75 Gifts Under $35 On Amazon Prime That Are Legitimately Awesome

I mean it — these affordable gifts are *so* cool.

Written by Veronika Kero
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I know gift giving can be stressful — especially when the bills start adding up. But you can avoid both the horrified look on your face when you see your credit card statement and the disappointed look on a friend’s face after receiving a boring gift by simply scrolling below.

Amazon has tons of high-quality items at affordable prices, and this list is full of some of the best ones. Everything, from clothes to skincare to those items you didn’t know you needed but definitely do (like a bedside caddy) is here — and it’s all less than $35.

So instead of scrambling at the last minute, just start adding to cart and don’t bother clicking the option for a gift receipt. They won’t need it.

A Wine Chiller Stick That Also Aerates

For cooler wine and just overall better taste, this wine chiller stick is all you need to completely transform any bottle. First, the stainless steel cooling rod keeps any blend colder for longer. It’s wrapped in a non-toxic ice gel that won’t water anything down. Meanwhile, the rubber seal is actually concealing an aerator allows wine to breathe so that its underlying notes and flavors can be maximized. It’s the perfect thing to bring to both a large gathering or an intimate dinner party.

These High-Waisted Leggings With 60,000 Five-Star Ratings

Reviewers said that these high-waisted leggings don’t ride down in the back, fade in the wash, or shrink in the dryer. That all makes it almost impossible to believe that they cost less than $20. But they do, and they’re available in a ton of styles and even lengths. The full-length pair, in particular, has two side pockets that are deep enough to fit a cell phone while working out or running errands, which is a total win.

  • Available sizes: One Size – One Size Plus
  • Available styles:
A Cult-Favorite Silicone Stainer That Saves Cabinet Space

This silicone strainer proves that you really only need half of a colander as long as it’s flexible and able to clip onto any pot, pan, or bowl. The BPA-free material is food-grade and heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Use it to drain pasta and potatoes of water or rinse your fruit and veggies. The clamps provide a sturdy grip through it all so you can keep all your food exactly where it is, saving you from washing yet another dish at the end of the day.

A Cleansing Clay Mask That Turns Into A Bubbling Foam

Make their skincare routine a little more entertaining with this clay mask that starts bubbling on the face after a few minutes. It’s made with activated charcoal and carbonated bubbles that create that lightweight foam while also deeply penetrating pores to clean out unwanted impurities. Meanwhile, the white kaolin clay that’s also in the blend gently exfoliates to leave skin glowing and smooth.

A Travel Blanket That Transforms Into A Pillow

When on-the-go, you may feel like you need to give up space for comfort, but this travel blanket lets you have the best of both worlds. The plush microfleece throw comes with a zippered carrying case that transforms the blanket into a travel pillow. The convenient cover also features a luggage sleeve so that it can be stored right out in the open instead of trying to stuff it in your already-full bag. It even has a velvety sheen to it that adds a bit of luxury to your airport look.

This Syrup Dispenser That Stops Messy Drips

This 8-ounce syrup dispenser avoids messes when putting honey in your tea, caramel sauce on your ice cream, or even sugar in your coffee. The glass container has a bottom stopper that creates an airtight seal so that none of the sticky ingredients end up on your counter. Plus, the adorable honeycomb shape and one-hand design will look great when serving guests.

This Makeup Brush Set That Comes With A Cleaning Solution

Gift your beauty-obsessed friend a 14-piece makeup brush set with different shapes and sizes so that they can seamlessly apply cream, liquid, and powder products without leaving any streaks behind. Plus, these brushes won’t shed even after many washes with the included cleaning solution that removes all bacteria for a fresh start each time.

A Bamboo Charcuterie Board With A Slide-Out Drawer

Anyone who loves to host will get excited about this bamboo charcuterie board that is actually a bit more impressive than the usual flat ones you see on the market. This board has hollowed out sides that perfectly balance crackers and nuts, while the cheese and meat take the starring role in the center. And, when sliding out the middle drawer, it reveals an adorable mini cutlery set with a designated space for each cheese knife and serving fork.

A 2-Pack Of Portable Chargers That Reviewers Love

One portable charger is already a great gift for someone who’s always out and about, but this two-pack is even better — and 62,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon agree. They can keep one in their car and one in the bag they use most often so they can avoid ever seeing their battery go red again. Each has two USB port so multiple devices can be charged at a time and, don’t worry, the temperature protection will keep it from overheating.

