75 Bougie Gifts That Are Surprisingly Under $25 On Amazon

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Buying for other people can be stressful, even if you think you know the person you’re buying for really, really well. But, really, this process should be enjoyable, easy, and result in a gift that will make whoever you’re buying for happy and grateful — and maybe make their life a little more luxurious in the process.

Luckily, there are tons of gift items that are fun, bougie, and unique. But, wait, aren't things like that really, really expensive? Not necessarily! From beautiful brass wall art to a crafty charcuterie board to a jewelry stand that shows off all your gorgeous goods, Amazon truly is the place to go when seeking out gifts for all of the different people in your lives. (Or, hey, even for yourself! We love that for you!) There are even things that make your life easier (and therefore more bougie), like organizers for your car, fancy water bottles to keep you hydrated, and serving platters for dinner parties.

What’s even better about these amazing products we picked out is that they’re also super inexpensive — like, under $25 inexpensive! Check out these 75 Amazon products that will make your and your loved one's lives a little more luxurious, even if you're ballin' on a budget.

This Beautiful Bracelet You Can Customize

This 16-karat gold name bar bracelet is pretty and personal. This bracelet is dainty and simple, making it perfect for everyday wear or as a special touch to a dressier outfit. It’s ideal as a gift for a loved one, as the name customization makes it thoughtful.

A Water Pitcher That Will Make You Feel Like You’re At The Spa

There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of infused water, and this clever fruit infusion flavor pitcher makes getting that indulgence super easy. Just fill the inner rod with the fruit of choice, and its flavors will seamlessly combine with the water in the pitcher to make a delicious infused beverage.

A Stylish Jewelry Organizer That Shows Off Your Collection

A beautiful jewelry collection deserves a beautiful display, which is why this hanging organizer is perfect for those with an obsession. This gold organizer has three tiers of bars for hanging necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets, while the stand at the bottom is ideal for holding rings and small earrings.

A Fancy Platter For Charcuterie Connoisseurs

This bamboo charcuterie serving platter comes with a large surface that all of your favorite meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers can fit on. Unlike other charcuterie trays, this one features a hidden drawer to hold different cutting utensils that your guests will need to enjoy this amazing appetizer display.

This Chic Makeup Brush Set That Comes With All The Essentials

This makeup brush set is perfect for beauty gurus and amateurs alike. It comes with colorful eyeshadow and face powder brushes as well as an eyebrow/eyelash wand and brush. Everything comes in a pretty decorative pouch, too, so it can come with you on-the-go!

  • Available colors: 6
This Super Unique Desktop Planter

Give your home or office a unique touch with this bulb vase. This terrarium is perfect for holding small plants and doubles as an ultra-modern, industrial decor piece that will look fantastic anywhere in your home. The little bird accent on top adds an adorable touch.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp With A Cozy Glow

This authentic and hand-crafted Himalayan salt lamp gives off a pretty orangey glow that will make any room feel serene, calm, and cozy. It has different brightness levels so you can alter the glow based on your mood.

This Glitzy Steering Wheel Cover With A 4.8-Star Rating

The glam people of the world need this diamond-covered leather steering wheel cover like, yesterday. It’s the ultimate bougie car accessory, and it comes in eight different colors that any glitzy driver will be obsessed with. The cover is easy to slip onto the wheel, and the rhinestones are comfortable enough for your hands to rest on, even during long drives.

A Tumbler That Keeps Your Drinks Ice Cold Or Piping Hot

Travel cups are an essential for those always on the go, and this insulated tumbler is the best option — just look at its 4.9-star rating on Amazon. These double-walled and vacuum-sealed cups come in 31 different colors/patterns and four different sizes, and even come with both a flip and straw lids. And don’t worry about condensation from your beverages, either, because the design of this cup prevents that!

  • Available styles: 31
This Face & Body Scrub That Smells Like Delicious Citrus

Give the gift of a glowy complexion with this lemon- and tangerine-scented face and body scrub. This Vitamin-C-infused scrub provides gentle exfoliation of the face and body that gives your skin a pretty glow and smooth appearance. It’s suitable for all skin types, too, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of this sweet-smelling scrub.

These Beads That Work As A Simple Decor Staple

This bead garland will give any space a beautiful, rustic touch. It works as a centerpiece, draped over a mantel, or as an added decor piece to a shelf. Reviewers love this item and have given it a cumulative 4.8-star rating on Amazon. One happy buyer says: “It’s PERFECT! It’s exactly what I wanted and what I have seen all over Pinterest and in magazines!”

