46 Legitimately Awesome Things Amazon Reviewers Say They Can't Live Without

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Shopping online is convenient for so many reasons — but if you ask me, the most important reason revolves around customer feedback. Thanks to Amazon’s accessible review sections, customers can provide endless paragraphs of feedback revolving around different items, making it easier than ever to pick products you know you’ll enjoy. With that being said, I’ve learned to stick to all the legitimately awesome things on Amazon that reviewers say they can’t live without — because if the masses are happy, that’s a good sign.

But I know what you're thinking: "How amazing can this stuff actually be? I'd be willing to be that a ton of those reviewers aren’t authentic." Luckily for both of us, Amazon has a robust product review eligibility system. In order to post a review, you have to have spent at least $50 using a valid credit card in the past year. In other words, it seems like the site is doing everything possible to make sure the reviews you’re sorting through are reliable.

So what are you waiting for? Like I said, reviewers are obsessed with these products — and I just added the fancy swivel faucet to my cart. For less than $20, how could I not? Keep scrolling for some of the best.

The Makeup Mirror With 3-Times Magnification

You could continue pressing your face up against your mirror for a better look when doing makeup — or, you could just grab this mirror. Two- and three-times magnification help you see precisely where that eyeliner is going, while the LED backlights are perfect for darker rooms.

A Bluetooth Speaker You Can Wander Away From

Able to maintain its Bluetooth connection for up to 100 feet, you won’t have to be around this speaker in order for it to keep playing music. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 14 hours — and since it’s splashproof, you can even bring it with you on trips to the beach.

This Rolling Cart Made From Tough Steel

With its tough powder-coated steel frame, this rolling cart is far superior to those plastic ones you’ve likely seen kicking around stores. The heavy-duty caster wheels easily glide across floors without sticking. The best part? Putting it together is easy, and can take as little as 10 minutes.

An Outlet Extender With 2 USB Ports

Not enough plugs for all your devices? Add this extender to an outlet in your home, and it’ll instantly add four extra plugs, as well as two USB ports. The built-in night light helps guide your way in the dark — and since it features a dusk-to-dawn sensor, it’ll only turn on in low-light conditions.

These Top & Base Coats That Help You Maintain Your Manicure

It only takes a thin layer of these top and base coats to help keep your manicure looking fresh for weeks. The protective formula helps save your nails from chips and splits, all while infusing shine. Plus, reviewers raved about how it’s “long-lasting.”

A Soap Dispenser That Helps Reduce Shower Clutter

Bathtub edge filled with bottles and soaps? Condense them all into this dispenser, and your shower will instantly look cleaner. Each order comes with waterproof adhesive that lets you hang it up without any drilling needed — and since it’s made from ABS plastic, there’s no need to worry about rust.

The Kitchen Mat That Can Help Reduce Fatigue

Ever notice how your legs can grow sore when standing at the kitchen counter? Try putting down one of these mats. They’re stuffed with supportive cushioning that helps take the weight off your knees — and since they’re also water-resistant, accidental spills easily wipe away with a damp rag.

A Swivel Faucet With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

For less than $20, you can upgrade your kitchen faucet to this sleek and stylish one made with polished chrome. But that isn’t even the best part about it — reviewers raved about how the tip swivels, allowing you to direct water in any direction you like. One even raved that “the range of motion of the head is also excellent within my medium sized basin.”

This Pet Hair Remover That You Can Use Over & Over

Whereas some pet hair removers use wasteful sticky sheets, this one features thousands of little bristles that latch onto hair, fuzz, lint, and more. Zero batteries are required, and it’s safe to use on all types of fabric — from furniture upholstery to fuzzy sweaters.

A Shampoo Brush That Massages Away Dirt

Add a dollop of your favorite shampoo to this brush, then gently massage its silicone bristles into your scalp for an oh-so relaxing experience. The ergonomic handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet — and unlike some brushes, this one is suitable for various hair types.

The Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up Gently Like The Sun

Tired of being jolted awake at that loud, blaring alarm? Try switching over to this sunrise one. It wakes you up gently by gradually growing brighter and brighter — similar to how the actual sun would wake you up. There’s also a backup alarm in case you don’t wake up, and it even features seven different soothing nature sounds to help you doze off.

A Food Scale That Comes In Fun Colors

Cherry red, cobalt blue, sleek stainless — with six different colors to choose from, this little kitchen scale is fun, and functional. The LCD screen is large, making it easy to read when you’re cooking. Plus, it’s able to take five different measurements: grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, or milliliters.

This Filter That Helps Remove Impurities From Your Shower Water

Without any tools needed for installation, there isn’t really any excuse not to grab this shower filter — reviewers even raved about how it was “super-easy.” Plus, its 12-stage filtration system removes all sorts of impurities from your water, ranging from drying chlorine to unwanted odors.

