeup organizer. It’s made of acrylic and can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate bottles and tubes of all sizes. The organizer can hold at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skin care products, and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, and eyeliner. It fully disassembles and can be easily cleaned.

A Cup For Keeping Cereal Crunchy On The Go

Now you can eat cereal on the go and keep it from getting soggy with this cereal cup. The clever kitchen product features two cups: one for the cereal and one for the milk, so that they stay separated until it's time for you to enjoy them. The two containers only meet as you pour the cereal into your mouth. The cup is also BPA-free and can be put into the dishwasher. There’s no need for a spoon, either.

The Pancake Batter Mixer That Eliminates Clumps

Make the smoothest and easiest pancakes with this pancake batter mixer that the internet loves. The mixer has a wired "Blender Ball" whisk inside to thoroughly mix the ingredients as you shake the bottom. The container itself also has a wide mouth, so filling it with ingredients is simple. Plus, the easy-pour spout makes perfectly round pancakes with a simple squeeze.

These Blender Bottles That Stand Out From The Rest

Tired of using the same plain blender bottles every time you hit the gym? Express some personality with these printed ones. From “BEAST” to “Just Lift It,” there’s one for every mood when you’re trying to motivate yourself to exercise — and each one comes with a stainless steel mixer ball included.

A Dog Paw Washer You Can Take To The Park

Dog parents can't stop sharing this portable dog paw washer, which is designed to quickly clean your pup’s paws, wherever you are. Simply add water and insert your dog's muddy paw, twist, and you're done. It features large silicone bristles that help remove dirt and mud on contact and comes in three sizes to suit any dog breed. Keep one in the car for post-park clean-off or for rainy days.

A Phone Mount That Fits In Your Cup Holder

With the help of this cup holder phone mount for your car, you can drive without constantly adjusting your device. The mount features 360-degree rotation and cradles most smartphones with ease. Plus, it fits perfectly into a standard cup holder and can adjust depending on the holder's width. With 14 unique locking positions and a soft grip, your phone will be secure and easy to view.

This Glass Vase That Makes Your Home Look More Elegant

This classic glass vase has shoppers double-tapping and can you blame them? The transparent vase is modern, yet timeless and serves as a beautiful decoration. Add some flowers, marbles, or sand to create a custom home decor piece that everyone will notice.

The Therapy Lamp That Can Help Boost Your Mood

Feeling a little down in the dumps? The cold and cloudy weather might be impacting your mood — in which case, this therapy lamp is a total game-changer. It simulates sunlight that can help boost your mood, and the LED bulbs even have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Plus, it’s completely UV-free.

These Faux Fur Pillow Covers That Come In 26 Colors

Spice up your living space or bedroom with these faux fur throw pillow covers. The fluffy pillowcases have a zipper closure that’s hidden and cover a 20-by-26-inch pillow (which is not included). One side of the cover features plush shaggy microfiber, while the other is a soft velvet mink. These covers come in 26 gorgeous colors like pink and navy blue ombre.

This Hot Air Popcorn Maker That Healthier

Make family movie night a little bit healthier, without sacrificing taste with this hot air popcorn maker, which has more than 11,000 reviews. Just measure your kernels and push the single button to start popping. Since it uses hot air instead of oil or added preservatives, it makes healthier popcorn. It comes with a measuring cup and a recipe book and you can choose among three colors: aqua, red, or white.

These Rug Grippers That Keep Your Carpets From Bunching

Keep your rugs from slipping or bunching with these rug grippers. They stick onto the corners of your rugs and then adhere to floors, keeping your rug in place without leaving any residue behind. They’re less than one-tenth of an inch thick so your carpet lays flat, and they come in packs of eight or four.

These Strong Silicone Reusable Storage Bags

Waste not — these reusable silicone storage bags are better for the planet and they're so durable that your food will stay secure inside without spilling. These dishwasher and microwave-safe bags stand up on their own, which makes it so much easier to transfer leftovers and ingredients into them without making a mess. They have an airtight seal and come in four sizes and 10 colors.

A Wildly Popular Hot Air Brush For Professional Looking Blowouts At Home

It's the hairbrush that has taken over Instagram — one that is about to make your morning routine a hundred times faster. This straightening brush features 15 heat options with a large flat paddle that detangles while adding volume to your hair. If you are a fan of professional blowouts but can never achieve the same look at home, you need this brush in your life.

The Magical Pink Pimple Drying Lotion That Works Overnight

Mario Badescu's famous pink drying lotion is the classic pimple buster that has been hard at work zapping annoying zits for years now. The formula works thanks to an effective but gentle blend of salicylic acid, sulfur, calamine, and zinc oxide. Apply the spot treatment to your pimple, let it dry and work its magic overnight, and wake up to a much, much less angry zit that is on its way to healing.

