60 Clever Gifts That Seem More Expensive Than They Are

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Giving a gift is a nice thing to do for someone, but giving a clever gift? That’s even better. This list of Amazon products is packed with everything from must-have cooking tools to rejuvenating skincare products and so much more. The best part is that all these Amazon products look way more expensive than they are. You can give a genius gift to a friend, family member, or even to yourself without breaking the bank.

For instance, you can get this mini waffle bowl maker for that friend who loves decadent ice cream sundaes. This winged eyeliner pen is perfect for someone who loves wearing a signature cat-eye look. And for the globetrotter in your life, this easy and portable luggage scale will make their life so much easier. These rose quarts coasters are also great for anyone trying to redecorate. See what I mean?

Sometimes, finding the right gift can be hard — but there are some presents that are useful no matter who the recipient is, like a unique measuring cube or a microwave cleaner that looks like a volcano (both of which are included here). Plus, any coffee drinker could become their own favorite barista with this pour-over coffee maker.

Peruse this list and you’re sure to find a little something for everyone, including yourself.

This Eco-Friendly Notebook That’s Infinitely Reusable

Instead of constantly buying new notebooks, try this reusable notebook that wipes clean. The Rocketbook smart notebook allows you to take notes in school or during a meeting, and then wipe the pages clean to reuse them later. Luckily, the notebook also has an app that makes it easy to scan the pages, so you can keep your handwritten notes organized digitally.

An Alarm Clock That Gradually Wakes You Up By Imitating The Sunrise

If you’re someone who hits snooze on the alarm clock several times, then this sunrise alarm clock might be the solution. Instead of loud, sudden beeps, this alarm clock gradually brightens, mimicking the increasing brightness of the sun, before sounding the alarm. It even has optional built-in sounds like birds chirping or ocean waves.

These Rose Quartz Coasters That Add A Chic Touch To Your Home

Coasters are often an afterthought, but these rose quartz coasters are super cute and unique. In addition to protecting your wood tables, they’ll also add a chic touch to your decor. Plus, rose quartz is said to open the love chakra, so they could make your space a more open-hearted place.

A Waffle Bowl Maker That’ll Totally Improve Your Ice Cream Sundae Game

Serving ice cream in a regular bowl? As if! This mini waffle maker creates edible waffle bowls that are perfect for serving ice cream sundaes or other favorite sweet treats. It even comes with a recipe booklet so you can explore the world beyond waffles, like using the device to make little tortilla bowls.

This Adjustable Reading Light With Over 45,000 Fans

If you want to keep reading while your partner goes to bed (or otherwise read in the dark), this adjustable neck light is a lifesaver. With rechargeable power and adjustable light settings, this light can be moved to the exact angle you need. “This reading light is amazing! I feel like I’ve been on the search for the perfect reading light for years,” raved one reviewer.

A Granite Mortar & Pestle Set That Every Home Chef Needs

Whether you’re making guacamole, pesto, or grinding up spice, this mortar and pestle set will make the process easier and tastier. Made from real granite, the set holds up to four cups. It even comes with a handy tool for cutting, pitting, and slicing avocados, so taco night will be that much easier.

This Stamp That Makes Doing Winged Eyeliner So Easy

Getting the perfect winged eyeliner look is no easy feat. This eyeliner stamp makes the process much simpler, so you can get a fierce look in 30 seconds. With over 17,000 positive ratings, this product has some serious fans — and one reviewer wrote, “I used to hate doing my wings but with this amazing product I no longer have to stress it!”

A Star Map That Reproduces The Sky From A Specific Date

In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a date night under the stars. Celebrate a wedding or anniversary with this high-quality print that reproduces the stars from a custom date. The print can even be customized by adding names and a specific latitude and longitude location.

This Hot Pepper Growing Kit That Makes Gardening Easy

Keep things spicy in the kitchen with this hot pepper growing kit. You can grow jalapeños, habaneros, and other hot peppers with the set, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. One reviewer raved, “We have gotten quite a few peppers from our plants! I'm impressed at what we've gotten for someone who has never grown veggies before!”

