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10 Romantic Spring Break Ideas With Your Partner That Don't Involve Traveling

Spring is the season of love.

by Cosmo Luce and Andrea Hannah
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Spring is in the air, and you and your partner might be starting to brainstorm spring break ideas for all the time you’ll have together. Even if you can’t take a lavish vacation, it’s still a time to rest, recharge, and celebrate the incoming good weather. With these spring break staycation ideas, the two of you can have a sweet and romantic time together all from the comfort of your own home. You can also learn new skills that will stay with you through the rest of the year.

Spring is about regeneration and new growth after hunkering down in winter. While many people respond to the feeling of the season by bursting out of their shells and taking a trip, it's good to sink into the themes of growth from your home, too. Making spaces for seeds to grow, learning new culinary skills, and indulging in some self-care are all amazing ways to celebrate spring while also bonding with your partner. Plus, activities that encourage your community of friends and neighbors to come together helps spread your love to your whole social circle.

So go ahead and dive all the way in on your spring break staycation by making time for yourselves and soaking in some sunshine with these unique spring break ideas that don’t involve travel. After all, summer will be here before you know it.

1. Learn How To Practice Reflexology On Each Other

While you and your partner might give each other massages, you can take things up a notch by learning reflexology, which is a specialized massage for your feet that’s based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Even though the focus is on your feet, this massage system helps to release tension all over, based on the theory that reflex points on the hands and feet are linked to every other area of the body. With some coconut oil and an accompanying guidebook, you and your partner can learn a new skill together while relaxing at the same time.

2. Have An Indoor Or Outdoor Picnic

Too chilly to head to the park? That's OK. You don't need to go outside to have a picnic when you can spread a blanket on your bedroom floor. With a charctuerie board to match the wine, a baguette, and a wheel of brie, the two of you can have a romantic picnic regardless of the weather outside. Pro tip: don’t forget the flowers.

3. Spa Day Staycation

While you and your partner might consider booking a couples’ spa experience, it’s also a super easy and fun spring break staycation idea to have a spa day at your house. You can make face masks out of greek yogurt, charcoal, turmeric, and witch hazel following this easy DIY recipe. Take turns painting one another's nails and exchanging massages while you wait for the face mask to do its thing. You'll emerge feeling refreshed and ready for the warmer weather to caress your skin.

4. Start A Foodie Project

If you and your partners are foodies, but are on a budget, you can have some at-fun fun during your spring break staycation by trying your hand at making jam, pickling kimchi or sauerkraut, making sourdough bread, or creating a viral TikTok recipe at home. Not only will you bond while learning a new skill together, but you can expect to have a delicious product to enjoy when you’re finished.

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5. Plant Seedlings

Spring is the time to start tiny seedlings for the flowers and fruit you plan to harvest in the fall. Even if you're in a crowded city, you can still start a small garden flourishing on any available windowsill or on your balcony. Salad greens, like spinach, scallions, cilantro, arugula, and parsley, are all easy to grow indoors. Spread down some newspaper, acquire some potting soil, and you and your partner can pot your new plants while you watch a show or talk about life.

6. Do A Virtual Wine Tasting

If you and your partner aren’t able to head to Napa or France for your week off, you can still do a fun spring break staycation where you sample fine wines through a virtual wine tasting. This Airbnb virtual experience has a French sommelier guide you through the process.

7. Learn More About Each Other With A Game

No matter how long you’ve been together, there are always things about your partner to uncover as you learn and grow. This new game by relationship expert Esther Perel is a great way to unlock some new things about each other. The “game of stories” asks you to choose cards and answer the prompts. You’ll find yourself diving back into your childhoods or answering fun hypotheticals, and your partnership will only grow stronger for it.

8. Create Some Art Together

If you and your partner want to put yourselves out of your comfort zone during your spring break staycation, an art class is a great way to do it. In addition to painting pottery or creating a painting at a class IRL, you can also go the virtual route by participating in an online class like this Uncommon Goods date night painting class from home or by following a tutorial on YouTube.

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9. Make An Adult Pillow Fort

Who says that pillow forts are only for kids? If you’re staying home on spring break, there’s no reason why you and your partner can’t set up your pillows and blankets to create your own grown-up fort in your living room and get ready for a night of cozy cuddling. You can each bring a book to read, or watch a show together with some popcorn, and be sure to hang some twinkle lights for an extra romantic vibe.

10. Explore Your Own City

Have something you’ve been wanting to check out in your own hometown? Play tourist for a day and come up with a special itinerary for you to check it off your bucket list. Plus, you can bring a picnic or plan a special spot for lunch to really complete that date vibe.

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