Hands Down, The 50 Coolest Things On Amazon Under $35

Amazing gems, hiding in plain sight.

Written by Claire Epting
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved a good bargain. It’s one thing for a product to be cool, but it’s entirely another thing for a product to be cool and cheap. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and pulled together a ton of amazing things on Amazon that are $35 or less — so whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or simply want to treat yourself, I’ve got you covered. Perhaps it’s something you never even knew you needed, like a weird but genius kitchen gadget or a whimsical upgrade for your patio. You never know what you might find.

A 6-Pack Of Can Protectors That Keep Bugs From Flying In Your Drink

When you’re sipping a can of soda or beer outside, the last thing you want is dust or a fly getting in your drink. These colorful can protectors are perfect for your next picnic, barbecue, or backyard hangout. Just snap one over your drink’s opening to completely shut bugs out, then lift it when you want to take a sip. Each protector is a different hue, making it easy to remember whose drink is whose.

This 10-In-1 Food Chopper That Does Literally Everything

Create julienned carrots, sliced cucumbers, grated garlic, waffle fries, diced veggies, and way more with this 10-in-1 food chopper. It replaces so many things in your kitchen you won’t know what you did without it. It has three different dicer sizes, two julienning sizes, a slicer, a masher, a wave cutter, an egg separator and a garlic grater so you can start looking forward to chopping veggies.

These Textured Fridge Shelf Liners That Are Easy To Clean

Keep your refrigerator clean and looking cute with these washable liners. Whether you want to put them on your shelves or in the door cubbies, these liners can be cut to the exact size you need. They’re waterproof, oil-proof, and feature a dotted pattern that makes for light cushioning to prevent things from rolling around. And they’re easily wiped down to clean in case there are any tricky spills.

This Reversible Umbrella You Can Use Hands-Free

Thanks to its unique, C-shaped handle that slips over your wrist, you can actually carry this umbrella without using your hands (perfect for multitaskers, by the way). Another helpful feature? Its reversible design allows you to store it upside down as it dries. While the top layer of the umbrella is solid black, the bottom boasts your choice of a vibrant hue or floral pattern.

  • Available colors: 8
The Brilliant Kitchen Tools That Toast Your Taco Shells

Getting warm, crispy taco shells at home couldn’t be any easier, thanks to these unique taco toaster tools. Just preheat your tortilla in the microwave with a damp paper towel for 15 seconds, then place it directly over the mold. Use the handle to stick the entire tortilla into the toaster, and wait for the crispy magic to happen. Uh, can every night be taco night?

The Clip-On Colander That Takes Up Minimal Kitchen Cabinet Space

If you’re tight on kitchen space, this compact colander is a great investment. Made out of flexible silicone, it clips onto the sides of your pot, allowing you to pour out the hot water with both hands while keeping your pasta and veggies inside. It lies flat when not in use, storing conveniently inside your drawer.

  • Available colors: 6
A Uniquely Shaped Brush That Glides Through Tough Tangles Effortlessly

Brushing through tangles with a conventional hairbrush can be painful — that’s why Crave Naturals created the Glide Thru brush. With its unique, curved design, the hairbrush easily glides through knots without any snagging or tearing. The wide-set, flexible bristles are suited for all hair types, including curly, coarse, and fine strands.

An Electric Milk Frother For Cafe-Worthy Lattes

Get barista-quality coffee every time when you have this milk frother. It has a silicone handle and stainless steel whisk that will create creamy, foamy milk in just 15 seconds with the simple press of one button. Plus it comes with a stainless steel stand to hold the frother in between uses. One reviewer raved, “This is a nice handheld hand mixer that uses 2 batteries. It is so easy to use, clean off and replace to the stand. Since it is a mini mixer it does not take much room on the counter or to store in a cabinet.”

