Where to buy Hidden Valley TRUFF Spicy Truffle Ranch.

MGK’s NSFW Reaction To Trying Hidden Valley TRUFF Sauce Has Me Craving It

It’s that good!

Courtesy of TRUFF

A saucy collaboration you didn’t think you needed, until now. TRUFF’s truffle hot sauce and Hidden Valley Ranch is dropping it like it’s hot, literally, with a spicy truffle ranch. You’re more likely to have tried ranch dressing, but if you haven’t had TRUFF, it’s like real fancy hot sauce that they say tastes like “if truffle and sriracha had a baby.” The spicy collab comes after TRUFF fans requested for a ranch and hot sauce pairing. They asked and TRUFF understood the assignment. The sauce drops on Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. EST in extremely limited quantities. Machine Gun Kelly got an exclusive first look and his reaction said it all. Here’s what MGK had to say about the TRUFF x Hidden Valley Spicy Truffle Ranch and how to get on the waitlist.

When rapper MGK got his hands on an exclusive bottle of Spicy Truffle Ranch on a party boat in Lake Powell, as one does, he couldn’t wait to unbox the gift. In a video shared with Elite Daily from TRUFF, MGK cracked open the bottle, took a whiff and said, “Holy f*ck, it smells so f*cking good, oh my god.” Although the video doesn’t show MGK tasting the sauce, if it really smells that good, it probably tastes f*cking good too.

To try it for yourself, get on the waitlist with your email address and phone number (optional) to be notified as soon as the sauce drops. You’ll want to get on the list because the bottles of the Spicy Truffle Ranch are “ultra-limited,” according to TRUFF. Each bottle contains 18 ounces of sauce to up your condiments game. You can dip it, dress it, and even bake it. If you’re curious about what Spicy Truffle Ranch tastes like, TRUFF said it’s a delicious fusion of spice from red chiles, umami from black truffles, and of course, the tangy, creaminess of ranch dressing you know and love.

Courtesy of TRUFF

Not only does the TRUFF Hidden Valley Spicy Truffle Ranch taste good, but it also looks good. TRUFF’s signature bottle designs are crushing the supermarket shelf competition. A sleek dark green label was made exclusively for the Spicy Truffle Ranch with a photo of Hidden Valley Ranch, which was an actual ranch owned by the inventor of ranch Steve Henson and his wife, Gayle.

This ranch is hot stuff, and if fans are as pumped as they seem about the sauce’s dream pairing, the bottles won’t last long.