This Ceramic Mug That Actually Encourages Playing With Your Food

This mug with a hoop is sure to make breakfast and snack time even more fun for any of the kids (or kids at heart) in your life. The 16-ounce mug has enough to fit a great serving of cereal, some delicious hot cocoa (with marshmallows to be dunked, of course), or popcorn for movie night. And once snack time is over, one can easily clean it in the dishwasher.

A Moon Phase Garland That’s Made Of Hand-Hammered Metal

Shaped like the phases of the moon, the garland adds a serene vibe to any room while also bringing a bit of shine. Each piece is made of hand-hammered metal that glistens in the light while bringing just a touch of glam and texture to any space. Best of all, the entire string is extremely lightweight and doesn’t require any serious tools to set up.

A Portable Camping Hammock That Can Hold Up To 400 Pounds

This camping hammock makes it easy to turn a spot among the trees into a relaxing getaway. It weighs just 16 ounces so that it doesn’t add unnecessary heavy weight to your bag and takes just 60 seconds to set up. The 9-foot long long tree straps and carabiners have five separate loops so that you can adjust its height.

A Magnetic Flashlight That Can Be Used to Pick Up Dropped Nails

For hands-free assistance, this magnetic flashlight can balance on any metallic surface to brighten up any area that’s being worked on (think: car hood). It also has a pocket clip so it can be used to in other spaces as well. The bright LED bulbs can also be used to locate lost nuts and bolts and instantly attract them to the tool. It’s an easy way to get those dropped pieces out of hard-to-reach spots. The flexible neck can extend from 6.75 to to 22 inches and rotate 360 degrees.

These Workout Cards That Give Step-By-Step Instructions

These workout cards can bring a ton of inspiration to their next gym session. Each deck focuses on a different kind of exercise (including some with equipment like barbells or kettlebells and others that just require your body, like yoga or stretching) and includes 50 different moves. Step-by-step written instructions and illustrations are included on the oversized cards so that they feel as though they have the help of a personal trainer. Plus, each is made of a moisture-resistant plastic that won’t tear or crease.

A Pack Of Revitalizing Eye Masks That Are Made With Real Gold

Anyone who doesn’t get as much sleep as they would like (a.k.a. everyone) will love these eye masks. Each box comes with 15 pairs that can be used whenever they feel their skin is missing its natural glow. They’re packed with revitalizing ingredients like vitamin C, grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid, and even bits of 24-karat gold that all work together to hydrate the delicate area.

This Easy-To-Learn Party Game That Reviewers Love

Like a game of telephone that can be played by a whole party at once, one side of this easy-to-learn card game depicts a common phrase that the judge can see, while the other shows syllabic gibberish. Whoever decodes the card first gets a point. It’s a simple concept but a total blast, as the 4.7-star average rating proves.

The Reusable Makeup Remover Cloth That Lasts Up To 5 Years

This makeup remover cloth only needs water to clean your face of waterproof mascara, foundation, lipstick, and just about anything else. It also gently exfoliates so you’re left with a healthy glow each time. This genius product will not only end up saving some cash but it’ll help the environment as well. As opposed to wipes and oils that have to constantly be repurchased, this cloth can be washed and reused for up to five years.

These Glass Watering Bulbs That Only Need Refilled Every 2 Weeks

For anyone who loves to fill their home with greenery but always forgets to actually water each pot, these plant watering bulbs will do the job for them. As soon as the soil dries, the bulbs will release water and give them the exact amount of moisture that they need, and they only need refilled about every two weeks. And they won’t disrupt the beauty of their plants either. Each bulb is made of hand-blown glass that shines with swirls of radiant colors.

A Brightening Vitamin C Serum That’s Free Of Parabens

This vitamin C serum has a clean formula that is packed with antioxidants that can visibly brighten the skin and even reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots over time. It also has nourishing ingredients like witch hazel and vitamin E to even out your skin tone and hydrate. And best of all, it won’t leave behind any uncomfortable oily feeling so that you can even wear it under makeup.

A Handheld Milk Frother That Takes Just Seconds

In just 15 seconds, your friend can have a delicious looking latte that looks as though it was made by a professional barista. All they need is this milk frother. The handheld device is super lightweight and easy to use — just press the button and you’ll be enjoying a fluffy foam in no time. It can also be used to mix protein and matcha to perfection or even scramble some eggs.

