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What can’t you find on Amazon these days? Very little, actually. In my opinion, the vast selection on Amazon rivals basically any other online marketplace — but sometimes, it takes a little digging to find exactly what you need. There are simply so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices (especially when people just can’t seem to get enough of them).

In spite of the extensive selection, there are certain Amazon products that emerge from the pack as fan favorites. They consistently get the job done, and they have overwhelmingly great ratings. There’s no need for you to spend time sifting through hundreds of reviews, either — because these products have been tried, tested, and approved by thousands of happy customers. And we’ve taken it a step further and compiled a bunch of them–all at affordable prices–for you here.

Getting ready to go on vacation? You’ll definitely want this hanging toiletry bag that holds all your personal care products, and even a calming lavender pillow spray to help you fall asleep in a new bed. Or maybe you’re making your home your personal zen garden. In that case, a relaxing miniature water fountain — along with a rose-scented reed diffuser — are must-haves. But the best part is that all of these products are made for those who are ballin’ on a budget.

Ratings don’t lie, and neither does money. Read on for the best cheap products on Amazon that customers keep buying.

This Powerhouse Facial Serum With Vitamin C For Boosting Skin

Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E are all considered powerhouse ingredients in the skincare world, and you get all of them in this TruSkin facial serum. Together they target dryness, hyperpigmentation, dullness, free radicals, and fine lines. Over 51,000 five-star ratings speak to the effectiveness of this serum, and one customer even reported, “I am 23 years old, a medical student, with very TIRED, acne-prone, and dull skin [...] it has helped me tremendously and in a very short time.”

A Super-Fine Water Mister You Can Use For Basically Anything

There are few things I love more than a super helpful, multi-use home gadget, and this water mister spray bottle is one. It can be used for haircare products, watering plants, cleaning solutions, you name it. It releases a targeted, super-fine mist of liquid from any angle. No leaks, no loss of product, and it thoroughly saturates whatever you’re spraying.

A Toiletry Bag That Actually Holds Everything You Need On Vacation

As a self-confessed skincare fanatic, I have a pretty extensive personal care routine that’s hard to pare down for travel. This hanging toiletry bag looks like the only bag that might actually be able to hold my entire routine. I love that it folds up compactly and has a hook at the top so it doesn’t take up precious counter space. There are some smart storage solutions built in, like elastic straps to hold bottles in place, double zipper compartments with clear linings, and multiple pouches.

This Scalp Exfoliator Promotes Hair Growth & Scalp Health

A scalp exfoliator can do wonders for your head health: the silicone bristles stimulate your circulation and help remove dandruff, build-up, and dead skin cells. The stimulation may also promote hair growth and relieve itchy scalps. I’ve been using one for over a year, and it’s practically eliminated my chronic dandruff. (It also just feels really nice and luxurious to get a head massage every morning!) Those with thick or curly hair might also find it helpful for getting shampoo to fully reach the scalp.

An Actually Affordable Hair Dryer With A Diffuser Attachment

For less than $30, this infrared heat hair dryer can be yours. The price is unbeatable, and so are the results. It’s ceramic-coated with infrared heat for bringing shine and softness to your hair. The dryer features two heat and speed settings, plus a cool shot button. And it comes with a concentrator nozzle, diffuser attachment, and three sectioning clips.

A 3-Pack Of Claw Clips To Match Any Look

Claw clips are back in a big way, and I for one am totally on board. Stock up on this three-pack and match any outfit to the black, tortoiseshell and clear clips. They’re equally great for an easy “get my hair out of my face” style or for a cute updo.

A 3-Barrel Curing Wand For Beachy Waves At Home

This Alure curling wand is the modern-day crimper you never knew you needed. Three 1-inch barrels make perfect beach-like curls in your hair in minutes. It heats up in a minute flat, and it automatically turns off after 15 minutes. Plus, the digital temperature display means you can adjust the temperature settings precisely for your hair type.

These Super Soft Hair Towels That Help Reduce Damage & Unwanted Frizz

These super absorbent microfiber towels help reduce unwanted frizz, and they’re way lighter than traditional bath towels. They’ll dry your hair quickly and more gently without damaging it. I’ve been using this style of towel for years, and I notice a difference in my hair every time I go without. They’re a must-have for all, but especially those with damaged hair and those prone to unwanted frizz.

A Set Of Hair Clips That Are Made For Styling

These adorable hair clips are a styling essential. The pack of eight are designed to hold your hair back while you’re washing your face or putting on makeup without leaving dreaded creases in your hair. One reviewer also recommended using them while curling your hair to clamp each curl in place while they cool. In a pack of eight, you’ll get four lightweight black clips, two white, and two pink.