This Pour Over Coffee Maker That Makes The *Best* Brew

Coffee lovers will kiss their Keurig goodbye after using this pour over coffee maker. This carafe coffee maker is made of heat-resistant glass and comes with a permanent stainless steel filter that extracts better flavors from your grounds than traditional paper filters can.

A Personalized Star Map That Showcases Your Special Day

If you’re looking for a unique way to show someone you care, this customizable star map is the way. This artwork displays the constellations in the sky during any special night of your choosing, whether you’re looking to commemorate an anniversary, birth, or wedding day! You can customize the phrase, names, date, location, and font, so it’s a thoughtful and chic decor item.

A Set Of Coasters That Look Like Decor

Who would have thought that coasters could look so beautiful? These eight marble coasters are an excellent addition to any living or kitchen space; their cork bottoms won’t scratch your furniture, and their ceramic surfaces will help keep condensation at bay. They’re so aesthetically-pleasing, that you’ll want to keep them out even when you don’t have a drink!

This Cozy Candle With A Wintery Scent

Give any room a cozy vibe this holiday season with this scented soy wax candle. It’s a great option for those who love wintery, outdoorsy scents, as it has notes of pine, orange, cinnamon, and clove. This wonderfully wintery candle has over 40 hours of burn time, so there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had with this home decor item.

This Device That Keeps Your Wine Tasting As Good As New

Wine lovers need this wine saver in their lives. This device will remove all of the air from an opened bottle of wine and make it taste as good as new for up to a week, extending the life of your leftover vino. It’s incredibly easy to use; just insert the wine stopper into the bottle, and pump the device until you hear a click (that’s when you know it’s done its job!).

This Stylish Acrylic Frame That Highlights Your Favorite Memories

This acrylic picture frame makes your most cherished memories front and center without being a distraction to your photos. And switching out to a new picture has never been easier thanks to the magnetic paneling discreetly built into the frame. The clear kick stand on the back keeps the frame upright on whichever table or shelf you set it on.

This Long-Lasting, Luxurious French Soap

There’s something especially bougie about French-milled soaps, and these Pré de Provence bars are no exception. With over 7,700 five-star Amazon reviews, these soaps are beloved for their elegant and strong fragrances and ability to last for a long, long time. Available in classic scents like rose petal, lily of the valley, and sweet lemon, these soaps are also infused with shea butter, leaving your skin baby soft.

A Mirror For Your Car That Helps You Get Ready En Route

Primping on-the-go is made easier with this vanity mirror for the car. This chargeable mirror comes equipped with warm and cool LED lights that will ensure your roadside makeup, tweezing, or touch-up will have the perfect lighting, and you can control them with a convenient quick touch sensor.

  • Available colors: 3
A Set Of Succulents For The Lazy Plant Parents

Plant pros and amateur plant parents alike will appreciate this five-pack of pretty succulents. These are easy house plants to maintain, due to their lack of need for much water and for fertilizer. This pack comes with the succulents already rooted in two-inch pots that you can transfer into any adorable planters of your choice.

A Smart Switch Button Pusher That Works With Your Alexa

You are going to be thoroughly impressed with how easy it is to use this smart switch button pusher. To start, no tools are necessary to install it. There is an adhesive sticker that connects it to the on-and-off switch in mere seconds. You can either use the built-in timer, use the app on your phone, or sync it with your home smart hub to make it work.

This Set Of Gorgeous Brass Wall Art That Can Double As Terrariums

This unique set of wall art is guaranteed to spruce up any space, especially a bedroom, office, or entryway. These easy-to-hang wall pieces are made from brass wire and can be hung separately as six pieces or clipped together to form three sculptures. Reviewers note these can also be used as air terrariums for the plant people of the world.

A Wireless Microphone That’s Compatible With Your Smart Devices

This wireless microphone is the accessory you didn’t know you needed to turn your smart phone into a professional work tool. It is omnidirectional, so it will pick up and record the sounds you want no matter which side of the mic they’re coming from. The clip easily attaches it directly to your shirt or lapel for hassle-free use.

