A collage of three women, two looking into the distance and one listening to music on her headphones

How Music Shapes Our Lives

We surveyed women ages 18 – 34 and asked how they discover new music. Read on to find out what your music discovery says about you.

by Stephanie Jung, Kameron Barrow and Angela Lee
Originally Published: 

Whether we're blasting music through our headphones, speakers, or in the car, we all love listening to new tunes. But where do people actually find those bops and jams? The answer may surprise you.

Curated Discovery

84% of respondents reported that they find new artists through playlists made by streaming services (think: Spotify's Discover or curated public playlists), compared to 54% who self-search through streaming services’ music library. In fact, Spotify (80%) and Instagram (80%) are the most popular platforms used to keep up with artists. Meanwhile, 51% find them through their favorite artists promoting other artists.

This may come as a shock, but radio is still alive and well! Nearly half (46%) of those surveyed found new artists through the radio. And (surprise, surprise) TikTok has emerged as a ripe platform for discovery for 42% of respondents.