This Cleansing Brush That Exfoliates Skin While Washing Your Face

Washing your face is often a daily activity, and you can take things to the next level with this Olay facial cleansing brush. The battery-powered brush with soft bristles scrubs your skin with a gentle force to help remove dirt and makeup. Use it with your favorite cleanser for a deep clean.

An Essential Oil Diffuser Made With Real Bamboo

Bring some calm to any room with this sleek essential oil diffuser. Made from real bamboo, this diffuser is quiet, efficient, and likely won’t look out of place amongst your decor. The diffuser has a 160-milliliter capacity, so it can mist for up to two hours straight (with adjustable settings for intermittent misting).

These Battery-Operated Candles That Can Be Adjusted Via Remote Control

Candles add such a calming, warm light to a space — but then you have to worry about an active flame. These battery-operated candles look just like the real thing with a realistic flicker, but they won’t melt like a real candle. They’re operated with a remote and can be set to a timer, so you never have to worry about blowing them out before you leave the house.

This Light-Up Beanie That Makes Nighttime Activities Brighter

If you’re running, biking, or doing other activities outside at night, being visible is usually key. This light-up beanie comes with a rechargeable LED light attached so you can see clearly ahead, and others on the road can see you. The USB-rechargeable bulb has an eight-hour runtime, so you don’t have to worry about it going out.

This Drill Brush Set That Makes Cleaning So Much Easier

If you have those spots in their house that are just a pain to clean, don’t worry: You can get the job done faster and better with this set of cleaning pads that attach to a drill. The pack includes brushes, sponges, and scrubbing pads; that way, you can use the power of a drill on the dirt of a bathtub, stovetop, or other area in your home.

These Ceramic Coasters That Absorb Moistures From Cups & Glasses

You can help protect your tables and surfaces with these ceramic coasters. Made from an absorbent, sturdy material, these ceramic coasters shouldn’t leave a ring of condensation on your table. They’re decorated with colorful geometric designs and even come with a metal stand so you can keep them all organized.

A Plant Mister With A Cool Antique Look

Some plants need to be misted; I have a fern that I mist with a cheap plastic spray bottle, but I’d much rather use this glass mister with a chic antique look. This bottle holds 300 milliliters and comes in several colors, so you can pick one that matches your plant decor.

These Delicate Gold Bracelets That Can Be Personalized With Engraving

There’s something about having jewelry with your own name on it that always feel special. These 16-karat gold bracelets can be engraved with your name (or someone else’s name), like a partner or your dog. The bracelet features a thin bar which clasps around the wrist with a delicate gold chain.

This Compact Clothes Steamer With Over 48,000 Positive Ratings

Steaming clothes is easier than it sounds, especially if you have this compact clothing steamer that packs a big punch. Just fill the portable steamer with water and use it on clothes to remove wrinkles, and your outfit will look good as new. Reviewers are loving how easy this device is to use — and one person raved, “It takes no time at all and is super easy to use. Literally fill with water and turn the switch on.”

This Microwave-Cleaning Tool That Looks Like A Volcano

Do you remember the episode of The Office where no one wants to clean the microwave? Well, with this volcano-shaped microwave cleaner, the chore just got easier (and more fun). Fill the cleaner with water and vinegar for a natural formula that will help break down any food stuck on the walls inside the microwave.

These Reusable Totes That Fold Up Into Small Squares

These reusable tote bags are a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Take them to the grocery store, farmer’s market, or any other shopping outing. They’re so easy to throw in your purse (or even back pocket), because they easily fold up into a small square. They come in a pack of six so you can keep one in each purse and even one in the car.

A Hairbrush That Dries & Styles At The Same Time

Cut your hairstyling time down with this Revlon brush that doubles as a hairdryer. With over 290,000 positive ratings, this brush has a cult following. Many shoppers love how fast and easy this dryer is to use. “I love this dryer. It makes my hair so soft and amazing, and it dries it so quickly,” raved one reviewer.

These Gold Under-Eye Patches That Feel Like A Spa Treatment

Give yourself a spa treatment at home with these gold under-eye patches that help energize your skin. Using vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients, these patches help brighten your under-eye areas while helping to reduce unwanted puffiness. They even include 24-karat gold, so you can feel like a true spa queen.