An Adorable Utensil Rest That Keeps Counters Spotless

Instead of placing your mixing spoon down on the counter, use this cute (yet strong) silicone utensil rest. The tiny crab can clamp onto any pot or pan to hold a dirty tool or support a lid so that steam is able to be released. The top half can be turned 360 degrees so that it works with whichever cookware you’re attaching it to.

A Beauty Sponge That Applies Any Makeup Without Streaks

It won’t be hard to seamlessly blend powder, cream, and liquid makeup with this beauty sponge. The compact tool has three different sides (the precision tip, rounded edges, and wide bottom) to perfectly work with every part of the face. Plus, it won’t absorb any product so that you’re not wasting your expensive concealers and bronzers.

These Mesh Packing Cubes That Allow Clothes To Breathe

Help your globetrotting friend stay a little more organized on their adventures with these packing cubes. They’re made with reinforced stitching that liquids glide right off so that their belongings stay dry no matter what accidents happen during travel. The snag-free zipper also keeps shirts, socks, and pants safe too by preventing any tugging and rips. Meanwhile, the breathable mesh panels allows air circulation so that everything can air out even when packed away.

A Pasta Maker With 7 Different Thickness Options

This pasta maker will make your homemade meals look as though they were made by a pro. The eye-catching machine can smoothly crank out pieces of homemade pasta for some spaghetti and meatballs. There are seven different thickness options for the noodles, from 2 to 6 millimeters, so you can have the exact pasta you need for your alfredo sauce. For extra stability, the piece comes with a removable table clamp.

This Night Cream Made With Regenerative Snail Mucin

In addition to its power ingredient, this snail mucin night cream is made with other revitalizing nutrients like shea butter, organic aloe, and vitamin E. Those, in combination with its 97.5% of snail mucin extract, work to brighten and deeply hydrate the skin. It’s also completely non-comedogenic so that it won’t clog pores. Your skin will look more well-rested and nourished after just a few uses.

A Stainless Steel Tumbler That Makes Pour-Over Coffee

This pour-over coffee mug is great for anyone who is constantly moving or for someone who lives on their own. They can use this insulated tumbler to make just the amount of java they need — wherever they need it. It comes with a stainless steel mesh filter that can be used to make pverour-o coffee right inside its vacuum-layered body. And, when done, it’ll keep hot drinks hot for over six hours and cold drinks cold for over 20.

A Magnified Vanity Mirror With Touch-Screen Light Control

Whether they’re looking for some extra precision when doing their makeup or just want a bit more clarity so that they can get out the door as quick as possible, this vanity mirror makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. The tri-fold stand rotates 180 degrees and has a center touch screen that can be used to control the border of LED lights. It also has three different levels of magnification for a true crystal clear view.

This Glass Tumbler With An Extra-Wide Straw For Boba

If they’re a true boba drinker, they’ll know how hard it is to find a to-go cup that’s fit to store those yummy tapioca balls. These 24-ounce boba cups, however, are designed for just that. Their wide opening makes it easy to drop in as much ice, fruit, and of course, boba, as you want but even more importantly, the wide straw lets you actually enjoy it all. Each is wrapped with a silicone grip so that they’re easy to hold, and the set comes with a straw brush so that everything is easy to clean.

This Scalp Massager That Promotes Hair Growth

Made of a gentle but durable silicone, this scalp massager can be used to increase blood flow, which in turn promotes hair growth. By exfoliating, it also removes dead skin cells, dandruff, and product buildup to help hair look its very best. It comes with two different scrubber heads and has a wide handle that’s comfortable to hold while using. But the best part, whether used wet or dry, is how relaxing it feels.

This Morse Code Bracelet That’s Plated In Gold

This morse code bracelet will one of the most special that they wear. The simple and elegant piece can easily be incorporated into their everyday style and while it may look like any other ordinary bracelet to any outsider, they’ll know the true meaning of the sweet message you put behind it. The bar can be molded to say things like “fierce”, “I love you,” and more. The cord is waxed and will sit comfortably and lightly on the skin.

  • Available styles: 23
These Eco-Friendly Food Wraps That Can Be Reused For A Year

Constructed from organic cotton, ethically-harvested beeswax, and other natural fibers, these food wraps keep your sandwiches and fruit fresher than plastic or foil ever could. And they can be used time and time again, making them better for the environment as well. This pack comes with nine wraps of three assorted sizes (the largest of which has a liter capacity). They each soften in your hands and then create an airtight seal over whatever you choose to stretch them over.

