60 Cheap Things That Are Cool As Hell On Amazon

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When I was growing up, “cheap” meant something was flimsy (or even a total waste of money). But nowadays? Cheap simply means that you found a cool product at an affordable, reasonable price. And while saving money might not sound like fun, trust me: There are so many cheap things from Amazon that are so cool, you won’t even realize how much you’re saving.

Case in point? The phone mount designed for your bathroom. If you’ve ever struggled to balance your laptop on your sink while following beauty tutorials, it’s an absolute must-have — but that’s only the beginning. I’ve also made sure to include glowing Himalayan salt lamps, windproof lighters you can recharge via USB, and even a set of eye masks made with real 24-karat gold. Oh, and did I mention that all of these products are $30 or less?

That’s right — you can grab two, three, or even four things from this list without even breaking $100. And if I’m being honest? I just added that windproof lighter to my basket. At less than $15, I really can’t think of a good reason not to. Can you?

The Himalayan Salt Lamp Shaped Like A Basket

Don’t want a giant rock of salt sitting out in your home? This Himalayan salt basket lamp is a sleek alternative that’ll still give off the same warm, ambient glow. The dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust its brightness, and each order comes with one bulb included.

A Set Of Fasteners That Keep Your Sheets In Place

Tired of finding your fitted sheet has rolled up and over your mattress? Grab this set of fasteners, and they’ll hold your sheets down so that they stay firmly in place. The elastic gives them some stretch, allowing your sheets to adjust without tearing — and the clips are plated with nickel for added durability.

These Grippers That Keep Your Rugs From Curling

Some carpet adhesives can leave goopy residues behind when you peel them off, leaving you with a sticky mess — but not these grippers. Instead of adhesive, they rely on thousands of tiny suction cups that adhere to hardwood, concrete, and more. Plus, they’re easily re-positionable if needed.

A Set Of Food Storage Bags That Are Leakproof

Instead of buying wasteful plastic baggies, why not save yourself some money with these reusable ones? They’re made from tough silicone, while the leakproof seals help keep your meals safe for later. One reviewer even noticed their greens staying fresher — “I didn't see anything about it keeping things fresher longer,” they explained. “But so far I've kept washed grapes fresh for days, and a cut avocado still green for days!”

This Spray That Keeps Your Lenses From Fogging Up

Ever notice how your glasses can fog up when you walk outside? Give your lenses a few spritzes of this anti-fog spray, and it’ll keep them clear in sudden temperature changes. It’ll work with everything from ski masks to binoculars — and each bottle contains enough solution for about 400 pumps.

A Personal Fan That You Can Wear Around Your Neck

Looking for ways to beat the heat? Search no further than this personal fan. It hangs around your neck, allowing you to use it handsfree while you’re exercising, or even just relaxing on the couch. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to eight hours.

The Phone Mount Designed For Your Bathroom

Ever wish you could watch videos on your phone while getting ready for the day? You totally can — just hang this mount up on the wall. The strong suction cup in the back helps keep your phone secured to tile, glass, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. Plus, it’s compatible with nearly any phone.

A Lighter That Won’t Go Out In The Wind

Ever struggle to get your lighter working in the wind? Not a problem when you’ve got this windproof one. Instead of flame, it produces an electronic plasma arc that won’t go out until you release the power button. But the best part, in my opinion, is that it’s even fully rechargeable via USB.

This Spray That Can Help Relax Your Mind Before Bed

Having trouble relaxing before bed? Try giving your pillow a few spritzes of this spray. It’s made with a potent blend of calming lavender and camomile, helping to soothe your mind so that it’s ready for sleep. Plus, each bottle is completely cruelty-free.

A Dish Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Don’t have enough space for a bulky dish rack? Not a problem with this over-the-sink version. It sits overtop the unused space above your sink, allowing your plates to drip directly into the basin. And since it’s made from heat-resistant stainless steel, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.

The Drain Cover That Helps Prevent Costly Clogs

Place this cover overtop your bathtub drain, and it’ll catch any stray hairs before they’re able to make their way down your pipes. Not only is it great for preventing clogs, but it’s also made from flexible, non-slip rubber that won’t easily shift out of place.

A Calming Mist To Help You Relax

It’s up to you whether you want to mist your pillow with this calming spray, or simply use it to give your room a refreshing smell. The plant-based formula is made with organic lavender essential oils — and many reviewers even wrote about how it “helps me relax.”

This Comb That’s Made Specifically For Your Eyelashes

This comb was made for your eyelashes. The tines are made from fine stainless steel, making it easier to separate each lash individually when compared to plastic combs. Plus, each order also comes with a cap to keep the comb clean when not in use.

