52 Bougie Things On Amazon That Are Actually Amazing Deals

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by Ileana Morales Valentine, Jen Fiegel, Laura Harper and Christina X. Wood

When you think of the word “bougie,” you might also think of the word “expensive” (same). Thanks to Amazon, that isn’t always the case. In fact, the online store offers tons of fancy things that are actually amazing deals, whether they’re shockingly affordable, sold in a multipack, or both. This list has tons of those kinds of bougie things, and they shouldn’t break the bank. In other words, go ahead and treat yourself with the following deals — which are, in fact, amazing.

Let’s take the Turkish beach towel, for example. It’s a beautiful item that acts as a towel, a blanket, or a garment — and it does each of those things with elegance and charm. I consider it must-have item and own more than one. Or how about the silk face mask? It’s both gorgeous and breathable, and it even has adjustable ear loops. And when it comes to coffee, there’s nothing that’s too indulgent (in my opinion) — but there’s no need to drop a fortune on coffee makers when this one’s super sleek and affordable.

Could your life use a little more indulgence and bougie-ness? (Without a super high price, of course.) Check these products out.

A Brown Sugar Scrub That Exfoliates & Moisturizes Your Skin

Rubbing this delicious-smelling sugar scrub all over your body feels like an indulgence until you see the results. It’s a body and face exfoliator and moisturizer all rolled into one, and it will make your skin feel amazing while reducing unwanted blemishes and creating a vibrant glow. Plus, over 11,000 people have given it five stars.

This Silky-Smooth Pillowcase That Has Skin & Hair Benefits

Indulging in a silk pillowcase will help create a truly cozy bed, but it’ll also help keep your skin and hair moisturized as you snooze. This soft silk pillowcase — which is available in a choice of 16 colors — is a completely affordable indulgence that over 11,000 people swear by.

A Long-Lasting Soy Candle That Smells Amazing

If an all-natural and organic soy candle that smells like fresh linen, ocean breeze, or a midnight in Paris sounds like would be out of your budget, meet these candles that last so long and smell so good (according to many of the 20,000 people who gave them five stars). Complete with cotton wicks and hand-poured wax, these candles are $15 each.

This Collagen Face Mask That Feels So Refreshing

Lie down, put one of these collagen sheet masks on your face, and relax. Indulgent? Absolutely. But compared to a spa day, this is self-care you can afford — and these things work. They’re packed with collagen peptides to help refresh your skin — but many other masks are available that serve different purposes.

The Electric Wine Opener That Does The Job Right

Opening a wine bottle can be a challenge — but not if you do it with this clever electric wine opener. Just put it on the top of the bottle, press a button, and it’ll do all the work. It also looks good on the bar and recharges quickly while sitting on the base. Plus, it comes with a foil cutter.

A Big Inflatable Pillow For The Bathtub

Sink into a hot tub and rest your head on this soft, roomy, inflatable bath pillow — and then let the stresses of the day go. If you ask me, that’s not an indulgence — it’s self-care. And this pillow is large enough to keep you comfortable while seven big suction cups hold it firmly in place. You can choose from four colors.

The Lavender-Scented Room Freshener For Your Home

When you walk into a room and take a big inhale because it smells so amazing in there, you know you bought the right room freshener. That’s right: Any room in your home could smell like lavender or the sea (or as if someone has been hanging laundry on the line). However, there are 16 refreshing scents to choose from.

These 2 Smart Plugs For A Connected Home

These two smart plugs are so easy to set up and use that you’ll come back for more so you can connect every lamp, coffee maker, and home appliance to your smart home (and turn it all off using your voice). Over 61,000 reviewers have given them five stars and many customers wrote that they’re “easy to use.”

A Warm & Bubbly Foot Bath That’ll Turn Your Home Into A Spa

Sink your shoe-tired feet into a warm, bubbly foot bath while you sit in a comfortable arm chair and help them recover from a day in shoes, running, or whatever else you put them through. A removable pumice stone sits in a dedicated dish, ready to soften calluses — and the controls are designed to be operated by toe.

An Incredible Showerhead That Feels Like A Rainstorm

This showerhead turns any ordinary shower into a super relaxing experience that feels like a rainstorm, and all you have to do is unscrew the showerhead you have now and screw this one in. It delivers a high-pressure rain experience through 90 jets that are also easy to clean.

