Popular Things People Are Doing To Make Their Homes Look Much Cooler For Under $35

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Making your home look nice doesn’t have to strain your wallet. Sometimes the smallest additions — like chic patio lights or a new set of throw pillows — can make the biggest impact. But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for ideas on how to decorate your home, that’s not a problem. Luckily for both of us, I’ve put together this list of all the popular things people are doing to make their homes look so much cooler.

Speaking of patio lights, the ones I’ve included below are so reasonably priced that I can almost guarantee you’ll add them to your cart. Plus, I’ve made sure that every item featured here costs less than $35. That means you can grab those lights, these soft bed sheets, as well as a set of LED candles — all for less than $100. So what are you waiting for? Your home isn’t going to upgrade itself, you know.

Decorating Their Patios With These String Lights

Dimmable, energy-efficient, and waterproof — these string lights hit all the right notes when it comes to brightening up dark, unwelcoming patios. You can connect up to three strands together, making them suitable for extra-large spaces. And if one bulb burns out, the rest will still light up as usual.

What reviewers say: “These really light up our back porch beautifully and have been long lasting, over a year so far.”

Using This Chalkboard Wallpaper To Create Functional Accent Walls

Not sure what to do with that blank wall in your home? Use this chalkboard wallpaper to turn it into a functional accent wall. You can also place it on cabinet doors so that you always have somewhere to jot down a grocery list — and since it’s backed with a sticky adhesive, there’s no need for any glue in order to put it up.

What reviewers say: “We are a childcare home and needed additional chalkboard space. We used this in our playroom/classroom and honestly, I love it more than my painted chalkboard wall! Cleans up beautifully with a wet wipe.”

Giving Their Bathrooms A Subtle Glow With This Toilet Night-Light

Instead of dealing with that uncomfortably bright overhead light, allow this toilet night light to gently guide your way to the bathroom at night. It features 16 different LED colors, as well as a rotating carousel mode that lets you enjoy them all. Plus, the built-in motion sensor helps preserve the battery when no one is around.

What reviewers say: “Everybody who comes over just loves these lights in the toilet. They are so cool. We had bought some and then we bought more for gifts.”

Decorating With LED Candles That Look So Real

Regular candles will eventually burn out, whereas these LED ones can stay lit for hours using just two AA batteries (which are not included). The LED bulbs also have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, so there’s no need to swap them out with new ones — and each order includes a remote so that you can control them from afar.

What reviewers say: “These battery operated candles are great for adding subtle, ambient light to your evening. I brought them to my brother-in-law's birthday party and everyone commented how cool they were.”

Swapping Out Plain Planters With These Ceramic Ones

There’s no denying that these sleek white pots look way nicer than those plain clay planters you’ve been using. Gold accents around the middle allow them to stand out from the crowd, and you even have the choice of two sizes: medium or large. Each one is made from hearty ceramic — and reviewers also raved about how they’re “great quality.”

What reviewers say: “Gorgeous pots! I’ve received so many compliments on them. Currently, I have a snake plant and prayer plant in each pot, and they’re both thriving.”

Storing Snacks Inside Of These Stainless Steel Canisters

Tea, sugar, coffee, rice — regardless of what you store inside of these canisters, their airtight design will help keep everything inside fresh. They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with transparent lids so that it’s easy to see what’s inside without having to open them up. Each order includes five sizes: one extra-large, one large, two medium, as well as one small.

What reviewers say: “These are absolutely amazing, especially for the price. Would totally recommend these and even buy them again if I need more. They're pretty easy to clean, and perfectly sealed shut when locked.”

Eliminating Cable Clutter With This Wireless Charger

Every home or office has that one corner that’s become a cluttered mess of charging cables, so why not tidy things up by downsizing to this wireless charger? It’s made from thin aluminum, giving it an ultra-sleek appearance that’s sure to look good wherever you put it. And since it’s compatible with any Qi-enabled phone, you can just as easily use it with iPhones as you can with Androids.

What reviewers say: “I'm impressed how compact, lightweight, and well designed this charger is for the price point.”

Making Their Bedrooms Even More Relaxing With This Star Projector

With its precision glass optics and direct diode laser, this star projector can display a crystal-clear replica of the night sky right on your bedroom ceiling. It’s great for creating a relaxing spa vibe — or even for setting the mood when you’re watching movies or playing video games. The downloadable smartphone app also lets you adjust the brightness, cycle through light effects, and more.

