Oreo's debut frozen ice cream treats include bars, cones, sandwiches, & tubs.

Oreo Launched An Ice Cream Line That Actually Tastes Like The OG Creme Filling

Take your pick from ice cream, bars, cones, sandwiches, and more.

Courtesy of Oreo

Milk’s favorite cookie isn’t just a cookie anymore, because starting early 2022, Oreo will finally be making its highly-anticipated arrival to the freezer aisle. That’s right — the beloved cookie is getting a long overdue ice cream makeover. The ice cream bites, called Oreo Frozen Treats, are coming soon, and here’s what you can expect from Oreo’s debut frozen ice cream treats including bars, cones, sandwiches, and tubs.

On Jan. 25, Oreo announced the launch of its new selection of ice cream goodies, called Oreo Frozen Treats. The new Frozen Treats will see the classic cookie reimagined into four different types of frozen snacks, all made with a creme-flavored base and real pieces of Oreo to give your ice cream that authentic Oreo taste. The Frozen Treats lineup includes Oreo Bars, Oreo Cones, Oreo Sandwiches, and Oreo 14-ounce and 48-ounce tubs. The ice cream delights are available now in select stores, and will be fully rolled out at grocery stores and retailers nationwide by March 2022. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Oreo ice cream website to find the Oreo Frozen Treats in a freezer aisle near you.

If you’re wondering how these goodies are different than previous Oreo ice cream collabs, per the brand, the Frozen Treats are made with the first-ever frozen base to be flavored like the creme and contain pieces of real Oreo cookie in every bite. Um, yeah, I need that. If you do, too, here’s the scoop (sorry, I had to) on the new Oreo Frozen Treats.

Oreo Bars

I never knew I need an Oreo on a stick, but now that it’s here, it’s all I want. Featuring that real-creme flavor you know and love, the Oreo Bars are a popsicle-like twist on the new ice cream flavor. Each bar is covered in a chocolate coating made of crushed Oreo wafer pieces, and sits atop a wooden stick. With 5 bars per pack, one box of the stuff will run you roughly $5.49, depending on location.

Oreo Cones

Just like the Bars, the Oreo Cones ice cream has also been dipped in an Oreo wafer chocolate coating. Plus, to keep the chocolate theme going, the cones are made with a crispy, chocolatey base. The Oreo Cones come in a 4-pack for a suggested price of $5.49, or an 8-pack for $8.49.

Oreo Sandwiches

With that good-good creme-flavored ice cream nestled between two oversized Oreo wafer cookies, the Oreo Sandwiches are the closest Frozen treat to the original cookie. Fans can expect a 4-pack of the Oreo chip-wiches to cost around $5.49.

Oreo Ice Cream Tub

Last but not least, the Cookies n’ Creme to end all Cookies n’ Creme: the Oreo Ice Cream Tub. Made with chunks of real Oreo cookies, this Frozen Treat comes in two scoop-able tub sizes. The 14-ounce tub is expected to cost around $3.19, and the 48-ounce tub will have a suggested retail price of $6.69.

It’s almost time to up your ice cream game with the new Oreo Frozen Treats. Before running out to score yours, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.