The 8 Best Women’s Electric Razors

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by Katie Evans

If you choose to remove body or facial hair, you may have found using a manual razor to be a bit of a drag (hello razor burn!). But the right electric razor can make those nicks a thing of the past. Whether you prefer a full-featured unit that can be used from head to toe or you want a more targeted design, like a bikini trimmer or facial razor, the best women’s electric razors offer a clean, painless shave with minimal irritation. Many shavers also have added features, like interchangeable heads, built-in LED lights, or the option to use it on wet and dry skin.

To help you find the best razor for your needs, consider the following:

  • Blade Type: Electric razors have one of two types of blades: foil, which have straight heads and require you to shave in an up-and-down motion (like a manual razor); or rotary, which are round and trim hairs via a circular motion. The vast majority of electric razors for women have foil blades, since they provide closer shaves with less risk of irritation, and allow for more precision. Rotary heads are naturally curved, however, so they may be better able to fit the contours of your body or face.
  • Wet/Dry Functionality: If you’re used to shaving in the shower, opt for a razor that can be used wet or dry. This may be indicated by an IPX rating, which indicates the degree of waterproofness it offers. Wet-skin razors are easy to clean, too, since you can simply rinse them off between uses. Those that are solely meant for dry skin may be tougher to clean — though some come with little brushes that allow you to sweep away hairs collected in the cartridge, and some have removable heads that can be rinsed.
  • Power Source: An electric razor will either use batteries or power up with a charger. Battery models often come with the necessary AA or AAA batteries to get you going, but you’ll need to consider the added expense of replacement batteries. Rechargeable options will conveniently be able to charge via USB or an outlet, but note that run times vary. Look for a model that can run on a single charge for at least 30 minutes, ideally 45 minutes, so you can complete your shave uninterrupted.

With that in mind, here are eight of the best women’s electric razors on the market right now.

The Overall Best Women’s Electric Razor

What’s included: Electric razor, bikini trimmer head attachment, charger

Why it’s great: Backed by over 30,000+ perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, this electric razor is a safe bet no matter what your needs are. This has four hypoallergenic floating foil blades, which make it an excellent pick for shaving broad surface areas like legs and arms. You can also use it on the bikini zone thanks to the included bikini trimmer head, which has five different length settings — though the razor also has a built-in pop-up trimmer to capture stray hairs. It works both wet and dry skin, which makes it easy to rinse off; and it recharges with the included cable, so you don’t need to worry about replenishing the batteries. On a full charge, this runs for up to seven three-minute shaves, according to the brand (or 21 minutes, in other words).

One fan wrote: “I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried so many razors. This is the first thing I have ever used where I have absolutely no skin irritation/ingrown hairs after shaving! People talk about it not being as close a shave as a razor, but even with a razor my legs were never smooth because of all the little bumps they would create on my skin. It definitely takes more time going back and forth to get all the hairs, but I've used it for legs, bikini line, and armpits and my skin is the smoothest its ever been!”

The Budget Alternative

What’s included: Electric razor, travel cap, cleaning brush, two AA batteries

Why it’s great: Here’s a no-frills electric razor for an attractive price. While you may not get a ton of bells and whistles like the top razor pick above, it’s a reliable option that gets the job done. It operates with a single wide foil blade, as opposed to the Panasonic’s four, though this is also compatible with both wet and dry skin (so you can rinse it off, too). If you do use it on dry skin, you can use the included cleaning brush to clear the blade of stray hairs before your next use. It also comes with a protective travel cap for safe storage. This battery-powered option comes with two AAs to get you started.

One fan wrote: “I have tried every single razor on the market and I was shocked that this one actually worked as good as it did. It doesn't look like it would but it gave me such a close shave and there was no irritation. Usually I'll get a rash behind my knee or what have you and none of that this time. It definitely worth every cent."

The Best Electric Razor For Face & Body

What’s included: Electric razor, facial hair removal head, body hair trimmer head, USB charging cable, charging station, cleaning brush, carrying bag

Why it’s great: Looking for an all-in-one option? Consider the ElectriBrite electric razor. This interchangeable model comes with one larger, curved floating foil head to tackle body hair, like legs, arms, and bikini line, as well as a smaller, double-ring razor for facial hair. It can be used on wet or dry skin and charges via an included USB cable and charging station; fully charged, it’ll run for 50 minutes. Fans report that this relatively compact, lightweight razor is great for travel, thanks also to the included carrying case.

One fan wrote: “Just tried this over the weekend and I like it a lot, two for one! This razor is lightweight and quieter than I thought, quieter than my old one. [...] I assembled it with larger foiled head to try on my legs first. I really like dry shaving when I’m in a hurry and this razor worked great and it does give a smooth close shave. I then switched to the smaller round single head to use on my cheeks as I have never shaved my face before and I was really excited to see how it would do. [...] I am impressed with the outcome. This is a nice little shaver for both jobs. [...] Easy to use and cleaned up as well.”