These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Tricked Out With Useful Features

Whether it’s the snap-on lids or the convenient grater attachments, this set of stainless steel mixing bowls is a worthwhile investment for those who love to cook. Each bowl is designed with an easy-grip handle, a spout, and a nonslip bottom. Not to mention, you’ll find a series of markings on the side for liquid measurements.

This Microneedling Roller That Helps Promote A Glowing Complexion

Regular exfoliation can help boost your skin’s overall glow, and this microneedling roller is a beginner-friendly way to start. Gently roll the fine points over your face to remove dead skin and encourage new cell growth — follow up with your favorite serum and moisturizer for best results. You just might notice brighter, smoother skin over time.

Some Callus Removing Gel That Leaves Feet Smooth & Soft

Tired of scrubbing your heels, only to see barely noticeable results? Try adding a bit of this callus removing gel to the soles of your feet first. The fast-acting formula deeply penetrates the skin over the course of just five minutes, exfoliating away dead skin and revealing a soft, smooth layer underneath. Follow up with a brush or a pumice stone, and watch your calluses disappear.

An All-Inclusive Teeth Whitening Kit That’s Enamel-Safe

Teeth whitening treatments don’t have to weaken your enamel — this set from Cali White is proof. Just use the syringe applicator to add the enamel-safe carbamide peroxide formula to the mouth tray — then pop the tray in your mouth and turn on the battery-powered blue light. After using this set for just 10 minutes a day, you may start to see results in as little as one week.

This Electric Fly Swatter That Zaps Bugs On The Spot

No more rolling up a newspaper and hoping for the best — this electric fly swatter instantly zaps insects in a matter of seconds, stopping them dead in their tracks. It offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge — just press down on the handle to engage the 4,000-volt grid. The mini size is perfect for camping trips, but there are medium and large sizes for home use, as well.

  • Available sizes: Mini, Medium, Large
  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Red
This Genius Gap Stopper That Fits Between Your Car Seat & Center Console

If you’re constantly losing your wallet, phone, and keys to the gap between your car seat and console, the Drop Stop can seriously help. This slim organizer tucks neatly inside that narrow gap, catching any small belongings (or stray french fries) that happen to fall in there during your drive. No more cramped hands from trying to reach into that tight space to retrieve things.

The Quick, Easy Way To Clean Your Smartphone Screen

Smartphone screens can quickly become home to loads of fingerprints and germs, but luckily, there’s a quick, easy fix — this lightweight cleaning mist and microfiber pad combo. Just spritz the mist onto your touch screen, then wipe it down with the built-in microfiber cloth surface. Measuring just 3.5 inches, it’s small enough to stash in your purse or pocket.

This Portable Phone Charger That Doesn’t Require A Cable

We all know what it’s like to be stuck somewhere with a dead phone battery. This portable charger ensures that won’t ever happen again. Equipped with a USB-C connector, the power bank doesn’t need any additional cables to power up your device. A small LCD display on the front of the unit conveniently shows you how much battery is left before you need to recharge the power bank.

This Flat Top Makeup Brush For A Smooth Application Every Time

This flat top Kabuki brush with flawlessly apply your foundation whether you use liquid, powder, mineral, or cream. The dense and soft synthetic fibers ensure an even medium-to-full coverage application, making it perfect for a streak-free blend over your entire face. Plus, it doesn’t shed and it’s super easy to clean so you can have flawless skin all the time.

A Buttery, Hydrating Lip Balm With A Vibrant Tint

Treat your dry, chapped lips to something special — this silky, moisturizing lip butter. Formulated with hydrating jojoba and argan oils, the creamy vegan balm instantly soothes the skin while delivering a luscious tint. Pick from deep red, pink, purple, and orange tones.

  • Available shades: 13
These Foaming Soap Sheets That Are Perfect For Traveling

Packable and lightweight, these foaming hand soap sheets are a brilliant addition to your travel kit. The paper-thin sheet just needs water to activate the suds — so you can cleanse your hands at a campground, music festival, or anywhere else you happen to be. This multipack includes three fresh scents: lemon, tea tree, and lavender.

