A woman with her eyes closed, embracing herself

Caring For You

One designer explores the topic of self care and how to visually represent the act of caring for your own wellbeing.

by Shieree Chaudhury
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Shieree Chaudhury’s work is divided into three phases: discovering negative emotions, processing and healing them through self-affirmation, and helping others do the same.

Step 1

Expressing your emotions — whether you’re anxious, scared, or some combination of the two — is key when it comes to working through them. Even Beyoncé allows herself one day to feel sorry for herself when she’s down! Venting is undervalued — it’s so easy to bottle up your emotions, but the good news is that we can take that first step together.

Step 2

Dealing with your feelings is best done by not expecting too much of yourself, celebrating each step, and taking your time! Everyone is always going through something and it’s really comforting knowing we’re never alone in how we feel.

Step 3

Helping others by being there for them is one of the best parts of friendship. Sometimes what your friend needs is for you to feel better yourself so you can be a better resource, or simply listen to them when they vent. With patience comes everything we as humans need.

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