60 New Products Under $30 On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

It actually doesn’t cost a lot to upgrade your life.

by Caroline Reinstadtler
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If you haven’t shopped online recently, let me be the first to say: You’ve been missing out. Recently, it seems like all you need to do is refresh the page, and you instantly have access to an infinite virtual marketplace that’s full of new and exciting products you didn’t know you needed until now.

From personal care must-haves to packing essentials, you’ll quickly discover how many legitimately amazing, and time-saving gadgets are available. Many of them are right on this list — and best of all, everything featured is under $30, so your bank account will thank you as well.

This Retinol Moisturizer With Botanical Hyaluronic Acid That Locks In Moisture

If you’re in the market for a new skin-care routine, look no further than this retinol moisturizer, which is just as effective as the significantly pricier alternatives on the market. The not-so-secret ingredient to its star power is botanical hyaluronic acid, which soothes skin and locks in moisture for hydration that lasts. It’s cruelty-free and dermatologist tested, so you can trust that its formula is just as safe as it is powerful. Simply apply it to clean, dry skin before you go to bed.

This Therapeutic Body Wash With Tea Tree & Peppermint To Soothe Irritated Skin

This therapeutic body wash is an excellent buy, not just for its moisturizing properties but for its capacity to heal acne, athlete's foot, eczema, and a multitude of other skin conditions — plus, it helps eliminate unwanted odor. With nourishing ingredients like peppermint, tea tree oil, and vitamin C, it'll provide powerful relief from dry or cracked skin all over your body, and it's made without potential irritants like sulfates, parabens, and petroleum byproducts.

These Medica-Grade Hydrocolloid Patches For Results You Can See In Less Than 8 Hours

Instead of poking and prodding unwanted pimples, invest in these medical-grade hydrocolloid patches, and you’re likely to see clearer skin in just six to eight hours. All you have to do is stick a patch on top of the pimple in question and its strong adhesive will keep it in place all day or night; when the patch turns white, it'll peel off easily. You'll also appreciate its translucent matte finish, which goes on so seamlessly, you're likely to forget it's even there while you go about your business.

A Deep Conditioning Heat Cap That Helps Heal Dry & Damaged Hair In Just 3 Wears

If you’ve been a bit heavy-handed with the blowdryer recently, pick up this deep conditioning heat cap for hair that feels healthier and stronger after just three wears. Just apply the conditioning treatment of your choice, put on one of the disposable shower caps that’s included with your purchase, heat the cap in the microwave, and wear it for up to 15 minutes; it’ll maximize the effectiveness of your treatment without any unnecessary plugs or electric parts. Considering that this cap has been sold over 10,000 times worldwide, there’s a strong chance you’ll like it too.

This Stretchy Silicone Nail Polish Holder You Can Wear As A Ring For Easier Manicures At Home

This stretchy silicone nail polish holder will mitigate the risk of a slip or spill, which can be especially helpful when you’re testing out a bold new shade. Its soft silicone material stretches and conforms to your fingers for maximum comfort while you perfect your manicure, and you can choose from over 20 adorable color options to customize your new favorite accessory. Plus, the manufacturer calls this product "practically indestructible," so you can purchase it with the knowledge that it's built to last.

This Lightweight Microfiber Hair Towel With An Elastic Tie Loop That Keeps It In Place

You don’t need to walk around with a heavy bath towel on your head before you blow dry; try this lightweight microfiber hair towel instead, and you’ll be surprised by how fast your hair dries. Just wrap it around your hair, twist and fold it back, and secure it in the elastic tie loop to keep it in place; its barely-there feel means you can wear it as often as you like for as long as you like without aggravating your neck or back. It effectively wicks away excess water, but it won’t strip your hair of the natural oils and moisture it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

An Exfoliating Brush That Eliminates Ingrown Hairs & Razor Bumps For A Safer Shave

Use this exfoliating brush before you shave, and you’re likely to see a dramatic reduction in painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps, so your skin will feel softer and smoother than ever before. When you gently massage the area you're about to shave with this brush, you'll remove dead skin, unclog pores, and increase circulation; you can use it before treatments of all kinds, including epilation, spray tans, and electrolysis. It's equally effective on wet and dry skin alike, and you can benefit from its exfoliating properties whether or not you prefer to remove your body hair.

