Pick from these Fourth of July desserts from TikTok according to your zodiac sign.

Here’s The TikTok Fourth Of July Dessert You’re Craving, According To Your Zodiac

Turn to the stars for your sweet tooth.

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When you’ve feasted on hot dogs fresh off the grill, cooled off in the pool, and you’re ready to light sparklers, end July 4 on a high note with some Fourth of July desserts that are red, white, and blue. Classic summer treats like gooey s’mores and sweet tri-color berries get turned up a notch with these 12 Fourth of July dessert recipes from Tiktok. If you’re having trouble deciding on just one patriotic treat, check your zodiac sign for a horoscope of dessert heaven.

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Aries: Stars and Stripes S’Mores

It’s easy for fiery Aries to accidentally torch their marshmallows over the fire, so skip the bonfire and oven-bake these ooey-gooey festive s’mores. This marshmallow flag melts into smooth chocolate for a sharable, dip-able dessert with graham cracker chips.