Of All The Weird Stuff That's Super Popular On Amazon, These Things Are Absolutely Worth Getting

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If you’ve been shopping on Amazon for as long as I have, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen all of their most popular products. Cheeseboards, over-the-sink dish racks, veggie choppers — been there, bought that. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a secret category filled with odd items that you probably haven’t seen before — and all of these weird products are absolutely worth buying.

I know what you’re thinking: “If these products are weird, then why are they worth my money?” That’s why I’ve made sure that every item on this list is helpful in some way. There are eyeliner stamps that deliver perfectly winged tips, sprays that eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors, and even a hamper that lets you separate dirty clothes from clean ones. Frankly, those eyeliner stamps are worth their weight in gold — and they’re absolutely worth grabbing instead of yet another expensive takeout meal. Keep scrolling for more.

This Notepad That You Can Use In The Shower

Sometimes the best thoughts occur in the shower — and they disappear the moment you step out of the tub. Luckily, this waterproof note pad is perfect for jotting down brilliant thoughts, doodles, or whatever else pops into your head in the shower. Plus, the suction cup on the back lets you hang it directly on the tile.

A Cutting Board With Storage Containers Underneath

Once you’ve finished chopping your ingredients, this cutting board lets you slide them into little storage compartments underneath so that you have room on the board to chop up even more. It’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and handles on either side make it easy to carry from counter to table.

The Peel-Off Mask Infused With Real Diamond Powder

Not only is this mask made with real diamond powder that can help even out your skin tone, but it also features soothing water lily extract to help your face glow. Simply paint it onto your face, then wait for about 20 minutes before peeling it off.

An Egg White-Infused Face Mask That Helps Exfoliate Your Skin

Not only can this face mask help shrink the appearance of pores, but it’s also great for exfoliating away old skin cells as well as clearing away small breakouts. Albumin and aloe vera extract penetrate deep into your skin to help leave it looking hydrated and supple, and you only need to wear it for about 15 minutes for the full benefits.

A Pickle Stopper That Helps Keep Your Wine Fresh For Later

You don’t have to drink that entire bottle of wine in one sitting (unless you want to). Instead, use this pickle stopper to help keep it fresh for later. Unlike some stoppers, the seal it creates is airtight, as well as watertight — just in case the bottle happens to tip over. Plus, it’s made from 100% food-safe silicone rather than plastic.

These Stamps That Deliver Perfectly Winged Eyeliner Tips

Drawing winged eyeliner can be tricky, whereas using these stamps is incredibly easy. Each order comes with two — one for each eye — and the opposite ends feature regular eyeliner pens so that you can make any touch-ups as needed. They’re also sweatproof, smudge-proof, as well as waterproof.

A Makeup Eraser That Only Needs Water To Work

Get this towel damp with a little water, and it’ll wipe away everything from foundation to stubborn waterproof eyeliner. It’s great for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t require any cleanser in order to be effective — and you can wash and reuse it as many times as you like.

The Cooling Face Mask That Comes With A Jade Roller

Keep this mask in your fridge or freezer, and it’ll always be ready to go the next time you need help cooling down. You can also heat it up in the microwave if you’d prefer a warm mask, and each order even includes a face roller made from real jade stone.

These Nail Polish Wipes That Are Fortified With Vitamins

In the mood for a new manicure? These nail polish wipes are soy-based and made without any acetone, yet they’re still just as effective as the harsh liquid removers you can find in stores. They’re also fortified with vitamins A, C, and E to help strengthen your nails.

A Hamper That Helps You Sort Clean Clothes From Dirty Ones

If your hamper doubles as your laundry basket, you can easily keep clean clothes straight from the dryer on one side of this hamper, while last week’s dirty clothes sit on the other side. The divider running down the center helps keep them from touching each other, and there are even handles on either side so that it’s easy to carry around the house.

A Desktop Vacuum That’s Perfect For Crumbs & Dust

Whether you’ve got crumbs under your keyboard or dust on your monitor, this little vacuum can help tidy things up. It only requires two AA batteries to operate (not included), which means there’s no need to worry about recharging it. Plus, the small size takes up hardly any space on your desk.

