75 Hidden Gems On Amazon That Are Cheap As Hell

Budget-friendly products to knock your socks off.

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They say the best things in life are free. Well, it stands to reason that the very next best things in life are cheap, right? Which honestly works out great for me because life can get expensive enough as it is.

Amazon is a treasure trove of hidden gems that are both affordable and fabulous. The following list has something for everyone, from lighting solutions to handy, stylish kitchen gadgets. So scroll on, and discover something new that perfectly balances quality and affordability. Don't let the low price tags fool you – everything on this list is a winner.

A Dapper Personal Fan That Sits On Your Desk

Don’t let its petite size fool you — this small-but-mighty personal fan effectively moves air around with its two-speed control for personalized comfort. The adjustable tilt head and swivel base allow you to direct the airflow wherever you need it, and with its sleek design and flip capability to conceal the fan, it adds style and functionality to any space.

A Motion-Activated Light For Your Dark Corners

Perfect for closets, bookshelves, under-cabinet lighting, and more, experience ultra convenience with this closet light. It has a rechargeable battery and micro USB port so you won’t need to constantly buy batteries. It offers three modes, including motion-activation, and contains 52 super-bright LEDs to illuminate any dark space. Installation is simple with its built-in magnet and 3M adhesive tape.

The Roll-On Perfume Oil That’s Infused With Pheromones

For a scent-sational new perfume, try this pheromone-infused cologne with essential oils. The fragrance is designed to blend with your skin's pH to create a unique scent, and the silky texture is perfect for massages or adding to your bath. This body-safe formula is free of parabens, gluten, glycerin, and alcohol, is not tested on animals, and also went viral on TikTok.

This Desktop Vacuum That’s Such A Cute Little Cleaner

This mini vacuum cleaner is a perfect solution for keeping your desk clean and refreshed. With its high suction power and low noise operation, it effectively picks up dust, debris, and hair from hard-to-reach places. Powered by AA batteries, it provides 90 minutes of cleaning time. It’s available in various fun colors to suit your style.

This Electric Lighter That’s Basically a Teeny Light Saber

This flameless electric lighter features a wind and splash-proof design, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The battery notification displays real-time battery volume, and it uses plasma technology instead of butane for a safer experience. Plus, it looks cool! The package includes the lighter, USB-C charging cable, gift box, and user manual.

These Clever, Quick-Foaming Soap Bar Pockets

Enhance your bathing experience with this clever and practical soap bar bag. The ultimate soap accessory, it's made of durable nylon fiber so it's long-lasting. Exfoliating properties create a rich lather, and you can prevent wasting soap as this saves every last bit. The convenient drawstring design also means no more struggle to pick up the soap.

An Exfoliating Brush That Fights Ingrown Hairs

Help kick razor bumps and ingrown hairs to the curb with the help of this exfoliating brush. This silicone exfoliating body scrubber is designed to prevent irritation and discomfort after shaving, doubling as a gentle and effective exfoliator. With its ergonomic grip and customized bristles, it works to remove dead skin and help unclog pores.

This Moisturizing, Tinted Vegan Lip Butter

Indulge your lips with this vegan lip butter, which offers nourishment and a natural glow. Made with agave and shea butter along with other moisturizing ingredients, they help to provide long-lasting hydration for dry lips. Cruelty-free and vegan, they come in a dozen luscious colors.

These Silicone Trays That Make Ice Extraction Easy

Elevate your drink experience with these flexible silicone ice cube trays. With 42 perfectly-sized cubes, these BPA-free and reusable trays come with lids to help keep your ice cubes fresh. Get ready for parties — prep ice in bulk thanks to the stackable covered trays. They’re ideal for entertaining and everyday use.

This Gel That Picks Up Dust From Nooks & Crannies

This cleaning gel is a simple and convenient solution for cleaning your PC/laptop keyboard and other unique surfaces. It isn’t sticky to your hands and has a pleasant lavender fragrance, ensuring an efficient — and kind of fun — cleaning experience. It can be used repeatedly until it becomes dark or sticky, at which point it should be replaced.