A Natural Shower Brush Perfect For Dry Brushing Your Skin

This Metene shower brush has a long wooden handle so you can get those hard-to-reach places, soft-but-sturdy nylon bristles, and a rope hook at the end for handy storage. Also — you may not have heard of it — but the benefits of dry-brushing your skin are mind-blowing. They range from exfoliation to increasing blood circulation, and can even help you relax.

This Skincare Tool Duo Helps Reduce Inflammation And Signs Of Aging

For a relaxing facial treatment, there’s nothing I recommend more than investing in a face roller. This jade roller and gua sha set has everything you need to get started: a double-ended jade massage roller to relax and rejuvenate your face, and a gua sha tool for visibly reducing unwanted puffiness and inflammation. Both can help your skincare products absorb more effectively, and they have a cooling effect. One of my personal favorite tricks to do with my face roller is to put it in the fridge and use it to massage my face on a hot day.

A Compact Curling Iron With A Ceramic Barrel

If you prefer tighter, classic curls, give the Conair double ceramic 1-inch curling iron a try. The ceramic material will make beautiful, frizz-free curls that will last for ages. It heats up in 30 seconds with 30 different heat settings, and there’s even an auto-off feature and dual voltage for international travel.

A Calming Lavender Pillow Spray To Help You Sleep Better

There are lots of products that can help you get a good night’s rest — but before you invest in something pricy like a new mattress or a fancy alarm clock, try an affordable, calming pillow spray like this one from Muse Apothecary. Not only will the calming lavender scent relax you, creating a ritual of using it before bed will help your brain wind down every night. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan, so you can rest easy knowing it’s ethically made.

This Set Of Moon Phase Mirrors That You Can Rearrange

Accent your walls and honor la luna with a set of moon phase mirrors. Arrange them above your couch or bed, or in an entryway for a simple, laid-back look. Each set comes with five mirrors, each made of imitation wood with an adhesive backing for easy setup. They can be hung in whatever shape you desire and make a great addition to any nature lover’s home.

A Set Of Fake Plants For Adding More Greenery To Your Home

I love growing house plants, but lately I’ve acquired so many that I can barely keep track of them. With fake plants like the Der Rose mini potted plants, there’s no need to stress about care and upkeep; just wipe them down from time to time, and you’re good to go. One purchase gets you three small, realistic-looking potted plants. They’re perfect for rooms you don’t spend much time in (or that don’t get enough natural light for real plants), like your bathroom or desk at work.

A Relaxing Indoor Fountain Perfect For Meditation & Stress Relief

Give your home a much-needed dose of zen with the HoMedics indoor three-tier tabletop fountain. The relaxing waterfall sound in a convenient tabletop size makes it perfect for your desk, coffee table, entryway, or bedside. It even has a soft glow, so it could be used in lieu of a nightlight and white noise machine. A submersible pump will automatically circulate the water once it’s plugged into an outlet — and once assembled, all you need to operate it is the built-in power switch.

A Fun(ky) Corner Shelving Unit With Personality

If you ask me, standard shelves are overrated. Amazon customers love this corner shelving unit by Greenco, which has five tiers and alternating side panels for a unique, eye-catching shape. With pre-drilled holes and your choice of seven colors of finishes, you’ll have a home for all your photos, tchotchkes, and decor in no time.

This Lovely Reed Diffuser That Makes Your Home Smell Like A Rose Garden

There’s nothing more therapeutic than a clean, fresh-smelling home. Try this reed diffuser to add a lovely rose scent that lasts for weeks anywhere you please. It even doubles as decor with the included faux blooms and greenery. And if rose isn’t your thing, try one of the numerous other scents, like refreshing air or black cherry.

A Set Of 3 Vintage-Inspired Mirrors To Brighten Up Any Space

This pack of three affordable decorative mirrors is exactly what your home needs for a bit of flair. They’ll suit almost any style and are perfect for filling wall space in your living room, bedroom, or hallway. Each one measures 9.84 by 9.84 inches and has a small eyehole on the back side to hang it up with.

This Fluffy Rug That Feels Like Walking On A Cloud

Step out of bed and rest your feet on the ultra-soft and fluffy circle rug. This 4-by-4-foot polyester rug has comforting, cushy fibers that measure nearly 2 inches high. It’s cozy and makes a great addition to your bedroom, a child’s room, or a living space — and you can choose from over 15 colors to complement your decor.

