Young couple piggyback riding on July 17, 2022, the most romantic day of the month for every zodiac ...

Here's The Day You're Most Likely To Find Love In July, Based On Your Sign

Circling this date with a heart on my calendar.

by Valerie Mesa
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Just when you thought Cancer season couldn’t be more tender and soft-hearted, the stars will have the world in their feelings on July 17. The sun and Mercury will meet with boundless Neptune — a planet that is symbolic of unconditional love — softening our hearts and exchanges. Seductive Venus will debut Cancer on the same day, urging us to follow our intuition and nurture those who are dear to our hearts, making it the most romantic day of July 2022 for every zodiac sign.


It’s a great day for laying low, and spending time at home. And if you’ve got that special someone by your side, here’s to making sweet memories in your cozy humble abode.

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