What reviewers say: “This light is so beautiful! Once you find the right spot & angle it projects a pretty large area of the walls.”

Brightening Up Dark Rooms With Help From This Unique Mirror

If there’s a room in your home that’s a little short on natural light, try placing this mirror across from a window or other light source. It’ll help bounce light around, making the room seem brighter without using any extra electricity — all while its unique shape and wooden base give it a chic appearance that’s sure to look good wherever you put it.

What reviewers say: “It’s light weight and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Bought it for my office space and it looks so cute. I especially love the shape of the mirror.”

Adding A Colorful Glow Behind Their TV Sets

Not only can these LED lights add a soothing glow behind your television, but the adhesive backing also allows for effortless installation since you can press it right into place. Each order also includes a remote that lets you adjust the brightness up to 10 levels, as well as switch between 15 different colors.

What reviewers say: “After getting this for my living room TV, I have decided to put them on the rest of our TV's because it makes them look so cool. It makes the picture look a lot better thanks to the contrast, and it just looks awesome. I have gotten a lot of my friends to get them also because when they come over it is the first thing they notice.”

Casting A Warm, Cozy Glow Using This Sunset Lamp

Turn on this sunset lamp to create a warm, cozy vibe to help you relax after a stressful day. The base can rotate 180 degrees so that it’s easy to point in nearly any direction you like, while an extra-long power cable lets you use it with distant outlets. Choose from two colors: red or rainbow.

What reviewers say: “The lamp has a very nice hue. I enjoyed how easy it is to use and adds such a cool vibe to any room! Great gift.”

Placing Candles On These Stylish Metal Holders

Consider these holders a must-have if you want to burn container-free candles. They’ll work just as well with regular candles as they will LED ones, as the sturdy metal base helps keep them from tipping over. Or, if you aren’t into burning candles, you can also use them to hold small succulent pots, picture frames, and more.

What reviewers say: “Great price and quality! Super cute modern matte black, just as advertised. I put mine on the mantle with some realistic looking LED candles.”

Brightening Up Their Patios With This Umbrella Light

You don’t have to dine in the dark when eating outside at night — just add this light to your patio umbrella. It’s designed to fit around nearly any umbrella pole, as the strong clamp on the inside helps keep it firmly in place without any slipping. And since it only requires three AA batteries (which are not included), there’s no need for an outdoor outlet in order for it to work.

What reviewers say: “I was pleasantly surprised this put off as much light as it does. It also has a dim setting.”

Upgrading Their Kitchens With These Under-Cabinet Lights

Having professional under-cabinet lights installed can cost an arm and a leg, whereas these battery-operated ones are available for less than $20 each. They only require three AA batteries (which are not included) to provide up to 72 hours' worth of light — and the built-in timer can be adjusted from 15 up to 120 minutes. Plus, the included remote can control up to 12 lights, so there’s no need to keep multiple remotes on hand.

What reviewers say: “These wireless bar lights are simply outstanding.”

Drifting Peacefully Off To Sleep In These Polyester-Satin Sheets

Made from soft polyester-satin, these bed sheets are a definite step-up from the scratchy cotton sheets you’ve probably been sleeping on. They’re stain-, fade-, and shrink-resistant, with an extra-deep pocket that can fit over mattresses up to 15 inches deep. And since they come in more than 20 colors, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.

What reviewers say: “I just love these sheets! They are elegant, soft, and slippery, just what I was looking for. I got the purple and it is gorgeous, a deep and rich color, no fading after washing.”

Breathing New Life Into Outdated Surfaces With This Contact Paper

Whether you have outdated counters or if you’re looking for a fun DIY project, this roll of contact paper is probably right up your alley. It looks just like white marble — even up close — and the tough vinyl material is so water-resistant that I’ve personally left puddles on it overnight without any issues come morning. The adhesive backing also makes for easy installation, as it allows you to press it right into place like you would with a giant sticker.

What reviewers say: “I used this product on a small table I had to try it out first (see pictures). The process was so easy. I didn't need any extra materials. Just the contact paper and scissors. The edges come out crisp and clean.”

Adding Some Glamour To Their Picture Frames With This Light

There’s no complicated wiring required when it comes to installing this picture light, as it uses three AA batteries (which are not included) to illuminate your favorite wall-mounted photos. The brightness is adjustable up to two levels, and there’s even a timer to help preserve the batteries. Plus, a built-in bubble level helps you make sure it’s mounted straight.

