This 'Euphoria'-inspired brunch menu at La Concha resort in Puerto Rico features cocktails named aft...

This Euphoria-Inspired Brunch Experience Includes Rue And Maddy Cocktails

These ‘Gram-worthy sips are spot on.

by Andrea Hannah
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Season 2 of Euphoria may be over, but let’s be real, that finale is going to live rent-free in our minds for a good long while. While you’re busy reading up on what may be to come in Season 3 (can I put in a request for a Fexi relationship?), you may want to sip on a few cocktails inspired by our favorite characters in distress while having brunch with your besties. If you’re longing to let go of winter and get some sunshine, why not head down to the La Concha resort in Puerto Rico for their exclusive Euphoria-themed brunch experience?

Staring on March 27, the resort is putting on a spectacular brunch that’s been specially curated with Euphoria super fans in mind. After you check into the resort, you can head over to the Loft Beachfront restaurant on the property, and take a look at the menu. While there are definitely some fun food items, it’s the ‘Gram-worthy cocktails inspired by Euphoria characters that steal the show.

Menu highlights include a fresh local salad filled with a unique blend of ingredients, including dehydrated strawberries, toasted pistachios, and agave vinaigrette, all inspired by Kat’s confidence. There’s also a dish inspired by Jules’ playful style, which includes a red cabbage cured salmon gravlax, served on rustic bread with spicy avocado crema.

Courtesy of La Concha Resort

Now onto the drinks. Inspired by each of the main characters’ personalities and style, these fun and flashy cocktails have been specially curated for Euphoria fans to enjoy. Here’s a look at what the restaurant is serving up:

  • Rue: Psychedelic Butterfly. A blend of vodka, bright blue butterfly pea flower syrup, Aperol, cherry bitters, and lime juice.
  • Maddy: Blueberry Dark Mojito. This berry blend includes muddled berries and pomegranate topped off with aged rum, pomegranate liqueur, and soda.
  • Jules: Lavender Infused Martini. Your choice of gin or vodka, blended with lavender-infused liquor and fresh lemon.
  • Cassie: Tangerine Lips. Champagne, orange-flavored liquor, and a splash of fresh tangerine juice.
  • Kat: Bloody Green Mary. A green spin on the classic brunch staple, this cocktail includes vodka, cucumber, tomatillos, and a jalapeno pepper.
Courtesy of La Concha Resort

And when you aren’t wining and dining, you’ll absolutely love hanging out at La Concha. This resort is so much fun that it’s bound to cause a totally different type of euphoria upon your arrival. Not only is it set in a lush, tropical paradise right off the ocean, but there are also so many unique things to experience right on the property. There are wine yoga classes, which include relaxing flows in between sips, and nighttime ocean kayaking with neon-lit kayaks. Plus, there are poolside DJs throughout the day so you can listen to your favorite bops while you make a splash.

Courtesy of La Concha Resort

As always, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re up to date on the most updated travel guidelines to Puerto Rico from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and you’ll want to check out any local health regulations and testing requirements before you book your trip. Keep in mind that it’s particularly easy to travel to Puerto Rico if you’re from the United States, as there is no passport is required.

While the Euphoria-inspired brunch isn’t available until March 27, you’ll definitely want to book your spring break trip now before rooms fill up. Book online at La Concha’s website, then start packing your favorite outfits inspired by Euphoria’s unforgettable characters.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.

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