This Multi-Tool Pen Set That Consolidates 8 Convenient Functions Into 1 Compact Product

What if there were a product on the market that combined a ruler, a screwdriver, an LED light — and a pen? This multi-tool pen set combines eight convenient functions into one handy product that fits neatly into your pocket, making it easier than ever to tackle home improvement projects and take notes. Its strong aluminum metal body makes it tough and durable, and it comes with two ink refills, so you can keep using it for much longer than your average writing utensil. This product also makes an excellent gift for friends, family members, and loved ones who already seem to have every tool and gadget under the sun.

This Extra-Strength Callus Remover With Tea Tree Oil & A Refreshing Lemon Scent

Corns and calluses are no match for this extra-strength callus remover, which works quickly to heal feet and soften skin in just five minutes or less. Instead of spending half your paycheck on a pricey trip to the salon, you can simply apply this product where you need it and then scrub it with a pumice pad, all from the comfort of your own home. Its professional-grade ingredients and effusive reviews make it a product that's trusted by the pedicure community, and it’s made without animal testing, so you can feel better about your buy.

These Hard Wax Beads That Are Specifically Designed To Remove Coarse & Stubborn Hair

If you’ve got coarse and stubborn hair that tends to resist removal, pick up these hard wax beads, which give you salon-quality results at a wallet-friendly price. These particular beads are made with the strongest formula that this company offers, so you can use them on thick hair for a hassle-free depilatory process on your underarms, bikini area, or anywhere you’d like smooth skin that’s free from razor bumps and burns. Just melt wax in a warmer, apply it with a stick in the direction of your hair growth, wait 45 seconds for it to harden, and pull it off in the opposite direction of your application; it's really that easy.

This High-Quality Jar Opener You Can Mount Under Your Cabinet For Easy Access To Salsas & Sauces

Instead of running jars under hot water or tapping lids with kitchen knives, you can invest in this high-quality jar opener for easy access to all your favorite salsas and sauces with just one twist. Because you can mount it under your kitchen cabinet, it leaves room on your counters for all your other culinary essentials, and it's designed with a nonslip grip that grabs firmly onto lids and opens them faster than ever before. Because it requires very little effort to use, it's an especially smart choice for children, seniors, and anyone else who tends to have difficulty opening jars.

This Marble Phone Case That Doubles As A Wallet & A Crossbody Bag With An Adjustable Strap

Not only does this marble phone case double as a wallet, but it comes with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it as a crossbody bag that’s just as convenient as it is chic. Its unique design gives you full access to all your phone's buttons and ports, not to mention your speakers and your camera, and it has five slots that make it easy to transport and store credit cards and IDs. You'll also appreciate its built-in protective bumpers, which keep your phone safe from the wear, tear, and damage incurred by everyday life.

This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes & Dries Thoroughly In Under A Minute

Use this electric makeup brush cleaner to keep old liquids and powders from accumulating in the bristles of your favorite brushes for an application process that’s more hygienic than ever before. Each set comes with eight rubber collars of various sizes to fit all your brushes; just choose a collar, attach it to the spinner, fill the bowl with soap and water, and press the button. When you’re finished washing, you can use it to dry your brushes by simply lifting them out of the water while it spins. You’ll be ready to successfully execute that makeup tutorial you saw on TikTok in no time.

These LED Stair Lights That Are Motion Activated For Added Safety At Night

Whether you’re navigating your home in the early morning or descending the stairs for a midnight snack, these wireless LED stair lights will help you see where you’re going, so you can safely navigate your space. Each light is made with bright LED bulbs that turn on automatically when they detect motion and turn off on their own after 30 seconds, and it'll only activate when it's dark, which helps preserve battery life and extend its lifespan. When you buy, you'll receive screws and heavy-duty adhesive tape, either or both of which you can use to install them in a matter of minutes.