  • Available scents: 4
This Sleek Insulated Can Cooler With A 4.9-Star Rating

Tired of sweating cans or room temperature drinks? This BrüMate insulated can cooler is exactly what you need, and it has the 4.9-star rating after over 68,000 reviews to prove it. It fits all 12-ounce slim cans, has a non slip base, is cup-holder friendly, and uses double-walled stainless steel flanking a layer of copper to keep cans 20 times colder. Plus, it comes in over 30 super cool colors and patterns to match any vibe.

This Spa-Worthy Scalp Massager That’s Also A Shampoo Brush

Make your scalp feel better than ever with this spa-worthy massager that can be used wet or dry. The cone-shaped bristles increase blood flow, get rid of dead skin, and make sure your shampoo gets into even the hardest to reach spots to encourage moisturizing and growth. And, it’s made of BPA-free food-grade silicone for a soothing massage every time.

This Adjustable Makeup Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Keep all your makeup and skincare essentials in one convenient spot with this tiered organizer. With a smooth, 360-degree rotation and six adjustable shelves, this organizer will make sure you can see all of the products in your skincare routine. Each shelf also has a lipped edge to prevent products from falling out, and is made of acrylic so it’s super easy to clean.

This Space-Saving Egg Dispenser For Your Refrigerator

This two-tier organizer has enough space for up to 14 eggs — its angled design allows the eggs to roll down towards the front as you pull them out of the refrigerator. The slim unit takes up less room than a traditional egg carton, and not to mention, it has a streamlined, minimalist look that gives your fridge a modern feel.

These Silicone Baking Mats That Ensure An Even Cook

Toss the parchment paper and aluminum foil and check out these silicone baking mats. The set comes with two half sheets and two quarter sheets. They help you achieve an even cook whether you’re making something savory or sweet. They’re non-stick, so you won’t need to add butter or oil, and they’re freezer- and oven-save as they can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 480 degrees. Plus, they’re super easy to clean — just throw them in the dishwasher and you’re all set.

This Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner That’s Actually Fun To Use

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is a great habit that can remove germs and extend their useful life — and, thanks to this handheld brush spinner, it’s actually kind of fun. Simply place your brush onto the end of the electric unit and place it inside the bowl. Add a bit of cleaning solution, then press the button on the spinner to rotate the brush head. To dry the bristles, just repeat the process with an empty bowl — it’s as easy as that.

  • Available colors: Pink, Black, Mint Green
This Silicone Mat To Safely Hold Your Hot Hair Tools

This silicone mat is a safe way to store your hot hair tools while protecting your countertop from accidental burns. The ribbed surface is slip-resistant and allows the tools to breath and avoid overheating. It can withstand heat up to 460 degrees and can also be used as a pouch to safely travel with your hot tools. Plus, it comes in seven cool colors.

This No-Sew Bonding Web For Quick Hems & Craft Projects

If you don’t have time to run to the tailor, you can quickly hem your own skirts and dresses with this bonding web. It fuses two layers of fabric together with nothing but the heat from a steam iron, so you can shorten your garments without lugging out the sewing machine. It’s also great for adding a decorative trim to a finished craft project.

The Digital Cooking Thermometer For Meats & Liquids

Whether you’re roasting meat or melting chocolate for a baking project, getting an accurate internal temperature reading is super important. This digital thermometer is designed with a long metal probe that measures your food’s temperature in a matter of seconds. The large LCD screen clearly displays the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius — you can switch between the two using the button on the front of the gadget.

  • Available colors: 3
These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Protect Your Hands While Cooking

Use these cut-resistant gloves while chopping ingredients, grating cheese, shucking oysters, and using the mandoline slicer. The material is made from a blend of polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass to protect your hands, plus they’re food-safe and machine-washable for sanitary purposes. No wonder they’re a best-seller with a 4.5-star rating.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
These Iridescent Martini Glasses That Are Insulated For Chilled Drinks

Transform a simple cocktail at home into something truly magical — all thanks to these iridescent martini glasses. The double-walled design helps keep your drink chilled while you sip, while the rainbow-hued exterior gives them an Instagram-ready look. Or, if you want to channel your inner Barbie, you can pick up a pair in a bright magenta shade.

