60 Clever Cult-Favorite Products You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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Hindsight is almost always 20/20. I would’ve left for work earlier this morning had I known that there would be traffic on the highway — the same way I kick myself whenever I wind up wasting money on something stupid. Luckily for both of us, there are tons of clever, cult-favorite products you can find on Amazon. And even though they won’t get me to work any quicker, hindsight has me wishing that I’d known about a bunch of these way sooner.

Case in point? These towelettes that give you a golden, streak-free tan. Not only is each one wrapped individually so that you can take them with you, but they’re also infused with vitamin E so that your skin is left glowing. Or, if putting on fake eyelashes is always a struggle, try out this heated eyelash curler. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, delivering voluminous lashes that stay plumped for up to 24 hours — and it even comes with a free comb to get rid of any clumps.

French presses, facial toners, and even a clothes steamer that melts away wrinkles — you’ll find all of these cult-favorite products (and more) inside. So what are you waiting for? Just one quick scroll, and you’ll be wishing you’d known about a ton of these sooner.

This Sunscreen That Reviewers Can’t Get Enough Of

Not only have thousands of reviewers left four- and five-star reviews on this sunscreen, but what sets it apart from the competition is the ingredients. Zinc oxide protects skin against the sun’s harsh rays, while simultaneously helping prevent breakouts. Plus, it’s even suitable for sensitive skin.

A Concealer That Can Help Brighten Dark Circles

I’ve tried multiple different high-end eye concealers — none of them even come close to working as well as this one does. The sponge-tip applicator makes it easy to dab away your dark circles, and it even comes in more than 15 shades to suit a variety of skin tones.

The Hydrocolloid Patches That Help Flatten Blemishes

Wake up with a surprise blemish on your face? Put one of these hydrocolloid patches over it. They help absorb impurities in order to flatten out zits — and they even help protect your skin from further irritation. Plus, the edges taper flat to your skin, allowing you to hide them underneath makeup.

A Drain Protector That Fits In Sinks

Not all drain protectors are created equal — this one not only fits into smaller sinks, but it also lets water flow through even if it’s clogged with hair. Once full, simply swipe your finger around the base to clear it out. “An improvement over the tiny mesh basket style I had before,” wrote one reviewer.

This Whitening Pen That Leaves Teeth Sparkling

If your teeth aren’t looking their whitest, why not try polishing them with this whitening pen? Unlike some pens, it’s completely safe for your teeth’s natural enamel coating — and it even dries ultra-fast so that you can get on with your morning routine.

A Cordless Flat Iron That’s Rechargeable

With a rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 minutes of cord-free use, this mini flat iron is a must-have for traveling. It automatically heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it great for thicker hair — and it even turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity to help save the battery.

The Balm That Helps Exfoliate Away Chapped Lips

When no amount of chapstick will revive your flaking lips, it might be time to try out this balm. Just swipe it onto your lips — little sugar granules will gently begin to exfoliate away dead skin, leaving your lips feeling soft and supple. Plus, the natural fruit oils in the formula provide up to 24 hours of hydration.

These Towelettes That Deliver A Streak-Free Tan

You don’t have to bake out in the sun to get your skin glowing — just use these self-tanning towelettes to give yourself a quick bronze. Each one is infused with vitamin E, as well as AHAs for a soft, smooth tan. And unlike some tanners, this one won’t leave your skin looking streaky.

An Expandable Shelf That Adds Storage To Cabinets

Need an extra shelf inside of your cabinets? This one expands left and right, allowing you to easily fit it into nearly any space. It’s made from tough iron, with an elegant platinum finish — and the ventilated slats also work well when drying wet dishes.

The Strengthening Treatment That’s Chock-Full Of Keratin

If your strands are feeling weak, brittle, or even beginning to split at the ends, try giving them a boost with this spray. It’s loaded with strengthening keratin — and you only need a few light spritzes to leave your hair feeling silky. The best part? You can also use it as a heat protectant when styling.

A Foam Roller That Won’t Fall Flat Over Time

Unlike some rollers, this one is made from high-density foam that won’t fall flat over time — and the smooth surface easily glides back and forth under your bodyweight. The best part? It also comes in four sizes, allowing you to take smaller versions with you when traveling.

This Eyebrow Gel That Lasts All Day Long

You don’t have to pay for expensive microblading to bolster thin brows — just use this gel to fill in any sparse areas. The long-lasting formula is waterproof and smudgeproof, which helps keep your brows looking good all day long. Plus, reviewers even raved about how the angled brush made for stress-free application.