A Silicone Mat To Protect Counters From Hot Tools

Accidents happen, but this silicone mat can certainly help prevent some. Instead of leaving straighteners and irons on the counter or floor, give a bit more peace of mind by resting them on this heat-resistant surfaces that stops any burns from being created. The flexible piece is covered in non-slip waves that keep everything in place, and when it’s time to put them away, place your tools in the center pouch opening for a safe transfer.

This Belgian Waffle Maker That’s Super Easy To Clean

The deep pockets of this Belgian waffle maker create perfectly-cooked 8-inch waffle that easily releases off the non-stick plates. They can be made as crispy or light as they want by simply adjusting the temperature control. The stainless steel appliance will fit right in to any kitchen decor and will last through countless mornings.

An Iridescent Nail Polish That Changes Based On The Weather

For the friend who was obsessed with mood rings back in the day, give them this color-changing nail polish as a chic upgrade. Turquoise flows to green, orange transforms into yellow, and so on. There are eight different combination options and each of them have a holographic sparkle, no matter what color they’re on (which depends on the temperature). Each batch is handmade, non-toxic, and cruelty-free, so you can rest assured knowing your supporting a conscious product.

These Bamboo Salad Hands That Are Great For Dinner Parties

Forget cheap looking tongs. Made of genuine wood, these bamboo salad servers are a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic and offer a more natural feel that’s easier to control when tossing greens together and serving them. Each has a thumb on the back that makes them easy to rest on the side of the bowl so that they don’t get lost or placed on a dirty counter.

An Adorable Cat Headband That Keeps Hair From Getting Wet

This cat headband is as useful as it is adorable. The super soft fibers keep every piece of hair (even flyaways) out of your face as you cleanse your skin or do your makeup — saving you from having to fix your hairstyle afterwords. And since it soaks up excess water, it keeps any from dripping down and making a mess of your counter. The super stretchy elastic band adjusts to perfectly fit most.

These Tealight Candle Holders That Have A Vintage Vibe

It doesn’t take a huge home improvement project to switch up the mood and ambience. All you need is these tealight candle holders. This 12-pack comes in three romantic colors, including an amber brown that will warm up any room. Their classic lined design brings a vintage touch to the thick glass pieces that are heavy enough to safely stay in place.

A Travel Jewelry Case Made Of Durable Faux Leather

This travel jewelry case is so chic that it can actually pass as a purse when closed. It’s made of a faux leather and lined in velvet to keep accessories protected from both the inside and outside. It splits into three separate compartments so your necklaces, bracelets, and rings can be organized and easy to find. The snap button closure keeps everything secure and won’t wear away over time as many tie closures do.

These Microfiber Towels That Dry Super Quickly

These microfiber towels can be used for just about anything. The thin and lightweight fibers allow them to absorb more water and dry up to three times faster than a standard towel. This can definitely come in handy after a swim at the beach, a sweaty hot yoga session, or a mess at home. The material is so soft and as smooth as satin, making it gentle on your face and body, and hair. The set comes with an elastic band and breathable mesh bag to keep everything tidy and easy to travel with.

This Food Container That Keeps All Air Out

While this food container can definitely be used for a wide range of delicious snacks, its silicone-lined lid is particularly good for pushing all the air out of sauces and dips. Just fill the thick plastic walls up with up to four cups of homemade guacamole or salsa and press down until all the air bubbles are released. It’ll stay fresh for a longer amount of time so that you always have something ready to serve guests.

A Compact Charging Station That Keeps Electronics Organized

For the tech-obsessed, this charging dock will keep all their devices in one organized place instead of becoming an eyesore next to every outlet in the house. The station has six USB ports with a divider between each so that everything, from a smart phone to a tablet, can be held upright. It also eliminates the clutter caused by those long tangled cords that are typically used. Instead, it comes with six short cables of three different varieties.

These Chic Silk Scrunchies That Are Gentle On Hair

You’ll definitely want to grab a pack of these silk scrunchies for yourself too. They have a smooth construction that prevents them from harshly tugging on hair or causing. These luxurious pieces can even prevent frizz by gliding over the hair gently instead of causing friction as ordinary ones typically do.

