Ready To Flex: How Musician Blu DeTiger Took Her Story Into Her Own Hands

The ultra-cool musician took online self-expression to dazzling new heights with the help of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

by BDG Studios

If there’s anyone who embodies digital cool, it’s Blu DeTiger. The 24-year-old musician has been playing gigs around New York City since she started playing bass at 7, but it was in 2020 — when she took total control of her image online — that she totally blew up.

While the city was in lockdown, DeTiger was at home recording social media-friendly videos of herself strumming intricate bassline covers of some of her favorite songs. The internet quickly fell for her unique sound and style, which were on full display in her studio. Much like her endurance on the bass, DeTiger’s Galaxy Z Flip4 comes equipped with a larger fast charging battery, so it can always keep up with the pace of her fast-moving fingers.