This Portable Solar Charger That Doubles As A Flashlight

No need to search high and low for an outlet because this solar-powered charger will keep your devices going strong even when you're out camping or at the beach. The waterproof charger, which doubles as a flashlight, can charge up to two devices at the same time and even comes with a portable compass, making it the one accessory you need for all of your outdoor adventures.

A Marble Rolling Pin That Stays Cool For Your Best Cakes Ever

This marble rolling pin is the baking accessory you never knew you needed that's about to take your homemade creations from good to magnificent. This is a heavier pin that you can chill in the fridge beforehand so that it doesn't stick to your dough (which is the most annoying thing ever) and is better suited to pastry dough and fondant icing. It has wooden handles and washes like a dream.

These Twinkling LED Lights For Your Window Or Patio

Everyone is looking for ways to make their home more magical and these LED lights for your window or patio make every day feel like a party, even if your plans are to WFH and then relax with Netflix. The string lights can be set to eight mode settings: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs , chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. They make the perfect curtain decoration, but are also waterproof, so add them to your garden for a fairytale landscape.

These Long-Lasting Solar Lights For Gardens And Driveways

Add these wireless solar lights to your garden, driveway, or in front of your home and forget about them — they're designed with 140 bright solar powered lights and have an optional motion sensor, which means they are as low maintenance as lights get and will last a long time. The lights come in a pack of four and are waterproof and able to withstand cold temperatures and frost, with three light modes that include constant light, dim light sensor mode, and sensor mode.

The Sandwich Cutter That Makes Lunch Feel Fancy

Sure you can leave your sandwich a square and have a perfectly fine meal, but you're craving something fancier, all you have to do is use this sandwich cutter to create an adorable flying saucer shape that will put a smile on your face and inspire children to eat up. The BPA-free cutters come with a large and small tool in a variety of colors, as well as a fancy square shape.

These Multipurpose Dishcloths That Won't Absorb Odors

Eliminate the worst thing about sponges — they can become moldy and start to smell — and add in even more multitasking purposes and you have these much-loved Swedish dishcloths. They can handle just about every mess and job you can imagine, from cleaning cast iron pots without scratching them to scrubbing the chrome on your car. They dry fast and won't absorb odors.

These Hygienic Portable Toilet Seat Covers

If you find yourself in a public toilet, don't start to panic — these portable toilet seat covers are there to save you from germs and bacteria. These covers come in a money-saving pack of 60 in individual resealable bags. Made from 100% virgin wood pulp, the liners are disposable and biodegradable.

The Speedy Light Lamp For At-Home Gel Manicures

The only thing keeping you from getting nail salon-worthy results at home is a decent nail dryer — and this is the solution you've been waiting for. Boasting more than 8,000 reviews, this UV LED light lamp nail dryer works on all gel nail polishes and features four timer settings and a large LCD display screen.

The Mini Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker For Breakfast Feasts

What could possibly make homemade waffles any better? Just one device: this Mickey Mouse waffle maker that churns out one perfect Mickey waffle (complete with ears) after another. The waffle maker has a nonstick baking plate and a cord wrap and has racked up more than 5,000 reviews.

An Edible Set Of Food Coloring Markers For Creative Desserts

Give your baked creations a colorful and artsy personalized touch with the help of these fun food coloring markers. The set of 10 markers are made with edible ingredients and unlike most decorative food tools, they are easy to hold, so you can really take your time and have control over your food artwork. The double-sided markers feature a wide tip on one end for coloring and drawing and a fine tip on the other for detailed work.

These Pretty Shatter-Proof Cups In Pastel Colors

Take the party outside with these shatter-proof silicone drinking cups that come in a four-pack in the prettiest pastel shades. These 12-ounce cups are insulating for both cold and hot drinks and are also dishwasher-safe. Pack them along on your next picnic, camping trip, or beach day.

A Selfie Ring Light To Remove Shadows

Step up your selfie game with this selfie ring light that clips onto phones to remove shadows and provide the perfect lighting no matter the time of day or where you find yourself (it can even hold its own in a window-less room). The rechargeable ring features three lighting modes for low, medium, or bright light.

An Over-The-Sink Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Storage

Gone are the days when you had to devote half of your kitchen counter space to a bulky dish drying rack. Just spread this roll-up drying rack over your sink, place wet glasses, plates, and utensils on it to dry, and then roll it back up for quick and easy storage. The rack is made from silicone-wrapped steel that won't rust, is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes in two sizes.