This Key Holder Worthy Of Thunderous Applause

Don’t let lost keys rain on your parade — this cute magnetic key holder is a whimsical and practical addition to your decor. Powerful magnets securely hold your key rings, eliminating the hassle of hooks. With its adhesive backing, installation is a breeze on various surfaces.

A Ring Light That Clips Easily Onto Your Phone

This wireless selfie ring light is a simple and versatile solution for enhancing your lighting during video calls, content creation, and photography. It features a wide clip that securely attaches to various devices, a rechargeable battery with a two-hour runtime, and 10 adjustable brightness levels. Portable and compact, it's perfect for on-the-go use and provides professional lighting wherever needed.

This Caddy Tray That Makes Bath Time Even Better

Enhance your bathing experience with this elegant bamboo bathtub tray. It requires no assembly and fits most tubs, providing a stylish and organized space for your favorite book, drink, or electronic devices. Use it as a shower caddy or bathroom organizer to keep your essentials within reach. Made of durable bamboo, it's easy to clean and makes a perfect gift for any bath enthusiast.

These Shelves That Bring Style To Your Shower

Made of rustproof stainless steel, these hanging basket caddies provide a durable and sturdy bathroom storage solution. The strong-bearing capacity allows for storing heavy items, while the fast-draining design helps prevent bacterial growth. Easy to install with traceless adhesive, it comes with additional hooks for flexible placement.

A Massaging Brush For Your Scalp That Helps Remove Flakes

Whether used wet or dry, this massaging brush is designed to remove dead skin, dandruff, and contaminants for a cleaner-feeling scalp. Made with food-grade silicone free from BPA, lead, and phthalates, the unique design allows for easy interchangeability of scrubber heads for a thorough clean, wet or dry.

This Meat Tenderizer For Restaurant-Quality Dishes

Whether you’re cooking up your favorite chicken, beef, or pork recipe, use this meat tenderizer to create melt-in-your-mouth entrees. The dual-sided design features a smooth side for pounding out ultra-thin slabs of meat and a textured side for making thick yet tender steaks and cutlets, and it has a rubber handle that’s easy to grip through it all.

A Handheld Veggie Cutter That Rocks (Back & Forth)

Discover a nearly effortless way to chop and mince herbs and vegetables with this mezzaluna cutting board set. The sharp, stainless steel blade and curved cutting board create the ideal combination for efficient cutting, and with a deep bowl design, your ingredients stay contained while you chop. Plus, it's easy to clean and comes with a protective cover for safe storage.

These Wands That Magically Help Improve Your Wine

Enjoy wine more by using these wine filters that help reduce common negative side effects. They work to filter out histamines and sulfites, which is thought to alleviate common allergies and sensitivities. With a convenient per-glass design, it's portable and great for social gatherings. Safe and effective, it's FDA-compliant and made in the USA.

These Packing Cubes That Keep Your Suitcase Organized

Over 20,000 shoppers have given these packing cubes an overall 4.8-star rating, with one fan writing, “It allows me to pack 2-3 times more than I used to be able to.” Each cube lets you compartmentalize your things and maximize every inch of your suitcase, while mesh tops allow you to see what’s inside. Plus, an included laundry bag helps you separate dirty clothes.

These Elegant Salt & Pepper Shakers

Keep your spices fresher and elevate your dining experience with this high-quality glass and stainless steel salt and pepper shaker set. The elegant design features brushed stainless steel and adjustable lids allow for precise pouring, helping prevent spills on your table. With a convenient size and clear glass bodies, refilling is a breeze.

An Electric Skillet That Makes Cooking & Cleanup Easy

This versatile and durable electric skillet is a must-have for any cook, whether you're roasting, frying, steaming, or using it as a buffet server. With its cast aluminum base and tempered glass lid, it's perfect for family meals and entertaining. The pot's adjustable temperature control ensures precise cooking, while the easy-clean titanium ceramic coating makes clean-up a breeze.

