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Here’s What Happened When I Got A Reading From A Psychic Medium

It was definitely not what I expected.

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I’ll be the first to say it: I love a good reading. Over the years, I’ve had my palm read, tarot cards pulled, and my aura analyzed. It was all for fun, and I never took it too seriously. For me, the point of it was potentially gleaning some new information about myself from the experience. So, when the opportunity came up to get a reading from a psychic medium, I jumped at the chance.

When that psychic medium, Anthony Mrocka, hops on the call, I have a boatload of questions and a fresh cup of coffee. I’m ready to dive in before our scheduled reading, hoping to figure out how this whole thing works. But Mrocka quickly interjects. “Let’s do the reading first,” he says. “I don’t want to know anything about you.”

That’s funny, because I planned on asking questions about him. He clarifies, adding that he knows how skeptical people can be when it comes to psychics and mystics, and he wants to ensure we don’t pollute the purity of the psychic medium reading. In fact, up until this moment, Mrocka didn’t even know my name; the entire session had been set up by his publicist.

I agree to start with the reading, and Mrocka doesn’t waste any time. “You have two kids,” he says. It’s not a question. I nod. “And do you also understand that one of your children is highly sensitive?” I nod again, thinking about the minor meltdown my son had over socks that morning. Mrocka is spot on, but if anyone combed through my public Twitter feed, they’d eventually dig up tweets about my (unnamed) kids, including some insights into their personalities.

Before I can say anything, he starts up again. “Your grandmother is here. She’s coming in really strong. It’s almost like she was a second mother to you instead of a grandmother figure.” This, in particular, piques my interest. “We were close,” I confirm.

Mrocka relays more facts about my grandmother, and tells me she’s with someone named Mary, who I confirm was my great-grandmother. And then he drops a twist. “Your grandmother has a little dog with her that belonged to you, a dog that passed a bit ago. Something with an A-name.”

“Amos,” I say slowly. It’s true; my pug passed away four years ago. He nods. “This is awkward to say, but your grandmother says that your loss was her gain, in some ways, because now she has a piece of you with her on the other side.”

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While I’m not a skeptic when it comes to intuition and mediumship (I’m a practicing astrologer myself), the accuracy and clarity of Mrocka’s reading still shakes me. Shortly after he shared that my “little dog with an A-name” had made it over the Rainbow Bridge, he taps into my mom’s spirit. “She says ‘Happy birthday in June,’ by the way,” he says, and my mouth drops open. My birthday, is in fact, in June. More intimate details follow, including facts he couldn’t have possibly Googled. He mentions that I had just been texting with someone named Victoria (I had, only an hour prior to our meeting), that I had been thinking of making a piece of jewelry with my grandma and mom’s old rings, and that I’d just lost my AirPods (both correct).

How A Psychic Reading Works

“My mediumship works like this,” Mrocka says when he sees the shocked look on my face. “Spirits will send you a message, and they’ll follow up with a fact that I couldn’t possibly have known as confirmation, so that you believe the message.” Well, I’ve gotta say, whatever the spirits are doing, it’s working, because I definitely believe them.

Although Mrocka is a highly sought-after psychic medium that’s done readings all over the globe, he used to be a self-proclaimed skeptic until he came into his gifts. Until he was in his 30s, Mrocka struggled with substance abuse and went to rehab. Upon getting out, he found that several of his old friends had passed away. That’s when he started to pray. “That’s when everything started happening. People started coming out of nowhere, and someone told me to go for a reading.” That reading led to Mrocka’s awakening, followed by years of study under some of the world’s most famous psychic mediums, including Lisa Williams of the hit Lifetime show Life Among the Dead.

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How To Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities

Mrocka has been connecting with people’s loved ones on the other side ever since. But even though he has honed his skills and studied extensively over the years, he insists that we can all connect with our deceased loved ones and ancestors at any time. His biggest piece of advice? Meditation.

According to Mrocka, when we quiet our minds, we clear the way for our deceased loved ones to communicate with us. And they want to. We just have to give them the opportunity. It’s a comforting thought, but there’s one more question that’s been gnawing at me. “But how can you tell if it’s actually your loved one talking to you, or if it’s your own mind just wishing they were?” I ask.

“It’s the repetitive thoughts,” Mrocka answers. “They won’t stop trying to talk to you from the other world. They won’t be like, ‘Well, this one’s just not getting it, so we need to stop.’” He also mentions that songs that pop into your head at random often hold messages from your loved ones in the lyrics, and that they’ll send us gifts through other people. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what shows up at my door.

It’s been over a week since my reading and I’m still deeply touched by what Mrocka relayed to me. And the next time a random song pops into my head, I’ll be sure to say hello to my grandma on the other side.