This Waterproof Bag That Keeps Your Stuff High & Dry

Got a camping trip coming up? Make sure all your important items stay safe inside of this dry bag. From kayaking to getting caught in the rain, it’ll make sure to keep everything inside high and dry — and each order even includes a waterproof pouch for your phone. Choose from two colors: black or blue.

A Reversible Octopus Plushie To Tell The World How You're Feeling

Bad day? Let this adorable reversible octopus plushie reveal your true feelings without you having to say a word. One side of the plushie features a sweet smile, while the other shows the cutest grumpy face. This cute accessory went viral on both Instagram and TikTok and has more than 23,000 reviews.

These Dry Food Dispensers That Deliver Small Portions At A Time

Fill up these dry food dispensers with cereal, snacks, nuts, or pet food and give the dial a twist to dispense one ounce of food at a time for your most mess-free serving experience yet. These dual dispensers can together hold 35 ounces of food and can preserve the freshness of your food for up to 34 days, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

An Adjustable Tablet Stand For Hands-Free Scrolling

Whether you want to kick back and watch a movie on your tablet or have it handy in the kitchen so that you can refer back to it for a recipe, this adjustable iPad stand gives it a home for hands-free engagement. The stand has an anti-skid base that keeps your device secure with the ability to adjust to different angles so that you can view content comfortably.

The Phone Case That’s Much Harder To Lose

Always forgetting where you left your phone when you go out? Pop it inside of this crossbody case, and the chances of you absentmindedly putting it down are dramatically reduced. Five slots give you ample room for credit cards and IDs — and the entire case is even made from fashionable faux leather.

This Oil That Can Help Your Lashes Grow Thick

Spread this castor oil onto your lashes and brows if you’d like them to look a little thicker. Not only is the formula 100% organic as well as hexane-free, but many reviewers also saw noticeable results after just a few weeks. One even wrote that it’s “a great alternative to the high cost of lash extensions.”

These Stylish Can Coolers That Keep Drinks Cold For 12 Hours

Not only are these can coolers designed with double walled triple insulating tech that keeps drinks cold for 12 hours, but they are also so stylish that you shouldn't be surprised if you get stopped and asked for details about your accessory. A picnic and beach favorite, the stainless steel cooler slips over any 12-ounce can of soda, seltzer, or beer and comes in more than 20 fun prints and colors like pink leopard and tie dye.

The TSA-Approved Bottle Set That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Packing

Not sure how much moisturizer and shampoo you can actually take on that flight (and too scared to risk it and lose your fave product in the process)? Snag these TSA-approved travel bottles that come four in a pack and are made from soft silicone. Each of the bottles holds 3 ounces of product and has a flip cap. The only way to get product out is to squeeze the bottle, which means it won't burst mid-flight and ruin everything else in your luggage.

A Facial Steamer For An At-Home Spa Treatment

Treat yourself to a spa day without leaving your home with this facial steamer that gives off nano-ionic steam that the manufacturer says can penetrate your skin better than other steamers. It can run for 30 minutes straight and comes with a bonus kit of stainless steel blackhead and pimple extractors.

This Blush That Gives You A Natural Glow

Once you get over how sweet the packaging is for this blush (if you ever get over it) you'll notice that it gives you the rosiest, most natural glow and just so happens to be hypoallergenic, free of parabens, and made with plant extracts. And there's even more to love: it's such an Instagram favorite that it boasts more than 4,000 reviews and it comes in three shades and a money-saving two-pack.

These Dry Erase Boards That Are Perfect For Game Night

Whether you’re tutoring your kids or having a family game night, these dry erase lapboards are a must-have. Each one features a protective coating that helps prevent smearing. Plus, 12 dry-erase markers as well as 12 erasers come included with every order.

These Stylish Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Change up your look and keep your eyes protected when you're working from home or gaming with these blue light blocking glasses. The glasses shield you from the glare of bright devices and can prevent eye fatigue and strain. They come in a variety of magnification strengths, ranging from zero to three times.

The Smart Car Charger That Can Handle 2 Devices At Once

Have more than one device that needs a charge while you’re driving? Plug them into this car charger. Two USB ports let you power up multiple devices at the same time, while fast-charge technology automatically detects the optimal charging speed for your phone, smart watch, and more. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and you’re ready to go.

A Sleek Glass Computer Pad For Note-Taking

The next time you need to quickly jot down a note or reminder, reach right in front of you and record it on this sleek, modern glass computer pad that can be nestled between your keyboard and desktop computer to take up zero additional desk space. The non-absorbent pad comes with one Dry Erase marker and you can wipe the pad clean with a microfiber cloth and start over at any time. It's no wonder this clever pad went viral on Instagram and has more than 6,000 reviews.

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