This Classic Pour-Over Coffee System For An Excellent Cup Of Coffee

This pour-over coffee system is a must-have for two reasons: It looks beautiful and makes an amazing cup of coffee. The process is a bit of an art — pour hot water at the perfect temperature, slowly, over fresh grounds — but this is the main tool you need to make it. The cork collar can be removed, so you can easily clean the borosilicate glass carafe — and a reusable filter fits perfectly and shouldn’t need replacing.

The Kettle You Need For Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

The gooseneck pour-spout of this 40-ounce stainless-steel kettle achieves the slow and precise pour you need to accomplish for a perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Plus, the thermometer in the lid makes it super easy to use water that’s exactly the right temperature. It even has an insulated handle.

A Soft, Waffle-Weave Robe That So Many Reviewers “Love”

You can pull this lightweight, absorbent robe on right from the shower, because it’s made from waffle weave cotton fabric and polyester. It’s great for any season, has a pocket for your phone, and comes in four sizes for a comfortable fit. It’s even available in five colors, too.

This Humidifier And Infuser That Looks Like Sculpture

Even when it’s not doing anything, this ceramic diffuser and humidifier looks good. But add some water and an essential oil scent you like, and the light trim will glow in the color of your choice while your favorite scents fill the air. In other words, it becomes a beautiful and functional piece of art.

These Dreamy Slippers That Indulge Your Feet In Comfort

Step into these furry, soft slippers — and you won’t want to take them off. The foot bed is made from memory foam so that it’s cushiony to walk on, and they completely wrap your feet in a fur-like fabric that feels so cozy. They are available in eight colors and have over 11,000 five-star reviews.

  • Available sizes: 5-6 — 9-10
This Satin Pajama Set That Comes In So Many Different Colors

This satin pajama set — which includes satin shorts with an elastic waistband and a matching short-sleeve shirt — comes in 32 colors to choose from. The combination of spandex satin and polyester make this set cozy and breathable — and one reviewer wrote, “I love these pajamas. They are super soft and very comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
This Fluffy Sherpa Blanket That’s Super Cozy

This blanket is easy to curl up under. It’s velvety on one side, while high-loft Sherpa on the other will keep you comfortable. It comes in 16 colors and sizes to fit your armchair or bed, and it’s even machine washable.

This Set Of Tools That’ll Help You Care For Your Candles

If you’re someone who love candles, a set of tools that includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, and wick dipper — like this pretty, champagne-colored brass collection — could be useful. They’re all awesome to have because the right tool for the job — especially when handling hot wax — is always good.

This Collection Of Scalp Massagers That Feel Amazing

Rub any one of these three scalp massagers over your head and you’ll likely feel super relaxed as your blood circulation increases. Two long-fingered metal massagers have silicone beads over the tines while a soft, nubby scalp comb gives a deeper massage.

An Aerator That Helps Improve The Taste Of Your Wine

This wine aerator is super useful, because it quickly aerates the wine as you pour it. Just shove it into the top of the bottle like a cork and pour while it aerates. It has over 9,000 five-star reviews, and many customers have written that it’s both “easy to use” and “easy to clean.”

This Sleek Face Mask Made With Super Smooth Silk

This silk mask is light and double-layered, and it can be used with or without a filter. It’s even breathable and soft against the skin — and the strap is adjustable for a customized fit. Plus, it comes in lots of color options ranging from black to dusty rose.

A Hair Spray That Helps Relieve Unwanted Frizz

Reviewers — over 18,000 of them — have given this Color Wow Dream Coat five stars. Many are raving about how sleek their hair looks after applying this treatment spray. It helps prevent hair from having unwanted frizz in the humidity, because heat-activated polymers lock humidity out of your hair strands when you blow it dry. And it lasts a long time, too.

This 2-Pack Of Microfiber Hair Towels That Button Up

If you are going to wrap your hair into a towel after your shower, this is the hair towel to use. It’s light so it doesn’t pull, but it’s made of super absorbent microfiber so that it sucks out the water. And it’s super easy to use because it’s designed to fit your head, twist your hair, and then button closed. There are 11 colors available.

A Gua Sha Tool For Facial Massage

This face-massaging gua sha scraper feels terrific — and it’s shaped to massage and access different parts of your face, neck, and body. When used, it can help increase blood circulation, resulting in glowing skin. It even comes in a gift bag that makes it simple to travel with.