Editor’s Pick: The Best Electric Razor For Facial Hair

What’s included: Electric razor, AA battery, cleaning brush

Why it’s great: Take it from Associate Commerce Editor Caroline Goldstein (or any of the 58,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon): This electric facial razor is a must-have. Designed with a single rotary blade, it’s built to painlessly sweep away any type of facial hair on dry skin, from peach fuzz to coarser hairs. It takes a single AA battery to run (though one is included), and it’s equipped with a bright LED light so you can better see your work. Plus, it comes in six chic colors, and its pocketable size makes it easy to slip into your cosmetics bag. An included cleaning brush helps you sweep away hairs in the cartridge, though you can also disinfect the blade with a bit of rubbing alcohol between uses.

What the editor says: “I’d seen so much hype around this razor that I had to try it for myself — and it did not disappoint. It completely shucks all the peach fuzz on my face, and it’s precise enough to reach smaller spots, like my upper lip. But it’s so gentle on my sensitive, redness-prone skin that I can even use it a few times a week for touch-ups. The LED light is really handy, too, especially if you don’t have a magnifying mirror on hand.”

The Best Electric Razor For Legs

What’s included: Electric razor, charger, storage bag, cleaning brush

Why it’s great: Speed up your leg-shaving process with this electric razor. Roughly the size and shape of a computer mouse, this shaver has four hypoallergenic rotary blades that curve to fit the contours of your legs — but keep in mind that it’s dry-use only, so you may need to adjust your routine if you’re used to shaving in the shower. Another great feature is the built-in LED light, which helps ensure you’re not missing any patches. Plus, it’s rechargeable (it runs for an impressive 60 minutes on a full charge), so you can use it again and again without swapping batteries.

One fan wrote: “Five stars!!! I will never, EVER buy another razor! I love the Flawless legs. It's lightweight, ergonomic, quiet, and delivers a close shave. I've used other electric shavers in the past. None of them have ever been this quality or delivered such a close shave. Some may think it's a little pricey, but I say it is well worth it to know I'll never have to buy another razor or shave cream. I would buy this over and over!”

The Best Razor-Epilator Hybrid

What’s included: Electric razor, epilator head attachment, shaver head attachment, trimmer comb, skin contact cap, massage roller cap, charger, cleaning brush, carrying pouch

Why it’s great: If you’re curious about epilating, you’ll like the efficiency that comes with this razor-epilator hybrid. The epilator side is essentially an electric tweezer (with 28 heads) that plucks several strands at a time, while the wide foil shaver blade has an optional trimmer comb attachment. Additionally, it comes with a smooth cap and a massage roller cap to reduce pain, which you can swap out depending on your skin sensitivity. Whichever hair removal method you go with, you’ll enjoy the dual speed options, wet/dry functionality, and the built-in sensor that lets you know if you’re pressing too hard against the skin. Fully powered, this razor runs for 30 minutes; and you can recharge it with the included charger when it runs out of juice.

One fan wrote: “I’m not ashamed to say that I gave up on shaving because my hair would grow back within a day. [...] I started looking at electric razors and epilators. My first session was as painful as waxing. My second session a week later was only mildly annoying and took 40 minutes. My third session two weeks later was painless. […] The trimmer is also awesome, and you can create precise shapes with it. This is the first summer in years where I’ve been able to wear shorts and bathing suits with confidence.”

The Best Electric Bikini Trimmer

What’s included: Razor/electric trimmer, comb attachment, AAA battery

Why it’s great: The bikini area is notoriously difficult to manage, but this battery-powered electric bikini trimmer makes it a lot easier. On one end, you’ll find a basic manual razor with five stainless steel blades surrounded by a water-activated moisturizing serum; and on the other, an electric trimmer with an optional comb attachment (which has four length settings). You can use the trimmer on either wet or dry skin, for added convenience. Nearly 24,000 people gave this a perfect score for its quick, painless approach to hair removal.

One fan wrote: “I'm kicking myself for not getting this years ago. [...] what I really wanted to know is if it will work on thick coarse hair, if it's easier than trimming with scissors, and if it feels safer. The answer is YES YES and YES! I'm not worried about cutting myself and I can trim really quickly. What would usually take me 15 minutes took me less than 5. I'm not a 'totally bare' person, but I do want it neat and short. If you want completely bare this isn't for you, but if you want to trim it's perfect.”

The Best Electric Razor For Hard-To-Reach Areas

What’s included: Precision trimmer, nose and ear attachment, two comb attachments, AAA battery

Why it’s great: For all of those random places you have unwanted hair, consider this precision trimmer. Its narrow, single blade is designed to tackle a multitude of regions, as it comes with attachments for eyebrows, nose, and ears, plus two combs for trimming longer hairs (like on the bikini line), and for eyebrow shaping. It’s made for use on dry skin, though the head of the razor is removable and can be rinsed clean. Another nice touch? You get a single AAA battery to kickstart this battery-operated pick.

One fan wrote: “I've purchased many products like this and this one was pretty top notch for the price. The attachments are what really bring the value. I use the solid blade on my upper lip, bikini area, and around my eyebrows. I then trim my eyebrows with the longer attachment because I prefer them thicker. The nose trimmer is just an absolute miracle worker.”