This Car Seat Organizer With Tons Of Pockets To Keep Your Road Trip Essentials Within Reach

The last thing you want to do while driving is rummage around your backpack or center console; that’s why this car seat organizer is such a smart investment for savvy drivers who’d like to keep their road trip essentials well within reach. It's designed with multiple pockets and dividers for prime organization, including a padded compartment for laptops and tablets, and its waterproof material protects your belongings from the spills so often caused by a sharp U-turn or an accidental slam on the brakes. Just attach its adjustable strap to the headrest on the passenger seat and customize its height, and you'll have a convenient new way to organize your vehicle, whether you drive a car, a truck, a bus, or even an RV.

These Space-Saving Tie Rack Hangers With 20 Hooks To Keep Your Accessories In Order

If you’re running low on room in your closet, these space-saving tie rack hangers can help you organize your accessories, so you’ll be able to fit more of your favorite pieces into your wardrobe. Each hanger is designed with 20 hooks, which you can use to store ties, headbands, scarves, and even lingerie, and it'll spin 360 degrees with just one touch of your hand for easy access to the pieces you love. You'll also appreciate that each hook features a slightly upturned edge, which keeps accessories firmly in place while you pick out your next great outfit.

This Adorable Silicone Utensil Rest That's Shaped Like A Crab To Support Your Culinary Adventures

If you've ever longed for a little kitchen mascot to support all your culinary adventures, look no further than this adorable silicone utensil rest, which just so happens to be shaped like a friendly crab who thinks you've got the recipe for success. Because it's made of food-grade silicone, it'll withstand rust and chipping to last through years of kitchen experimentation, and it'll keep spatulas and spoons from touching countertops and vice versa, so everything will stay clean. Plus, no matter how hot your pots and pans might get, you can trust that your new crustacean friend can take the heat.

These Cabinet Door Bumpers With Self-Adhesive Backs That Attach To Just About Any Surface

These cabinet door bumpers will turn loud slams into a thing of the past with their soft rubber material, which dampens noise and creates a gap between the door and the cabinet for maximum safety. Their strong self-adhesive backs will attach easily to just about any surface, from cabinets to drawers and cutting boards, and they'll help protect both your belongings and the surfaces they touch from scratches and damage.

This High Quality Bidet Attachment That's Easy To Install Without The Help Of A Plumber

If you’ve been wanting to try a bidet and are unsure where to start, this high-quality bidet attachment might be just what you’ve been looking for. It's made of a durable plastic that won't rust over time, and its universal fit means it's highly likely to work well with your toilet, regardless of shape or size; it comes with a hosepipe, a water supply adapter, and three washers, all of which are extremely easy to put together without any additional electricity or the help of a plumber. Plus, its easy-access control dial lets you customize its pressure and flow for a bidet experience you can tailor to your preferences.

This Keyless Car Entry System That's Incredibly User-Friendly

Whether you’ve owned a car for years or you’ve just picked one up from the dealership, you can use this keyless car entry system to streamline the process of locking and unlocking your vehicle. It comes with two three-button remotes, a key fob, and multiple wires for an easy installation process anyone can pull off, and users of all experience levels have been able to use it successfully without a hassle.

This Versatile Pilates Ring With Comfortable Foam Padding That Resists Sweat

Take your workout to the next level with this versatile Pilates ring, which you can use for full-body resistance training to get stronger than ever before. It's made of strong and durable fiberglass and coated with a rubber sleeve, all of which keep it from cracking and bending out of shape, and it's incredibly comfortable to use, thanks to its sweat-resistant foam pads. Because it's so lightweight and portable, you can toss it in your suitcase for an effective workout wherever life takes you (even if it's just to the living room).

A Bright LED Dog Collar For Maximum Safety & Visibility While You Walk At Night

If you’re taking your pup on a nighttime walk, it might be wise to invest in this bright LED dog collar, which lets you see your best friend from up to 350 yards away for maximum safety and visibility. With its slim bulb strip and on/off box, it puts a high-tech spin on your old dog collar, and it's so lightweight and comfortable that your best friend will want your walk to last forever. Simply turn it on to choose between three lighting modes, and you'll be able to run it for up to eight hours, making it a great choice for hikes and camping trips.