A Treatment That Leaves Hair Feeling Silky-Smooth

You only need to let this treatment soak into your hair for about eight seconds — that’s all it takes to transform frizzy hair into silky-smooth ‘dos. The formula is completely silicone-free, and even has a refreshing fruit scent to help uplift your mood.

The French Press That Delivers A Smooth, Rich Brew

Not only does this French press just look good, but the inner glass chamber is also protected by a sleek metal frame. The best part? Its filter is made from stainless steel, allowing you to use it over and over without needing any replacements. Choose from three colors: black, red, or stainless.

These Nipple Covers That Look Seamless Under Clothes

Ever notice how some nipple covers can wrinkle and show through your clothes? That isn’t the case with these subtle ones made from silicone. They’re completely undetectable under clothing, as well as super-soft against skin. One reviewer even described them as a “total gamechanger.”

The Eye Masks Made With Real 24-Karat Gold

Not only are these eye masks made with real 24-karat gold, but each one also contains ultra-nourishing snail slime. They’re great for helping reduce dark circles and puffiness — and unlike some masks, you only need to wear these ones for about 15 minutes for the full benefits.

A Nail Polish That Changes Color With Your Mood

Tired of your usual nail color? Change up your game with this mood polish. The color is always unique, as it changes depending on how you’re feeling — and the long-lasting formula stays shiny for up to two weeks. No chips, nicks, or smudges.

This Memory Foam Pillow With A Breathable Cover

Memory foam can absorb body heat, leaving you sweating overnight — that’s why this one is made with a breathable bamboo cover. The memory foam on the inside is also shredded, which helps maximize airflow on the inside. Plus, each one is made in the USA.

A Facial Toner Made With Witch Hazel & Aloe

Made without any alcohol or parabens, this facial toner soothes skin using a blend of witch hazel and organic aloe vera. It also has a soft rose fragrance — just for a refreshing touch — and many reviewers wrote about how they “highly recommend” it.

These Eyeliner Stamps For Perfectly Winged Tips

Having trouble getting your winged tips looking just right? Try using these stamps. Each order comes with two (one for each eye), and the eyeliner ink is even waterproof, as well as smudgeproof. Plus, the opposite end of the stamp features a regular eyeliner pen.

A Growth Serum That Can Help Boost Your Lashes

Simply apply a thin layer of this growth serum along the base of your upper and lower lash lines before bed, and it can help boost your eyelashes for a more dramatic look. It’s suitable for all types of skin — and many reviewers reported seeing results after just a few weeks.

The Fabric Steamer That Melts Away Wrinkles

Don’t bother dragging out that bulky ironing board — just whip out this little handheld steamer the next time your clothes are looking a little wrinkled. Each order comes with three interchangeable attachments: one fabric brush, creaser, and cushioned brush. Plus, it can even eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on questionable surfaces.

A Cooling Mist For Sensitive Skin

Simply give your face a few easy spritzes with this spray, and it’ll help you cool down after a long, stressful day. The gentle formula is suitable for people with sensitive skin — and you only need to leave it on for a few minutes to get the maximum refreshing effect.

This Cast Iron Skillet That’s Ready To Go Out Of The Box

Since this cast iron skillet arrives pre-seasoned, you can easily use it to cook chicken, steak, eggs, or even tomato sauce right out of the box. It’s so heavy-duty that you can use it over campfires — and each one is made right here in the United States.

A Peel That Exfoliates Dry, Flaking Feet

There’s no need to attack your feet with a file or rasp — allow this foot peel to gently exfoliate away all that dead skin completely painlessly. While some peels contain harsh chemicals, this one is made with vegan ingredients that aren’t too tough on your skin. Reviewers reported seeing fresh, new skin begin to emerge after about one week.

The Jellyfish Brush That Cleanses Dirty Pores

With its soft bristles made out of silicone, this jellyfish brush is a cute addition to any beauty routine. It foams up just like a loofah or sponge, yet reaches deep into pores to cleanse away dirt and grime. The best part? You can even add soap to the inside, then squirt it through the bristles for an extra-thorough cleanse.

A Pen That Removes Nail Polish Mistakes

It’s almost too easy to make mistakes when you’re painting your own nails — so grab this pen. It’ll remove any stray bits of polish that spread over your cuticles, leaving you with a crisp, clean manicure. And unlike some polish removers, this one won’t dry out skin.

