The 5 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils

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It’s always helpful to have wooden utensils on hand in the kitchen because they’re durable, don’t overheat, and can be used on any type of cookware. The best wooden cooking utensils are made from hardwood, and have the shape you need to cook your favorite meals.

Most wooden kitchen utensils are made from hardwood because it’s durable enough to stand up to general wear and tear. Beechwood is a popular type of hardwood that isn’t too expensive. Teak, another common material, is a bit more pricey, but is also very durable and moisture-resistant. If you hang your utensils or keep them out on the counter, you may want to choose an olive wood utensil, since this type of wood often has beautiful swirling patterns.

Bamboo, which is technically a grass and not a wood, is another popular material for cooking utensils. I included some options on this list because, like wood, it’s durable and can be used on any cookware. It also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly, as bamboo regrows quickly. No matter what type of wood (or grass) you choose, most wooden utensils should be hand washed as they’re likely to warp in the dishwasher.

Along with wood type, you also need to decide on the design of your utensil. There are a wide range of utensil types, but the most popular ones are spoons and spatulas because they can be used for all sorts of dishes, whether you’re sautéing, steaming, or searing. It can also be helpful to have both slotted and solid versions of both, so you can take or leave drippings and broths when you need. If you’re a big fan of pasta dinners, you’ll also want to grab a pasta ladle to make serving noodles easier.

To find the helpful kitchen tools you need, check out this list of the best wooden utensils on Amazon.

1. The Overall Best: OXO Good Grips Wooden Utensils

These sturdy wooden utensils are crafted from a single piece of beechwood to make them more durable, which is one of the reasons they have thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon. You can find everything you need in this collection from OXO, from a durable citrus reamer that lets you make your own orange juice without a bulky machine to a slotted spoon and spatula you can use for daily cooking tasks. Most of the utensils have a hole in the handle, allowing you to hang them from a hook in your kitchen if you’d like. Like with all wooden utensils, they should be hand-washed to preserve the natural oils.

One fan raved: “I purchased the entire set of these Wooden utensils to be used on my new ALL CLAD cookware..they are large enough for my husbands hands as he does most of the cooking...would very much recommend to anyone wanting to keep their pots and pans from scratches while cooking.”

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2. The Best 3-Piece Set

If spatulas are your go-to utensil in the kitchen, this Amazon fan-favorite utensil set is the pick for you. It comes with a slotted turner, a solid turner, and an angled turner, giving you just what you need for frying, sautéing, and more. Made by OXO, these spatulas are crafted from beechwood and each one has a convenient hanging hole in the handle. They also have a natural oil finish, and like the other picks on this list, they should not be put through the dishwasher.

One fan raved: “I love these wooden spoons. They work great with my nonstick cookware. I also have nylon and silicone-coated utensils, but I end up reaching for these wooden utensils most frequently. I love the shape of them; they just seem to have the right curves in the right places. I try to wash them right after I use them and I don't put them in the dishwasher. However, a few times I accidentally soaked them in the sink longer than I intended. They still cleaned and dried up nicely and continue to work just fine. They haven't split or fallen apart. I will buy this brand of wooden utensils again.”

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3. The Best Bamboo Set

Ready to refresh your whole kitchen tool collection? Check out this six-piece utensil set, which is made from natural bamboo. It includes a solid spoon, a slotted spoon, a pronged spoon, a basic spatula, a slotted spatula, and an angled spatula, so you can cook everything from soups to burgers. The tools are all 12 inches long, which means you can use them in large pots without struggling, and because they’re made from bamboo, they’re also BPA-free and moisture-resistant, but should still be hand-washed to keep them in prime condition. If you choose this set and don’t love it, you can contact the manufacturer about the limited warranty for a refund.

One fan raved: “Purchased the utensil set and waited a couple of months to write my review because I wanted to make sure of the quality before assigning stars. These utensils are great -- they arrived promptly in good condition -- no rough spots; they are sturdy enough for the task, but lightweight, and super easy to clean (I always hand wash, since they're wood). I was on the hunt for a set of utensils after America's Test Kitchen's recommended brand was no longer available. These had all of the qualities that ATK touted and were available. I would order them again and would recommend them to others.”

4. The Best Olive Wood Utensils

Crafted from olive wood with a beautiful swirling pattern, these wooden utensils are not only excellent for cooking, but also look great on display in your kitchen. They have angled ends to make it easier to scrape the bottoms of pots and pans, and they come in both solid and pierced designs. The olive wood is sourced from groves in southern Italy, and it’s harvested from olive trees that are finished producing olives or from pruned branches to protect the trees. Like the other picks, these utensils should be hand-washed to prevent warping and damage.

One fan raved: “Beautiful as it is functional. I love wood. I’m guessing that you do too, or you wouldn’t be reading this review. These natural olive wood utensils are beautiful, easy to clean and we love them. [...] We were looking for something a little more unique, natural and handcrafted. We couldn’t be happier with her purchase.”

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5. The Best Pasta Ladle

A great addition to any kitchen, this bamboo pasta ladle makes taste-testing and serving pasta much easier. At 14 inches long, you can use it with large pots without burning your fingers on the hot water. The end has a classic pasta ladle design complete with holes for drainage and prongs for scooping, and the handle has a hole, so you can hang it up once you’re done with dinner. Because it’s made from natural Moso bamboo, this ladle is both durable and environmentally friendly.

One fan raved: “I’ve been using wood utensils for some time In an effort to rid all the cheap plastic ones but have kept using the plastic spaghetti one I had. I was so glad to find this. I was worried it wouldn’t hold much due to it being pretty flat but it gets the job done well & has held up great so far. I love that I can place it over the boiling water to to help keep it from boiling over. Great product, highly recommended”

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