A Hot Air Brush That Adds Volume While Drying Your Hair

If you’re looking for some style and volume, try curling your hair into this hot brush while drying it. The tufted bristles are heat-resistant, helping to keep your scalp protected so that you can get extra-close. “I love this dryer,” raved one reviewer. “It makes my hair so soft and amazing, and it dries it so quickly.”

The Masher That Helps You Break Up Food

Whether you’re mashing up potatoes or ground beef, this tool is an absolute gamechanger. Not only were reviewers blown away by how much better it works than a wooden spoon, but it’s also made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Portable Lock That Adds Security To Doors

Airbnb’s, hotel rooms, dorms — this portable lock can add peace of mind no matter where you’re staying. It easily pops into the deadbolt without any tools needed, yet is tough enough that it can withstand persistent intruders, even if they have a key to the room.

These Patches That Help Flatten Blemishes Quickly

The next time a stray blemish pops up, try covering it with one of these patches. They’re laced with hydrocolloid dressing that absorbs pus to help your blemishes flatten out quickly — and since they’re translucent, you can even hide them underneath makeup.

A White Noise Machine With 20 Non-Looping Sounds

Having trouble falling asleep at night? A white noise machine — like this one — might be able to put your mind at ease. It comes pre-loaded with 20 soothing, non-looping sounds to help you relax. And with the volume adjustable up to 32 levels, it’s particularly great for napping.

This Brush That Helps Detangle Knotted Hair

Don’t try to rip out tangles in your hair — just use this brush to gently detangle any painful knots. The bristles glide through your strands, separating each one individually without tugging at them. Plus, it’s suitable for use on wet or dry hair.

These Portable Chargers That Keep Your Phone Going

If your phone is always running out of battery, you might want to think about keeping one of these portable chargers with you. They’re able to fully charge an iPhone X or Galaxy S9 more than two times, while the iPhone 8 can be recharged nearly four times. And with two USB ports, you can power up to two devices at the same time.

An Organizer That Helps Tidy Up Your Sock Drawer

If your sock drawer is a jumbled mess of underwear and, well — socks, it might be time to grab this organizer. There’s enough space for scarves, ties, underwear, bras, socks, and more. Plus, the walls are made from non-woven fabric that won’t grow moldy over time.

The Desk Lamp With A Built-In Wireless Charger

If you have a Qi-enabled smartphone, you’ll be able to charge it by simply placing it on the base of this desk lamp. Or, if you need to use a charging cable, there’s also a USB port in the back. The brightness is adjustable up to five levels — and reviewers raved about how quickly it charges phones.

A Coffee Grinder That’s Easy To Use

Unlike some coffee grinders, this one will only work when the lid is safely secured on top, which helps keep your hands safe from accidental cuts. The transparent lid even lets you monitor how coarsely your beans are ground, and each order comes with a handy little brush to help you clean it out.

This Seat Cushion That Helps Improve Your Posture

With its ergonomic shape that contours to your body, sitting on this seat cushion is an easy way to help improve your posture. Not only does it help alleviate the pressure on your coccyx, but the breathable cover won’t trap heat. The result? You won’t grow hot and sweaty while sitting on it.

A Tablet Stand That Mounts Under Your Cabinets

Don’t prop your tablet up on that dirty counter — keep it high and dry by putting it inside of this mount. The clamp rotates 360 degrees so that your screen is easy to read from every angle, and it’s large enough to fit most tablets. “I'm currently using it with iPads, iPhones, and androids without any problem,” wrote one reviewer.

The Face Brush That Vibrates For A Deeper Clean

When you feel like your skin needs some extra cleaning, this face brush can help cleanse your pores. The gentle vibrations help shake dirt loose — and since it’s waterproof, you can even use it in the shower. Choose from three colors: violet, pink, or blue.

A Cold Brew Maker With A Reusable Filter

Making your own cold brew is an easy way to save money, so why not grab this kit that turns Mason jars into a miniature cold breweries? The reusable filter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel — and the leakproof lid even helps prevent refrigerator spills, all while keeping your brew fresh for later.

These Night Lights That Only Turn On In The Dark

With dusk-to-dawn sensors in each one of these night lights, you don’t have to worry about them wasting energy during the daytime. They’ll only turn on in the dark, and they even have motion sensors to keep them off until someone is in the room — all for less than $25.

The Airtight Containers That Are Perfect For Dry Goods

Cereal, flour, pasta, nuts — these airtight containers are perfect for all of these dry ingredients, and more. Each order comes with stylish chalkboard labels to help you keep them organized in your pantry, while the slim profile helps you make the most out of the space you have.

A Pair Of Glasses That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Ever notice how your eyes can start to hurt after a long day of staring at your computer? Try wearing these glasses. The specialized lenses block the blue light rays produced by electronic screens, which can help reduce strain on your eyes. Plus, they come in multiple colors — including a fun shade of pink.