A Glass Herb Container That Keeps Your Greens Fresh For Longer Than Ever Before

We’ve all been there: your eyes are bigger than your basket at the farmer’s market, and when you get back to the kitchen, you can’t seem to find the time to use your delicious new ingredients. Luckily, you can prolong the lifespan of your mint, dill, or rosemary with this glass herb container, which keeps greens and vegetables fresh for up to three weeks at a time. Just remove its inner cup, add water up to the fill line, place your herbs inside, and store the container in your fridge for the best possible results (and remember to change out the water every two to three days).

This Magnetic Phone Mount You Can Use In The Car For Safer DJing & Navigation While You Drive

Instead of fumbling with your smartphone while you’re on the road, keep one hand firmly on the wheel, and you can use the other to DJ or navigate with your phone safely secured onto this magnetic phone mount. It's made with four powerful magnets for a super strong hold that's sure to last through road trips to come, and it's compatible with smartphones of all brands and models. Plus, its 360-degree design lets you rotate your phone to toggle between apps or get a better view of your map while you drive safely.

This 5-Piece Set Of Nylon Packing Cubes That Help You Fit Your Essentials Into Your Suitcase

Streamline your suitcase with this five-piece set of packing cubes, and you'll have more than enough room in your bag for all your favorite outfits (especially if you're something of a chronic over-packer). Each cube is uniquely sized to help you pack for trips and vacations up to two weeks long, and each set comes with a laundry bag that lets you separate out the clothes you've already worn. You'll also appreciate its smooth nylon material, which repels liquids to keep your belongings safe.

This Powerful Pumice Toilet Bowl Cleaner You Can Use To Tackle Rust, Stains, & Mildew

Because it comes with a convenient case, you can use this powerful pumice toilet bowl cleaner to make your bathroom shine brighter than ever and then store it easily until your next use. It'll remove rust, stains, and mildew from surfaces of all kinds, from porcelain to ceramic and everything in between, and its heavy-duty plastic handle helps you maintain a firm grip while you scrub. It works beautifully on toilets, but you can also use it on sinks, tubs, and tile for a full bathroom clean that'll make your space feel like a spa.

This Matte Chalk Paint With Built In Primer & Top Coat For A Smooth Finish Every Time

Whether you’re touching up your kitchen cabinets or adding a chic touch to a beloved wooden toy, this matte chalk paint is basically a home DIY superhero. Within 30 minutes of application, it'll dry to a smooth matte finish that lasts on surfaces from wood to glass to metal and just about everything in between; however, it's made without potential irritants like phthalates and formaldehyde, and it's certified as safe by European toy standards. This color is a beautiful pastel blue with slight gray undertones that’ll make a lovely addition to just about any room in your home.

A Metal Shoe Horn With An Extra-Long Handle That Helps You Slip On Your Footwear

If your favorite footwear happens to be borderline impossible to put on, you might benefit from this metal shoe horn, which has an extra long handle to help you slip on your boots or shoes with the utmost ease. Its sleek ergonomic design lets you reach from a distance without hunching over your feet, and its padded grip is gentle on your hands for maximum comfort while you get ready to walk out the door. It's also a compact and portable tool you can toss in your bag for convenient use while you're on the go; it's an especially smart choice for business trips.

A Bacon Grease Container With A Built-In Strainer & A Comfortable Curved Handle

You’ll love the charming design of this old-fashioned bacon grease container, which lets you collect and keep the fat from your favorite breakfast food for extra flavor in just about any recipe. Its curved handle gives you a comfortable grip while you pour, and its mesh filter strains out any unwanted particles, so you're only left with delicious grease, which you can use to flavor popcorn, pancakes, or just about anything else your heart desires. It'll hold up to five cups of grease at a time, and when it's empty, you can toss it in the dishwasher, and you'll be ready to start collecting once again.