A Stackable Bento Box For Better Lunch On The Go

This stackable lunch container is the perfect solution for packing portioned meals on the go. It offers versatility and easy storage with two stackable containers and a compact design. Made with food-grade materials, it’s microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, and it comes with a sealing strap, utensil set, and a two-year warranty.

This Cutter That Makes Quick (& Cute) Work Of Watermelon

The ultimate solution for enjoying watermelon, this watermelon slicer features an automatic cutter blade that effortlessly produces perfectly cube-shaped slices of watermelon with just a push. Its quick and easy operation and its safe and kid-friendly edges make it a perfect tool for hassle-free watermelon cutting and serving.

The Knife Sharpener That Gives You An Edge In The Kitchen

Look sharp, be a cut above the rest, and revive your old knives with this easy knife sharpener. Its hands-free suction cup base helps ensure safe usage at home, and the ideal 20-degree angle effortlessly restores a super sharp cutting edge. It uses tungsten carbide to help extend the life of almost any knife.

These Water Bottle Holders That Reduce Cabinet Clutter

Maximize your storage space with these stackable bottle organizers. They come in a pack of two, and each holds up to two water bottles, sports drinks, or bottled beverages, keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free. The compartments store bottles horizontally, making them easily accessible. Made of durable plastic, these racks are easy to clean.

A Wallet That Hides Easily In Your Bra

Thwart potential thieves with this bra wallet, which can be attached to your bra, underwear, or belt loop. A discreet and secure solution for protecting your valuables while traveling, it conceals your essentials such as passport, ID, cash, and credit cards. Designed for safe international travel, it's ideal for crowded areas and tourist spots. The wallet includes a secure connector clasp and double snap closure for added safety. It also offers exclusive trip assurance and global lost and found tags.

A Reusable Smart Notebook That Uploads Your Notes To The Cloud

Revolutionize your note-taking with this reusable smart notebook. Simply use a pilot frixion pen, marker, or highlighter and allow 15 seconds for the ink to dry and bond to Rocketbook's specialized composite paper, then use the QR code to save your notes to the Rocketbook app. Enjoy better organization with smart titles, search, and email transcription features, eliminating the need to flip through pages. Wipe your notes away and use again and again.

A Wax Stick For Taming Flyaways

The perfect solution for taming unruly hair, this hair wax stick provides soft styling without greasiness or residue, helping to enhance shine and maintain a polished look throughout the day. Made with plant ingredients like beeswax and avocado oil, it helps nourish the hair and is safe for the scalp. The easy-to-use stick design allows for precise application, making it suitable for any hair type or color.

This Car Trash Can That Straps Into Place

Toss your food wrappers, empty drink cups, and old receipts in this car trash can that attaches to your headrest, center console, or side door so it’ll stay in place. Waterproof material helps keep leaks at bay, and it even comes with 10 trash bags to get you started. Choose from two sizes and colors.

A Coffee Gadget That Makes The Daily Bean Grind So Easy

This coffee grinder offers powerful and efficient grinding with its 150 Watt motor and stainless steel blades. With a large capacity of 4.2 ounces, it can grind enough coffee beans for up to 15 cups of coffee. The one-press operation and customizable grinding texture make it user-friendly and safe. It’s also easy to clean and comes with a free cleaning brush for convenience.

A Detangling Brush That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

This detangling brush not only helps release knots and tangles in your hair, but it’s also great for use in the shower to distribute conditioner evenly throughout your strands. An ergonomic handle provides a comfy and secure grip, and the sturdy bristles are great for gently gliding through all hair types.