What reviewers say: “Used this as lighting for framed movie posters, in our media room. Very easy installation. Remote control works well, and is easy to use.”

Organizing Messy Pantries With These Airtight Containers

If your pantry has devolved into a jumbled mess of food boxes, try consolidating them into these containers. The airtight lids make them great for dry ingredients, as they’ll help keep everything from cereal to flour fresh. Every order also includes a set of chalkboard labels — just in case you need a little help keeping track of what’s inside of each one.

What reviewers say: “Makes everything look so neat and organized! I love that it has measurements on the side too which is very helpful!”

Swapping Their Light Bulbs With These Smart Ones

Swap out your incandescent bulbs with these smart ones, and you’ll be able to control them using voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Home. Or, if you don’t have a smart assistant, you can also use the free downloadable app to adjust their brightness and color, as well as put them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home.

What reviewers say: “These bulbs are so cool! The colors, the brightness, the app; they are all top notch!”

Giving Cabinets An Affordable Makeover With These Sleek Pulls

Available in multiple lengths as well as five different finishes, these cabinet pulls are an affordable way to give outdated cabinets a much-needed makeover. They’re hand-finished to make sure that each one in your order looks the same — and you even get a set of mounting screws that are sized to fit nearly any standard-sized cabinet or drawer.

What reviewers say: “This is a good looking set of cabinet handles for cheaper than I expected. They feel solid and very sturdy.”

Placing This Fashionable Alarm Clock On Their Nightstands

Consider this mirrored alarm clock a definite upgrade to the clunky plastic one that’s currently sitting on your nightstand. Two USB ports on the side let you charge your devices overnight, while a dimmable face makes it easy to fall asleep at night. You also have the option of mounting it to a wall, as there’s a hole in the back that lets you hang it up if you like.

What reviewers say: “I love it and I would totally recommend it to everyone that is looking for a cool looking alarm clock.”

Warming Up Cold, Barren Floors With This Faux Fur Rug

Step off of those cold hardwood floors and onto this plush area rug. It’s made from soft faux fur, making it look way more expensive than just $20 — and the nonslip backing even helps keep it from shifting out of place. Choose from 12 sizes, as well as more than 20 colors.

What reviewers say: “I bought this to use as a photography prop and I absolutely love it. It is so stunning in person and the quality of the product is top notch.”

Keeping Rugs From Shifting Out Of Place With These Grippers

If the backs of your rugs aren’t nonslip, you can still use these grippers to make sure that they stay put without any shifting. They’re strong enough to hold up against high-traffic areas, as well as rambunctious pets — and the Velcro fasteners can easily be adjusted without leaving behind any sticky residues.

What reviewers say: “My rugs are staying in place, the gripper is staying attached to the rug, and it's easy to lift up to get under the rug to clean. Also these don't raise the height of the rug at all so you don't even notice they're there.”

Using This Himalayan Salt Lamp As A Stylish Night-Light

There’s no denying that this Himalayan salt lamp is a definite upgrade to the small plug-in you’ve been using. Not only does it produce a warm, cozy glow, but the base is also made from real wood — not plastic. Or, if you don’t need a night light, it also works great when setting a relaxing mood for some at-home yoga, or even an afternoon nap.

What reviewers say: “This rock was gorgeous. It was a hefty size and the coloring was awesome! It had a lovely tone in itself, but it also had several just amazing streaks of dark pinkish coloring through the sides. It's a good thing I didn't open this before I gifted it or I might have kept it!”

Posting Messages In Style Using This Decorative Chalk Board Sign

Designed to work with conventional chalk, this board is a fun way to display messages for your housemates, or even simply jot down a quick reminder for later. There’s a rope attached to the top that makes it easy to hang — and its rustic style is sure to look good wherever you put it.

What reviewers say: “I’m using these for our pregnancy announcement photos and they are perfect! Easy to clean and really nice frames for the money. Highly recommend!”

Dressing Up Plain Walls With These Picture Frames

Got a plain wall in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? Print out some of your favorite photos, then use these picture frames to create a stunning gallery wall. The frames are made from real wood — not plastic — and come in a variety of sizes to help your eye move across each one. Choose from two colors: black or brown.