This Smartphone Stand With Flexible Octopus Legs

Universally designed to fit any brand of smartphone, this stand is perfect for watching videos, taking pics, or even following GPS. The flexible octopus legs can be wrapped around everything from bike handles to bed headboards — or, you can even balance them on uneven surfaces for timed photos.

A Heated Eyelash Curler For Dramatic Volume

If your eyes are too sensitive for fake lashes, you can still achieve dramatic looks with the help of this heated curler. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, with results lasting for up to 24 hours. Plus, the compact size allows it to fit easily into your bag.

The Mattress Topper Infused With Cooling Gel

Always waking up hot in the middle of the night? Try adding this mattress topper to your bed. It’s infused with cooling gel that helps siphon away your body heat while you’re sleeping — and it even comes in two heights: 2 or 3 inches.

A Humidifier That Makes Hardly Any Sound

Go ahead and take a nap while this humidifier is running — the ultra-silent motor will let you sleep through the afternoon without any disturbance. But if that isn’t enough? The extra-large water tank can produce up to 25 hours’ worth of cool, hydrating mist.

This Gadget That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Hair

Not only is this little gadget perfect for removing unwanted peach fuzz, but it’s also discreet — the 18-karat gold-plated exterior makes it look more like a lipstick compact than shaver. And unlike some shavers, it removes hair painlessly without any plucking involved.

A Comforter You Can Use All Year Round

Some comforters are too hot or too light to use year round — but not this one. The microfiber fill is heavy enough for the winter, yet breathable enough for the summer. And unlike some comforters, you can use this one with or without a duvet cover.

The Heated Coaster For Cold Cups Of Coffee

Don’t let your coffee grow cold before you can finish drinking it — keep it on top of this heated coaster, and it’ll stay warm until you’re ready to sip. The extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets at the office, and the top even wipes clean with a damp cloth if dirty.

These Oval Makeup Brushes That Are Undeniably Sleek

With gorgeously curved handles and trendy oval bristles, these makeup brushes are an affordable — and stylish — upgrade to any set of brushes. The best part? The bristles are made from synthetic fibers that are cruelty-free, as well as hypoallergenic.

The Body Brush That Helps You Exfoliate All Over

Whether your feet or your elbows are flaking, this body brush can help exfoliate away all that dead skin. The handle is made from real wood, while the natural canvas strap helps you maintain a firm grip if you’re using it in the shower. Each order also comes with a hanging hook, as well as a travel bag.

A Smart Speaker With Built-In Alexa

Stream music, check the weather, turn on your lights, make calls — your options are nearly endless when it comes to what this smart speaker can do. And with built-in Alexa, you can do all of it using handy voice commands. “You can ask it anything,” wrote one reviewer. “[It] even notifies you when you receive an Amazon package.”

This Spin Mop That Comes With A Hands-Free Bucket

Tired of getting your hand wet with dirty mop water? This spin mop comes with a self-wringing bucket that lets you hands stay clean — simply press down on the foot pedal, and the inner strainer bucket will begin to whirl away water. Plus, the built-in splashguard helps you stay dry.

A Hot Air Brush That Infuses Shine While Taming Frizz

With its extra-large titanium ceramic heating barrel, this hot air brush makes quick work of drying wet hair. The ball-tipped bristles let you curl it into your roots for some added volume — and the advanced ionic technology leaves your hair looking smoother and shinier than it was before.

These Reusable Shopping Bags In Gorgeous Prints

Just one look at these gorgeously printed shopping bags, and you’ll wonder why you’re still using the plastic ones that come from the store. Each one is made with 40% recycled, tear-resistant nylon, and they fold up nice and compact so that they’re easy to stash away in your car.

A Tool That Helps You Prepare Avocados

Don’t dirty up a cutting board and knife just to snack on an avocado — use this handy tool to prepare it with minimal mess. The blades on either end are made from skin-safe plastic, while the pitter in the center is made from tough stainless steel.

This High-Waisted Skirt With Tons Of Positive Reviews

Animal prints are always in style, so why not grab this leopard skirt? It’s made from soft satin, with a hint of elasticity for some comfortable stretch. Reviewers also loved how it looks more expensive than it is — one even wrote that “once it's on, it looks so luxe.”

Available sizes: Small — X-Large

A Cutlery Organizer That Fits Into Slim Drawers

Don’t have a ton of drawer space for your silverware? This compact organizer is the solution. Rather than sitting side by side, the compartments are stacked on top of each other at an angle to help you save space. It can fit up to 24 pieces of cutlery.

