50 Hacks That Make House Chores 10x Easier

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Nothing feels quite as good as relaxing in a clean home after a long, stressful day at work. The only downside is that in order to relax in a tidy home, you first have to clean your home. Personally? I like to take every shortcut in the book so that I can skip straight from scrubbing tile to lounging on the couch. So if you’re like me, you’re definitely going to want to check out all these hacks that make chores 10 times easier.

Let’s face it: Scrubbing shower grout clean isn’t fun. But with the electric brush I’ve included in here, you’ll only have to use half as much elbow grease to get everything looking clean as new. Or, if you really want to do the least amount of work possible, check out the grout pen — it’ll breathe new life into tired grout so that it looks absolutely fresh. And if your grout is already sparkling, there are still all sorts of vacuums, pumice stones, and other handy tools to help you clean up around the house.

So what are you waiting for? Your home isn’t going to get itself spotless — and with all these hacks that make chores way easier, there’s no excuse for putting up with dirty spaces.

This LED Garage Light With 3 Bright, Foldable Panels

With three super-bright LED panels, this light is perfect for illuminating dark garages, or even simple workbenches. You can also adjust how the LED panels are angled — and the frame is made from corrosion-resistant material that won’t rust over time.

A Putty That Quickly Repairs Small Holes In The Wall

Moving out of your rental soon? If you want your full security deposit back, make sure to grab a can of this putty. It quickly fills in small holes in drywall, plaster, and wood, without any need for sanding afterwards. You can easily paint over it — and thousands of reviewers even raved about how well it works.

The Vacuum Attachment That Cleans Out Lint Traps

Designed to work with any vacuum, this attachment lets you clean deep into dirty lint traps. The result? Your machine doesn’t have to work as hard to dry a load of clothing, which can lead to lower utility bills. Plus, each order comes with a flexible lint brush for any leftover stragglers.

This Gripper That Keeps Your Rug In Place While You Vacuum

Are your rugs always sliding out from under you — even when you’re vacuuming the floors? Keep them securely in place using this nonslip gripper pad. It’ll also help prevent rugs from bunching up — and with more than 10 sizes to choose from, there’s one to suit nearly any shape rug.

A Vacuum Cleaner That Can Be Used 3 Different Ways

Not only does this stick vacuum transform into a handheld for smaller jobs, but there’s also an onboard crevice tool that helps you clean deep into tight spaces. When used as a stick, the swivel steering helps you maneuver around furniture legs — and it only weighs 4 pounds.

The Drain Protector That Still Lets Water Flow Through

Unlike some drain catchers that get embedded with grime, this one collects everything into a smooth basin located at the base. It easily swipes clean with a finger swish — and the tower design lets water pass through, even when the basin is full. Plus, it’s made to fit nearly any tub drain.

A Duster That Cleans Multiple Blinds At Once

Don’t waste time cleaning each individual window blind — allow these dusters to do the work for you. Not only do they clean two blinds at the same time, but the microfiber sleeves also latch onto dirt without any cleanser needed. Once dirty, simply toss them into the washer for a quick clean.

This Paw Washer That Helps Floors Stay Clean

Keep this paw washer by the door, and it’ll be ready to go whenever your pup tries to come in with dirty paws. Just add a little water, insert a paw, then give it a few twists — the silicone bristles will gently scrub away dirt so that it can’t mess up your floors. Each one is also BPA-free.

These Dish Gloves With Scrubbers Built Into The Palms

With silicone bristles all over the palms and fingers, these gloves are perfect for scrubbing away grease and grime. While they work great on dishes, you can just as easily use them for tough cleaning jobs around the house — the bristles won’t leave behind scratches like some scrubbers can.

The Slippers That Pick Up Dust Along The Way

Stretch these slippers around your shoes, and the chenille fibers will grab dust and dirt wherever you walk. Each order comes with enough pairs for the whole family in different colors — and one size is large enough to fit most shoes.

A Spin Mop & Bucket That Wrings The Water For You

With its triangular head that easily reaches into nooks and corners, this spin mop and bucket is a must-have in any home. What sets it apart, however, is the self-wringing bucket. Simply insert the mop, then press down on the foot pedal a few times — the inner strainer will begin to spin, siphoning away all that dirty water.