These Submersible & Color-Changing LED Pool Lights That You Can Control At A Distance

Throw the pool party of the century with these submersible LED pool lights, which come with 16 stunning color options you can control at a distance with the included remote. Each light is designed with 13 bright LED bulbs, which shine just as beautifully underwater as they do on land, and you can adjust its brightness to your preferences with just the touch of a button. If you'd like your lights to stay put, you can simply affix them to any flat or smooth surfaces with their powerful suction cups, which also work underwater to make your pool feel like Studio 54.

This Electric Water Dispenser With A Rechargeable Battery That Lasts For Hours

Keeping yourself and your family hydrated can quickly become an arduous task involving numerous trips back and forth from the kitchen sink; that’s where this electric water dispenser comes in since it lets you refill cups and bottles with ease. It'll fit snugly on top of gallon barrels to pump as much water as you need. When you press the button, your machine will dispense a continuous stream of water until you press the button again to make it stop. When it's fully charged, it has the capacity to pump multiple five-gallon bottles of water, and its simple design means family members of all ages can use it with the utmost ease.

A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With A Built-In Microphone & A 10-Hour Battery Life

Whether you’re blasting Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) at full volume or taking a hands-free work call, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is more than equipped for all your audio needs. When it's fully charged, its battery will last for up to 10 hours, so you won't have to stop the music anytime soon, and it'll connect with all your Bluetooth devices from up to 33 feet away (and reconnect automatically with your most recently used device). Plus, its compact and portable design means you can toss it in your bag to keep listening on the go, whether you're hosting a picnic in the park or providing the tunes for a party.

This Portable Neck Fan With A Hands-Free Design To Keep You Cool Anywhere

This portable neck fan may look like a high-tech pair of headphones, but it's better equipped to keep you cool when the weather gets hot than it is to play your favorite tunes. It's designed with 78 powerful air outlets that line your neck for a soothing sensation that wraps all the way around, and you can choose between three speed settings to customize your cool. You'll also appreciate its low-noise design; instead of whirring and grinding, it works quietly and effectively, and its ultra-light design means it’s extremely gentle on your neck, so you can comfortably wear it all day long.

This Smart Switch Hub That Lets You Turn Your Lights On & Off With Your Phone

If you’ve ever left your house in a hurry, only to realize that your lights were still on, you might appreciate this smart switch hub. It’ll allow you to turn your lights on and off with your phone from anywhere. This installation process is incredibly quick and easy: just tape it up next to any switch or button — you won't need any additional tools or help from an electrician. If you're using it twice a day, its replaceable CR2 battery will last for about 600 days. It's a great choice for light switches, but you can use it with just about any household appliances, from TVs to coffee machines and everything in between.

A Chic Toiletry Bag With A Convenient Hanging Hook For Easy Access To Your Essentials

Hang this chic toiletry bag up by your bathroom mirror with its convenient hook, and you’ll have easy access to all your personal care essentials; when you’re heading out of town, just take it down, zip it up, and pack it away. Its four separate compartments help you keep your belongings organized, and its water-resistant material keeps your belongings safe from potential spillage. Plus, its innovative double zipper design gives you easy access to your products by slipping them out from the top or bottom of the compartment. No matter how you like to store your toiletries, this bag can accommodate your preferences.

This Silicone Phone Mount With Suction Cups That Stick To Windows, Mirrors, & Walls

This silicone phone mount keeps your device fixed firmly in place on windows, mirrors, and walls, so you can call a loved one, watch a show, or film a makeup tutorial with the utmost ease. It's designed with 24 strong suction cups that hold your phone securely in place, so you can trust it'll stay put while you capture shot after shot, and it's extremely lightweight, so it'll let you use your phone to your heart's content when you're not making a masterpiece. Plus, its peel-and-stick adhesive backing lets you attach it firmly to just about any phone or phone case, so you know it'll work well with your device.

A Mini Humidifier You Can Recharge & Take On The Go To Use Anytime, Anywhere

You never know what the air quality will be like in your hotel or AirBnB; invest in a mini humidifier like this one for easy breathing wherever you go. With the included USB port, you can charge it fully in just two hours, and it'll last for up to four hours on its constant mist mode, or seven hours on its intermittent mist mode. It's specifically designed to operate quietly, so you can use it while you sleep, and it'll shut off automatically when it's low on water to keep it in working condition for trips and vacations to come.