A Cooling Pad To Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

You and your laptop won’t regret the investment you’ll make with this adjustable cooling pad. It’s equipped with two built-in fans that creates a powerful air flow that keeps your computers motor from overheating. That also helps extend the battery life to let you stay unplugged for longer. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the stand five different ways to prevent neck stiffness or pain.

A Rolling Pin That Will Bougie Up Your Baking

Baking becomes automatically more fun when you have nice tools to help, which is why this 10-inch marble rolling pin is a must in the kitchen. This 100% marble rolling pin is chic and functional with its smooth and nonstick design that makes rolling out doughs easy as pie (pun intended).

These Luxe-Looking Bamboo Spice Containers

These bamboo spice bowls are a chic yet simplistic way to store your favorite spices on the kitchen counter. This set comes with two containers and each one has a swivel lid for the utmost convenience. They are made from all-natural bamboo that is incredibly durable and will last you for years. And whenever they need to be cleaned, use a damp rag with warm water and a tiny amount of mild dish soap.

A Travel Coffee Mug That Looks Like A Camera Lens

You can’t beat the quirkiness of this camera lens coffee mug. Talk about a novel item. It’s perfect for the photographer in your life if you need to get them a gift. The mug is made from stainless steel which will keep your beverage at the temperature you want it at. It also comes with a tiny spoon if you need to stir in some sweetener or creamer.

These Silicone Molds That Create Fun Cake Shapes

You will be making some incredible baked creations with the help of these silicone cake shapers. It comes with a set of four strips that are each 7.4 inches long and interconnect to make a wide range of fun and interesting cake shapes. They are able to withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees, too.

These Spherical Molds That Make Mixologist-Worthy Ice

At-home bartenders will love these ice molds that freeze water into perfect sphere-shaped ice cubes. The resulting ice makes drinks look ultra-professional and keep them ice-cold without watering them down. Despite their low price tag, these ice molds really work, as the 4.8-star rating on Amazon proves.

This Set Of Foodie Dice For Cooking Inspiration

Never again deal with not knowing what to cook for dinner thanks to these nifty foodie dice. The dice come in nine different categories: cooking methods, protein, carbs/grain, herbs, bonus ingredients, and four seasonal veggie dice. Are you vegetarian or vegan? No problem! There are still options available for you on the protein one that align with your lifestyle choice.

A Pillow Mist That Will Soothe You Before Bed

This calming lavender mist is like relaxation in a bottle. This organic, all-natural 8-ounce pillow spray has sweet-smelling lavender essential oils that give your bed a nice, soothing aura to help you chill before bedtime.

A Serving Tray That’ll Make You Want Breakfast In Bed

Great for serving breakfast in bed or hors d'oeuvres at a dinner party, this bamboo serving tray is classic function defined. This wide and easy-to-grip tray is ideal for any food or drink-serving occasion, making it the perfect thing for those who love to entertain.

This Phone Stand With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Not only does this phone stand come with a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker, it also has an anti-slip base and panel arm that ensures your phone or tablet will stay in place. Great for FaceTiming, playing music and looking at recipes as you cook, or any other hands-free activity, this stand comes in a few colors.

This Lamp That Brings The Galaxy To Your Bedroom

The moon and galaxy are endlessly beautiful, and this moon lamp is the perfect way to recreate that awe-inspiring view in your home. This lamp is mapped with a 3D effect of the moon's surface based on astronomical data by NASA satellite, and when turned on, it can be lit up in 16 stunning colors that make you feel like you’re looking at the entire galaxy. This decorative lamp is an Amazon favorite; it has a 4.6-star rating and over 19,000 reviews.

A Fancy Glass Mug Decked Out With Roses & Butterflies

This tea cup with a matching spoon is pure romance. Made of enamel glass, the cup and spoon are ornamented with 3D roses and butterflies for a fairy tale tea (or coffee) drinking experience.

This 2-Pack Of Fruit Juicers That Squeeze Single Slices

For a true bougie lifestyle addition, you can’t beat this two-pack of bird-shaped juicers that squeeze lemons and limes (or other fruits) by the slice. Whether you want to make a single cup of lemonade or you want the right amount of juice for a cup of iced tea, this juicer is a simple press-and-squeeze for any drink or food item.

An Aloe Vera Plant That Doesn’t Require A Ton Of Maintenance

While most plants require a ton of maintenance, this pretty aloe vera plant only needs half a cup of water every two weeks, so it’s a great starter plant. In addition to being easy to care for, it looks great as a decor item in its grey and white planter. Plants like this one will make anyone’s home happy and even help to purify the air around it.