A Pair Of Oven Gloves That Can Truly Handle The Heat

Cook with confidence using these heat-resistant gloves. With a certification of up to 932°F and EN388 level 5 cut resistance, these gloves offer top-notch protection. Thick but lightweight, they are durable, easy to clean, and versatile for various cooking scenarios. The comfortable design features flexible fingers and a silicone super-grip for easy handling.

A Callus-Softening Gel For Treating Your Feet

This extra-strength callus remover aims to soften skin and remove calluses and cracked heels in just three to five minutes. With professional-grade ingredients and a fresh lemon scent, this cruelty-free product helps make your feet soft, smooth, and ready to show off. Ditch the salon and treat yourself at home.

This Completely Waterproof Bag That’s Great For Kayaking & Camping

Keep your wallet, phone, and clothes nice and dry during potentially wet activities with this waterproof bag that can be completely submerged in water without getting the contents wet. The bag has a roll-top that clips closed to secure contents inside and comes in three sizes ranging from 5 liters to 20 liters in capacity.

These Solar Lights That Illuminate Your Path For Cheap

Enhance your outdoor space with this pack of eight solar garden lights. They feature auto on/off functionality, providing 15 lumens of brightness each for your yard, garden, or driveway. With waterproof and all-weather resistance, they require minimal maintenance and effortlessly add charm to your outdoor areas.

A Lazy Susan To Maximize Counter Space

This compact lazy Susan helps keep your cabinets, countertops, and tabletops tidy and organized. With 360° motion, you can easily access condiments, spices, and other items without hassle. The open design with raised edges ensures items stay in place, and the nonslip feet provide stability. It's not just for the kitchen — use it as a makeup organizer or for your bathroom, bedroom, or office items.

These Convenient Pop-Up Laundry Hampers

These lightweight and durable laundry hampers are perfect for clothes and even storage needs. Made from mesh polyester with a solid bottom and reinforced handles, they are ideal for laundry, carrying groceries, and more. The convenient side pocket allows you to store accessories and other items, and when they’re not in use, fold them flat for easy storage.

This Pack Of Space-Saving Hangers With A Velvety, Nonslip Grip

Get hooked on organization and maximize your closet space with these slim, versatile black velvet hangers. Designed with a 360-degree swivel hook and contoured shoulder line, they help preserve the shape of your clothes. Made with nonslip velvet, they can hold up to 10 pounds each. Plus, the horizontal bar allows for versatile use with pants and suits.

A Sponge Holder That Also Dispenses Dish Soap

Declutter your kitchen sink with this metallic silver dish soap dispenser. It conveniently stores dish soap and a sponge in one compact unit, saving you valuable counter space. Simply press down on the top plate to dispense soap directly onto the included sponge. With stable, nonslip feet, it stays securely in place on your counter.

This Handy Trash Can That Fits On Your Countertop

Help keep your space tidy and organized with this sleek and compact countertop trash can. The swing-top lid allows for easy disposal of small trash items, making it ideal for kitchens, offices, and bathrooms. Made of sleek stainless steel, it is durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.

A Spinning Handle That Helps Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Clip this electric makeup brush cleaner onto your beauty tools for a powered spin that’ll help get your bristles nice and clean. The tool comes with eight attachments to accommodate most brush handles and includes a little bowl for your cleaning solution. Simply place your brush in the solution, press a button on the handle, and whirl away.

This Headband That Plays Music While You Work Out Or Sleep

Experience wireless music and comfort with this two-in-one sleep and sports Bluetooth headband. It features built-in technology for music playback and hands-free calling, and the headband is ideal for outdoor activities, gym workouts, and relaxation. Enjoy immersive stereo sound with clear audio output and balanced treble. The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge.

A Charging Station That Houses Multiple Devices

No more cluttered cables or scattered devices on your desk — keep your devices tidy and organized with this multi-device charging station. This charging dock comes with seven short cables, including USB, micro USB, and USB-C, compatible with various devices. With six smart USB ports, it charges your devices quickly and efficiently.