A Half-Gallon Glass Pitcher With An Airtight Lid

With a half-gallon capacity, this glass pitcher has more than enough room to serve any homemade sangria or iced tea at a party. The wide mouth makes it easy to drop in ice or fruit and it can all be kept fresh and cool with the lid that twists and locks in place to keep out air and dust. Its elegant shape will fit right in to any table setting and is easy to pick up with the ergonomic handle.

A Detangling Brush That Works With Any Hair Type

This detangling brush has gentle bristles that work on any type of hair, whether it’s wet or dry. They’re able to do this thanks to their unique cone-shape that separates hair sideways instead of ripping through tangles straight down. It’ll feel so good that you may want to use it for a scalp massage as well. And don’t worry, the bristles won’t fall out or lose their shape over time.

These Book Lights That Last Over 30 Hours On A Single Charge

These book lights have a focused yet strong LED light that can illuminate the space no matter where they are. The clamps can be attached to a headboard, book, or tablet, and the flexible necks can be adjusted to stand in any position. The lights have three different modes, one of which reduces eye strain. One charge can last over 30 hours they won’t have to worry about carrying the USB cord with them everywhere.

The Silicone Baking Mats That Can Replace Cooking Spray

Thank the friend who’s always bringing over delicious homemade treats by giving them these silicone baking mats. The flexible sheets are completely non-stick so that they don’t have to waste time lining a pan with butter or cooking spray. They can handle temperatures between -40 and 480 degrees Fahrenheit so you can even place them in the freezer for those recipes that need to be chilled. Best of all, they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

This Elastic Running Belt With A Reflective Safety Strip

Stretchy to the point where it can fit your phone, cash, ID, and credit cards all at once, this running belt is all they’ll need to grab when going out to complete a few miles. It even has a loop to hold a small water bottle and a headphone hole. The entire piece weighs just 3.3 ounces and is water-resistant so that your friend will have a companion, rain or shine. It also has a reflective strip in the center to increase your visibility at night.

A Rice Water Treatment That Strengthens & Smoothes Hair

Packed full with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, this rice water spray can be used as a hair strengthening treatment that promotes growth and leaves each strand smooth and shiny. After spraying on scalp, massage it through to activate all the nourishing ingredients, and then rinse out for renewed hair. It’s made without any parabens and safe to use on any hair type.

A Chic Teapot That’s Made Of Scratch-Resistant Glass

This glass teapot will add such a sophisticated look to any kitchen, your giftee won’t want to put it away even after brewing a few cups. The delicate-looking and lightweight construction is much more durable than it looks. The outer surface resists scratches, is safe to put in the microwave, and can even go through the dishwasher. While it does the hard part, all your loved one will have to do is pack is their favorite loose tea or herbs into the built-in stainless steel infuser and pour through the non-drip spout.

A Nail Art Kit That Makes It Easy To Create Intricate Designs

This nail art kit comes with 15 brushes with different tips, 10 striping tapes, 12 pots of foil, and more. Between a gradient effect and a polka dot pattern, the options are endless. There are over 10,000 five-star reviews from beginners and pros, all of who rave about how easy it all is to use. Anyone who loves to express their creativity will have fun creating all kinds of unique looks with this set.

This Retro-Looking Vase That’s Been Hand-Painted

If you have a friend that loves all things vintage, this ceramic vase is the perfect thing to add to their collection. Shaped and hand-painted to look like an old school orange juice bottle, it’s actually a fun piece of (new) decor that can brighten up any nightstand or kitchen island. It stands at nearly 10 inches tall, making it a great home for those long pieces of eucalyptus.

This Heated Lotion Dispenser For An At-Home Spa Experience

When warmed up, products can better penetrate the skin which is why anyone who is always looking for the next skincare trend would love this heated lotion dispenser. It takes any cream and instantly warms it so that it can moisturize deeper to help relieve any dryness. It can hold up to 16 ounces of product but is so compact and sleek that you’ll hardly notice that it’s on your bathroom counter.

A Chic Sherpa Throw Blanket That Won’t Shrink Or Fade

This sherpa blanket will act as both home decor and a snuggly piece that they won’t want to go to sleep without. The reversible throw has plush sherpa on one side and warm fleece on the other that’s shaped into polished lines. The high-quality fibers won’t shrink or fade in the wash so it can stay fresh year after year. Available in over 20 styles and two sizes, they can throw it over their couch as an accent or spread it over their bed.