This Duster That Can Reach Super Tall Fixtures

Whether your fans or ledges are dirty, this extendable duster can likely reach both. Not only is it able to stretch out to 100 inches, but the flexible head also lets you bend it into a 90-degree angle for those hard-to-reach spots. Plus, the duster head is removable for easy washing once dirty.

A Dustpan That Helps Your Broom Bristles Stay Clean

There’s no need to bend over and clean your broom bristles when you’ve got this dustpan. The silicone teeth on the front let you comb away any dust bunnies or clumps that’ve gotten stuck to the bristles — all without having to bend over and touch anything. “The broom attaches to the dustpan and it stands upright,” explained one reviewer. “I love that feature, no more brooms falling over.”

The Squeegee That Delivers A Streak-Free Shine

Whether you’ve got drips on your windows or windshield, this squeegee will wipe them all away without leaving behind any streaks. The slim profile takes up hardly any space, regardless of where you put it — and each order also comes with a suction cup hook in case you’d like to hang it up.

A Set Of Scrubbers That Plug Into Your Power Drill

Dirty grout is no match for this set of scrubbers — just plug one into your power drill, and it’ll quickly clean just about anything. Three different heads let you tackle a variety of jobs, while the stiff nylon bristles are resistant to fraying. Plus, you can even use them on more delicate surfaces, including tile.

These Tools That Clean Deep Into Grooves

Dirty window tracks are no match for these gap tools, as they reach deep into tight spaces in order to get rid of dirt, grime, and more. They’ll also work on air conditioner shutters, as well as shower racks. Plus, the non-slip handles are made to fit comfortably in either hand.

A Toilet Scrubber That Comes With 6 Disposable Heads

No one likes staring at dirty toilet scrubbers — that’s why this one is made with a disposable head. Not only does it always look clean, but each order comes with six replacements to start with. Plus, the storage caddy keeps everything neatly out of sight to begin with.

This Scrubber That’s Perfect For Grout

With an oscillating head that scrubs up to 60 times per second, this brush makes quick work of dirty grout. It’s also water-resistant, making it perfect for damp bathroom jobs — and the ergonomic grip even fits comfortably in both hands.

These Durable Sponges That Clean All Sorts Of Messes

I like to use these magic sponges to clean scuff marks off my walls — but they’re so versatile that you can use them for nearly anything. They’ll remove permanent marker, clean dishes, and even scrub stovetops clean without leaving behind any scratches. Plus, each one is made from eco-friendly melamine foam.

A Pumice Stone That Powers Through Toilet Rings

Want to get your toilet looking extra-clean? Grab this pumice stone and start rubbing away all those unsightly water rings. It also works great on mineral deposits around your sink or in your bathtub, as it’s tough on grime, yet gentle on tile and porcelain. “Some elbow grease and a short time later, I could swear I just went out and bought a new toilet,” raved one reviewer. “Doesn't harm the porcelain, good for the environment, and works better than I ever thought imaginable.”

The Scrubber Brushes Made With Ergonomic Handles

Ever notice how your wrist can grow sore after scrubbing your bathroom clean? That’s why these scrubbers are made with ergonomic handles that not only fit comfortably in both hands, but also help take the pressure off your joints. Plus, the bristles are made from tough, fray-resistant nylon.

A Pen That Paints Your Grout Clean

When no amount of scrubbing will get that grout looking clean, you might as well paint it over using this pen. The long-lasting ink is non-toxic, making it safe to use in kitchens and bathrooms. The best part? Each pen comes loaded with enough paint for up to 150 feet of grout.

This Toothbrush Holder That Helps Protect Your Bristles

Don’t let your toothbrush bristles get dirty — use this holder to keep them safe from dirt and dust. There’s enough space for up to four brushes, and installation is a total breeze using the included adhesive. Plus, there’s also space up top for small accessories, like brushes and skincare.

