Here’s How To Make A New Apartment Feel Like Home

Create a ‘Gram-Worthy space with pieces under $60.

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, dorm, or house, one of the best parts about having a blank canvas is making your space your own. Let’s be real: scrolling through TikTok or Pinterest for decor ideas can sometimes leave you feeling even more overwhelmed as you’re figuring out how to make an apartment feel like home. If you want to make your space look expensive (without you spending an arm or a leg on furniture or decor), these affordable home decor products under $60 will help everything look put together and on-trend.

When it comes to making an apartment feel homey, you’ll want to focus on adding certain statement pieces that complement your space and make all your decor picks look intentional and like they belong together. When you choose the right home decor and furniture buys, it can really make a room look like you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money on it — but these products with thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon all cost less than $60. If you need some inspiration, check out these inexpensive products that promise to make your apartment feel like home.

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A Set Of Really Nice Wine Glasses For Glam Pours

While you might have an assortment of wine glasses taking up room in your cupboards, having a set of really nice ones that you can whip out when you’re entertaining everyone from friends to family can make a big difference. These Italian crystal burgundy wine glasses with over 5,000 five-star reviews will definitely wow any guests, with people saying they look “elegant and expensive.”

A Set Of Accent Throw Pillows For Adding A Pop Of Color

One easy way to tie your home decor together and make it feel homey is by adding a pop of color throughout as a juxtaposition to your neutral pieces. An easy (and inexpensive) way to do that is with brightly-colored throw pillows, like these ones from Amazon. The over 18,000 five-star reviewers rave about the pillows’ velvety soft texture and vibrant color, with one saying they’ve “gotten so many compliments” on the pillows from visitors.

A Decorative Throw Blanket

The perfect throw blanket can also really make your apartment feel homey. Not only is it practical for all the nights you’ll spend cuddled up on your couch while marathon-watching your favorite shows, but it’s also a cute decor piece that you can drape over your sofa when you’re not actively using it. This faux fur throw blanket looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, and 25,000 reviewers rave about how soft and light it is, with one comparing it to sleeping in a “soft lightweight cloud.”

A Statement Vase That Doubles As Art

On Pinterest, some of the coolest spaces have eye-catching art and decor that really don’t have any practical function. While you might collect these knickknacks over time, an easy (and inexpensive) way to make your apartment feel homey is to pick functional decor pieces that double as “art,” like interesting bookends or this ceramic nordic vase from Amazon, which is less than $20 but reviewers applaud for its strong, durable build and eye-catching design.

A Matching Set Of Dishes For Insta-Worthy Tablescapes

There’s nothing that screams adulting quite like a matching set of dishes that’ll make sure the presentation of every meal you make is Insta-worthy. This 18-piece set from Amazon, which has over 17,000 five-star reviews raving over its “pretty, sturdy, and lightweight” design, boast a few different options so you can pick the one that best fits your aesthetic.

These Double-Walled Coffee Mugs For Your Espresso Sips

Your apartment will definitely feel like a home with these double-walled glass espresso mugs that look a lot more expensive than they actually are. Other 17,500 reviewers rave that not only do these cups help your beverage retain their heat, but your hands will also stay nice and cool while you’re holding them (a must when you’re sipping on your morning brew).

A Decorative Serving Tray That’s Super Functional

IMHO, a decorative serving tray is so underrated, which this Amazon one with over 9,000 rave reviews proves. Not only does it act as a statement piece (and, ideally, a pop of color against your neutral sofa or coffee table), but it’s also functional and makes it easy to store and display your TV remotes, coffee table books, and any snacks you might want for movie nights in an intentional way. Plus, numerous reviewers say it “looks so much more expensive than it is.”

A Luxe White Duvet Cover That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In A Hotel Bed

Hear me out. While a white duvet cover and pillowcases may seem impractical at first glance, they can instantly transform your bedroom and give your bed a light, clean feel that’s reminiscent of a hotel bed. This 100% cotton duvet cover with over 12,000 five-star reviews will be easy to toss in the wash whenever you need, and it comes with the cutest button enclosures. One reviewer raves that it “reminds me of something you’d pay 4x as much for at a place like Crate & Barrel or West Elm.”

A Mirror To Make Your Space Look Bigger

Mirrors can instantly make your apartment feel homey by breaking up blank space on the walls. Plus, as an added bonus, they can give the illusion that the room is much bigger than it actually is. If you don’t want to break the bank on a floor-length option, this geometric mirror from Amazon with almost 3,000 five-star reviews is a statement piece that you’ll want to consider. One reviewer raved that that the piece instantly gave their entryway a “expensive and luxurious look.”

A Trio Of Decorative Wall Mirrors

You won’t believe that this three-pack of gilded mirrors is just $14.99. Boasting over 17,000 five-star reviews, these glam mirrors are a great decorative addition to any blank wall space and will instantly make your apartment look homey. Reviewers say they’re “worth every penny” and look a lot more expensive than their price tag.

A Set Of Nice Coasters

A set of nice coasters can really elevate your coffee table, and these marble-style ceramic ones look much more expensive than they really are. Not only will they protect any surfaces, but the ceramic material will also absorb stains in 10-15 seconds. Over 8,600 reviewers rave about how absorbent they are, plus the fact that the cork bottoms prevent the coasters from scratching your tables.

Some Cute Hanging Planters

Having an assortment of house plants (real or fake) is one of the easiest options for making an apartment feel homey. Not only do they add some pops of green to your space, but you can also have fun with the kinds of planters you put them in, effortlessly adding texture and interesting visual elements to your space. With almost 4,000 rave reviews, this set of hanginging concrete-inspired planters will definitely help make your space look more upscale for less than $30. Plus, numerous reviewers say the planters look just like real stone.

A Trio Of Grandma Coastal Ground Planters

If you’d rather display your planters on the ground or you have larger plants, this three-pack of Seagrass planters will instantly add a bohemian or coastal vibe to your space. Pro tip: have fun with different levels when figuring out where you want to put them for a cool effect. Numerous reviewers said they love that the planters are filled with a plastic lining, making them leak-proof.

A Trendy Light Fixture That Elevates Your Room

Figuring out how to make an apartment feel like home is something as easy as lighting. A statement light fixture can make a huge difference, both for brightening up a space and tying together the overall theme or aesthetic of your room. Case in point: this modern sputnik chandelier with over 1,000 five-star reviews is less than $50, but it’ll instantly make any space look more put together. Just keep in mind you might want to hire an electrician to assemble it. Numerous reviewers say it’s a “great value,” and they’ve purchased numerous ones for different rooms in their home.