A Breakfast Sandwich Machine That Makes Mornings So Much Better

If you ask me, a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich is a perfect way to start a morning — especially if you don’t have to leave the house to get one. With this Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker, you can cook an egg, toast, and protein all at the same time (and melt cheese, of course). The device has removable, dishwasher-safe parts so it’s as easy to clean as it is to use.

These Edison Bulbs That Add A Cool, Retro Look To Your Lighting

Regular lightbulbs work perfectly fine — but in my opinion, they don’t look as cool as these Edison bulbs. With an amber-tinted bulb and a unique spiral filament, these bulbs add a vintage look to any lamp or light fixture. “I'm in love. These Edison bulbs are a phenomenal addition to just about any room in the home,” raved one reviewer.

This Pet Portrait Necklace That Pays Tribute To Your BFF

I love my dog so much I wish I could take her everywhere with me — and I could, if I had this adorable pet portrait necklace. Submit a photo of your beloved pup or kitty and get a dainty necklace with a portrait and their name on it. It makes a great gift for the pet lover in your life, too.

These Wine Glasses With Silicone Sleeves That Help Make Them More Durable

These stemless glass wine glasses have silicone sleeves that make them perfect for taking drinks outside, bringing them on a picnic, or simply carrying around the house. Plus, each sleeve is a different color — so they’re great for telling everyone’s beverages apart.

This Boot Scrubber That Easily Cleans Dirt Off Your Shoes

Whether you walked through the dirt while doing yard work or took the dog to a muddy park, this boot scrubber is a lifesaver for cleaning the grime off shoes. With coarse bristles that scrape away dirt and mud, this boot scrubber can be bolted to the ground so it won’t move around when you’re using it.

A Set of Meditation Cards That Help You Stay Mindful

It’s hard to be present when there’s so much going on in the world, but these positive affirmation meditation cards make it a little easier. With reminders to spend more time in nature and to practice morning routines, these cards are perfect for being mindful and meditating with your thoughts.

These Food-Themed Dice That Mix Up Your Dinner Routine

You can mix up the dinner routine with these fun dice that are like something out of a cooking competition show. Just roll the dice to find out what you’re cooking; it could be grilled chicken with asparagus and polenta, or braised lamb with rice and parsnips. Roll them yourself or give them to a foodie friend.

A Phone-Sanitizing Case With A Rechargeable Battery

This UV phone sanitizer can help keep your phone clean. With a powerful UV light that sanitizes in 30 seconds, this compact, portable case removes up to 99.9% of bacteria. Plus, it can be used for all kinds of things besides a phone — like credit cards, keys, jewelry, and other small items.

This Spiralizer That Can Make Noodles Out Veggies

Eating your vegetables has never been easier with this five-blade spiralizer. Use zucchini, carrots, onions, or another vegetable with this tool that turns them into long thin strips. Use them in place of pasta or make tasty shoestring fries. “t cuts through raw veg in a blink of an eye and easy to clean,” praised one reviewer.

These Makeup Brushes That Look Like Mermaid Tails

Feel like Ariel in The Little Mermaid while doing your makeup with this mermaid makeup brush set. With a chic rose gold finish, these brushes are designed with scales and a split tail. Many shoppers like them for both their appearance and quality — and one reviewer wrote, “I purchased it because it was cute but it has quickly become part of my daily routine.”

This Car Phone Mount That Fits In The CD Slot

Many car phone mounts are adhered to the car with a suction cup that easily falls off, but this universal phone mount fits into the CD slot of your car. With over 6,000 positive ratings, this phone mount is essential for hands-free phone use. One reviewer wrote, “Finally, a phone holder that sits high enough for me to see the screen easily and does not pop off in hot weather!”

These Jumbo Ice Trays That Won’t Water Down Cocktails

Most ice melts pretty quickly once a drink is poured over, but these jumbo ice cube trays solve that problem. With molds for cube and spherical ice, these trays make ice that is much larger than typical cubes so they won’t melt quickly and water down your drink.

This Hair Color Brush Set That Will Make You Feel Like A Professional Stylist

Upgrade your hair dye set up from the basic tools in a store-bought kit to this set of professional color brushes. With three different sizes for varying types of dye application, these brushes make it easy to do an at-home touch-up on a professional dye job.

