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If You Want To Read Your Own Palm, Here’s A Breakdown Of What Each Line Means

The life line doesn’t mean what you think.

by Rosey Baker
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Talk to the hand — or, rather, learn from it. If you’re interested in palmistry, aka palm reading, then you first need to learn about all of the lines involved and what they each mean. There are a bunch of different markings in palmistry, and each of them can have positive or negative indications depending upon where they’re located on the palm. The line across the top of your palm is your heart line; underneath, rests the head line; then comes the fate line, which can start anywhere from the base of the palm; rounding out the major lines is the life line on the palm, which goes around your thumb — and that one can be particularly tricky.

The differing marks don’t stop there. Downward lines on the palm — branching out from the heart, head, life, or fate lines — can decrease the strength of these lines, and indicate that situations in those areas of life could get out of control or have some trouble. “If any lines have some clear branches pointing downwards, this indicates a difficult moment in life — perhaps dealing with bereavement or, you know... a global pandemic,” Inbaal Honigman, a psychic and palm reader based in London, tells Elite Daily.

Similarly, if any of the lines on your hands have breaks in them, it could indicate a point of trauma in your life. “Personally, I don't like describing a palm with many 'breaks' in the main lines. My own fate line is broken in two places,” says Honigman. “A line which has clear breaks, shows me that you've had some trauma, that your heart decided to just check out for a while, or that your health was at risk.” But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed forever. If these lines are found on your palm you may understand a point of time in which they represent. Inbaal says you shouldn’t be afraid of these lines, either. “I don't believe you can correct your lines,” she says. “I believe that everything is a lesson; we learn and we grow.”

If you want to try reading your own palm, you should look for the heart line, head line, fate line, and life line. Here’s what each line means:

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The Heart Line On The Palm

The heart line symbolizes a person's emotional state, as well as their emotional and physical relationship with others. It's also an indication of the overall health of the heart organ. This line is located above the head line and the life line, and begins at the index finger or middle finger.

“Is your heart wild? If so, your heart line, running just below your fingers, will be chubby and pronounced,” says Honigman. “Carving its way across your palm, it shows how well you react to people and situations, and how difficult you find emotional interaction. The more we experience in life, the stronger our heart becomes, the deeper this line will get.”

  • If the heart line begins at the index finger, it indicates that you're satisfied with your love life, but are very picky about who you choose to be with.
  • If it begins under the middle finger, it indicates a self-centered approach to love by someone who is consumed by the need for external validation.
  • If the heart line starts between the index and middle finger, you may be too quick to give your love away.

Downward branches on the heart line indicate a time in the individual's life of heartache and unhappiness in relationships. If one of these branches crosses the fate line, it could be indicative of loss or fatality in a romantic relationship.

The Head Line On The Palm

The head line is considered one of the most important lines on the hand in Chinese palmistry, and is symbolic of the mental and psychological makeup of the individual. It also represents the development of one's psychic or intuitive abilities.

“Of the two lines that criss-cross the palm left to right, the lower one represents the head — our mindset, our mental ability and our interests,” says Honigman. “A longer head line tells me you find lots of things fascinating. A short one might appear for someone who's intelligent enough, but has one specific, well-defined interest. As you mature and your mind develops, this line will become more pronounced.”

Downward markings on the head line are indicative of a cynical outlook, an unwillingness or inability to listen to the advice and wisdom of the higher self or those around you.

The Fate Line On The Palm

“Fate is a tough concept; do things happen as decreed at birth, or do we have total control over our destiny? This line, which divides our hand to left and right, shows how focused we are on answering this very question,” says Honigman. “Some are born luckier than others, but a powerful fate line shows me that you're making the most of the cards you were dealt.”

Downward branches or markings on the fate line can be seen as obstructions to the individual's career, either through losses, negativity, or a pessimistic outlook. Because the fate line is also a symbol of someone's inner journey, these obstructions could be self-inflicted. If the individual is willing to face their own demons in order to get out of their own way, they could right the ship and achieve whatever they want in their career.

The Life Line On The Palm

Many people think the life line represents how long you will live, but Honigman debunks this myth. “The rounded line which circles our thumb area is an indication of how well we live, not how long we live,” she says. “Those who are born with a bouncy and full personality, will have a large life line that seems longer, and the shorter lines are reserved for those without excess energy. If it's deep and defined, you're in luck: your life will give you many opportunities to seize the day.”

A palm is read from thumb to pinky, so the closer the line is to the thumb, the earlier the time of life. If you have downward facing lines in your life line, it shows a tendency toward negativity in life and times during which a situation has gotten out of control.

  • If you have a lot of downward lines on the early part of your life line, you probably had a difficult or tumultuous childhood.
  • If the lines appear later, you might have a more difficult time later in life with health or emotions.


Inbaal Honigman, London-based psychic and palm reader

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