This Set Of Fluffy Egyptian Cotton Towels

If you ask me, every bathroom should have a clean, fluffy towel at the ready — and this set of six hand towels is just the thing. The cotton is fluffy and absorbent, and the colors (there are 14 options) are rich and beautiful. Plus, over 9,000 reviewers have given them positive ratings.

A Turkish Beach Towel You Can Wear Or Lie On

This Turkish beach towels is a must-have for travel, going to the beach, or for anyone who is short on storage. You can pack one of these in the space a tee shirt takes up, but they open up large. Plus, they don’t hold sand — and there are 30 colors to choose from.

This Stainless Steel Can Hold That Keeps Your Drink Really Cool

Keep your cans super cool with this insulated can cooler. The double-wall construction works with slim 12-ounce cans, keeping them cold and refreshing as if you’ve just taken them from the fridge. A range of color choices makes it easy to keep your drink in sight.

This Artisanal French Soap Bar That Looks & Smells Expensive

Add a sophisticated touch to your sink with this artisanal French soap bar. Each cruelty-free bar is made the old-fashioned way and delivers a rich lather to keep your hands clean. The milling process also creates a lasting fragrance to enhance both your bath and your skin. In a variety of scents, these bars make an excellent gift.

A Scented Liquid Hand Soap That Nourishes As It Cleans

Care for your skin as you keep it clean with this cruelty-free hand soap. The apothecary-style dispenser makes a statement next to your sink, and the light natural scent really leaves an impression. This soap is never tested on animals, so you can feel good each time you push the pump.

This Waterproof Speaker That Is Safe In Up To 1 Meter Of Water

Take your tunes along when you hit the showers with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The 100% waterproof design can handle an accidental drop in the tub or pool, and the rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of playtime. Boasting 5-watt drivers, this speaker is an ideal option for patio parties.

These Slip-On Slides For The Beach, Pool & Gym

Keep these quick-drying pillow slides in your bag for use at the gym or pool. The slip-on design is easy to wear on tile or pool decking, and the soft, supportive soles are comfy for all-day wear. Pick from seven brilliant colors to match your coverup or workout wear.

These Sunglasses That Channel A Retro ‘90s Look

These reflective retro shades feature sturdy metal frames that can handle outdoor adventures, and the protective UV coating keeps out harmful rays. As one reviewer shared, “they’re great for every face shape,” including yours. They’re available in five on-trend lens colors.

A Pack Of Foot Peel Masks That Hydrate & Heal

You can peel away dry, rough skin and restore your skin’s moisture with these hydrating foot masks. You get a pack of three pairs to keep your skin soft. Simple instructions are easy to follow for a spa-quality treatment that leaves your feet sandal-ready. You’ve heard about them; now, it’s your turn to try them.

This Set Of Gold-Plated Flatware That Adds Elegance To Your Dishes

“Buy these if you’re bougie,” one reviewer wrote, and I couldn’t agree more. This set of golden flatware makes an impression the minute you set it in place. The 20-piece set includes service for four, letting you serve up everything from starters and salad to dessert.

A Sunscreen For Hands That Softens & Moisturizes As It Protects

It’s easy to forget about your hands as you prep your skin with sunscreen for the beach. This hand cream is made specifically to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Broad spectrum 40 SPF helps keep your hands shielded, while sea buckthorn, argan oil, and meadowfoam extracts soften and hydrate for smoothness. It’s reef-friendly and a great addition to your beach bag.

These Ultra-Fluffy Pillows In Soft Or Firm

“Best pillows and for the price, you can’t beat it,” one customer raved about these super-fluffy polyester pillows. And for $30, you get two in your choice of soft or firm in standard, queen, or king sizes so you can personalize your shut-eye.

A Spa-Like Bamboo Mat For An Instant Bathroom Upgrade

Turning your bathroom into a mini spa can be as simple as a few key additions, like this bamboo shower mat. It’s triple-coated for durability and water-resistance, and comes in natural or black. Plus, there are even multiple sizes to choose from.

This Geometric Mirrored Tray For Makeup, Serving & More

Customers have used these stylish mirrored trays for everything from perfume to candles to wine, but one thing is clear: With a 4.8-star overall rating, they’re definitely worth adding to your shopping cart. “Looks fancy! and it has the perfect size for my perfumes,” one fan wrote.

