Don't forget to use caption your bride pictures on your wedding day with these Instagram captions.

30 Instagram Captions For Every Bride's Big Day That You'll Say "I Do" To

For all the wedding photo dumps you’ll be posting.

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You’ve prepped, planned, and bridal-partied your way to the big day, and it’s finally here. Today is the start of your happily ever after, which means you'll undoubtedly want to capture every single moment before, during, and after the ceremony with the right wedding captions for the bride. Since you know taking a picture will make the moments last longer, you’ll want to snap photos all day long. From getting ready with your bridesmaids to partying it up on the dance floor with the love of your life, these are the big day memories you’ll want to share on Instagram for everyone to see.

As you scroll through your Insta feed, it might even feel like watching a fairy tale unfold. Sorting through the professional photos, the candid snaps your guests send to you, and the selfies you’ve taken on your own, you’ll have enough photos to share a million wedding day photo dumps. Each Instagram post needs a good wedding day caption as well, so having just one won’t do. Since you’ve already worked so hard planning a gorgeous ceremony for everyone to enjoy, take the much-deserved time off and use any of these 30 wedding day captions instead.

Whether you use a sweet wedding quote for the pics of you practicing your vows one last time or a snap of you having a chat with your bride tribe when you’re all dressed and ready to go, this is your chance to show how you celebrated your special day in your own way. Using any of these bride quotes will make sure you have the perfect caption to match your posts just like the way you and your partner complement each other.

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  1. "On the road to Mrs."
  2. “Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” ― Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar
  3. "The party don't start until the bride walks in."
  4. "Me, myself, and I do."
  5. "Time to really put a ring to it."
  6. "Love is in the air."
  7. "I can't wait to be your wife forever."
  8. "Does this dress make me look like a Mrs?"
  9. "It takes a village, and that's why I've got a bride tribe."
  10. "I'm the bride. I don't need a filter."
  11. "I'm in full-on fairy tale mode."
  12. "Current mood: Remembering my lines."
  13. "I can't wait to spend forever with you."
  14. "Here's to love and laughter, and happily ever after."
  15. "Bride: a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her." — Ambrose Bierce
  16. "You are what happened when I wished upon a star."
  17. "He stole my heart, so I am planning revenge. I am going to take his last name."
  18. "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." — Melissa Brown, Picturing Perfect
  19. "I'm a few steps away from my forever."
  20. "Let me take a picture before the tears set in."
  21. "This girl is getting hitched."
  22. "Shining bright like a bride."
  23. "Ready to be the mac to your cheese forever."
  24. "Bring on the aisle and the altar!"
  25. "The bride's here. Where do I check in?"
  26. “I do, we did.”
  27. “This all happened because two people fell in love.”
  28. “My favorite part of my wedding was realizing that I didn't have to plan it anymore.”
  29. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” — When Harry Met Sally
  30. “You don't marry the person you can live with. You marry the person you can't live without.”

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