The Memory Foam Bathroom Rug That’s Machine Washable

Step off of that cold bathroom floor and onto this soft rug. Not only is it absorbent, but it’s also made from microfiber velvet that feels luxuriously soft. And with its nonslip backing, there’s no need to worry about it shifting out from underneath you. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy cleanup whenever needed.

A Shower Curtain Liner That’s Resistant To Soap Scum

Soap scum, mildew, rust — this shower curtain liner is resistant to all of it. The PEVA material is waterproof, while the grommets on top are designed so that they won’t corrode over time. Plus, you can even use it as a shower curtain in order to let more light in while you’re bathing.

This Expandable Scrubber That’s Perfect For Cleaning Floors

Whether you’ve got messy kitchen tiles or old hardwood, this scrubber can help you get them clean as new. The telescopic handle lets you stay upright while cleaning, and it’s even made from tough stainless steel — not plastic. “This makes cleaning my bathrooms so much easier,” wrote one reviewer. “No more bending to clean the tub.”

A Hamper That Doesn’t Take Up Any Floor Space

Don’t have enough space for a hamper on the floor or in your closet? Just hang this one up on any standard-sized door. It’s made from tough Oxford fabric that won’t tear under heavy loads — and the zipper along the bottom makes it easy to dump all your clothes into the washer.

The Wool Dryer Balls That Can Help Lower Utility Bills

Swap out those wasteful dryer sheets in favor of these reusable wool balls. Unlike sheets, they’ll help aerate all of your clothes as they tumble, allowing them to dry faster than normal. The result? Less time in the drying — and each one is even made from 100% premium, New Zealand wool.

These Tablets That Refresh Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine has started to develop unwanted odors, try sending one of theses tablets through a cycle. They clean deep into your machine, cleansing away built-up residues and grime. Plus, they’re designed to work with all top- and front-load washers, as well as high-efficiency models.

A Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Door

Need somewhere to lay your clothes flat to dry? Hang this drying rack over your door. Three different tiers give you space for shirts, pants, and more. Plus, the solid metal hooks at the top are designed to work with any standard-sized door or shower rod.

The Platforms That Hold Your Detergent Cups For You

Pop these platforms onto your detergent bottles, and they’ll give you a convenient place to keep the soap cups. The bases are slatted, which keep the cups above any stray drips that have collected — and each one is even made right here in the United States.

A Rolling Laundry Cart That’s Divided In 2

With its handy center divider, this rolling hamper lets you separate your laundry. The heavy-duty casters glide across the floor, though each one features a brake in case you want to keep it standing still. Choose from three colors: silver, pink, or chrome.

This Hanger That Won’t Let Socks Go Missing In The Dryer

With how many socks I’m always buying, I’ve gotta be losing at least one in every load of laundry. But if I had this hanger, it’d easily save me the time (and stress) that comes with having to find matching socks for the day. It holds onto your socks as they tumble — and you can even use it in the washer and dryer.

A Set Of Mesh Bags That Keep Delicates From Snagging

I can’t tell you how many bras I’ve ruined in the wash — but that’s only part of the reason I bought these laundry bags. They’re great for keeping your delicates from snagging, and you can even use them to separate dirty clothes from clean ones in your suitcase. Each order comes with two medium, two large, as well as one extra-large bag.

These Guards That Stop Clothes From Falling Behind Your Machines

Missing more than a few socks? Try adding these guards around your washer and dryer. They’ll prevent clothes from falling behind — and the magnets along the bottom make it easy to stick them on. Plus, one size is made to fit most machines.

The Broom Holder That Tidies Up Messy Utility Closets

Baseball bats, mops, shovels — you name it, this broom holder can likely handle it. Each slot features a grippy rubber ball that can support up to 7 pounds without letting your tools slide, while the hooks in-between are perfect for scrubbers, rags, and more. “The broom closet was always a mess with the brooms hitting me in the face whenever I took the trash out,” wrote one reviewer. “This saved me so much stress!”

A Folding Board That Can Make Laundry Fun

Folding laundry can be tedious — but this board can at least throw some fun into the mix. It’ll fold everything from shirts to pants in as little as five seconds, all while making sure your clothes come out uniformly. The result? Your shelves will become so organized that they’ll look like they came straight out of the nearest department store.