This Color-Changing Lamp That’s Touch-Controlled

Not only is this portable lamp turned on by a simple tap, it’s also customizable in so many ways. It features three brightness levels, 13 color options, and five dimmable settings, which means you can make this lamp match any mood. Carry it around easily, and charge it via USB.

A Trash Can For All Of Your Car Messes

If your car’s interior is riddled with garbage from take out dinners and coffee runs, this handy car trash can (with a lid!) will become your new BFF. It attaches onto the back of the front headrest or center console and will keep your messes at bay with its waterproof, leakproof two-gallon storage.

  • Available colors: 4
A Handy Warming Plate For Your Cup Of Joe

The coffee-obsessed in your life will thank you when you gift them this mug warmer. Just rest any cup of java, tea, or cocoa on the surface of this device, and your mug will stay nice and hot, no matter how slow you sip. This mug warmer is a great gift for candle lovers too — it can double as a wax melter.

This Shiny Microphone That Will Make Karaoke Nights A Blast

Kids and adults alike will love this karaoke microphone that’s great for parties or when boredom strikes at home. It comes in shiny, bright colors and is equipped with Bluetooth so you can play your favorite songs from Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music from the mic’s built-in speakers. It also has recording capabilities with cool sound-changing effects that little ones will especially be obsessed with.

  • Available colors: 4
A Pizza Stone That Helps You Make Perfect Pizzas At Home

Every night will be pizza night with this pizza stone set that will help you make delicious ‘zas right in your own home. This stone gives your homemade pizzas that crispy, golden crust that you love from your favorite local joint. It even comes with a scraper so you can cut perfect pieces of dough and clean the stone easily.

A Set Of 6 Decorative Shower Steamers In Soothing Scents

This six-pack of aromatherapy steamers are not only scented with six different fragrances, they also come in fun colors that add a pop of brightness to your bathroom. As the brand suggests, place one in the corner of your shower (not directly under the shower head) and let it dissolve. As it melts, your shower steam will be scented with smoothing smells ranging from watermelon to sweet orange.

A Bonsai Plant Starter Kit For Those With A Green Thumb

This bonsai starter kit comes with all the essential planting tools, like biodegradable pots and a soil disk, that will help produce four beautiful bonsai trees that can spruce up any indoor or outdoor space. It’s a fun project that turns into four gorgeous plants.

An Adorable Mini Jewelry Box That’s Super Portable

Keep your small jewels all in one place with this adorable jewelry box that’s made of a super soft faux leather. It stores rings, earrings, and even has a special hanger for a necklace that prevents your chain from getting tangled up. This box also works perfectly for travel due to its compact, lightweight design.

  • Available colors: 10
This Soft Blanket That Looks Good Enough To Eat

If you or someone you know can’t go more than a week without grabbing Chipotle for lunch, then this hilarious and surprisingly cozy burrito blanket is a must-have. This blanket is super soft, machine washable, and big enough (71 inches in diameter) to literally wrap yourself up like a burrito. This kitschy blanket is a fan favorite — it has 40,000+ Amazon reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating.

This Backseat Organizer That’s Perfect For Family Cars

This two-pack of car organizers is equipped with oodles of compartments that can store bottles, tablets, snacks, toys, and anything else under the sun that babies, toddlers, and kids might need when on-the-go. Every item that previously cluttered up the car seats and floors will look pristine on this hanging organizer.

This Eco-Friendly Water Bottle That Encourages You To Hydrate

With this encouraging water bottle by your side all day, you’ll never forget to hydrate again. This reusable, eco-friendly 32-ounce bottle has motivating messages and markers printed on the glass that remind you to drink up at certain points of the day. The silicone sleeve makes the glass water bottle easier to grip, and the entire thing is totally leak-proof, so you can bring this bottle along everywhere you go.

  • Available colors: 11
A Night Light That Turns The Toilet Into A Party

If you’ve ever wandered to the bathroom at night only to be blinded by overhead lighting, try this toilet night light on for size. In addition to turning on when it senses motion in the bathroom, casting a warm and welcoming glow into the toilet bowl, it has a cycle of 16 colors that keep things interesting. There are five brightness levels so you can choose the one that fits your situation best.

