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I Went To The Love Is Blind Live Reunion Party & It Was A Long Night

The crowd was split between Micah and Paul.

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Rachel Chapman

For the first time, Netflix *attempted* to have a live Love Is Blind reunion. Tech issues prevented the show from airing on time, and fans at home were not pleased. There was also a delay at Love Is Blind’s live watch party in LA, and I was there to witness all the BTS.

Rachel Chapman

The watch party at The Vermont Hollywood had guests from previous seasons of LIB and ones from other reality stars in attendance. Eventually, we were able to watch the reunion before it aired on Netflix, and the cast of LIB Season 4 showed up to dish out what went down. Here’s what you missed.

Rachel Chapman

The Venue

The place where we watched the Love Is Blind reunion was the same venue where the after-party was held. Inside, there was a Love Is Blind pod couch for taking Insta pics and a red carpet for the cast to walk as well.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Pre-Show Party

Before the livestream, guests were taking photos and grabbing Love Is Blind-themed cocktails at the bar. I personally enjoyed The Real Thing drink, which was a mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, blueberry liquor, Pom juice, and lemonade with blueberries on top.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Delay

I was having so much fun grabbing mini-loaded baked potatoes that I didn’t notice right away that the screen had changed to say, “There’s an issue with the livestream.” Stars from Netflix reality shows and The Bachelor franchise were mixing and mingling too, so it wasn’t until 30 minutes in that people started to get confused.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Waiting Game

Eventually, the hosts of the evening, Chris Burns (@fatcarriebradshaw) and Netflix reality star Chloe Veitch, updated the crowd on the delay but didn’t give a timeframe of when we’d be able to watch. We were just as out of the loop as the fans at home.

Photo: Variety/Variety/Getty Images

The Desperation

At some point, I hopped on IG Live to update my friends and walked around the party space. This was when the live watch party just became a party.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Watch Party

After over an hour, we were able to watch the reunion. However, Burns and Veitch shared that instead of being able to live-watch with everyone at home, we were getting an exclusive. That meant we had to put our phones away.

Photo: Netflix

The Reactions

Watching with a big audience made everything 10x better. The crowd didn’t care for Irina defending herself and laughed when Zack said he thought Irina never took their relationship seriously. They also cheered when he said she only went on the show to get famous.

Photo: Netflix

The Conflict

Like many fans at home, the crowd at the watch party was disappointed that Jackie and Josh didn’t show up for the reunion. A majority of people seemed to be on Marshall’s side and agreed that Jackie should have given back the ring.

Photo: Netflix

The Tension

Another moment that caused reactions from the crowd was Paul and Micah’s he said/she said moment. At first, it seemed like people were #TeamMicah — especially after the viral TikTok of Paul played — but after Zack stood up for his friend, the audience cooled down.

Photo: Netflix

The Cast

The cast arrived at the party after the reunion, and I jumped on the red carpet to ask them questions. Micah shared her relationship status, Brett and Tiffany gushed about how happily married they are post-LIB, and Zack revealed what he wishes fans got to see more of.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Party

Once the red carpet was over, the real party started. Unfortunately, the delay meant many people had to leave early, but the Season 4 cast still had fun dancing and catching up. Waiters were even handing out In-N-Out burgers and mini cakes with chocolate rings on top.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

The Swag

When I got the invite, I instantly wondered if they’d send us home with a Love Is Blind golden cup. I must have manifested it because everyone got one on their way out. Despite the delays, I would say “yes” at the altar to another LIB live watch party in the future.

Photo: Rachel Chapman

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