A Modern Digital Alarm Clock That’s Perfect For Your Bedside Table

Banish your phone from the bedroom for good by replacing your morning alarm with a not-so-old-school JALL digital clock. This sleek, multi-functional clock displays the time, outside temperature, and humidity — and you can use it to set up to three alarms. The LED display has multiple brightness levels, which change automatically throughout the day when placed on auto-dimming mode.

These Bright & Bold Shades of Fabric Dye For Your Next DIY Project

Perhaps your favorite blouse is in need of a little TLC after a few too many trips through the wash. Rather than throwing it out or replacing it, give it this all-purpose dye a try first. There are more than 30 shades of dye to choose from, and you can mix them together for an exact match. They’ll dye almost any type of fabric or fabric blend, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, and nylon. The dye is the limit here (get it?). You can rejuvenate an old favorite clothing pieces, re-dye your comforter, or give your couch a facelift, it’s up to you.

These Button Replacements For Your Favorite Jeans

These jean button replacement are the no-sew solution pins that you can place anywhere you’d like — and they can adjust your waistline however you want. They work with denim, corduroy, skirts, and more. Plus, they can help extend the life of your favorite pieces.

A Pack Of Invisible Ring Sizers To Make Any Ring Your Size

Seamlessly adjust a too-big ring with these invisible ring size adjusters, and you’ll have a perfect fit instantly. These flexible inserts slide right inside the band of the ring to fill in the space between it and your finger, in case you’ve inherited a ring that doesn’t fit or if the size of your fingers fluctuates. They come in a pack of eight transparent sizers, which make your ring up to a full size smaller.

A One-Size-Fits-Most Fabric Cover That Gives Your Desk Chair A Face Lift

If your office chair feels great but clashes with your decor, you can invest in this office chair cover. It comes in 13 colors and can help extend the life of your chair. It slides easily over your chair, but just make sure to double check the dimensions for a perfect fit. The material is a high-quality jacquard knit fabric, which is machine washable and will help protect your chair from stains and spills.

These Flexible Ice Cube Trays Are A Major Improvement From Plastic

Upgrade the ice cubes in your fridge with these DOQAUS ice cube trays, which come in a pack of four and feature soft silicone bottoms. The material allows you to punch cubes out more easily than traditional plastic ice cube trays, and are food-safe as well as BPA free. Each tray makes 14 ice cubes and comes with a lid, so you can stack them neatly in the freezer.

A Set Of Oven-Safe Baking Mats That Make Cleanup A Breeze

Save yourself the hassle of cleaning up after cooking with these Amazon Basics baking mats. They’re made of flexible, non-stick silicone — food-safe, of course — and lay on top of baking sheets below the food you’re preparing. They’re oven safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s no need for oil, cooking spray or parchment paper when you’re using them. Once you’re done, just remove from the baking sheet and wash off. Easy peasy.

A Set Of Glass Measuring Cups You Can Use With Any Recipe

No kitchen is complete without measuring cups. A four-pack of Pyrex measuring cups is all you need for any recipe: They measure in cups, ounces and milliliters with curved spouts for easy pouring. Even better, they’re dishwasher-, freezer-, microwave-, and pre-heated oven safe.

This Set Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls For At-Home Chefs

You’ll never know how much you need these nesting stainless steel mixing bowls until you have a set in your kitchen cabinet. Use them to prep your ingredients, prepare a salad or other large dishes, for mixing, and more. You’ll get a set of six different sizes, and they all stack neatly inside one another for easy storage. (Plus they’re all dishwasher safe.)

A Popsicle Mold Kit For DIY Summer Desserts

Some of my fondest summer memories from my childhood include making popsicles at home out of juice, fresh produce, ice cream, yogurt, and more. Now you can beat the heat with this homemade popsicle mold and kit from Amazon. The entire silicone kit makes up to 12 popsicles at once and includes 18 reusable sticks, a funnel for pouring, a recipe book, and a brush to clean it all with.

This Citrus Squeezer To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Fruits

When life gives you lemons, get a Zulay metal squeezer so you can get as much juice out of them as possible. It’s way less bulky than an electric juicer and easy to use: Just cut your citrus in half and insert it into the squeezer, then get to juicing. Made of durable aluminum, this tool has a built-in strainer that catches seeds, and it’s even dishwasher safe.

