Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

Petlibro’s Newest Gadget Makes Being A Pet Parent So Much Easier

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If you’re a pet owner with inconsistent work hours, a busy social life, or travel a lot, it can be tough to make sure your little fluff-ball maintains a regular feeding schedule. (And no one needs to add that kind of stress to their life!) That’s where an automatic pet feeder like Petlibro’s Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder comes in. But the Granary feeder isn’t your average automatic feeder — not only can it make it so easy to keep your cat or pup’s mealtime on a schedule, but it also has a camera so you can keep an eye on things and tons of additional tech features to give you peace of mind and help you stay connected, even when you’re not in the room. So whether you have to work late or you’re leaving town with friends for the weekend, you’ll always be prepared, and your pet will always be well-fed.

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How Does The Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder Work?

The Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder is a smart device first and foremost. It connects to your Wi-Fi, and you can use the coordinating Petlibro Lite app to schedule your pet’s mealtimes from wherever you are. The app allows you to program up to 10 meals per day, and you can even customize the portion size for each, a task that’s pretty much impossible with pet sitters. That gives you total control over your pet’s daily nutritional plan.

And meal-planning is just one aspect of Petlibro’s feeder. If you tend to worry about whether your pet is eating their kibble (or staying out of trouble), you’re not alone — and the Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder has a built-in camera to act as an extra pair of eyes when you’re not in the room. The camera delivers sharp 1080p video with a wide 145-degree view, as well as a night vision mode, so you can keep tabs on your pet throughout the day and at night — all in real-time.

You can also set up the app to send you notifications whenever it detects movement nearby, and you can watch replays of videos, which are stored on a memory card, too. Plus, the camera’s two-way audio also allows you to communicate with your pet (aka praise them for being picture-perfect, always). Want to vocally cue them to go to their feeder? It’s easy to record a 10-second voice note to accompany each of their meals.

It’s Designed To Keep Food Fresh

The pet feeder’s tank is innovative, too. Thanks to a multi-seal system, the 5-liter tank keeps excess air out, which results in fresher-tasting dry food. It also comes with a built-in spot for replaceable food desiccant bags, so the food remains moisture-free (just know that the feeder only works with dry food). The food is dispensed into a stainless steel bowl that is durable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Plus, an infrared safety detector prevents your pet from eating more than their fill and automatically stops dispensing food when they attempt to paw more kibble out of the tank. When the food in the tank is running low, the app will notify you that it’s time for a refill. The automatic pet feeder can be plugged into an outlet or run on three D batteries (which you’ll have to snag separately) — but Petlibro suggests using both so that the batteries can keep it running on schedule in the event of a power outage.

For all its bells and whistles, Petlibro’s Granary Wi-Fi pet feeder is far from an eyesore. It has a sleek design that comes in two versatile shades — black and white.

If You Have Multiple Pets, You Might Want To Consider:

This Petlibro double food tray feeder is made for multi-pet households, and it features a dispenser tank that stores up to 5 liters of dry kibble. Food in the tank is kept fresh, thanks to the desiccant bag and pet-proof twist-lock lid. The feeder dispenses food for two pets simultaneously, and you can set it so that one bowl fills with more food than the other. While it’s not Wi-Fi-enabled, you can pre-program up to six meals for your fur-balls per day using the user-friendly LED screen. Shop it in black or white.

And To Promote Hydration, Consider This Adjustable Fountain:

This Petlibro water fountain features a 2-liter reservoir and a five-level filtration system to ensure that the water your pet drinks is always fresh — which should mean fewer water refills on your part. As long as the fountain is plugged into a power source, it can run continuously (and quietly!) throughout the day. The faucet is also adjustable, so you can change the height to whatever’s the best fit for your pet. It’s available in five chic colors. You have the option to add filters to your water fountain order — but you can also stock up on water filters by snagging them in packs of four, eight, or 20.

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