  • Available colors: Pink, Clear, Iridescent
A Bottle Attachment That Aerates Your Wine With Every Pour

You don’t need to splurge on a bottle of wine to savor every sip — this aerator attachment can bring out its nuanced flavors with each and every pour. As the wine passes through the aerator, it gets infused with the optimal amount of oxygen, which results in a more robust taste. As an added bonus, you even get a second aerator for gifting to a wine-loving friend.

  • Available colors: Noir, Chardonnay, Rosé
These Electric Steel Salt & Pepper Grinders With Adjustable Coarseness Settings

By looking at this pair of sleek salt and pepper grinders, you wouldn’t be able to tell they were electric. But this added feature is actually so helpful — just press the button on the top of the battery-powered unit to start the grinding. You can also adjust the coarseness to your liking, and easily view how much seasoning you’ve added with the built-in light.

A Condiment Fork For Grabbing Pickles & Peppers Straight From The Jar

It may be a little thing, but having a designated fork to pick up pickled foods can make snacking so much more enjoyable. This condiment fork is designed with three narrow prongs that skewer your pickles, olives, and peppers with ease. Plus, it comes with a built-in holder that fits around the neck of your jar.

These Packing Cubes That Boost Space & Organization While Traveling

Packing cubes break your suitcase up into individual sections while also compressing the things inside. As a result, you can grab an item of clothing without upsetting everything else and you can fit a lot more in your bag while traveling — especially since the squared corners fit like blocks. This pack of five includes four cubes and a laundry bag.

Some Flexible Reading Lights With Multiple Warmth Settings

Perfect for night owls who want to squeeze in a couple extra pages before bed, these rechargeable reading lights conveniently clip directly onto your book. With three different lighting modes — white, amber, and daylight — as well as a flexible gooseneck, each light is conveniently customizable to your liking.

This Shoe Deodorizer Spray That Keeps Those Kicks Smelling Fresh

Keep your sneakers smelling minty fresh with this deodorizing spray — the powerful formula neutralizes bad smells on the spot. Boasting a natural roster of ingredients such as lavender, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils, it’s also safe to use in your gym bag, or even directly on your feet.

These Cushy Pillows That Make Your Bed Feel So Luxurious

Want your bed to feel like it belongs in a five-star hotel? These microfiber-filled pillows are the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, or back — these hypoallergenic pillows offer just enough support to give you a restful night’s sleep. Each one comes with an ultra-soft, breathable cotton cover, but feel free to add your own pillowcases for a customized look.

  • Available sizes: Queen, King
Some Twinkly LED String Lights That Are Completely Solar Powered

These twinkly fairy lights add a cozy ambience to any porch or patio — and even better, they don’t require you to plug them in. Rather, the lights charge themselves in the sunlight, then automatically switch on when the sun goes down. Each 33-foot string of lights is waterproof and weather-resistant, in addition to having eight unique lighting patterns. Choose from a dozen colors like pink, green, and classic warm white.

  • Available colors: 12
This Glass Container That Keeps Your Herbs Fresh For Longer

If you struggle to use up all your herbs before they go bad, you should invest in this glass storage container — it’s designed to keep your mint, rosemary, parsley, and more fresh for up to three weeks. An easy-grip knob at the top allows you to pull the herb basket up from the glass holder and pick what you need.

These Under-Bed Organizers For Your Impressive Shoe Collection

Having a large shoe collection is nothing to be ashamed of. However, you’ll want to keep those little beauties tidy so they don’t take over your closet. These under-bed organizers hold up to 12 pairs of shoes each — accommodating up to 24 pairs total. Not only do the fabric bins make it easy to access your sneakers, slippers, and heels, they also keep each pair free of dust (and pet hair).