An Over-The-Door Closet Rod For Extra Storage

If you could use just a little more closet space, try putting this over-the-door rod on your door. While the size is adjustable, its maximum length is a spacious 38 inches — and the metal frame is so sturdy that it can even support up to 35 pounds. Choose from three finishes: chrome, white, or black.

The Spray That Helps Protect Your Bags From Rain

Don’t let your bag get ruined in the rain — douse it with this spray, and it’ll help repel moisture so that your bags, furniture, shoes, and more stay clean. It’s safe to use on nearly any type of fabric. Plus, one reviewer even wrote about how it saved her designer purse from a nasty coffee spill.

These Makeup Brushes That Glide Across Skin

I’ve been using these makeup brushes for a few years now — they look just as good today as the day I bought them. The bristles are cruelty-free, yet glide across skin as if they’re made from silk. And since they’re packed densely, very little powder winds up dusting off onto your clothes during application.

A Gel Blob That Latches Onto Dust & Dirt

Whether your air vents are dusty or you’ve got crumbs under your keyboard, this little yellow blob can help. It’s made from soft gel, allowing you to squish it into tight spaces so that you can clear away dirt — and it’s even reusable up until the color turns dark.

These Smooth, No-Crease Stylish Hair Clips

Ever notice how tight clips can leave crimps in your hair? While that’s not always a big deal, these clips are designed without teeth, which means they shouldn’t leave behind any creases (even if you’ve been wearing them for hours). They work especially well for pinning back bangs, and each one is made from tough stainless steel.

These LED Candles That Look Like The Real Thing

Constantly having to buy candles quickly gets expensive, whereas these LED ones are cost-effective, and gorgeous to look at. Each one only requires two AA batteries, yet will last for up to 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced. Plus, they even flicker like real flames.

A Small Razor That’s Perfect For Shaping Brows

Shaping your brows, exfoliating, trimming unwanted peach fuzz — this little tool can do all of it and more. The high-quality blades are designed with micro-guards, which help protect your skin from accidental nicks. And since it’s so small, you can easily keep one in your bag for quick touch-ups.

The Brush That Cleans Out Dirty Lint Traps

Lint trap clogged with — well, lint? Use this brush to swipe it out. The extra-long handle reaches deep into your machine, while the bristles latch onto small bits of dust, dirt, and lint. Plus, the handle is made from real wood, not plastic.

A Facial Serum Packed With Vitamin C

Not only can this vitamin C serum help brighten your complexion, but this bottle in particular is also fortified with hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil — both of which are great for working to moisturize skin. Plus, it has over 55,000 five-star ratings.

This Pillow That Helps Keep Your Knees Comfortable

Instead of letting your knees knock together uncomfortably while you’re sleeping, why not use this pillow to keep them separated? It’s filled with soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your legs for comfort — and the ventilated cover helps keep you from overheating while you sleep.

The Pillowcases Made From Soft Satin

If you experience unwanted frizz when you wake up, try sleeping on these satin pillowcases that create less friction while you rest. The best part? They come in dozens of colors to match your current sheets and have well over 172,000 five-star ratings.

A Set Of Fake Eyelashes That Don’t Need Any Glue

Simply draw on your lids using the magnetic eyeliner in this kit, then put the lashes near that line. The magnets in the liner will attract the magnets on the lash band, allowing them to easily stick to your eyelid without any glue needed.

This Mop Organizer That Can Handle It All

Mops, brooms, baseball bats, golf clubs — you name it, this holder can keep it looking neat and tidy. It’s great for cluttered broom closets and garages, as the small hooks between each slot give you room to hang scrubbers, rags, and more. Each ball bearing gripper can hold up to 7 pounds.

A Ring Light That Illuminates Dark Selfies

The next time your selfies are coming out a little too dark, try clipping this ring light to your phone. It’s made with super-bright LED bulbs, and the brightness is adjustable up to three levels. “I just got my selfie light today and it's amazing!!!” raved one reviewer. “It even made me look halfway decent right out of the shower.”

The Wireless Charger That Works Through Your Phone Case

Designed to work through most cases, this wireless charger is a must-have if your phone is always running out of battery. It’ll work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — and it’s made from tough aviation aluminum that won’t break easily. Choose from more than 10 colors, including a fun shade of pink.

A Backlit Mirror To Help You Do Makeup In The Car

Attach this backlit mirror to your sun visor, and it’ll help you do your makeup while you’re in a rush out of the house. The brightness is adjustable up to three levels, while the rechargeable battery works for up to eight hours. And since it’s made with LEDs, they have a lifetime of up to 5,000 hours.