What reviewers say: “I'm blown away with how much of a good deal these frames are. Normally you'd get this value with a lesser quality product. The picture frames are packaged well and feel very durable and look fantastic. They're heavy in a good way so they don't feel super cheap and I love that it's a glass top and not plastic.”

Turning Their Patios Into Relaxing Lounge Areas With These Pillow Inserts

Since these throw pillow inserts are water-resistant, you can easily use them outside without having to worry about them getting ruined in damp weather. They’re also filled with breathable hypoallergenic fibers and have a good amount of elasticity to help them keep their shape over time.

What reviewers say: “Purchased these inserts to use on an outdoor patio set and they are so soft and amazing - I’m considering getting them to replace my indoor decorative pillows too!”

Organizing Cluttered Counters With This Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

Put your utensils on display by organizing them inside of this holder. It’s made from brushed stainless steel, making it resistant to fingerprints as well as rust. And unlike some holders, this one also features dividers in the middle to help keep your utensils from getting tangled together.

What reviewers say: “The holder is lightweight but tall so it won't tip over. I love that it spins, making for easy access when we need something while cooking or when simply putting the utensils away after they've been washed.”

Tidying Up Jumbled Vanities With This Makeup Organizer

Brushes, nail polish, jewelry — regardless of what items are cluttering up your vanity, this organizer probably has room for it. The four drawers are lined with soft fabric, helping keep your delicate pieces of jewelry safe from scratches. And since it’s made from sleek acrylic, it’s almost guaranteed to look good wherever you put it.

What reviewers say: “This container will change your life. Not only does it hold a lot of stuff, but it looks cool too.”

Hiding Clutter Inside Of These Storage Cubes

Cluttered shelves are no match for these bins, as they’re large enough to hold everything from books to shoes. Each one is made from breathable, non-woven fabric, with sturdy walls to help them keep their shape. If you ever decide they’re no longer needed, you can even fold them down flat for easy storage.

What reviewers say: “Good quality, durable, and easy to unfold. Look great on my square shelving. Helps with organization.”

Keeping Track Of Where Their Keys Are With This Entryway Shelf

If you’re always losing your keys, mounting this shelf in your entryway might be helpful. It’s made from high-quality MDF wood that can support up to 15 pounds, with strong metal hooks that can hold everything from bulky lanyards to winter gloves. Zero assembly is required aside from mounting — and the sleek white finish is sure to look good with any decor style.

What reviewers say: “This was exactly what I needed to organize my mail without looking cluttered and messy. I love the wood and may buy another!”

Showing Off Their Favorite Photos With These Fridge Magnets

Whether you want to show off your favorite photos or quickly jot down a grocery list, these magnetic clips will let you do so right on your refrigerator. They also work great on chalk or whiteboards, as they won’t leave behind any scratches — and the clips are so strong that each one can hold up to 60 standard sheets of paper.

What reviewers say: “I love that these look modern, simple and chic; while getting the job done!”

Keeping Tables Scratch-Free With These Silicone Coasters

It only takes a few scratches or water rings to ruin a table, so why not grab these coasters to help keep your furniture looking good? They’re made from nonslip silicone, with raised grooves on the top so that any condensation winds up inside the coaster instead of on top of your table. Choose from eight colors, including a sleek white marble pattern.

What reviewers say: “I love these coasters. They look great and clean easily. Any spillage or condensation falls into the crevices and protects the surface of whatever the coaster is on.”

Adding A Touch Of Green To Their Homes With These Living Succulents

You don’t need to have a green thumb in order for these live succulents to thrive — just put them near a sunny window and water them when (or if) you remember. Pots come included, and the manufacturer even guarantees that they’ll arrive in good condition. If not, they’ll quickly ship a replacement.

What reviewers say: “I am so impressed. These plants are large and healthy, fantastic variety, shipped promptly and packaged expertly. Amazing price. Amazing value.”

Draping This Cozy Throw Blanket Across Their Couches

If your couch is looking a little plain, draping this cozy throw blanket across one of the armrests is an easy way to add a pop of color where you need it. The soft chenille fabric is perfect for cool fall days, yet lightweight enough that you can still use it year-round. Choose from more than 30 colors, as well as four sizes.

What reviewers say: “These are absolutely gorgeous, so, so soft and have the prettiest sheen to them.”