This Scented Body Scrub That Makes Mornings More Tolerable

Unless you’re naturally a morning person, getting up at the start of the day can be a challenge. Luckily, this face and body scrub can help make you a morning person with its refreshing scents including peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. The gentle exfoliating scrub works on all skin types, per the brand — and it’s great for an at-home spa day.

A Porcelain Dish That Keeps Butter Soft & Spreadable

Having a supply of spreadable, room-temperature butter is a small luxury no one should be without. This porcelain butter keeper keeps your butter soft all day, and all you have to do is put a small amount of water in the bottom of the dish. One customer raved, “Its wonderful to have spreadable real butter for my toast without tearing the bread apart! Highly recommend!”

A Projection Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Weather Station

Know the weather the minute you wake up with this projection alarm clock that doubles as a weather station. This clock projects the time and current temperature onto the wall when the alarm goes off, but it also comes equipped with more detailed weather info like a humidity gage. It even comes with a remote sensor

This Bookmark That’s A Perfect Gift For The Readers In Your Life

If you have a serious reader in your life, they’ll probably love this Wicked Witch bookmark. With handcrafted legs made out of polymer clay attached to laminated cardboard, this bookmark is a fun reading accessory that brings some whimsy to any bookshelf. They also come in a blue Alice in Wonderland version.

This Handy Luggage Scale With A Cult Following

It’s such a hassle to get to the airport and realize your luggage is overweight. This handy luggage scale makes it easy to weigh your suitcase ahead of time, or throw it in your bag to weigh it later on in the trip. With over 26,000 positive reviews, this scale is a fan-favorite — and one reviewer called it “such a stress reducer when traveling.”

This Hidden Shelf That Keeps Your K Cups Out Of Sight

Sometimes, coffee isn’t the easiest thing to organize — that is, unless you have this under-shelf storage. Designed specifically to fit coffee pods, this handy shelf easily attaches under any cabinet and slides out when you’re ready for your java. You don’t even need any special tools to assemble it.

A Vanity Mirror With Built-In Lighting

If you ask me, doing your makeup is a lot easier when you have good lighting. Try this light-up vanity mirror that comes equipped with a border of LED lights, which can be adjusted based on your desired setting. The mirror is less than an inch thick, so it’s slender enough to travel with, too.

This Contoured Memory Foam Sleep Mask With Over 54,000 Fans

Typical sleep masks put pressure on your eyes, but this contoured sleep mask is designed to put pressure around them with soft memory foam. Many shoppers are loving them, too — with one reviewer calling it the “best eye mask I’ve ever had.” It even comes with earplugs for an extra restful sleep.

A Water-Resistant Shower Speaker With A Suction Cup That Sticks To The Wall

Sing in the shower to your favorite tunes with this water-resistant shower speaker. With a suction cup that easily sticks to the wall and a rechargeable battery with up to six hours of playback time, this speaker will make taking showers way more fun.

This Soothing Skin Salve Made From Eggplant

Sometimes, the best skincare products have the most surprising ingredients, like this salve made from eggplant (as well as lemon balm, beeswax, and other ingredients). You can use it to help redness or other irritation on your skin. One reviewer even called the ointment “magical.”

An Electric Boot Dryer That Warms Up Your Shoes Overnight

Whether your shoes are soaked from snow or rain puddles (or you just want the feeling of slipping into warm shoes), this boot dryer is an essential tool. By releasing warm thermal air, the machine helps dry out damp and wet boots, gloves, hats, and other outerwear accessories. Even if your items aren’t wet, you can still use the dryer to warm them out before stepping out into the cold.

This Cooling Pad That Helps Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

Do you know that whirring sound of an overheated laptop? Well, this cooling pad can help alleviate that problem with quiet fans that keep air circulating around your device. And with over 25,000 positive ratings, this laptop fans has some fans of its own. “It's super quiet! It's also lightweight, yet very sturdy, and the metal mesh does an excellent job of keeping the laptop in place and directing the air around more evenly,” praised on reviewer.

This Charging Pad That Powers Your Phone Wirelessly

No need to worry about taking your case off before wireless charging: This handy wireless charger works with most types of phone cases. Plus, you can use to it charge earbuds, too. “My wife’s phone is in a thin plastic case and my phone is in an Otter Box case. The charging pad works with them perfectly,” praised one reviewer.