This Container That Quickly Chills Hot Liquids

In the mod for iced coffee this morning? Don’t dilute your brew with ice cubes — use this rapid chilling container to cool it down instead. Just keep it in your freezer until you need it, and it’ll only take about 60 seconds to lower your coffee to the proper temperature.

A Hair Wrap Made From Absorptive Microfiber

Microfiber can absorb more water than cotton, which means this microfiber hair wrap can help get your wet hair dryer even faster. It’s also soft and lightweight, which means it won’t weigh your head down as you walk around the house. Choose from six colors, including a rich shade of purple.

The Roll-Up Dish Rack That Helps Save Space

Still using that bulky dish rack that takes up tons of counter space? Now’s your chance to upgrade to this space-saving one. It rolls out overtop the unused area above your sink, leaving your counter free for preparing meals. Plus, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch since it’s heat-resistant.

A Set Of Color-Coded, Nonstick Kitchen Knives Made Of Stainless Steel

Not only are these knives made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but each blade is also coated with nonstick. The result? Many reviewers reported that they effortlessly glide through everything from meat to vegetables — and one even wrote, “I also love the colours and feel it adds a touch of whimsy and coolness to the kitchen.”

The Can Opener That Does The Work For You

Just place this can opener on the edge of any can, then press the large button on top. It’ll instantly begin working its way around the top, slicing it off without leaving behind any sharp edges. It’s great for anyone with limited mobility in their hands — and all it needs are four AA batteries,

A Book Light That Lasts For Up To 70 Hours

With its super-bright LED bulb, this book light can help you read no matter how dark it is. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 70 hours. Plus, you can even adjust the brightness, or the light temperature, by simply clicking the switch on top of the LED.

This Measuring Cup That’s Easy-To-Read

With its measurement markings written on a slant inside the cup, this measuring cup is easy to read from above — which means there’s no need to constantly fill, check, then adjust. The handle is coated in soft, grippy nonslip, and the entire cup is even completely BPA-free.

A Set Of Hangers That Help Save Closet Space

Got a closet that’s overflowing with clothes? You’ll definitely want to check out these space-saving hangers. Each one has enough space for up to five garments — and they can be hung vertically to save space, or horizontally if you’ve got the room. Plus, one order comes with enough to hold up to 50 garments.

The Pillows That Reviewers Say Are Great For Side Sleepers

Need a pillow that won’t stress your neck while you’re sleeping on your side? Reviewers raved about how these ones are the perfect firmness, all while having a lower loft that won’t put strain on your neck. “They are the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned,” wrote one. “I'm a side sleeper and have neck problems, so these pillows are a godsend.” They’re also lined and filled with microfiber, making them extra smooth and fluffy.

These Stackable Bins That Are Perfect For Snacks

Put these stackable bins in your kitchen, and you’ll have the perfect place to stash everything from snacks to spices. They’re large enough to fit children’s toys — and one reviewer even wrote that “they are slim but very sturdy, and fit well in our small camper.”

A Cover That Protects Your Passport From Electronic Thieves

This passport over helps block RFID signals so that you’re protected from possible digital theft, while the exterior is made from high-quality faux leather. It even opens up like a wallet and has various pocket sections that you can use for money and credit cards. Choose from 10 colors.

The Reusable Food Bag That Shouldn’t Leak In Your Fridge

Disposable plastic baggies are undeniably wasteful, so why not start using this eco-friendly version? Not only is it reusable, but the seal is completely leakproof — which means there’s no need to worry about spills in your fridge. Plus, it’s even suitable for sous vide.

An Extra-Large Lunch Tote That Keeps Food Cool For Hours

Whether you’re packing lunch for the family or transporting carryout, this insulated tote is a must-have. The PEVA interior helps keep your meal at its proper temperature for up to five hours, while the heavy-duty Oxford fabric exterior is resistant to water, and dirt. Choose from two colors: black or grey.

This Bath Pillow With 2 Cushioned Pads

Many bath pillows are only large enough to cushion your head — but not this one. Dual pads keep your head, and shoulders supported as you lie back and soak, while the suction cups on the back prevent it from shifting around. Choose from four colors: gray, pink, blue, or white.

A Laptop Stand That’s Easily Adjustable

Keep your laptop on this stand, and you’ll be able to adjust the viewing angle by up to six levels. Not only can it help take strain off your neck, but the ventilated mesh platform also helps keep your hardware from overheating — all for less than $10.

The Organizer That Attaches To Your Sun Visor

Credit cards, sunglasses, checkbooks — with multiple pockets and slots, this organizer is perfect for keeping all the valuables in your car secure. Two zippers open up to a larger compartment that can fit documents, and it even comes in three colors: gray, black, or beige.

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