A Brush That Helps Detangle Hair Painlessly

With cone-tipped bristles that gently separate knots rather than yanking at them, this brush is a must-have when tackling tangled manes. It’s suitable for all types of hair, regardless of whether it’s curly or straight — and you even have the choice of four different colors: coral, blue, purple, or turquoise.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Does The Work For You

You wash your face all the time, but when was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? If they’re caked in product, try using this washer to get the bristles looking clean and clear again. It’s designed to work with nearly any type of makeup brush, and each order includes a bottle of soap so that you can start using it right out of the box.

These Hair Ties That Won’t Leave Crimps In Your Ponytail

Some elastic ties can leave bumps in your hair, whereas these coil hair ties help distribute the pressure so that you aren’t left with any crimps once you pull them out. They’re also transparent, helping them blend into your mane when creating up-do’s — and they won’t leave you with that soggy hair tie feeling when they get wet.

This Toilet Spray That Eliminates Unwanted Bathroom Odors

Just spritz your toilet bowl with this Poo-Pourri before you “go,” and it’ll eliminate any unwanted odors before they even have a chance to hit the air. It’s formulated with potent essential oils, as well as made without any aerosol, parabens, or formaldehyde. The best part? One small bottle has enough for about 200 uses inside.

A Diffuser That Fits Into Tight Places

If your nightstand or desktop doesn’t have space for a full-size diffuser, this small lightbulb-shaped one might just be what you’re looking for. It takes up less space, but the LED bulb on the inside still gives you seven different soothing colors to choose from when setting the mood. Plus, it’s easily powered via USB — no batteries required.

This Tub That Helps You Whip Fresh Cream

Whipping cream by hand is no joke — that’s why I’m a big fan of using this tub instead. Simply fill it with fresh cream, then give the handle a few pumps to whip it up into a delicious froth. No batteries are necessary, and it only takes about 30 seconds to make about 2 cups of whipped cream.

A Hair Towel That Won’t Weigh Your Head Down

Sometimes, wrapping your hair up in an oversized towel can weigh your head down — so grab this wrap instead. It’s made from lightweight microfiber that can absorb more water than cotton, and it also dries faster once you’re done. Plus, it’s large enough to work with nearly any length of hair.

This Fake Rock That Hides A Spare Key

Forgot your keys before you left the house? Not a problem when you’ve got a spare hidden underneath this fake rock. It looks incredibly real — even up close — so there’s no need to worry about intruders finding your key while you’re away. Plus, the weatherproof design helps keep your key protected.

This Hair Mask That Helps Remove Brassy Tones

Want your blonde to have ashy tones, but don’t want to pay salon prices? Try soaking your mane in this purple mask. The purple tones neutralize the brassiness in your strands, leaving it looking more on the silver side — and it can even help protect it against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

A Container Made Specifically For Pickles

Keep your pickles inside of this container, and it’ll help keep your hands dry whenever you want to grab one for a snack. Simply pull up on the handle, and it’ll bring the pickles up and out of the pickling liquid so that you can cleanly grab one. Plus, it also works great with pineapples, or even when marinating veggies.

The Knife That Helps You Spread Cold Butter

Spreading cold butter is no easy feat — that’s why this butter knife features a series of small holes along its blade. The holes curl cold butter into small strips, making them easier to spread onto bagels, toast, and more. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s even resistant to rust.

These Water Beads That Add Fun To Your Bathtub

Not only are these water beads a fun sensory bath toy for kids, but you can also use them while you’re soaking if you want to add a little fun to your tub. They also work great as decorations around candles and flower arrangements. Plus, each one is nontoxic as well as 100% biodegradable.

These Floating Shelves That Reviewers Say Are “Easy To Install”

Even if you’ve never drilled into your walls, these floating shelves come with step-by-step instructions to help you get them mounted — and hundreds of reviewers even wrote about how they’re “easy to install.” They’re perfect for holding photo frames, skincare bottles, and other small items. Choose from four finishes: natural, white, walnut, or grey.

A Bracelet That Holds Onto Your Hair Tie

Tight hair ties can feel uncomfortable around your wrist — that’s why this bracelet is such a genius idea. It holds onto your hair ties to help save your wrist from irritation, and its sweatproof design prevents that soggy hair tie feeling when you’re exercising. Choose from five colors inlcuding coral reef, teal, violet, and more.

A Lip Balm That’s Completely Unique To You

Unlike the lip balm you’ve likely got kicking around in your purse, this one changes color depending on your skin’s pH level, making it completely unique to you. The nourishing formula also provides up to eight hours of hydration — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “long lasting.”