This Spray Bottle You Don’t Want To “Mist” Out On

With robust pre-compression technology — which delivers a continuous, ultra-fine mist— this misting spray bottle delivers a satisfying and even spray every time. Whether you use it on your hair, skin, or tropical plants needing humidity, the versatile ultra-fine mist covers large areas with ease. Simple to refill and reuse, it’s leak-proof and super quiet.

A Budget-Friendly Vitamin C Serum That Rivals Prestige Brands

Packed with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and ferulic acid, this face serum helps brighten and hydrate skin. Fans rave that it even works better than some more expensive versions, with one reviewer writing, “I have tried everything from drugstore brands to high-end luxe brands. [...] I have never seen the kind of visible results that I have seen since starting to use this serum.”

The Exfoliating Foot Masks That Reveal Smoother Skin In 2 Weeks

Snag some extra time between pedicures with these peeling foot masks that contain an exfoliating formula to help shed tough, callused skin over the course of two weeks. Just slip the fruit-acid-infused booties onto your feet and relax for an hour. Then, take them off and the skin-softening solution will go to work over the next few days. Choose from 12 scents, including lemon, strawberry, and tea tree.

This Wireless Doorbell That Brings Convenience To Your Doorstep

This long-range wireless doorbell offers reliable performance and extended battery life. With multiple doorbell receivers, you can assign different chimes for each one, ensuring you know which door was rung. It's easy to set up and customize, with over 50 chime sounds to choose from. The smart technology remembers your settings and features LED lights for easy visibility at night.

A Hula Hoop That Makes Working Out More Fun

Experience a premium workout with this smart weighted exercise hoop. Made of durable ABS plastic, it features a 360-degree shock-absorbing massage ring that provides greater comfort and can even help relieve lower back pain. With its detachable design and adjustable size, it fits most body types. The quiet bearings and smooth rotation make it a pleasure to use, and it comes in seven different colors.

This Water Bottle With A Built-In Fruit Infuser

Fill the core of this water bottle with lemon slices, strawberries, or any fruit you choose for yummy infused water on the go. A large 32-ounce capacity means fewer trips to the kitchen for a refill, and the locking lid with a nonslip grip makes it great for taking to the gym, work, or simply using around the house. Plus, it’ll fit most standard car cup holders.

This Set Of Three Sturdy Cutting Boards

This versatile cutting board set is a must-have for every kitchen. With three different sizes, you'll have the perfect board for any cooking task; whether you're chopping fruits, prepping meats, or creating a fish-cleaning station, they're up for the job. Cleanup is a breeze as they are dishwasher-safe and built to last without splintering or cracking. The grooved design also helps prevent liquid spills.

A Handheld Frother For Barista-Style Coffee Drinks

Great for both coffee and espresso drinks, this little milk frother will help you create creamy foam that just may save you a trip to the coffee shop. It has an easy one-button control and a soft and grippy silicone handle, and the included stand makes it easy to store next to your coffee maker. Choose from eight colors, including blue, red, and black.

A Gadget That Makes Peeling Potatoes Easy (& Also Kinda Fun)

Made from ultra-strong cast magnesium, this versatile spiralizer peeler can be used to slice, core, and peel tomatoes, apples, and potatoes. The powerful rubber vacuum base offers stability, making it ideal for seniors and those with arthritis. It's a convenient kitchen tool with sharp coring and slicing blades as well as adjustable peeling blades.

This Organizer That Fits In The Seat Gap Of Your Car

Not only do these slim organizers help keep things from falling in between your seat and center console, but they also help keep necessities within reach and your car a bit more organized. They have a universal design that fits car seat gaps between 0.5 and 2 inches wide and come with spacers for a snug fit. They’re available in four colors, including black and tan.

A Snazzy Waterproof Desk Mat That Also Acts As A Mouse Pad

Made of durable PU leather, this desk mat helps protect your desk from scratches and spills while adding a modern decor touch. Its large size can accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard, serving as both a mouse pad and a writing pad. The waterproof material is easy to clean, comes in over a dozen different colors, and it has almost 40,000 five-star ratings.