This Super Quiet Pet Water Fountain With A Large Capacity

This pet water fountain has a 95-ounce capacity, so it can maintain fresh water for even households with multiple pets. Made of BPA-free, durable materials, this and filters that keep the water crisp and free of debris and hait, this fountain helps keep watering areas mess-free. How? It draws the pet towards it with two different kinds of fountains instead of your pets having to bat at water to see if it’s really there.

A Tea Mug That Comes With A Removable Steeper

There’s no need to pull an entire teapot out anymore for just one quick cup. Instead, gift someone this tea mug where they can steep their favorite blend and sip it all at once without getting more than one dish dirty. It even comes with a matching lid to keep it warm when you’re not drinking. Each mug has a beautiful ombre design that will make any morning feel a bit more luxurious.

This Vegan Leather Wristlet That Is So Versatile

Carry the essentials hands-free with this handy wristlet. Half bracelet, half wallet, this accessory can hold several cards, cash, and other little items all in the chic faux leather material. The bracelet itself is detachable and also opens up so you can clip on hand sanitizer, your keys, or other must-haves.

This Set Of Indoor Planters That Water Plants For You

This set of self-watering pots does all of the work. Each deep pot has a nesting design that lifts the plants and allows water to sit within the bottom legs, which filters in from the easy-fill deposit. When the soil is dry, the plant can soak up as much water as it needs. This hydroponic technology eliminates the risk of any greenary being overwatered. Plus, pH-balanced coco soil is included with the set for superior drainage and elevated water retention.

A Panini Press That Can Make 2 Sandwiches At Once

For a yummy meal that takes only minutes to heat up (and even less to clean up), grab this panini press. The interior plates are reinforced with ceramic and titanium for a mess-free release without even having to use any oil or butter. That way, you just wipe it clean in one swift move afterwards. The indicator light will tell you when your delicious creation is ready, and the handle will remain cool to the touch.

A Car Trash Can With Removable Liners That Can Be Washed

For the friend who’s constantly driving and, therefore, slowly turned their vehicle into an extension of their home, this car trash can can help clean up some of the mess that can come along for the ride. Its large interior can fit nearly 2 gallons worth of water bottles and granola bar wrappers while its exterior is decorated with extra pockets and even a tissue holder. The interior liners are completely leakproof but if they do get dirty, simply remove them and throw them in the wash. The all-in-one bag is available in a solid black version in addition to the two fun cartoon styles.

These Stemless Glasses That Can Keep Drinks Chilled

For anyone who waits for summer to come every year, these frozen margarita glasses will help them kick things off (no matter the weather). After being in the freezer for about two hours, each BPA-free glass will keep drinks chilled and your hands warm. And no matter how sweaty it is outside, the silicone band that wraps around the entire base makes it easy to grip.

A Foldable Cell Phone Stand That’s Easy To Travel With

This cell phone stand allows hands-free Zoom calls or movie watching, because they can rest their phone or tablet on its rubberized arms for a hands-free call. Made of premium aluminum, the stand is sure not to topple over and can be adjusted to be used both vertically and horizontally. It also fully collapses so that it’s easy to stick in any bag while on-the-go.

This Adorable Makeup Organizer With Pull-Out Drawers

Split into seven different compartments in addition to two mini drawers, this makeup organizer has enough room to fit all their glam products. It has a minimalist design that won’t interrupt the look of any vanity and is completely waterproof, making it easy to wipe down and keep everything hygienic. It comes in solid colors, like pastel blue and pink, but each container comes with an adorable sticker sheet that can be used to decorate its walls.

A Portable Lantern That Can Turn Into Easy-To-Hang Strip Lights

This genius lantern has 15 color options and 10 brightness modes and can be hung, used as magnets, or tucked into the pouch. Yep, this 5-foot rope of LED lights also comes with a rip-stop pouch, which means your giftee can use these to illuminate a campsite or turn them into a lightweight, portable lantern. They’re powered by USB or battery pack, giving them even more versatility.

This Microwave Cookier That Can Make Pasta From Scratch

No need to boil water, this microwave pasta cooker can complete an entire meal in one dish (and in just 10 minutes). The container has enough room to hold full size spaghetti noodles and is designed to keep water from overflowing while cooking. When done, the silicone lid can be used as a colander to drain the noodles. It’ll save time and is the perfect thing to come home to when they’re too tired to cook but don’t want to order out.