A Spatula That Can Help You Save Money Over Time

With their ultra-small heads that’ll fit into nearly any bottle, these spatulas help you scrape away that last little bit of product that’s stuck to the sides of your containers. They’re great for condiments, skincare, soaps, and more. Plus, the flexible rubber head contours to the shape of the container so that you don’t miss a single drop.

This Gel That Helps Clean Hard-To-Reach Corners Of Your Car

Vents and cupholders can be difficult to dust — but not with this gooey cleaner. The gel solution is made to be squeezed into teeny, tiny crevices in your car to help remove debris such as dust and crumbs. It can also be used to clean between the keys on your keyboard, and it’s even reusable.

This Wrist Pad That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread

You don’t have to like bread in order to appreciate this wrist pad. It’s made from soft memory foam, allowing it to contour to the shape of your wrists so that it feels as comfortable as possible while you’re typing. And with its non-skid backing, there’s no need to worry about it shifting around underneath you.

A Dustpan Set That’s Perfect For Small Apartments

Whether you’re short on storage space or have a tiny mess to sweep up, this dustpan set is a solid choice. Its smaller size makes it easy to stash away in a cabinet or drawer, and it snaps together to help save you space. Use it for cleaning up kitty litter, sweeping pet hair off your furniture, or even just picking up a few crumbs that have fallen to the floor.

The Stretchers That Help You Exercise Your Hands

You exercise your legs and arms, but what about your hands? Enter: these stretchers. They’re great for helping tone your hands, which can help alleviate soreness. Plus, each one is made from BPA-free silica gel, so there’s basically no need to worry about them snapping on you.

A Pair Of Tongs Made Specially For Squeezing Tea Bags

Don’t pull that tea bag out before you use these tongs to squeeze every last drop of flavor out. They’re made from stainless steel that’s less likely to rust over time than other metals, and the round tips can even help catch spills before they hit your table. Just make sure to wash them by hand once finished, as they’re not suitable for the dishwasher.

The Chopsticks That Light Up Like Lightsabers

Add a little fun to mealtimes with these lightsaber chopsticks. They light up just like you’re a real Jedi, making it easier to eat in the dark or even while you’re enjoying a movie. Batteries come included with every order, and you even have the choice of two colors: green/purple, or red/blue.

These Gloves That You Can Use To Scrub Dishes

With silicone bristles all over the palms and fingers, these gloves make it easy to scrub your dishes clean. They’re also heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for that piping-hot sink water — and they’re so versatile that you can even use them to wash vegetables when preparing meals.

A Strap That Can Help Alleviate Soreness From Plantar Fasciitis

Whether you’ve got plantar fasciitis, aching calves, or even heel spurs, this strap can help alleviate pain. Simply wrap it onto your foot, then pull back on the loop to stretch out all those sore muscles. Multiple loops give you options when deciding how deep of a stretch you want — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to use.”

The Hangers That Can Help You Save Space

Running out of space in your drawers? Start hanging your underwear, tanks, bras, and more on these hangers. Each one can hold multiple garments in order to help you save space — and since they’re made from tough steel, there’s no need to worry about them warping under heavy loads. Plus, one order can fit up to 24 hangers’ worth of clothing.

A Stainless Steel “Soap” Bar That Eliminates Unwanted Odors

Rub this stainless steel bar of “soap” between your hands, and it’ll absorb any unwanted odors so that your hands are left smelling completely neutral. It works particularly well with pungent odors from garlic, fish, as well as onions — and since it’s made from metal, you can reuse it thousands of times without it ever disintegrating.

This Magnetic, Clip-On Flashlight Lined With Silicone

This convenient LED flashlight has two magnetic pieces that allow it to clip onto various surfaces, and it’s wrapped in smooth silicone. Plus, it glows in both white and red — and it even has a flashing-red feature. Not to mention, it’s available in two colors: blue and pink.

A Spice Rack Made From Scratch-Resistant Steel

Don’t have enough counter space to keep a spice rack? Not a problem — this spice rack mounts to the wall using the included hardware to help you save space. It’s made from tough, scratch-resistant steel with a gorgeous black epoxy finish, and can fit nearly any spice jar up to 3 inches in diameter.

The Lazy Susan Made From Sleek Bamboo

Place this lazy Susan in the middle of your dining table so that it’s easier to reach all your condiments — or, you can even hide it away in a cabinet to make it simpler to grab anything placed in the far-back. It’s made from sleek bamboo that looks good just about anywhere, and can support up to 25 pounds.