These Wine Drops That Reduce Sulfites & Tannins To Stop Headaches Before They Start

If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious glass of rosé only to suffer from a painful headache shortly after, you might want to try these wine drops; they’ll reduce sulfites and tannins, which often aggravate wine sensitivities, so you can drink comfortably at dinner dates or on trips to the vineyard. It's made with just three independently tested ingredients: food-grade hydrogen peroxide, egg white protein, and sunflower lecithin (so it's free of gluten, soy, and dairy), and it won't alter the taste of your wine in the slightest. Each bottle will effectively treat up to 55 glasses of wine.

This Instant Beverage Chiller For Cool Drinks In Just 60 Seconds Without The Hassle

Instead of lugging around a massive cooler, simply toss this instant beverage chiller in your bag to cool your favorite drinks in just 60 seconds. So how does it work? It'll spin your drink to create convection, which sends the liquid in the center to the outside, and the ice in the machine will quickly absorb the heat from the warmest part of your drink; in fact, your beverage will cool off about 240 times faster than it would in a refrigerator. Plus, it won't cause your drink to fizz or foam, so you can simply crack open the can and sip on your favorite soda.

An Exfoliating Towel That’ll Easily Help You Reach Every Area

This exfoliating towel is about to change your shower game; it’ll allow you to scrub hard-to-reach areas, and its gentle design makes it a smart choice for just about every skin type. Its lathering thread and exfoliating thread work together to clean and scrub at the same time, and it's fully resistant to rips and tears, so you can use it many times over without needing a replacement. It also has the capacity to help with skin conditions like back acne, keratosis pilaris, and ingrown hairs, since its high-tech design exfoliates effectively without aggravating sensitive or dry skin.

These Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders With Gravity Sensors That Operate Automatically

With these electric salt and pepper grinders, you won’t need to give your wrist a workout; just flip them upside down, and their gravity sensors will detect that you’re ready for some seasoning and do the rest. Each grinder is equipped with an adjustment knob that lets you choose how coarse or fine you'd like your spices to be, and its transparent acrylic material lets you see how much salt and pepper you have left at any given moment. Plus, both grinders are portable and compact, so you can toss them in your picnic basket or bring them along to your next barbecue for seasoning on the go.

This Swivel Faucet Attachment That Brings A Steady Stream Of Water Directly To You

Instead of craning your neck or bending your back whenever you wash your face, use this swivel faucet attachment to bring a steady stream of water directly to you. Choose between two flow modes (one soft, one strong) and go about your skin care or dishwashing routine with the utmost ease; its high-quality filter ensures you'll only receive clean water that's safe to drink. Its foldable arm takes up very little space, and it's incredibly easy to install, even without the help of a plumber.

This Facial Steamer That Emits A Moisturizing Mist

This facial steamer is an invaluable addition to your skin-care routine; just hit the on/off switch, and in about 90 seconds it'll begin to emit a warm, moisturizing steam that hydrates skin and protects against damage. It also opens pores for a deeper clean than ever before. Truthfully, though, this would be worth the buy even without all of its skin and sinus health benefits; letting the steam wash over your face is an unbelievably relaxing experience that can help you wake up in the morning.

This Cup Holder Expander That’ll Accommodate Any Drink Size

If the cup holders in your car just aren’t big enough for your favorite water bottle, invest in this cup holder expander to comfortably fit all your beverages, regardless of size. Just twist the top back and forth to expand and contract its base to customize the way it fits in your cup holder. If you'd like to fit two adapters side by side, simply slide the top over, and you'll be able to fit one right next to the other. It's a great buy for car owners, but it also works well in boats, motorcycles, and even golf carts, so you can go ahead and grab the biggest-size slushie that's available to you.

A Portable Cereal Cup To Take Your Favorite Breakfast Food On The Go With You

Cereal is an elite breakfast food (and, let’s be real, it’s delicious at any time of the day), but big bowls can be unwieldy, especially if you’re on the go. That’s where this portable cereal cup comes in: it’ll let you combine the cereal and milk of your choice so that you can snack with just one hand at a time by tilting the cup back into your mouth. The best part? It’s designed with separate compartments for your cereal and milk, so they won’t meet until they reach your mouth, which keeps cereal fresh for as long as it takes you to finish your meal — no spoon required.

