The most walkable cities in the US 2022 include Long Beach in California.
The 10 Most Walkable Cities In The US To Explore By Foot This Year

Life hack: Your feet are free transportation.

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When you finally make it to your dream destination, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll get around. In a new place full of possibilities, you don’t want to waste time on logistics or money on record-high gas prices, so it’s smart to venture somewhere you can explore by foot. Luckily in the United States, many of the major cities are some of the most walkable in the world. Walking the city streets is the best and only way to experience a cultural epicenter to its fullest, where you can stumble upon hidden gems and grab a bite of local street food. Discover an entire city in just a day or two in these 10 most walkable cities in the U.S. for 2022, based on their walking scores.

Urban “walkability” scoring measures the distance and access to key amentinites in a given area radius. Locations are rated from zero to 100, with 70-89 as “Very Walkable,” meaning almost all daily tasks can be completed on foot, and 90-100 being a “Walker’s Paradise,” where all errands do not require a car. Each of these 10 American cities score high in walkability, so everything you’ll need, from food to ATMS to shopping, will be at arm’s (or leg’s!) reach for your next trek into a concrete or cobblestone jungle.

San Francisco, California

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With a walking score of 89, the windy hills of the “Golden Gate City” make for the most walkable city in the U.S. You can discover charming parks like St. Mary’s or fly a kite or picnic at the iconic Painted Ladies houses. You’ll want to grab a bite in Chinatown and stroll the shops on Union Street. Plus, don’t miss out on walking across the Golden Gate Bridge — it’s named one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

New York, New York

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Take a bite of “The Big Apple” via the soft pretzel you grab on the street corner. New York City is one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. (with a score of 88), thanks to its dense and vibrant cultural neighborhoods and city-block grid. Start your afternoon foot tour in Central Park, hit glittering Broadway and Time Square, pass the Empire State and Flat Iron buildings, have a shopping spree in Soho, and finish with a hearty dinner in Greenwich Village.

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston is an ideal city to see by foot as you can literally follow the 2.5-mile (half-cobblestone) Freedom Trail through the national historic sites and cultural neighborhoods. It has a walkability score of 79.5, which is the third highest rating in the United States. Start Downtown in the magical Boston Public Gardens, venture over to the Theater District, eat your way through Chinatown and the North End’s Little Italy, and catch a baseball game in Fenway.

Chicago, Illinois


Dubbed the “New York of the Midwest,” and scored at 74.8 for walkability, Chicago is home to bustling city life as well as local arts and culture and pristine Lake Michigan. There’s plenty to find on foot, like the Hancock skyscraper, artsy Lincoln Park, and the ‘Gram-worthy Cloud Gate mirror “Bean” in Millennium Park.

Washington, D.C.


Visit the U.S. Capitol during the spring Cherry Blossom Festival and embark on a walking tour of historic monuments, Smithsonian museums, as well as shops and restaurants in Georgetown. Plus, don’t forget to stop by the White House for a photo opp. With a walk score of 74.5, you can discover the majority of the U.S. Capitol City by foot.

Miami, Florida
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Spicy Miami invites you to easily enjoy everything the beach side city has to offer, thanks to an easy walking score of 77. Catch a tan at South Beach, see the Design District in Midtown, or head to the small, Spanish-style city Coral Gables to dine or shop downtown.

Oakland, California

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Located on the east side of San Francisco Bay, the city of Oakland has a walking score of 75 for its vibrant cultural neighborhoods and arts scene. Walk around in sunny downtown for shopping, galleries, and restaurants, or hang out at the Tilden Regional Park or Lake Merritt waterfront for a relaxing break in nature.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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“The City of Brotherly Love” is another city packed with national history to uncover and a high walking score of 76.5. Head to the Historic District to see the Liberty Bell, enjoy the Philadelphia Art Museum, or hang in the park at Franklin Square at the mini-golf course or carousel.

Seattle, Washington

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Coffee lovers should venture to Seattle to grab an excellent “cup of joe” to-go at the iconic Pike Place Market. Scored at a “Very Walkable” 70.8, Seattle is a great city to explore as you sip your way through the Pioneer Square Art Walk and a sighting of the famous Space Needle.

Long Beach, California


Charming and sunny Long Beach, California has a walkability score of 73, though getting around by bike is also encouraged by the beach. Explore around the Franklin School, Saint Mary, Downtown, Eastside and Belmont Shore neighborhoods, check out the Aquarium of the Pacific and the ocean liner Art Deco hotel Queen Mary, or take a trek to a gorgeous nearby hiking trail.