Displaying Books In Style With This Small Bookshelf

Don’t have enough space for a full-sized bookshelf? Not a problem — this smaller option is the perfect size for a desktop or even a nightstand. Assembly only takes a few quick minutes without any extra tools required, and many reviewers even wrote about how it was “super easy.”

What reviewers say: “It’s really cute and easy to assemble it only took me 15 minutes. I used it for the mangas that I read so honestly it just fits perfectly.”

Brightening Up Dark Hallways With These Wall Sconces

Rustic, charming, and battery-operated — these wall sconces hit all the right notes. The LED fairy lights on the insides are energy-efficient, which means you won’t be stuck having to constantly replace the batteries. Plus, each one also features a six-hour timer so that you can have them turn off when no one is around.

What reviewers say: “These look so great on my wall. The lights are so cool.”

Throwing Out Plastic Soap Dispenses In Favor Of This Futuristic Upgrade

With its touchless design and sleek gunmetal finish, this soap dispenser is an undeniable upgrade to the plastic pump bottle you’ve been using. Its water-resistant base helps keep the battery compartment safe from moisture — and the infrared sensor is able to detect your hand from nearly 3 inches away.

What reviewers say: “These things are nice, look nice, and everyone has loved it so far.”

De-Cluttering Their Shower Shelves With This Soap Dispenser

If your shower walls have turned into a cluttered mess of soap bottles, consider transferring them into this wall-mounted dispenser. Three separate chambers allow you to use it for conditioner, shampoo, as well as body wash, while an ABS plastic body means you won’t have to worry about rust. Choose from two finishes: white or chrome.

What reviewers say: “No more bottles cluttering up the shower enclosure and no more need for gigantic shower organizers to hold them. And it looks so cool! We're ordering another one for our second shower.”

Taking Their Vanities To The Next Level With This Lighting Kit

Doing your makeup in poor lighting can lead to less-than-stellar results, so why not add these lights to your vanity mirror? They’re backed with a sticky adhesive, making installation a total breeze — and each order even includes a smart-touch dimmer so that you can easily adjust how bright they are.

What reviewers say: “These lights are super bright. When I first plugged them in, they weren't even as bright as they would go. The dimmer switch works great as well.”

Dressing Up Plain Tables With This Chiffon Runner

Dressing up a plain dining table is as easy as adding this chiffon runner to the center. At 10 feet long, you can easily use it with tables of nearly any size — and each order even includes three sets of ribbon ties so that you can have it stylishly drape across your floors. Choose from more than 10 colors, including a fall-friendly shade of terracotta.

What reviewers say: “These are really very nice! Not too thick, not too thin and definitely not cheap looking!”

Making Plain Posters Look Nicer With These Wooden Frames

Instead of hanging bare posters up on your wall, why not dress them up with these frames? Each one is made from genuine teak wood, with a rope across the top that makes it easy to hang them up. You also have the choice of 15 different sizes, as well as six finishes.

What reviewers say: “It was super easy to hang up a poster with this. They are lightweight enough to use, but heavy enough to weigh down a previously rolled up poster. Magnets were a good strength to hold everything together. Looked super sleek all put together.”

Repairing Small Holes With This Easy-To-Use Putty

Small drywall holes are no match for this putty, as it’s much, much easier to use than regular spackle. Simply rub it over the affected area, dust away any excess, then wait for it to dry. The proprietary formula shouldn’t shrink, crack, or create a flashback in photos — and many reviewers even wrote about how it helped them get their security deposit back.

What reviewers say: “I recently purchased this product because we had a small whole on my living room wall used it and I can say that the whole is covered and it’s barely noticeable.”

Swapping Outdated Kitchen Faucets With This Sleek Upgrade

This sleek faucet features a pull-down sprayer to help you clean dishes, as well as a stainless steel finish that’s resistant to rust. Installation only takes about 15 minutes — and the built-in retraction system helps ensure that the sprayer always pulls back into the faucet when you’re done using it.

What reviewers say: “The faucet works great! I love how versatile it is! I can run water or have a shower stream or have the water on but push a button to stop the flow without turning the water off! I have used all three settings and I love it!!”

Letting This Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Do The Work For Them

These electric salt and pepper grinders are great for anyone with limited mobility in their hands, as they’ll do all the grinding for you — no twisting required whatsoever. The blue LED light also gives them a sleek appearance, and the black stainless steel cap is even resistant to rust.

What reviewers say: “I love these! Fresh ground pepper and sea salt with none of the work and it looks super cool.”