A Handy Cube That Combines Measuring Cups & Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons always take up so much room in the kitchen. This measuring cube combines small and large measurements in one tool, so you don’t have to rummage through the drawers looking for different cups and spoons. The cube is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so it’s super easy to clean, too.

A Peppermint-Scented Inhaler That Offers Aromatherapy With Essential Oil

If you’re looking for an alternative to pain relief medication for headaches, try this aromatherapy nasal inhaler. Made with a high-quality peppermint essential oil, this nasal inhaler aims to help ease headaches as well as nausea and digestive issues. “I like that it's powerful peppermint, because that's exactly what I need! This is going straight in my migraine kit,” wrote one shopper.

This Fire Pit That Will Turn Your Backyard Into A Cool Hangout Spot

If you ask me, nothing brings people together like sitting around a fire. This wood-burning steel fire pit is perfect for gathering friends, either to make s’mores on a summer night or to cozy up with some cider in the fall. With a diameter of 22 inches, this fire pit is big enough for all your friends to gather around and keep warm.

These Super Fuzzy Slippers That Conform To The Shape Of Your Feet

If your feet are perennially cold (like mine), then a good pair of slippers is essential. These fuzzy memory foam slippers are perfect for staying warm around the house. And with cushy memory foam soles, these slippers will conform to the exact shape of your feet for an added level of comfort.

A Colorful Set Of Drinking Glasses That Are Basically Shatterproof

Let your guests pick out their favorite color with this set of unbreakable drinking glasses. Made from a high-quality BPA-free plastic, these glasses have the heft of real glass without the worry of breaking them when they drop. And with their assortment of bright, fun colors, these glasses bring a festive vibe to any gathering.

These Packing Cubes That Make Organizing Your Suitcase So Much Easier

Packing a suitcase can feel like a difficult puzzle of trying to fit everything. But with this set of packing cubes, it’s easy to organize your outfits, shoes, socks, and other necessities for traveling. And these cubes have over 11,000 positive ratings, with one shopper saying “I have never used packing cubes before, but I believe I fit way more clothes into my bag than I would have if I hadn't used these.”

This Silicone Mat That Makes Baking Projects So Much Easier

Sometimes a baking recipe will ask you to roll out a dough to a certain circumference or measure pieces to a certain length. That can be tricky — unless, of course, you have this silicone pastry mat with a handy measurement guide. Measure out pasta, pizza dough, pie crust, and other baking projects on the easy-to-clean, nonstick material.

A Macrame Wall Hanging With A Built-In Shelf

Add a touch of chic decor to your home with this macrame wall hanging shelf. Made from 100% cotton, the decorative macrame hanging supports a sturdy pine shelf that is super easy to install. Hang it in your living room to display some plants and books, or even install in the bathroom to hold candles or incense.

This Pour-Over Coffee Maker Designed With Borosilicate Glass

This easy-to-use pour-over coffee maker is made of borosilicate glass, and it’s decorated with a cork band. Just pop in a filter, add your favorite coffee grounds, pour over hot water, and you’ll have yourself a delicious and home-brewed cup of joe.

These Geometric Book Ends That Won’t Take Up Space On Your Bookshelf

Keep your bookshelf organized with these geometric metal book shelves that are thin enough that they won’t take up too much space on your bookshelf, but strong enough that they’ll hold your book collection upright. They come in several colors from black to pink, so you can choose one that matches your home decor perfectly.

A Personalized Cutting Board That’s Perfect For The Chef In Your Life

Give the chef in your life a custom gift with this personalized cutting board. With spots to carve first and last names and an important date, this cutting board makes a great wedding or anniversary gift. Made from a dark walnut wood, this board comes in three sizes and comes with accessories to keep it in top shape.

These Birthstone Necklaces Made With Long-Lasting Sterling Silver

You might think a necklace like this one is super expensive, but that’s not the case: The glistening piece of jewelry is about $21, and it’s made with sterling silver that’ll last a long time. The 18-inch chain is weighed down by a birthstone of your choice, and many reviewers have called it a “good value.”

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