This Light-Up Magnification Mirror For Bright, Precise Makeup

This backlit vanity mirror has over 6,000 five-star ratings because it boosts precision and illumination wherever you happen to be. Its mirrored panels provide one, two, and three times magnification, while its 36 LED lights brighten up dark bathrooms and hotel rooms. Best of all, you can plug it into a USB port for ongoing power or switch to AAA batteries for cordless, on-the-go use.

This Kitchen Mallet That’s The Best Reviewers Have Ever Used

According to reviewers who have used several kitchen mallets over the years, this one is the “best by far.” Its top-heavy weight does the tenderizing for you, its non-slip grip allows for control, and its non-stick coating makes for easy clean-up in the dishwasher. The double-sided head has spikes for tenderizing meat, flattening chicken, and mashing garlic, while the flat side crushes cookies and nuts.

An Electric Can Opener That Saves You From All That Twisting

Don’t bother struggling with that manual can opener — this electric one is way more convenient. All it takes is one push of a button to turn the can opener on, and another push to turn it off. The battery-powered can opener comes in four different hues — red, blue, teal, and white.

  • Available colors: 4
These Over-The-Door Organizers For Your Purses

Whether you’re running low on storage space or you’re looking to keep your designer bags in great condition, this over-the-door purse organizer gets the job done. Its tiered design has six pockets (four large and two small) with a protective plastic casing, which prevents crushing, stains, and clutter. You can also hang it over just about any door without the need for tools.

Some Bottle Stoppers That Remove The Air To Keep Your Wine Fresh

Sticking the original cork back in the bottle might stop your leftover wine from spilling, but these vacuum-pump stoppers remove the air to keep your wine fresher for longer. Just press the top three to five times in order to extract the air and seal the wine. They also fit most traditional bottles and have a dial that you can use to track the date.

The Rechargeable Lighter That’s Flameless & Moisture-Proof

Using plasma technology, this rechargeable lighter sparks up your grill, campfire, or candle without the need for a flame. That means it’s also resistant to wind and moisture — so it’s great to have as a backup in an emergency. The extra-long head ensures your fingers stay safe while you ignite the lighter.

A Slim Running Belt That Holds Your Keys, Wallet & Phone

With just enough space for your small essentials (think: keys, wallet, and phone), this running belt is a great buy for anyone with an active lifestyle. The zippered pouch is made of waterproof neoprene, resisting sweat and moisture as you move. An adjustable strap allows the belt to secure comfortably around your waist for a no-bounce fit.

  • Available colors: 7
This Ice Roller To Help With Puffiness, Pain Relief, & Headaches

Store the roller head in the freezer. Then, the next time you have a migraine, muscle ache, or puffy eyes, use this soothing ice roller (available in 12 color options) on the spot to experience relief and reduce swelling. “I never thought I would use it as much as I have,” one reviewer wrote. “I have used it on my arthritic knees. I roll it on my puffy face and eyes. When I had hives, I rolled it over them and it helped with the itching so much.”

These Citronella-Scented Incense Sticks That Ward Off Mosquitos

A patio is all but useless if mosquitos are constantly hovering around — luckily, there’s an easy fix. These citronella-scented incense sticks are loaded with essential oils that mosquitos hate. Create a barrier around your patio by lighting four or five sticks around the perimeter of your outdoor space. Each stick burns for up to three hours, which is plenty of time to enjoy a drink or catch up with friends.

Some V-Shaped Grippers That Keep Your Rug From Curling

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make your home look so much better. For instance, ensuring that your rugs don’t curl up at the edges. These V-shaped grippers stick to your rug’s corners, keeping them flat on the floor. Since they’re weatherproof, you can use them on your indoor and outdoor pieces — and when it’s time to clean your floors, you can simply lift them up without any marks or residue.

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