Money Moves: How Tech-Savvy Gen Z Is Owning Their Financial Future

This generation of digital natives knows that information is power.

by Lib Aubuchon
Look Studio / Shutterstock

Part of creating the future you want is having a plan for your financial wellness. Whether you’re thinking about your first condo, a new car, or just living your best life, you know building a solid credit history is a must. So when it comes to your credit score, you’re already ahead of the curve. The real question isn’t “Why should I care?” but “How can I make this easier?”

With a smartphone and some simple digital tools, owning your credit and unlocking the opportunities you want is within reach. Let’s get into it.

Meet Your New Favorite Financial Podcast

An engaging way to learn about the importance of credit and the role it can play in achieving your goals is tuning in to the Credit Talk podcast. Each week, host Victor Cruz sits down with talented, interesting people from a variety of backgrounds to talk about how their experiences have shaped their careers, personal lives, and real-life financial journeys. You’ll learn about building generational wealth, becoming an entrepreneur, empowering your financial future and more as you listen in on conversations with people who’ve made it happen for themselves. Think actionable tips, relatable life stories — and zero jargon.

Building Better Opportunities

One of the best things you can do to create financial opportunities for yourself is to take your credit seriously right from the jump. And even though you already know your score is kind of like your GPA — higher is better — it’s not always easy to understand the factors that affect your score.

For example, the difference between good debt and bad debt. Or how to manage your money when you want to pursue a creative career. Or how to prioritize your credit history when your biggest goal is avoiding overdraft fees.

Listening to real people’s stories makes it easier — not to mention more interesting — to connect the dots on how even the smallest financial decisions can have a big impact on your future. Although it’s essential to avoid comparing your overall financial picture with anyone else’s, there’s a huge benefit to hearing about challenges that others have overcome on the journey to financial stability. (You have to hear five-time world champion snowboarder, cancer survivor, and mom of two Brenna Huckaby talk about her journey to financial security.)

On the podcast, you’ll also hear about overcoming physical challenges, making lots of money for a very short time (hello, NFL careers), and even how debt can affect your mental health. Like host Victor Cruz, many of the guests are famous and are financially strong today. But even they had to learn to budget so they could see exactly what was coming in and what was going out so they could achieve the big things they want in life. Engaging real life stories > dry personal finance books.

Swipe, Tap, Secure: Manage Your Credit With Confidence

It’s not exactly breaking news that we live on our phones. Just as you manage your social life, calendar, and taco orders, you can also maximize digital tools for credit building such as Credit Journey®, which is a free online tool available for everyone — no Chase account required, but if you do have an account you can see it already in your app.

Chase Credit Journey® helps you, see your score without impacting it (it’s a soft inquiry — another thing to learn), and gain insights into how you can improve it and what is behind the number. You can set score goals and get notified with an updated score every week, telling you what’s changed. You can also set alerts to monitor your identity and get notified if your data is found on the dark web. If you have questions, there is always someone to speak to who can help. Why not make responsible credit and financial wellness easy?

Your Financial Future Starts Now

Be the boss of your financial future by staying on top of your credit score so you can unlock opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. Hit subscribe on the Credit Talk podcast, visit Credit Journey® and download the Chase Mobile® app to get one step closer to creating the financial future you want.