These Covers That Add Privacy To Your Webcam

You can give yourself some extra privacy in between video calls with the help of these covers. They slide back and forth, assuring that your computer camera is covered (even if you forgot to turn it off) — and they’ll work with nearly any type of laptop or tablet webcam.

An Ice Roller That Provides Cool Relief Over Your Complexion

Keep this ice roller in the freezer, and it’ll be ready to go the moment you need to cool down. You can also use it to help shrink the appearance of pores, or even just to relax after a long, hot day. Choose from four colors: purple, green, red, or white.

The Headbands That Are Perfect For Skincare Routines

Pop one of these headbands on the next time you’re applying skincare. Not only will it keep your hair out of your face, but it’s also made from soft microfiber that won’t leave you with a tension headache. Plus, the two included wristbands keep drips from running down your arms.

These Blotting Papers That Come With A Mirrored Case

These blotting papers come packaged in a mirrored case to help you see precisely where you’re blotting. They’re suitable for sensitive skin, as zero artificial fragrances have been added — and many reviewers raved about how they “work well.”

A Gel That Melts Away Tough Calluses

When no amount of filing will get rid of those tough, unwanted calluses, try soaking them in this gel beforehand. You only need to let it sit for about 10 minutes — and afterwards, your callus should easily melt away with a light scraping.

These Shampoo Brushes That Massage Away Dirt

Add a dollop of your favorite shampoo to one of these brushes, then gently massage it into your scalp to cleanse away grease and dirt. They’re suitable for all types of hair — and the soft, silicone bristles won’t leave your scalp feeling sensitive after a good scrub. Choose from two colors: blue/pink, or yellow/white.

The Perfume Bottles You Can Refill & Reuse

Fill this perfume sprayer with a blend of your favorite essential oils for a little pick-me-up during the day. The high-quality plastic bottle is leakproof, which also helps preserve the fragrance inside. One reviewer even wrote that “these were very easy to fill, and the pump works well, too.”

A Bedside Caddy For Tablets, Magazines, & More

Don’t have enough space for a nightstand? Slip this caddy underneath your mattress, and you’ll instantly have a set of pockets for your books, tablets, glasses, and more. It’s made from 100% double-layer felt — and there are even holes where you can thread charging cables through.

This Foot File Made From Surgical-Grade Glass

Unlike some metal foot rasps, you can use this glass file on your feet no matter whether they’re wet or dry. It’s made from 100% surgical-grade glass — and the non-slip design helps you maintain a firm grip when wet. “I was able to smooth my feet within five minutes,” wrote one reviewer. “It is a neat design, and I did not have to use a lot of pressure.”

A Brush That Sweeps Your Laptop Clean

Whether your screen has smudges or your keyboard has crumbs, this brush can help. One end features a smooth microfiber pad that effortlessly swipes away fingerprints, while the bristles at the opposite end reach deep underneath your keyboard. Plus, the bristles are retractable for when they’re not in use.

The Brow Pencil With An Extra-Precise Tip

You don’t have to pay for expensive microblading if you want your brows filled in — just use this pencil. One end features a precision-angled tip, while the other has a small brush you can use to sweep your brows into any style you like. “The application is so simple, and it lasts and lasts,” raved one reviewer. “Even through doing yard work on a hot and humid day.”

A Shampoo Bar That Also Moisturizes Hair

Keep this shampoo bar with you the next time you’re camping, or even if you’re traveling. Not only will it sail through security screenings without issue, but it also contains coconut oil, and rice proteins that help moisturize your hair. Plus, each bar lasts as long as any standard 16-ounce bottle.

The Peels That Leave You With Ultra-Soft Feet

If your feet are flaking and chapped, you could always try using one of these peels. You only need to let your feet soak in them for about an hour. Afterwards, your outer layer of skin will begin to peel away over the next two weeks, leaving you with ultra-soft feet without any filing or sanding needed.

A Power Strip With 4 Built-In USB Ports

Tired of hunting around for a power brick when your phone dies? Just plug your charging cable directly into this power strip. The extra-long power cable makes it easy to plug into distant outlets, making it great for offices or desktops. The best part, however, is that each port detects the optimal charging speed for whatever device is plugged in.

These Eye Masks That Can Help Soothe Away Puffiness

If you’re trying to prevent some unwanted puffiness in the morning, try putting on these under eye masks. They’re made with real 24-karat gold to help brighten skin, while collagen works to soothe away inflammation. The best part? Hyaluronic acid also helps moisturize skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

A Dry Shampoo That Works On All Hair Colors

Ever notice how some dry shampoos can leave residue in your hair? This one is formulated so that it’s suitable for use on all hair colors — from blonde to black. It’s completely talc-free and vegan. Plus, it only takes a small amount to help refresh your roots for the day.