This Dish Rack That Helps Save Space

If you don’t have enough space for one of those large, bulky dish racks, why not try downsizing to this over-the-sink version? The rungs are made from tough metal that’s been coated with non-slip silicone, which helps keep your glassware safe from getting knocked over. Plus, you can even use it as a trivet for hot cookware since it’s heat-resistant.

A Pack Of Velvet Dish Towels That Are Super-Absorbent

Still using paper towels to clean up messes? Then it’s time to upgrade to these reusable dish towels. Each one is made from soft velvet that shouldn’t leave behind scratches on delicate surfaces. They’ll also resist shrinking in the wash — and since they’re ultra-absorbent, it only takes one to tackle most messes.

The Bamboo Cutting Board With Storage Bins Underneath

Sliced veggies don’t have to take up precious workspace until you’re ready to cook — just slide them into one of the storage bins underneath this cutting board. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo that’s resistant to water, and each order also comes with four interchangeable grates for shredding, slicing, and more.

A Slider That Tells You When The Dishes Are Clean Or Dirty

Tired of discovering people have mixed dirty dishes in with clean ones? Put this slider magnet on the front of your dishwasher — it’ll remind everybody in the house of what’s clean versus dirty. And if the front of your machine isn’t magnetic? Each order also comes with double-sided adhesive to help you hang it up.

This Soap Dispenser With Space For A Sponge

Not only does this dispenser help you conserve soap by squirting out the ideal amount, but there’s also space to keep a sponge on top. Simply press down on the sponge when you need soap — the spring-loaded mechanism will inject it directly into its fibers. Choose from three colors: silver, white, or grey.

A Volcano That Helps You Clean Out Your Microwave

Add a little vinegar and water to this volcano, then send it through your microwave for about five minutes. Steam will gradually begin to erupt out of the top, loosening up all that baked-on crud stuck to your microwave walls so that you can easily wipe it out with a damp rag. And unlike some microwave helpers, this one is BPA-free.

These Containers That Are Perfect For Meal Prep

Even if you don’t prepare your meals for the week in advance, you can still use these meal prep containers for lunches, snacks, or even just leftovers. Each one is divided into two so that your food doesn’t mix together — and the custom-fit lids help keep your meals fresh until you’re ready to eat.

A Chart That Reminds People Of Their Chores

Having trouble keeping track of who needs to do what chore? Allow this chart to serve as a helpful reminder. The magnetic backing lets you stick it to the fridge so that everybody can reference it when needed — and each order also comes with one dry-erase marker to get you started.

These Labels That Help You Stay Organized At Home

Soap, starch, twin sheets, towels — this set of labels is so extensive that you’ll practically be able to organize your entire home. They’re made from high-quality PVC that’s water- and oil-resistant, with a tough adhesive backing that won’t wear off in humid rooms. Plus, each order comes with more than 200 labels.

These Garbage Disposal Cleaners That Smell Like Lemon

Ever notice unwanted odors coming from your kitchen sink? It could be your garbage disposal — in which case, drop one of these little balls inside. The biodegradable formula powers through unwanted smells in less than 15 seconds, while the lemon scent gives your plumbing a refresh.

A Roller That Latches Onto Stubborn Pet Hair

Whether you’ve got pet hair on your clothes, furniture, or carpet, this roller can help you quickly get rid of it. Thousands of tiny bristles latch onto each individual hair — and once snagged, the built-in dustbin collects everything together for easy disposal. Plus, it’s reusable as many times as you like.

The Welcome Mat That Helps Your Floors Stay Clean

Tired of finding dirty footprints throughout your home? Add this welcome mat to your front door. It only takes a few swipes to get the bottom of your shoes clean, and the non-slip back won’t let it shift around while you’re swiping. Choose from more than 10 colors, as well as three patterns.

A Miniature Vacuum For Your Desk

Got crumbs and dust under your keyboard? Use this miniature vacuum to suck it all out. The compact size is perfect for desktops, while the cordless design makes it easy to maneuver around. Plus, it only requires two AA batteries (not included) for up to 90 minutes of runtime.