The Most Adorable Post-it Notes Dispenser

Never pause (or, “paws”) to write down an idea again — this cat-shaped Post-it Note dispenser is a fun and functional accessory for your desk. It keeps your Post-it pad organized and easily accessible and comes pre-filled with one pad of 45 sheets. The recyclable notes are sourced from certified, renewable forests, making them an environmentally friendlier choice. Purrfect.

An Acrylic Cell Phone Stand With A Slot For Charging

This clear acrylic cell phone stand is a versatile accessory that is widely compatible with various smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. It offers a hands-free experience for activities like gaming, video calls, and watching videos — all while charging. It features a sleek design with rubber pads for stability and protection, and the thoughtful design includes a charging hole. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a more organized and ergonomic workspace.

This Bluetooth Tile Tracker So You Never Lose Your Keys

This tile tracker attaches to items like keys, backpacks, or purses so that you can find them if they get lost. With Bluetooth range, you can ring your Tile or use a smart home device to find it nearby. Even outside Bluetooth range, the app shows the Tile's last known location on a map. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and smart home devices and features water resistance and a long-lasting battery.

A Knife-Sharpening Kit That Comes With A Cut-Resistant Glove

Keep your kitchen cutlery in pristine condition with this knife-sharpening kit that comes with a cut-resistant glove. It has a three-stage design to sharpen, repair, and polish all kinds of ceramic and metal blades. The sharpener boasts a handle on the side that’s easy to grip and keep in place, and the durable glove helps keep your hand safe.

These Deodorizing Balls That Fit Inside Shoes & Gym Bags

This pack of six deodorizing balls contains a blend of tea extracts and essential oils to eliminate unpleasant smells. Simply twist them to activate, and place them in everything from shoes to gym bags for a fresh scent that lasts up to a month. Choose from seven scents, including honey peach, linen, and green tea.

This Food Scale That’s A Must-Have For Home Cooks

Great for weekly meal prep and precise baking measurements, this stainless steel food scale will deliver accurate readings so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re adding. It can provide measurements in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters and has a bright LCD display. A convenient tare function can be used with all kinds of bowls and containers.

A Microfiber Towel Designed To Dry Hair Quickly & Easily

Dry your hair quickly and even prevent frizz with this hair wrap. Made from super absorbent microfiber, it’s said to dry hair faster than regular towels while being gentler on strands. The lightweight and secure design allows for easy application without slippage or discomfort. Suitable for kids and adults, it's a family-friendly solution for efficient hair drying and styling.

These Silicone Baking Mats That Let Food Slide Right Off

Place these reusable baking mats on your sheet trays to create a nonstick surface that doesn’t require any cooking spray or oil. The silicone material helps distribute heat evenly for perfectly baked cookies and sheet pan meals, and they’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You can toss them in the dishwasher to clean, and they come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

A Wine Glass Holder That’ll Stick To Nearly Any Smooth Surface

This wine glass holder can provide a steady resting spot for your vino on nearly any smooth surface, including metal, smooth tile, and glass. It doesn’t use any suction cups or adhesives, but rather a silicone material with cling technology that grips to surfaces. Simply remove the backing, place it in your desired spot, and let it sit for 24 hours prior to use.

These Exercise Socks With Built-In Grip

Stay comfortable and secure during your workouts with these grippy socks. Made with breathable materials, they absorb sweat and provide good ventilation, while the PVC particles on the bottom increase traction. The closed-toe design keeps your feet clean and covered. With an open instep design and soft, stretchy fibers, these grip socks offer support, cushioning, and mobility for various activities like yoga, barre, or ballet.