A Kitchen Torch You Can Use All Over The House

To up your game as a home chef, you could invest in a Sondiko butane torch. Not only is it useful in the kitchen for foods like creme brulee and seared steak, but you can also use it around the house for arts and crafts projects, lighting a fireplace, camping, and more (per the brand). Take note that it does not come with butane, so stock up on canisters while you’re at it.

Small Kitchens Need This Electric Hand Mixer

I bought this exact hand mixer from Hamilton Beach years ago when I moved into my first apartment and never looked back. It’s the perfect size for small kitchens, and all the mixer attachments store neatly inside the plastic storage case (so you’ll never worry about losing them). It has six mixing speeds — and at $18, it’s practically a steal.

This Set Of Extra Large Cutting Boards Complete Every Kitchen

Once you invest in these Gorilla Grip oversized cutting boards, you’ll never look back. They’re extra-large, extra-durable cutting boards that make meal prep a breeze. With convenient handles, slip-resistant borders, and a large groove around the edge to collect juice and prevent messes, you’ll wish you bought them years ago. They’re available in numerous color combinations, so pick up another set for a housewarming gift while you’re at it.

Impress Your Friends With This Wine Aerator

Unlock the hidden flavors of your favorite wines with the Vintorio wine aerator pourer. Not only will it impress your dinner guests, but this aerator also infuses wine with the perfect amount of oxygen to bring its full profile front and center. Just attach the aerator to your bottle of choice for smooth, spill-free pouring and boosted flavors.

These Nonslip Hangers That Are Covered In Smooth Velvet

Making the switch from mismatched plastic hangers to these sleek, velvet hangers makes a huge visual difference in your closet. You’ll save room due to their space-saving design, and the nonslip texture means you’ll never have to rescue your favorite items from the floor. And a pack of 30 hangers is less than $22 — a huge bargain.

This Super Cute Set Of Potholders You Won’t Mind Showing Off

Why not give your potholders a little personality? This set of three Jennice House potholders are adorable and functional, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen. The 100% cotton potholders measure 7 by 7 inches, and you can use them for handling hot pots and pans, as well as using them as a resting place for warm dishes.

A Refillable Sprayer That Helps You Conserve Oil

When I’m cooking, I always seem to pour out way too much oil at once. That problem is solved by this oil sprayer, which you can fill with the oil, sauce, or juice of your choice to dispense the perfect amount for whatever you’re making. It holds up to 100 milliliters of liquid and produces a uniform mist that’s easy to control. (Plus, it looks way more sleek on your counter than a giant bottle of oil.)

This Set Of Extending Marshmallow Roasting Sticks That Are Camping Essentials

Campfires will never be the same once you introduce these special marshmallow roasting sticks. They can hold two marshmallows at once and extend to nearly three feet long, so you can sit comfortably in your chair while waiting for them to crisp up. Stock up on this set of five so there’s one for everyone.

This Multi-Use Food Chopper Will Shorten Your Meal Prep Time So Much

Chopping fruits and vegetables is consistently the most time consuming part of cooking for me, so I absolutely love the idea of using this food chopper to shorten the process. It comes with four different blade attachments for different types of cuts, and it can chop anything from onions to bell peppers and potatoes. All your produce is conveniently collected in the plastic tub underneath, so transferring it to a pan and storing the excess is ridiculously easy.

This Vegetable Spiralizer Makes Oodles Of Zoodles In Seconds

Healthy and delicious noodle alternatives are just a click away with the Fullstar vegetable spiralizer, a compact kitchen gadget that makes perfectly spiraled fruits and vegetables in seconds. Use it to make spaghetti noodles out of just about any vegetable, or for beautiful garnishes for salads and other dishes. Every component of the spiralizer is dishwasher safe, and it comes with a removable container for convenient storage.

These Special-Shaped Ice Cube Trays Make Longer-Lasting Ice

There’ll be no more watered-down drinks for you once you purchase a set of these ice cube trays. The pack of two comes with two different kinds of silicone ice cube trays, one cubed and one spherical. Ice cubes slide out of the tray easily and melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes, so you can savor your drink for longer without it getting diluted. They’re perfect for whiskey and scotch drinkers, as well as iced coffee and cocktail lovers.

A Special Garlic Press That Helps Extract More Flavor From Each Clove

No more struggling to crack open a clove of garlic with a kitchen knife: Just use this garlic press from Amazon. In just one squeeze, you’ll get more garlic paste from each clove, and it’s also way easier and less messy than trying to peel and chop garlic by hand. You can even use it to crush items like ginger, onions, seeds and peppercorns.