This Pop-Up Hamper With An Innovative Shape That Makes It Super Easy To Store

Traditional hampers can take up a significant amount of space, which is why this pop-up hamper truly stands out. Here's how it works: when you're moving your laundry from the washer to the dryer and back to your bedroom, you can simply place the hamper directly in the machine, rotate the drum, and voila: all of your clothes will be ready for transportation. You can choose between two sizes to find the model that works best for your machines, and when you're finished using it, you can simply collapse it to save space until your next laundry day.

A Portable Air Pump For Pool Floaties, Mattresses, & Absolutely Everything In Between

Invest in this portable air pump to inflate or deflate air mattresses, pool floaties, and even storage bags anytime, anywhere. It comes with five convenient nozzles, which you can switch out depending on what you're inflating, and it's made of a super solid ABS material that lasts brilliantly over time, so you're unlikely to need a replacement anytime soon. All you need to do is press the button, and it will rapidly inflate or deflate your belongings much quicker than the average pump; you can even use its steady stream of air to help you build fires on camping trips.

A Fogless Shower Mirror So You Can See Yourself While You Shave

If you’ve ever struggled to complete your shaving or skin care routine because your bathroom mirror is so cloudy, you might want to invest in this fogless shower mirror, which you can use to see yourself while you’re still rinsing off. All you have to do is fill its removable chamber with warm water and adjust its angle, and you'll be able to see yourself with no problem at all, not to mention that it comes with a squeegee so you can clean it in between uses. It'll adhere safely and securely to your shower wall without budging, and it resists impact, so you can keep it up in your bathroom for many more showers to come.

This Ingenious Drink Carrier That Keeps Cups & Bowls From Spilling For Easy Transportation

With this ingenious drink carrier, you can carry cups, mugs, and bowls from place to place without so much as a single drop of spillage. It's designed with a steady base, a curved support, and a loop handle, all of which work together to keep your beverage secure while you walk, and it's incredibly easy to grip, so you can carry it confidently. This is an especially smart investment for anyone who struggles with fine motor skills since it makes the process of carrying your beverage significantly easier — no matter how much your hands might shake, your drink won’t spill.

This Car Seat Gap Filler That Keeps Objects From Sliding Away While You Drive

If you’ve ever dropped your keys, wallet, or phone into the gap between your car seats, you know what a hassle it can be to fish your belongings back out. This car seat gap filler provides you with full coverage in front of, around, and behind your seat belt catch, and it attaches easily with its built-in slot, so once you've put it in place, you'll hardly ever need to readjust or reinstall. Plus, you'll receive two gap fillers with your purchase, so you can use one on the driver's side and one with the passenger seat; their universal fit ensures they'll work beautifully with car seats of all shapes and sizes.

This Gel Lint Roller That Quickly & Easily Removes Pet Hair From All Sorts Of Surfaces

Pet owners know how challenging it can be to remove stray hairs from clothes and furniture, which is why this reusable gel lint roller is such a smart investment. Its gel body is made of an enhanced diatomite with a strong adhesive property, which you can simply roll over all sorts of surfaces to pick up pet hair, snack crumbs, and any other debris that may be in your way. When you're finished cleaning up the offending area, you can click the lid back into place and toss the roller into your bag; since it's lightweight and portable, you might just end up carrying one with you wherever you go.

A Portable & Energy-Saving Air Conditioner That’s Great For Emergencies

When the weather gets warm, you’ll want to have this portable air conditioner close at hand to keep you cool with the touch of a button. This air conditioner can also work as a humidifier and a fan, and can help keep you cool for up to eight hours with its 500-milliliter water tank. It’s great for an extra breeze in a home office, as an emergency backup if your home unit breaks, or to take with you on vacation. You can also power it easily with a USB.

