Watch the newest teaser for Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott's Doritos Super Bowl commercial.

Jack Harlow & Missy Elliott’s Doritos Super Bowl Ad Just Got Hotter

The third teaser promises a fire collab.

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Everyone loves a good love triangle. Just look at The Notebook, the Twilight saga, or even *checks notes* Doritos? The brand has been teasing what I can only assume will be the next irresistible love story for the ages ahead of its Super Bowl spot on Feb. 12, and Elite Daily has an exclusive look at Doritos’ latest drama-filled teaser trailer starring Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott. It’s still unclear who (or what) is involved in the spicy love triangle, but either way, it looks like the messy love story could result in a fire collab.

There’s always one commercial that pulls at the heartstrings during the Super Bowl, and Doritos is throwing its hat in the ring for 2023’s Most Emotional Super Bowl Commercial. The third teaser (below) is still pretty vague TBH, but it’s definitely giving serious rom-com vibes. In the initial Jan. 9 teaser, Harlow is swarmed by a crowd of fans and paparazzi as he tries to get to his car when a reporter asks, “is it true about the love triangle?” In the back of the car, Harlow says to himself, “Maybe,” before munching down on a Dorito (a noticeably triangle chip).

Then, Missy Elliott is introduced in the follow-up trailer, which was released on Jan. 25, when she answers a call from Harlow. “Collab? You know I’ve been waiting to collab,” she tells him. Clearly in his feelings about his situationship, the rapper presumably runs his song idea by Elliott, to which she responds, “A love triangle? I don’t know about that.”

Here’s when things start to get real emo. In the final 15-second teaser, Harlow walks away from Elliott while a dramatic song plays in the background. Elliott tells Harlow, “Come back. Let’s go to the studio.” In a career-defining performance, Harlow shakes his head and tells her, “I gotta do me, Missy.” If this were a movie, there’d be no dry eyes in the room.

Based on their chemistry, it doesn’t seem like Elliott is part of the love triangle, but the new spot does introduce a third party that could ~complicate~ things. The character, let’s call him “Man In The Suit,” walks about behind Elliott and delivers his own emotional plea: “Jack, please listen to Missy Elliott.” Confused AF, Elliott turns around and asks Man In The Suit, “Who the hell are you?” One-third of a love triangle, perhaps?

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Are Jack Harlow & Missy Elliott Going To Collab?

OK, it’s probably safe to assume Man In The Suit isn’t part of Harlow’s triad, but the mystery surrounding the other two-thirds of the love triangle remains. The biggest question of all is whether or not Harlow and Elliott will actually get to make a song together.

If I know my rom-coms, and I do, I’d bet Harlow and Elliott will settle their quarrel with a touching heart-to-heart that’ll inspire Harlow to get back in the studio and finish what he started (just spitballing here). The end of the spot also hints at a possible collab with a message that says, “Music will never be the same,” in case you’re looking for some hard evidence.

Because this is the last teaser to be released before the big game, it looks like you’ll just have to wait and see who Harlow is so torn up about. Hopefully your chicken wing napkins can double as tissues on Super Bowl Sunday, because the full spot is bound to be a tear-jerker.