Can A Gummy Make You Feel Sexy? I Tried maude x ASYSTEM’s Libido Gummy & The Answer Is Yes

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The world is full of gummies with big promises — there are some for sleep, some for anxiety-relief, some for hair, skin, and nails. But a gummy that amps sexual arousal and boosts libido? That’s a new one. I tried the aptly-named Libido by maude x ASYSTEM, and was surprised to start feeling myself in a refreshingly provocative way.

After all, it’s been a long, pandemic-centric couple years. This hasn’t been the most conducive for the dating front, naturally. That being the case, I kind of decided to wait things out and focus on myself for the time being. Which I have been doing, and enjoy! However, I’ve felt pretty separated from my ~sensual side~. Libido gummies were brought to my attention and I thought, “Oh, what the heck,” but honestly didn’t have high expectations. Definitely did not expect a renewed sense of flirtiness and confidence was around the corner.

All Aboard The Gummy Train

The first day I took a gummy I thought it tasted amazing — I also thought if that was as far as things went, well, that’s at least a little satisfying.

The second day, though, things got interesting. I grabbed lunch outside and ordered a sandwich. I love sandwiches in general, but when I bit into this one it felt like my body was actually overjoyed to experience it. Somehow I felt more engaged, like I was appreciating this meal on a cellular level. Which is unusual. It was exciting though, because I figured if I was this satisfied with a sandwich, imagine how that’d translate to... other things.

Full Speed Ahead

After popping Libido daily for about a week and a half, I feel a heightened sense of enthusiasm to just be in my body. As I mentioned, I’ve been cruising solo for a while now — and been a lot more mentally than physically focused. In the light of this renewed bodily romance, though, I recognized I’ve been seriously neglecting myself.

I’m a huge advocate for the physical, psychological, and stress-reducing benefits that getting off provides, whether with self or with partner(s). I was honestly a little shocked all this fell so far off my radar. My little collection of beloved sex toys was looking so lonely. Sorry, friends!

Needless to say, we have reconnected. It’s super enlivening to really feel myself, and want to feel myself, especially with the world being as stressful as it is. Further, I’m a lot more eager about the prospect of dating than I have been in ages. I have a boosted sense of confidence I might even describe as “frisky.”

OK, What About Libido For Couples?

This story is only half told by sharing my solo account. To flesh things out (pun intended), I gifted some Libido gummies to friends of mine who got married less than a year ago. The dude part of the couple shared that, for various reasons, he’s been feeling lackluster in the libido department and has been looking for ways to amp things up.

He and his wife got on the Libido bandwagon (there are both male and female formulas — this is a good place to mention that I identify as female so take the female ones). I was hoping to squeeze out some salacious details about their coupled-up findings, but all I got was that, after about a week of taking them, both he and his wife say the gummies are “fun” and “cheeky.” For people who don’t kiss and tell, that’s a pretty solid endorsement.

How Do They Work?

Created by research-based supplement brand ASYSTEM and sexual wellness brand Maude (a woman-owned company with Dakota Johnson serving as co-creative director), the gummies use a formula of clinically-proven ingredients, adaptogens, and botanicals to naturally lift libido.

They work by enhancing elements of both the body and the brain. When it comes to the physical side, ingredients like L-citrulline and L-arginine increase blood flow to the sensual regions, which heightens the ability to become aroused and have sex. Then, key hormones are boosted with natural augmenters like fenugreek and boron (hormones drive desire and sexual function).

Finally, there are ingredients that help reduce stress — because stress and sex don’t get along. Ingredients like L-Theanine and magnesium help soothe the mind and stimulate the connection with those luscious sex organs.

The Takeaway

ASYSTEM points out that general intimacy levels are pretty low at the moment, as depression and anxiety have been at a high point due to pandemic. It’s contributed to decreasing sex drives in both men and women. But that need not be. Sometimes we’ve just got to take matters (along with maybe a sex toy or two) into our own hands.

I, for one, am enjoying the boosted levels of body bliss and renewed openness to crushes... not to mention it’s pleasant munching the gummies because they taste so good. I’m planning to keep riding the Libido wave solo, and stash some away for a paired experience. Because if I’m this exuberant with myself (and also sandwiches), I imagine with a friend in the mix things will be downright exhilarating.

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