The Cotton Rounds You Can Use Over & Over

I bought these cotton rounds in an effort to become more eco-friendly — but to my surprise, they work even better than the little cotton swabs I was using. They’re made from 100% organic bamboo cotton, and each order comes with a drawstring bag to keep them together in the wash.

These Heel Protectors That Help Prevent Blisters

Don’t risk getting blisters wearing those new shoes — put on these heel cups first. Not only do they help protect your heels from blisters, but they also absorb shock to give your joints some light cushioning when you’re moving. Reviewers with plantar fasciitis even wrote about how it helped alleviate some of their pain.

A Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

This tongue scraper is made from smooth stainless steel that shouldn’t nick skin as you drag it from the back of your mouth to the front while removing odor-causing bacteria from the surface — and it’s even 100% rustproof. Plus, the non-slip handle helps you keep a firm grip when wet.

This Lip Gloss That Helps Plump Up Your Pout

Formulated with stimulating collagen and vitamin E, this lip gloss can help plump up your pout for up to 24 hours. It swipes onto your lips completely transparent, giving your lips a moisturized look to help keep chapped skin at bay — and many reviewers wrote about how they were able to “see the difference.”

A Duster That Cleans Multiple Blinds At Once

Don’t waste your time cleaning individual blinds — use this duster to clean two simultaneously. Each order comes with six washable sleeves made from soft microfiber, which helps attract dirt without needing a cleaning spray. “Works better than I expected,” wrote one reviewer. “It usually only took two times going over a section of the blinds to get them clean.”

These Headphones That Double As A Sleep Mask

Some headphones are uncomfortable to sleep in, whereas this Bluetooth pair is made from soft fabric that won’t knock against your ears. It also doubles as an eye mask if you pull it down over your face — and with its powerful rechargeable battery, you can easily listen to music for more than eight hours.

A Cup That Lets You Make Homemade Slushies

Keep this cup in the freezer. The next time you’re in the mood for a slushie, just pour your drink inside, then squeeze the sides for a few minutes —your drink will quickly transform into delicious slush. And since it’s made from flexible silicone, there’s no need to worry about it cracking in the fridge.

The Organizer For All your Necklaces & Bracelets

When your necklaces are too long for a tabletop organizer, just mount this one up on a wall. 20 hooks in total give you room for tons of jewelry — and each order comes with sticky adhesive that lets you mount it without drilling. Choose from two colors: rose gold, or white.

A Case That Sanitizes & Protects Your Toothbrush

You never know what sorts of germs can be lurking on your toothbrush — so grab this sanitizing case. The powerful UV light on the inside eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, and the case can even be used to keep your bristles protected when traveling. Just supply two of your own AA batteries, and it’s ready to go.

These Disposable Face Masks With 3 Layers Of Protection

You’ll be glad you grabbed these disposable face masks the next time you get caught with all your cloth masks in the wash — I know I was. The tri-fold design expands comfortably over your chin, while the three-ply weave gives you two extra levels of protection.

An Organizer That Hangs Down The Side Of Your Car Seat

With three pockets where you can stash everything from phones to cash, this organizer is a must-have — especially if you’re always losing stuff between the seats. Installation is as easy as looping the top strap around your headrest. “Came in handy on our road trip,” wrote one reviewer. “Stored masks, hand sanitizer, gum, chapstick, money, and other stuff in it.”

The Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Studs That Shine Like Diamonds

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get quality jewelry. Case in point? These stud earrings. They’re made with hypoallergenic metal, and the cubic zirconia gem sparkles like a real diamond. Choose from three finishes: steel, gold, or rose gold.

A Brush That Helps You Apply Flawless Foundation

With densely-packed bristles that glide over your complexion, this foundation brush is a must-have for flawless application. The compact size makes it perfect for travel, and each order even comes with a handy travel case. Choose from two colors: black, or pink.

These Slides Made From Soft EVA Foam

Looking for a pair of shower shoes for the gym? These ones are stylish, quick-drying, and made from soft EVA foam that won’t send you slipping or sliding on wet floors. They also work great as everyday sandals — and one reviewer even wrote that they’re “stupid comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: 4 Women/ 4 Men — 11 Women/ 10 Men
This $5 Mascara With Over 158,000 Positive Ratings

Here’s the thing: This essence Lash Princess mascara has over 189,000 positive ratings on Amazon, and it’s only $5 (seriously). It’s meant for lengthening and mimicking the look of trendy false lashes. Plus, it’s even cruelty free, and many reviewers wrote that it’s their “new favorite.”