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You can hold a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party with a few special details.

How To Throw A Taylor Swift Party For Midnights

This feels like one of those nights we won’t be sleeping.

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The Party

For my 31st birthday (13 backward), I threw a Taylor Swift-themed party on the 13th of September, on Cornelia Street, with Taylor Swift costumes and and the ultimate Swiftie dance party — especially when I learned that DJ Rog, the TikTok famous Swiftie DJ, was coming to New York for the first time.

Ahead of Midnights’ release on Oct. 21, here’s some inspo on how to throw your own Taylor Swift party.


Courtesy of Colleen Mattingly

The Invitations

I sent Lover-themed snail mail invitations telling everyone to come dressed as their favorite Taylor Swift era, in dress or in spirit. For the Midnights release, you could make navy invitations with star-shaped cards, or even better, hand-deliver them at midnight, just like every important Taylor Swift announcement.


Courtesy of Colleen Mattingly