The Flameless Candles You Can Control Via Remote

Having to always buy new candles quickly adds up, whereas switching to these flameless LEDs is a smart way to save money. Each one is powered using two AA batteries (not included), and can provide more than 350 hours’ worth of light. Plus, the included remote lets you control them from afar.

A Pair Of Slides That Dry Quickly

Need a new pair of shower shoes for the gym? This pair of slides comes in more than 10 trendy colors, and they even dry extra-quickly when wet. They’re made from thick EVA foam that cushions your joints as you walk — and the non-slip soles help you stay stable on wet floors.

These Headbands That Are Perfect For Skincare Routines

Tired of getting little wisps of hair mixed into your skincare routine? Hold your ‘do back with one of these headbands. The extra-wide design helps you keep every strand away from your face — and the ultra-soft coral fleece material feels heavenly against skin.

A Brush That Gets Your Electronics Sparkling

Keyboard crumbs are no match for this brush, as the soft bristles reach into tight spaces to sweep away dust and dirt. They also retract once you’re done using them, helping keep them safe from damage — and the opposite end even features a silicone wiper for smudges.

The Essential Oils That Arrive In A Gorgeous Gift Box

Even if you’re gifting these essential oils to yourself, you’ll still appreciate the gorgeous box they arrive in. Each oil is protected by amber glass, helping to preserve their scents against UV degradation — and reviewers even raved about how they’re “long-lasting.”

This Soap Dispenser That Cleans Up Cluttered Tubs

When the side of your tub has become a cluttered mess of bottles, it’s time to downsize to this handy dispenser. Three separate chambers give you space for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Plus, installation is a total breeze using the included waterproof tape.

A Refreshing Facial Spray Made With Rosewater

Rosewater and aloe are only some of the refreshing ingredients you’ll find listed on this facial spray. It’s suitable for all types of skin, as well as non-irritating — just give yourself a few spritzes the next time you’re feeling a little parched.

The Wool Balls That Can Help You Save Money

Swap out your wasteful dryer sheets with these wool balls, and they’ll help aerate your clothes as they tumble. The result? Your loads dry faster, leaving you with a lower utility bill than usual. And unlike dryer sheets, each ball is made from 100% premium New Zealand wool.

This Organizer That Helps Tidy Up Your Purse

If your purse has one large pocket where everything seems to go missing, try organizing it with this insert. Multiple pockets give you storage space for everything from tablets to pens, while the sturdy felt walls help your bag maintain its shape.

A Shaver That Breathes New Life Into Tired Garments

Whether your clothes or blankets are pilling, fuzzy, or starting to fray, this shaver can help. The shaving grate is adjustable, allowing you to use it with a variety of higher-pile fabrics — all it requires are two AA batteries. Plus, many reviewers raved about how well it handles lint.

The Platforms That Keep Heels From Sinking Into Grass

Trying to walk over dirt is a quick way to wind up with a broken high heel, so why not grab these miniature platforms? They’re absolute must-haves for weddings — and each one is even reinforced so that you can reuse them over multiple events.

These Pillowcases That Can Help Reduce Frizz

Looking for easy ways to upgrade your bedding? Swap out your pillowcases with these satin ones. Satin is gentler on hair than cotton, which means sleeping on it can help reduce frizz. And with dozens of colors to pick from, matching them to your sheets is almost too easy.

A Set Of Scrunchies Made From Soft Silk

Not only are these scrunchies made from soft, hair-friendly silk, but they’re also strong enough to work with all types of hair. They come in more than 15 shades — from dark teal to champagne — and one reviewer even wrote that “they don’t leave any kinks or weird bends.”

The Glass Cup That’s Perfect For Coffee

Made from tough tempered glass, this cup is a must-have for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea in the morning. A layer of cork wraps around the middle, giving you a safe place to grip when the contents are hot — and it even comes in two shades: white or grey.

A Bluetooth Speaker Shaped Like An Old-School Record Player

This Bluetooth speaker isn’t just great for playing tunes — it also just looks good, as the old-school style stands out no matter where you put it. The suitcase design also lets you take it with you if need be, and reviewers even raved about how great the sound quality is.

These Makeup Sponges For Flawless Coverage

Ever notice how your foundation can come out looking a little cakey? Try applying it with one of these makeup sponges. The tapered ends help you get into the delicate areas around your eyes — and you can even achieve different levels of coverage by using them wet instead of dry. Plus, they easily rinse clean under running water.

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