Some of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. include iconic stays at the Stanley and the Haunted Shan...

50 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In Every State

Check in if you dare.

by Kelli Acciardo
Originally Published: 

Malaga Inn

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile’s Malaga Inn exudes dreamy Victorian charm with its twin townhouses, antique furnishings, and stunning chandeliers. Malaga’s white lady, who likes to camp out on the veranda of Room 007, may or may not be responsible for the lighting fixtures with a life of their own, or the furniture reshuffling guests have reportedly witnessed as well.

The Alaskan Hotel & Bar

Juneau, Alaska

The Alaskan Hotel, which is one of the hottest bars in Juneau for live music, has reportedly been the site of unexplained noises, sightings, and paranormal activity over the years. A sailor who once requested to spend the night in “haunted” Room 315 jumped from his third floor window to get out.