This Light-Up Letter Decoration That Makes Any Space Special

Any special event or space will look better with an illuminated marquee letter. These pretty white letters are perfect for weddings, birthdays, or everyday decor, and can add a personal touch to any space. They look great hung on a wall or resting on a table, and they’re lightweight enough to move around as you please.

A Chic Carrier For Your Passport & Vax Card

Frequent travelers will love this passport and vaccine card holder. This chic leather carrying case comes in 29 colors and patterns and is lightweight and compact enough to bring with you anywhere you go around the world. It also features hidden slots so you can store credit cards, plane tickets, and SIM cards.

These Cute Coasters For Your Car

If you’re always on the go with Starbucks or water in hand, these car cup coasters are a fabulous addition to your commutes. This pack of two are stylish yet functional. They’re outfitted with bougie rhinestones, yet are waterproof, dust-proof, and won’t slip, all while keeping your car’s original cupholders perfectly protected.

  • Available colors: 14
These Wow-Worthy Mirror Decals That Spruce Up Any Room

Wall stickers like these cool hexagon mirror ones are a great, effortless way to add style to a room. This set comes with 24 hexagon-shaped, self-adhesive mirrors for your wall that create a cool effect when positioned all together. Just attach them to a smooth, dry wall surface and they’ll stick for as long as you want them.

A Luxe Mortar & Pestle For Less Than 15 Bucks

Upgrade the kitchen with a beautiful, heavyweight mortar and pestle at a price that’s shockingly affordable. Use it to grind up fresh herbs, spice, nuts, and seeds, or to make a classic pesto or guacamole. This is a time-tested method, and the tools are easy to use and easy to clean. Over 7,000 fans rate this 4.6 stars overall.

A Super Soft Body Pillow For Luxurious Lounging

There’s no one in the world who won’t love this super soft body pillow for their bed. This 20-by-54-inch pillow has a breathable memory fiber polyester filling and a microfiber cover that makes it perfect for relaxing in bed or for side sleepers or pregnant people who may need that extra support by their sides.

These Minimalist, Chic-Looking Candle Holders

Give any space a touch of elegance with these simple candle holders. They have a minimalist vibe that will complement nearly any style of decor, and will make beautiful centerpieces or additions to mantels. Just top with your favorite pillar candles and you’re good to go!

A Robe That Will Make You Feel Comfy & Pretty

A robe that looks posh and keeps you cozy? Unheard of, until this satin robe came along. This lace-trim robe looks gorgeous on anyone and is silky-smooth to the touch, meaning you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable whenever you slip this on.

  • Available sizes: Small – XX-Large
  • Available colors: 25
A Portable Purse Hook You’ll Use So Often

This foldable purse hook is the on-the-go essential you didn’t know you needed. Never worry about getting your purse dirty or squished when in the office or out to eat again with this anti-slip hook that you can attach to the edge of a desk or table to keep your purse hung and close by.

  • Available styles: 12
A Bamboo Lazy Susan To Level-Up Storage Or Snacks

Whether you want to easily reach the spices in the back of the cabinet or you want a convenient and elegant way to serve hors d'oeuvres at a party, this bamboo lazy Susan has you covered. It’s 10 inches in diameter making it super versatile as a pantry or tabletop tool. And it has a way of elevating anything you put upon it.

These Adorable Mini Perfume Atomizers

Bring your favorite scent wherever you go with these refillable mini perfume atomizers. You can’t bring your favorite perfume bottle everywhere, so these adorable travel perfume bottles are an essential if you love smelling good when you’re away. This pack comes with four, different-colored bottles that you can fill and refill with all of your fav scents.

An Extra-Cozy Travel Pillow That Supports More Than Your Neck

This plushy memory foam travel pillow has a soft cotton cover and can bend any which way you like. Yes, that means it’s not just a neck pillow — it also offers amazing lumbar, chin, and leg support when you’re on long plane rides or road trips.

  • Available colors: 5
The Ultimate Toiletry Bag That Makes Traveling Easy

This chic toiletry bag has a compartment for literally everything. It can hold all your goodies from full-size products, to makeup brushes, to the little things you’ll always need on-the-go. Its unique design also means that cosmetic bottles can stand upright in the center compartment, helping to prevent spills.

  • Available colors: 3
A Set Of Gorgeous Wine Glasses That Are Unbreakable

Whether you’re sipping wine at the park or patio, or you just want to prevent any wine glass-related breakage indoors, this set of unbreakable wine glasses is here for you. They feel lovely and smooth in the hand, are perfect for chilled whites and reds — they retain temperature for hours — and wash easily by hand or in the dishwasher, too.