A Cute Elephant Ring Dish With Gorgeous Gold Borders

Between the glazed ceramic and the gold trimmings, this ring dish looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It comes in two different shapes, an adorable elephant and a calming mandala, both of which can add just the right amount of minimalistic decor to a nightstand or bathroom vanity, all while giving loose jewelry a designated spot.

An Electric Wine Opener With An Attached Foil Cutter

Instead of watching them fight with stubborn (and dangerous) cork screws, gift them this electric wine opener. They don’t even have to worry about the casing, because the base of the opener is actually a foil cutter for a clean job that leaves the bottle still looking presentable instead of all torn up. With just two buttons, it’s simple enough for everyone to get the hang of.

This Microfiber Hair Towel That Secures In Place

Ordinary cotton towels can actually damage hair by harshly tugging on strands. This microfiber towel is a safer alternative that quick dries and reduces friction so that you’re left with less frizz. Plus, it won’t fall off your head as you walk around the house getting ready. Just use the elastic band to secure it in place and go about your day uninterrupted.

A Customizable Candle That Looks Like Real Cereal

With this kitschy candle, you’ll not only be gifting your friend a scented piece of decor, but they’ll also have a small DIY project to have fun with. The soy candle comes in a glass bowl completely undecorated, leaving the spreading of faux marshmallows and cereal pieces up to them. There are other delicious looking options as well, like an acai bowl and mac and cheese.

This Adjustable Measuring Cup That’ll Save Drawer Space

Something as ordinary as a measuring cup shouldn’t be taking away any storage space from other kitchen tools. This adjustable measuring cup takes the place of an entire kit since it’s able to perfectly shell out any amount up to 2 cups. The satin-finished plastic has a silicone lining that keeps any ingredient — whether wet or dry — from leaking and making a mess of their counter.

A Passport Holder That Protects Against Data Theft

Within its zipper closure, this passport holder has enough slots to hold cards, multiple passports, and any important documents that needed to be printed. It’ll all remain protected thanks to its water-resistant nylon body — including your credit card information. Underneath the foam layer that keeps everything safe from hard falls, there’s a layer of RFID-blocking material that prevents anyone from scanning and copying important data. Secure the wrist strap and travel calmly knowing that everything you need is safe and in your hands.

  • Available colors: 3
A Bedside Caddy That Means They’ll Never Lose The Remote Again

The only bad thing about a comfy bed or couch is when things get lost under all the fluffy blankets and pillows. This bedside caddy has compartments for everything you can want while lounging. Your phone, remote control, and headphones can be kept in the smaller pockets while your books and tablet take up the main section. The top board is simply slid underneath any mattress or sofa cushion to keep it secure.

This Vegan Lip Scrub That Exfoliates & Restores Hydration

All you need is a pea-sized amount of this lip scrub, which makes this cute little jar last a good long time. The vegan formula has powerhouse ingredients like cane sugar, kukui nut oil, and shea butter. Together, they exfoliate dead skin cells and restore hydration so that lips will have an even texture and beautiful glow.

A Set Of Copper Mugs That Look So Expensive

While they’ve been known to go hand-in-hand with Moscow mules, these copper mugs are a stylish way to keep any drink chilled. The handcrafted set has a shiny hammered finish with a chic gold handle that’s welded on for even more strength and stability. Your friend will have everything they need for cocktails and mocktails since the cups also come with a dual-sided jigger, two copper straws, and a cleaning brush.

This Laptop Stand That Can Help With Neck Pain

By raising a device with this laptop stand, you can be helping your friend avoid minimize their neck and shoulder pain. Each arm of the stand is coated in rubber so as not to scratch the surface of the computer and to keep it in place. Meanwhile, the bottom is purposely left open so that the vents can breathe and prevent overheating. The piece is made of durable alumnimum and can support nearly 9 pounds. Amazon reviewers love this stand and have given it an overall 4.8-star rating after almost 10,000 reviews.

The Versatile Planter Baskets That Are Made Of Handwoven Cotton

Made of organic cotton, these handwoven baskets can act as a safe and hygienic home to many household items. Most uniquely, plants can be displayed in them to add some greenery to every corner. They can also be used to store bathroom essentials, kids’ toys, or throw blankets, considering that they’re made without any harsh chemicals and neutral enough to put anywhere. This set comes with two different sizes that would look just as great apart as they would together.