Each Sign Has Something To Look Forward To On This 1 Day In February

Good vibes all around.

It’s finally happening: the first Mercury retrograde of 2022 is coming to an end. Mercury has been retrograding since Jan. 14, prompting you to re-evaluate and reorganize. As the transit reaches its finale on Feb. 3, everyone will benefit in a major way, making it the best day of the month for every zodiac sign.

Here’s how:


While Venus retrograde came to an end on Jan. 29, Mercury wasn’t quite finished reviewing and reassessing career matters in your birth chart. But the good thing is, this will come to an end on Feb. 3. This day marks a period when you’ll finally be able to push your work goals forward without resistance, so be sure to go for it.

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This year may have started off a bit slow for you, but things will definitely start to pick up as Mercury stations direct. If you’ve been uncertain of your purpose, your confidence will finally be restored. This could be the perfect time to embark on a spiritual (or physical) journey. Opportunities are endless for you now.

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You’ve been doing a lot of intense inner contemplation since Jan. 14. With your ruling planet, Mercury, stationing direct on Feb. 3, now is the perfect time to emerge with a newfound sense of boundaries when it comes to your time and energy.

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Your relationships have been under major review since the year began, but that will finally come to an end as Mercury stations direct on Feb. 3. You’ll finally feel certain about how to proceed in a romantic partnership, so if you’ve been feeling indecisive, expect some clarity now.

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Your work, routines, and daily habits have been your top priority this year, but on Feb. 3, you’ll be feeling much more secure in your responsibilities as Mercury stations direct. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your obligations, the dust is sure to settle now.

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As your chart ruler, Mercury, stations direct on Feb. 3, you’ll finally start to experience forward movement in your creative and pleasure-filled endeavors. If you’ve been uncertain about a new potential flame, expect some clarity now — you’ll feel a lot more certain about how to proceed.

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On Feb. 3, Mercury will station direct, resolving any misunderstandings within your home and family life. As the mediator of the zodiac, now is the perfect time to have any important conversations you may have been putting off with your relatives or roommates.

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On Feb. 3, Mercury will station direct, making it much easier to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with others. While this period has allowed you to reflect and revise what you know, now is the time to really use your voice, so don’t be shy.

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Money and resources have been a major priority for you since 2022 began, but on Feb. 3, Mercury will finally be stationing direct, making it much easier for you to organize your financial matters. If you’ve been feeling conflicted about how to manage your resources, expect that to improve.

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As Mercury stations direct on Feb. 3, you’ll start to feel more clear about what you want and where you’re headed. This has been a time where you’ve been re-learning what really matters. You may have been on pause for a while, it’s finally the perfect time to get the ball rolling again.

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On Feb. 3, Mercury direct will prompt you to slowly make your way out of seclusion. You’ve been in a space of withdrawal since 2022 began, but now you’ll be feeling much more social. It’s your season, and you’ll definitely be making the most of it.

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Your social groups have been under major review this year, but on Feb. 3, you’ll be feeling much more certain about the kinds of connections you want to invest your time and energy into. Expect to feel much more connected to your inner circle now that you’ve taken the time for reflection.

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