This 7-In-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit To Keep Your Phone, Laptop, & AirPods Looking Fresh

Remove gunk from all your devices with this seven-in-one electronic cleaner kit, which comes with a multitude of handy tools that will have your phone, laptop, and AirPods positively sparkling. When you buy, you'll receive items like a key puller to sanitize keyboards, a fiber fleece wipe for screens of all shapes and sizes, and a foldable cleaning pen that works to gently remove dirt and grim from earbuds. Each tool in the kit is gentle enough for long-term use with even the most delicate of electronics, and each tool is portable and compact enough for you to bring wherever you go.

This Flying Insect Trap That Attracts Bugs With A Bright UV Light (Minus The Pesticides)

If you’re looking for a pesticide-free way to keep bugs out of your business, this flying insect trap might be just the tool you’re looking for. Its bright UV light glows to attract smaller bugs like mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats, and when they're close enough, its strong glue board will keep them stuck in place (and away from your friends, family, and food). You can choose between smart mode, which turns its UV light on and off automatically, and night light mode, which stays on until you decide to manually turn it off.

This Handy Meat Shredder With A Nonskid Base That Keeps It Firmly In Place While You Work

Use this handy meat shredder to cook up the pulled pork sandwich or chicken soup of your dreams, and you’ll be astonished by how quickly and effectively it works. Its nonskid base keeps it stable while you shred your desired meat, and its easy grip handles give you additional leverage that makes it incredibly easy to operate your new favorite kitchen tool. Because its plastic teeth aren't spiked, you're more likely to keep your hands safe while you get your chef on, but don't be fooled: it's unbelievably effective, whether you're making tacos, tuna salad, or anything else your heart desires.

These Laundry Detergent Sheets That Make A More Sustainable Alternative To Plastic Bottles

These laundry detergent sheets will soften clothes, reduce wrinkles, and get rid of odors and stains just as effectively as any traditional liquid detergent, but its concentrated sheet design is much more sustainable than single-use plastic. All you have to do on laundry day is drop a sheet into the washing machine with your clothes. When you buy, you'll receive 50 sheets in cardboard packaging that's completely plastic-free, and each sheet is biodegradable and septic-safe.

A Solar Powered Water Fountain With 6 Different Nozzles You Can Mix & Match

Choose this solar-powered water fountain over its battery-operated competitors, and the birds in your neighborhood simply won't have any other choice but to frolic and play in your garden. When you buy, you'll receive six different nozzles, so you can choose between a number of different patterns and switch it up whenever you like. All you have to do is put it in direct sunlight, and it'll start running automatically within seconds to take your patio to the next level. It looks gorgeous in bird baths, fish tanks, swimming pools, and wherever else you need fun decor.

This Airtight Bread Box That Maintains The Shape Of Your Bread & Keeps It Fresher For Longer

If you keep noticing that the loaves you buy at the grocery store get moldy too quickly for you to keep up, invest in this airtight bread box, and you’ll find that your bread will stay fresh and edible for much longer than ever before. You can simply keep your bread in its plastic sleeve and stash it in the box, and it'll create an airtight seal that makes your favorite loaves last, be they whole wheat, rye, or pumpernickel. If you've seen this on TikTok and have been on the fence about whether it's a worthy investment, this is your sign to hit the “add to cart” button.

This Spider & Insect Handling Tool That Lets You Safely Catch & Release The Critters In Your Home

If you think bugs should be allowed to live their lives in peace, but you’d prefer that they do it far away from your home, this spider and insect handling tool is for you. Just squeeze its handle so the bristles open, position the tool over any insect, and release the handle so the bristles close back up; that bug will stay securely in place while you take it to its next destination, where it can happily live out the rest of its days. It's safe to use with bugs of all kinds, including roaches, spiders, and moths; in fact, it’ll even get bees and wasps to buzz off.

This Sun Sail Shade That’ll Allow You To Eat Brunch Outside More Comfortably

Whether you want to block some rays by the pool or eat brunch outside without the sun making it a harder quest than intended, this sun shade has multiple uses. Great for your deck or patio, its high-density polyethylene fabric will shield you from 95% of the UV rays that can harm your skin. Available in nine colors, this easy-to-install shade can also be a great way to add a pop of color to your backyard.