An Easy-To-Roll Pizza Cutter With A Grippy Handle

Unlike regular pizza cutters that rely on a wobbly handle, this cutter has a nonslip grip right on top for ultimate control while slicing. The sharp stainless steel blade is both durable and rust-resistant and comes with a plastic cover for safe storage. Best of all, the handle can open up to reveal the full blade for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

This Pasta Maker That Will Have You Rolling Fresh Noodles With Ease

Experience fresh, restaurant-quality pasta from the comfort of your own kitchen with this high-quality pasta roller. With seven thickness options, you can create your ideal pasta dish, and its sleek stainless steel design adds elegance to your cooking space. The durable construction and heat-treated gears ensure long-lasting performance, making it a fantastic tool for any aspiring chef.

A Milk Frother That Makes A Better Matcha

Get the perfect froth for your favorite drinks with this electric milk frother. It creates a smooth, creamy foam in seconds, allowing you to enjoy gourmet drinks at home. Its stylish modern design adds elegance to any kitchen, and its durable construction is built to last.

The Screen Cleaner You Can Throw In Your Purse

Don’t miss out on this all-in-one screen cleaner. A compact and convenient solution for keeping your touchscreen devices tidy, simply spray the cleaner onto the screen and wipe it away with the soft casing for a fresh and smudge-free surface. With its lipstick-sized design, this spray and wipe cleaner is easy to carry wherever you go. Its faint fragrance adds a pleasant touch to mobile phones, tablets, iPads, computer monitors, and more.

An Automatic Salt & Pepper Set That’s So Easy To Use

With an adjustable coarseness setting, these salt and pepper grinders offer an elevated way to grind and serve the most commonly used seasonings. They have an easy one-handed design that’ll grind salt and peppercorns when you flip the spice mill over — you don’t even have to press a button. Plus, LED lights on the top help you see exactly how much salt and pepper you’re adding.

An Inverted Umbrella That Catches The Drips When You Close It

Stay dry with this innovative upside-down umbrella featuring a reverse folding frame to prevent rain from dripping in the house. The water-resistant, double-layer canopy protects you from wet weather, and the C-shape handle allows for hands-free carrying. With windproof technology and durability, this umbrella comes in multiple fashionable designs.

This Luggage Tag That Sets Your Bags Apart From The Rest

Personalize your luggage with this fully bendable initial luggage tag. The set includes one tag and two additional information cards for updating information. Perfect for frequent travelers or kids' school bags, these tags have a privacy back cover to hide personal information. Made of sturdy rubber with steel loops, they're durable and feature bright, colorful letters on a black background. Easily attach them to any bag handle for easy identification.

A Sandwich Maker That Cuts The Crust Off For You

Great for kids and grown-ups alike, this five-piece sandwich-making kit will help make yummy crustless sandwiches that are sealed on all sides. Simply make a sandwich out of regular bread and use one of the included cutters — which come in small and large sizes — to create one big or two small crust-free sandwiches. There are even options in the listing for square and heart-shaped kits as well.

This Protective Case That Watches Out For Your Apple Watch

This case and glass Apple Watch screen protector helps keep your watch safe while maintaining usability. Installing is a breeze with the snap-on design, so removing the straps or taking the watch off your wrist is unnecessary. Each package includes two high-performance PC hard cases and dry/wet wipes.

This 2-Piece Jar Opening Set That Makes It Easier To Open Tough Lids

This lid-opening duo is designed to loosen and release even the tightest lids from all kinds of jars, bottles, and cans. Both pieces have universal designs to accommodate all kinds of jar lids, bottle caps, and pull tabs, and they boast rubber linings with nonslip sides that make them easy to grip.

A Decorative Bonsai Tree Made Of Rose Quartz

No worries if you aren’t much of a green thumb — this beautiful bonsai tree made with rose quartz requires no maintenance. It’s perfect for home or office decor and is also created to attract wealth, success, and good fortune. Made of natural stones, resin, and copper wire, it is said to help balance chakras, promote healing, and enhance spirituality. Plus, it’s a very pretty addition to your decor.

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