The ErgoTune Supreme desk chair

I’ve Been Working From Home For 3 Years & I Finally Found My Perfect Desk Chair

The ErgoTune Supreme has 11 points of adjustability — and I’m converted.

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After three years of working from home full time, I’ve come to believe the hard part isn’t staying focused or remembering to occasionally leave home; it’s finding a setup that doesn’t destroy your body or your bank account. I’ve cycled through countless ergonomic chairs, stools, and even a balance board, all in the hopes of working without aches. But everything I sat in (or stood on) fell short — until I got a chance to try the ErgoTune Supreme, an extremely adjustable ergonomic chair that just hit the U.S. after first gaining popularity in Singapore and Australia.

The ErgoTune Supreme Basics

  • 11 adjustment points
  • Hybrid mesh fabric that’s breathable and supportive
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 12-year warranty

The problem with many desk chairs — at least, for me — is that they’re only adjustable in a couple of spots (for instance, the seat and arm rest height). The ErgoTune Supreme takes it to the other extreme, offering 11 distinct points of adjustability. This means it should feel comfortable for a much wider range of bodies.

The chair was first introduced in Singapore and Australia (and it even went a bit viral on TikTok). But this winter it finally became available in the U.S. through Amazon — and while there aren’t a ton of reviews there just yet, the consensus so far is overwhelmingly positive.

Putting It Together

All the parts for my ErgoTune Supreme arrived neatly packaged in one giant, 70-pound box. The brand deems putting it together a two-person job (or, for a little more money, you can add “expert assembly” to your order). I was feeling determined and impatient, and so I had that chair fully assembled in exactly 35 minutes. That said, I still recommend finding a friend to help (don’t be a hero).

In my time on this planet, I’ve assembled a lot of furniture — including several desk chairs — so I have extremely potent opinions in this area. As I put together the ErgoTune Supreme, I felt like the people who designed the packaging truly wanted me to assemble it successfully without screaming or hurling loose parts out the window. Every detail felt thoughtful and deliberate, from the oversize poster with illustrated steps, to the QR code that takes you to more detailed videos, and even that giant box, which is extra sturdy because it’s meant to be used as a workbench during certain steps. The whole process was not only easy but satisfying. It gave me high hopes for the chair itself.


Using The ErgoTune

I was eager to begin my new life with this chair, but I was also intimidated by all the possible ways I could adjust it. Fortunately, the brand provides nicely designed printed materials to help you find the right calibration for your body. There’s even a guide that suggests different configurations for different tasks (like focused computer work, writing at a desk by hand, and watching videos or listening in on a meeting). It took a little tinkering, but finding the right setup for my body was actually more intuitive than I expected.

As a shorter person, the absolute game-changer for me has been the adjustable seat depth and lumbar support. Unlike with any other chair I’ve tried, I’m able to sit in the ErgoTune with my feet flat on the floor and my knees bent at 90 degrees (the expert-approved way) and have my lower back fully supported. I’ve always been prone to back pain, and this extra support has made all the difference for me. (Of course, if you have chronic or unusual pain, you should see a doctor to rule out anything more serious than a subpar desk chair).

On the flip side, there were some things I wasn’t so sure about. At first, I found the chair so effortless to adjust that I kept moving things around even when I didn’t mean to. Which was definitely annoying. But as I got more and more familiar with the chair, this eventually stopped happening altogether.

In addition to this, I quickly realized that the mesh fabric, while super breathable, is also quite clingy. This means lint and my hair tends to collect in certain high-traffic spots. But I realized it comes off pretty easily with a lint roller (and is par for the course as someone who sheds a lot).

I’ve been putting in full-time hours in this chair for almost six weeks now, and I’ve only become more of a convert. It’s the only thing I can comfortably sit in all day. At $549, the ErgoTune Supreme is definitely an investment, but the 12-year warranty makes it feel a bit less intimidating. All in all, I’m relieved to be able to say my search for the right chair is finally over.

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