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If you're having a New Orleans bachelorette party, use these quotes for Instagram captions.

25 New Orleans Bachelorette Party Captions To Kick Off A Lifelong Party

Po’ boys > boys.

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All new brides are entitled to the party of a lifetime, so what better place to take your girls to celebrate than New Orleans, Louisiana? Of course, visiting during Mardi Gras is an ideal time to party like you’re getting paid, but don’t worry if that doesn’t line up with your wedding date because the city keeps the soirée going year-round. New Orleans is a super unique place with a rich and diverse culture, amazing food, and a festive spirit. It’s a totally different vibe than any other American city, but you’ll probably forget you’re even in the U.S. because of the city’s distinct culture. Round up your best party crew – scratch that, your “I do krewe” — and parade down the streets of New Orleans. Share all your amazing memories with your loved ones on Instagram with a one of these fun New Orleans bachelorette party captions for your Big Easy Instagram posts.

Remember to take a camera that has a great flash for capturing nighttime excitement. Between all the dance floors, yummy drinks, and spicy dinners, there will be so many things to capture on your bachelorette trip. For a city like New Orleans, you’ll definitely want to pull out your best party outfits and take group pictures to document them. There’s bling involved too, of course. While the bride, or “the wife of the Mardi, sports her shiny new ring, the girls can flash their bead necklaces for the ‘Gram and caption it with a quote that proves you’re the stars of any parade: “Beads or it didn’t happen.” Take these New Orleans bachelorette party captions and quotes along with you to the Big Easy while you have a blast toasting to your bestie’s happily ever after.

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  1. “Mardi Gras state of mind.”
  2. “A new bride in New Orleans.”
  3. “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to New Orleans.”
  4. “Beads or it didn’t happen.”
  5. “Cajun cutie.”
  6. “Beads and bling: it’s a Mardi Gras thing.”
  7. “There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better.” – Bob Dylan
  8. There is something about New Orleans that embodies passion; I’ve never seen that before. There’s something tangible about the essence of the city. You can taste and smell it.” – Blake Lively
  9. “Po’ boys > boys.”
  10. “Beads and bling. It’s a NOLA bachelorette thing.”
  11. “What happens on Bourbon, stays on Bourbon.”
  12. “Let them eat king cake.”
  13. “On Tuesday, we wear beads.”
  14. “The bride’s kind of a bead deal.”
  15. “Will do bad deeds for plastic beads.”
  16. “Wife of the Mardi.”
  17. “Beignet, done that.”
  18. “Hola, NOLA.”
  19. “I wanna be loved bayou.”
  20. “Parading with my ‘I do’ krewe.”
  21. “Life should be a never-ending party.”
  22. “Bayou babes.”
  23. “Getting lost in the French Quarter.”
  24. “We wear the beads while she wears the ring.”
  25. “Feeding our souls in New Orleans.”