These Eye Masks That Reduce Puffiness With 24K Gold

Luxe up your self-care routine with these soothing eye patches made with 24K gold. It comes in packs of 15 to 100 pairs, and according to the more than 6,000 five-star reviews, they really, really work. “I was really surprised to see how quickly it works and love the results,” one customer raved.

An Expandable Bath Tray That’s The Key To Relaxing In Style

With designated spots for wine glasses, phones, tablets or books, and more, this bamboo tray has everything you need to turn a bath into a relaxing experience. The two adjustable sides make it suitable for even small whirlpool tubs, and the water-resistant material can handle more than a few splashes.

A Shower Cap That’s Shockingly Stylish

Forget those clear plastic one-use shower caps and upgrade to this roomy stylish cap with a bow accent in front. This 100% nylon, reusable, and waterproof style comes in seven designs including on-trend tie-dye and classic tropical florals.

A Carafe & Glass Set That Can Hold Everything From Water To Wine

Whether you use it to stay hydrated or to serve some orange juice, this gorgeous carafe and glass set looks way fancier than the price tag would suggest. When you want to keep what’s in the carafe protected, just flip the cup over and fit it over top like a lid, and it’s also dishwasher-safe.

A Set Of 100% Beeswax Candles In Lots Of Color Combos

These high-quality candles are made from 100% beeswax and handmade, but the set of seven pairs (or 14 total) don’t come with the hefty price tag you might expect. In addition to the set pictured, they come in other multicolor packs as well as single colors including white, green, and yellow. Each candle will burn for about 3.5 hours.

These Candle Holders That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

“A friend thought I bought these at Pottery Barn and she couldn't believe it when I told her the price and that I ordered them from Amazon,” one buyer attested of these sleek candle holders with three heights in each pack. Choose from gold, silver, white, or matte black to suit your space.

This Gold-Plated Layered Pendant Necklace Set

For a necklace that’s both on trend and timeless, get this layered pendant set. You get two 14K gold-plated brass necklaces that can be worn together or separately. Both the pendant necklace and the choker-style chain are dainty and wearable for pretty much any occasion.

An Olive Oil Dispenser Kit That’s Easy To Refill

Transfer your olive oil to this dispenser, and you’ll always have easy access to a drizzle of the good stuff. The 17-ounce amber bottle protects oil against UV rays, and it comes with two spouts with leakproof corks and a storage seal. The kit also includes a stainless steel funnel for mess-free refills.

An Elegant Decanter For Aerating Wine

Pouring wine into a decanter opens up its aromas and flavors, and this elegant glass one is a steal for just $20. It holds up to a full bottle of red or white wine, and one reviewer commented, “What a great presentation and flavor enhancer for wine!”

The Marble Coaster Set That Instantly Upgrades Happy Hour

One quick way to upgrade your drink: set it down on one of these marble coasters. They have a luxe look and weight to them, and the octagonal shape gives them a modern edge. Each coaster has felt bottoms, so they won’t scratch your coffee table. Choose from a set of six in white or black marble.

This Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser That Takes The Mess Out Of It

With no tools required, you can quickly have this toothpaste dispenser installed in your bathroom for easy mornings and nights. It’s sleek-looking and automatically dispenses a portion of toothpaste when it senses your toothbrush. Choose from black, gray, or pink finishes to match your bathroom decor.

A Fancy Set Of Cheese Knives For Less Than $10

With stainless steel blades and wooden handles, these cheese knives are what your charcuterie boards have been missing. The four different blades are designed for properly cutting into and serving hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, soft cheese, and crumbly cheese. And having the right tools will make all the difference for serving your favorite cheeses and other items on the board.

Stop Checking Your Phone With This Minimalist Digital Clock

If you have to check your phone or microwave to know the time, you need this sleek and minimalist digital clock. The tabletop clock displays the time, temperature, and humidity, and you can use it as an alarm clock, too. The brightness level of the display is adjustable, and the wooden clock comes in four finishes.

This Bougie Marble Chiller For Wine Bottles

For a decidedly modern way to chill and serve your wine, try this marble chiller bucket. It just looks more expensive than it is and fits a standard wine or Champagne bottle. When not in use for your current favorite bottle, reviewers report using this bucket to hold and display cooking utensils.