These Headrest Hooks That Make Shopping Trips Seamless

Big shopping trips or kids with school bags got the car cluttered? This set of four headrest hooks is an easy way to free up space in your car and keep bags organized and convenient for transporting back into the house. They’ll fit on the back of any vehicle’s headrest and can hold up to 13 pounds, so get ready to say goodbye to those cluttered backseats.

The Facial Cleansing Brush That Scrubs Deep Into Your Pores

This facial cleansing brush will make you feel like you just got an expensive facial right in your own bathroom. This exfoliating brush features two different speeds — deep-cleaning and gentle exfoliation — that will help get dirt out of your pores and leave your skin silky-smooth and glowing. With over 8,000 five-star Amazon ratings, it’s a no-brainer.

This Jade Roller & Cooling Face Mask That Will Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Your skin will feel relaxed and rejuvenized after using this cooling face mask and jade roller. Both beauty tools are beneficial to your skin in their own right. While the jade roller reduces puffiness, brightens, and tightens, the cold masks reduce inflammation and can even help with migraines and tired eyes. For under $15, it’s a fabulous 2-in-1 value.

The Device That Prevents Stuff From Disappearing In Your Car’s Cracks

Clumsy people all around need this car seat gap filler that will protect them from dropping their phone in the crack for the third time this week. This set of two (one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s) adjustable neoprene gap fillers provide 100% coverage of those pesky gaps that seem to swallow everything from our debit card to loose change in a matter of seconds.

A Laser Pointer Toy That Will Keep Your Cat Happy

Any active and playful cat will love this laser pointer toy. This automatic device points lasers randomly across your walls and floors that will keep your kitty engaged. Plus, it turns off by itself after 15 minutes, so you won’t have to worry about your cat getting too crazy.

An LED Selfie Ring Light For Your Laptop Or Phone

Perfect for anyone from a full-time content creator to a corporate baddie who’s constantly taking Zoom calls, this LED ring light is a must-have. It securely clips onto the edge of your laptop or phone providing the perfect selfie lighting. Choose from ten different levels of lighting depending on your surroundings. Also included is a rechargeable battery and a 3-foot USB cable.

These Velvet Scrunchies That Won’t Break Your Hair

These velvet hair scrunchies are the perfect comfy and cute accessories. This pack comes with 12 differently-colored scrunchies that pair with anything. Furthermore, the velvet design is soft on your hair, preventing any pain and damage that regular rubber hair bands can cause.

These Gold Under-Eye Patches That Banish Tired Eyes

These under-eye mask patches are a perfect addition to anyone’s self-care routine. Not only are they super refreshing and relaxing, but according to fans, they actually work! One reviewer claims they’re “the ONLY product I've ever seen work to reduce my under-eye bags and discoloration.”

An Organizer That Keeps Your Trunk Tidy

This trunk organizer with heavy-duty carrying handles will de-clutter your trunk and make transporting groceries from your car to your home in one trip an easier task. This sturdy organizer has multiple compartments and straps to hold things in place when braking and turning, so your stuff will be nice and secure. Plus, it’s waterproof, adjustable, and collapsible when not in use, so you can always keep it in yo

These Beautiful Pastel Dinner Plates

A nice-looking table setting can make any meal feel marvelous, which is where these beautiful pastel-colored plates come in. This set includes 12 nine-inch plates made from wheat straw fiber, starch, and food-grade PP material; a nice alternative to heavy ceramic or glass plates. Plus, these are dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to stress about cleaning up once dinner is done.

A Marble Tray Looks Elegant Just About Anywhere

This marble tray is pure elegance, and it can be used in a variety of ways: Place it next to the kitchen sink to hold dish soap and a sponge, put it on the dresser for jewelry, or keep it in the front entryway as a catchall for keys and change. It feels special and is a great gift for anyone looking to upgrade their living space.

This Bath Pillow That Supports Your Neck & Back

A treat for anyone who needs a little rest and relaxation, this bath pillow features extra cushioning to support your neck in the tub. The winged design also creates a soft landing place for your shoulders and upper back, and the six suction cups on the underside keep the whole thing firmly in place. Use the hook to hang it up after bathing — the ventilated fabric dries fast.

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