A Set Of Classy Coasters That Go With Pretty Much Everything

This set of six marble-patterned coasters is exactly the kind of classy, grown-up investment your home needs — and at a less-than-grown-up price. You’ll get six absorbent, neutral, ceramic coasters with a cork backing and a convenient metal holder for storage. Yup, now you too can become the kind of person who screeches at their guests when they set their glass on the bare table.

This Wallet-Friendly Cocktail Shaker Set Has Everything You Need For Happy Hour

From martinis to mojitos, use this cocktail shaker set to mix up whatever drink you’re craving. No bar cart is complete without this stainless steel kit, which has everything you need to make any cocktail: a 24-ounce shaker with a built-in strainer, a twisted bar spoon, an illustrated recipe book, and more. You’ll be sipping in style — and on a budget! — for years to come.

A Toilet Brush That Will Change Your Life (Yes, Really!)

This silicone toilet brush is made of a flexible, but sturdy silicone that bends to thoroughly clean every curve in your toilet bowl without scratching it. The holder is wall-mountable to save precious floor space, and it keeps the entire apparatus out of sight and out of mind. One reviewer wrote, “This really does the job in cleaning the underside and angle of the toilet rim.”

This Shower Squeegee With An Included Hook For Storage

For your glass shower, bathroom mirror, or even your car windows, the only squeegee you’ll need is this one from HIWARE. Easily remove water droplets, soap scum, and other buildup with one streak-free swipe. The set even comes with waterproof adhesive hooks so you can conveniently store it in the shower.

This Super-Soft Bath Mat Is A Little Luxury You Absolutely Need

Once your shower is complete, rest your freshly cleaned feet on a plush bath mat by DEXI. This super absorbent microfiber mat comes in six machine-washable colors with nonslip rubber backings to help avoid accidents. It’ll feel better than stepping out onto a cloud.

An Apothecary Jar Duo Perfect For Bathroom Storage

For storing everyday bathroom items like cotton rounds and cotton swabs, you can keep them organized at arm’s reach with these clear apothecary jars. They come in a set of two: one 15-ounce and one 20-ounce jar, each made of a clear acrylic material so you can see exactly what you’re working with. They look like glass, but they’re much more durable and affordable.

These Liquid IV Packets That Can Help Keep You Hydrated

If you’re feeling dehydrated, these Liquid I.V. hydration powder packets are on your side and can help you bounce back. Simply mix one into a 16-ounce glass of water and it’ll give you the same amount of hydration as two to three bottles of water. They’re loaded with vitamins and clean ingredients, as well as being non-GMO, and gluten, soy, and dairy-free.

This Set Of Flower Pots That Were Made For Houseplants

Plant parents, you’re in luck: This set of five flower pots is perfect for your ever-expanding houseplant collection. They’re available in four neutral colors, with pots of varying sizes that are suitable for most small to medium plants, such as cacti, aloe, or orchids. Unlike some pots, they all have drainage holes and trays at the bottom of each to collect water and allow your plants to properly dry out between watering.

This Colorful Nightlight Made Just For Your Toilet Bowl

Nothing wakes me up faster in the middle of the night than having to turn on a bright fluorescent light just to use the bathroom. Enter this colorful nightlight for your toilet bowl: Its motion-activated, color-changing LED light sits inside the toilet bowl and softly illuminates the bowl. It turns off automatically after two minutes to save battery. It’s perfect for potty training, or as a gag gift that’s actually useful.

A Pack Of Four Cooling Towels For Heat Relief This Summer And Beyond

This cooling microfiber towel may just be your summer heat remedy if you’re spending lots of time outdoors or inside without AC. Just submerge the towel in water, wring it out and wear it around your neck for a quick-acting cooling effect. It cools down to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it even comes with a convenient carrying case that can clip on to a backpack while you’re on the go.

This Vegan, Cruelty-Free Sunscreen That Conveniently Sprays On

Here’s a sunscreen pro tip: anything above SPF 50 offers only marginally better sun protection, and can give people a false sense of protection because it makes them feel they don’t need to reapply as often. Stick with Sun Bum original SPF 50 spray sunscreen for broad-spectrum and moisturizing protection. You’ll be getting UVA and UVB protection in a non-comedogenic, vegan, and reef-friendly formula.

These Adorable Water Shoes Fit Snugly For All Your Outdoor Activities

Get out and on the water this summer with these water sport shoes. They’re perfect for beach outings, swimming, boating, kayaking, and just about any other water activity you can imagine. The shoes are made of a lightweight rubber and will safely protect your feet from sharp rocks, branches, and other unseen obstacles.

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