These Laundry Baskets Make Laundry Day *So* Much Easier — & One Costs Just $7

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by Katie Evans

Laundry day may be one of the more unexciting parts of life, but the right tools — like a sturdy laundry basket — can make it feel like less of a chore. The best laundry baskets are durable enough to withstand infinite loads of laundry and made with ventilated designs, waterproof linings, or breathable materials that prevent dirty clothes from smelling even more. And with features like ergonomic handles, wheels, or hip-hugging sides, these laundry baskets are made for portability, regardless of how many days (or weeks) worth of laundry they're packed with.

Although “basket” and “hamper” are often used interchangeably, they’re technically two different things — and you’ll find both styles here. A hamper is generally stationary, while a basket is built to be portable, whether you’re carrying it from room to room or to the laundromat. That’s why most laundry baskets have some type of mobility feature, like side handles, rolling casters, or shoulder straps. You can even find hamper-slash-basket hybrids with removable laundry bags inside. Or, if you have to deal with stairs on laundry day, you might opt for one that comes with a convenient, stair-climbing dolly.

Most laundry baskets are made of either plastic or fabric. Plastic options will be ventilated and more structured for easy carrying. Fabric options, ideally ones with a waterproof lining to wick away sweaty clothes, will make it easier to squeeze in more clothes, and they have the added bonus of being machine washable. Both options will be lightweight.

From there, consider the size of your laundry basket, and any extra design features that work for your needs. If you’re limited on space, choose a door-hanging hamper, a collapsible model you can stow away, or a slim basket that can slip into a narrow spot, like under your bed or couch. If space isn’t an issue, you can opt for something larger, like a sectioned basket so you can sort your laundry ahead of time. Or, if you plan on keeping it out in the open, go with a stylish design, like a woven hamper or a rope basket.

With all of that in mind, scroll on to shop 15 of the best laundry baskets and hampers you can get on Amazon, starting at just $7.

A Waterproof Laundry Bag With Extra-Long Handles

If you like the look of a fabric laundry basket, consider this pick with over 9,700 five-star ratings on Amazon. It’s made from terylene — a tough, quick-drying blend of cotton and polyester — with an interior waterproof coating that can be easily wiped down to clean. It’s stiff enough to stand upright, but malleable enough to collapse when not in use. Another great feature? Its long handles give you the option to carry it by hand or over your shoulder. Choose from three striped colors, each available in either 72- or 100-liter capacities.

  • Available sizes (length x height x width): 72 liter: 15.7 x 23.6 x 11.8 inches (featured); 100 liter: 21.7 x 24 x 11.8 inches
  • Available colors: 3
This Genius Plastic Laundry Basket That Collapses Flat

This plastic laundry basket is a thing of genius. It’s constructed with a collapsible, water-tight design that folds totally flat, so you can easily slip it into a narrow or cluttered closet to store it. Among over 5,400 five-star ratings, shoppers are quick to point out the myriad ways this sturdy basket can be repurposed, including (but not limited to) use as a small-dog or baby bathtub, mop bucket, outdoor cooler, or for carting groceries or washing clothing by hand. It has a 41-liter capacity to the brim, but can hold 32 liters of water (aka up to the handle openings). Choose from seven colors, all with a contrasting accordion section and two handles.

  • Size (length x height x width): Expanded: 22.5 x 10.5 x 17.5 inches; Collapsed: 22.5 x 3.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Available colors: 7
This Wheeled Hamper With Three Labeled Sections

A truly versatile pick, this wheeled laundry hamper has a three-section design with interchangeable labels so you can sort your laundry ahead of time. It comes with six labels, each with handy laundry tips: delicates/whites, lace/innerwear, colored fabric, dark clothes, hand wash, and baby clothes — but you can also flip them over and write your own labels, if you’d prefer. Other notable features include two faux-leather side handles (which can unsnap to act as a pull strap), four bottom wheels with one brake, and a drawstring-adjustable, breathable mesh cover to keep your clothes secure. It’s made from a thick Oxford polyester with a waterproof lining that’s easy to clean, too. Though the weight capacity is not listed, one shopper noted that each section can hold a full load of laundry. This comes in two smaller versions, as well, both with only one opening.

  • Size (length x height x width): 22 x 23 x 15.5 inches
  • Available colors: 1
A 2-Pack Of Laundry Bags That Hang Over Your Door

Short on floor space? Try a hanging hamper. These are made from waterproof Oxford polyester and come with six stainless steel hooks that can slot over any door with a width between 1.37 and 1.97 inches — plus six clear adhesive hooks, if you’d rather wall-mount them. While that doesn’t make for easy transport, you could always carry it by its top hanging loops. And if you don’t feel like toting it, you can unzip the bottom and empty its contents into a separate basket. Though the capacity is not provided, one reviewer claimed that each could hold an extra-large load of laundry.

  • Available sizes (length x height): 20 x 30 inches (featured); 22 x 35 inches
  • Available colors: 7
A 3-Pack Of Wheeled Laundry Hampers With Luggage-Style Handles

Whether you’re stocking multiple bedrooms or just like to keep your own laundry sorted, this three-pack of plastic Sterilite hampers is a good value — especially because these sturdy hampers are built to last. Each ventilated hamper is fitted with a lid, two back wheels, two side handles, and a retractable, luggage-style handle that makes carting your laundry a cinch. While the manufacturer doesn’t list a weight capacity or volume, shoppers have noted that each hamper is spacious enough to fit two to three loads of laundry. But if you’re in need of something a bit smaller, the brand also offers a pack of four smaller wheeled baskets without lids, at a slightly lower price.

  • Size (length x height x width): 21 x 28.38 x 13.75 inches
  • Available colors: 1
This Best-Selling Fabric Laundry Bag Made With Sturdy Aluminum Handles

Praised by a whopping 19,800+ Amazon reviewers who gave it a five-star rating, this laundry bag is a failsafe option — and at $14, it’s a bargain, to boot. It features sturdy aluminum handles, each with a comfortable, soft grip, and it’s made from waterproof Oxford polyester that can stand upright or be folded down. As a thoughtful detail, it has a small interior pocket to hold coins or a swipe card. Choose from two capacities (82 or 115 liters) and seven colors, each with a bold, graphic “Laundry” detail printed down the front.

  • Available sizes (diameter x height): Large: 15 x 28 inches (featured); X-Large: 17 x 31 inches
  • Available colors: 7
A Heavy-Duty, Rolling Laundry Cart With Four Removable Bags

If you have tons of laundry, this laundry cart/sorter is a must. Its sturdy steel frame has four wheels and two brakes for easy transit. The four polyester bags (with a 13-gallon capacity each) can be removed and carried by two top handles, so you can sort your laundry ahead of time; or you can transport a single bag if you don’t need the full cart. Take your pick from three color options, or consider the same design with three bags or just two.

  • Size (length x height x width): 30 x 33 x 17.5 inches
  • Available colors: 3
This Cult-Favorite Pop-Up Mesh Basket At An Unbeatable Price

Backed by over 24,700 five-star ratings, this breathable mesh laundry basket is another fan favorite; and at about $7 on Amazon, the price is truly unbeatable. While the volume and weight capacity isn’t listed by the manufacturer, its super-stretchy construction offers plenty of room, and many Amazon customers report that it’s surprisingly durable. “I can fit about a dozen bath towels, or a set of sheets, 2 pillow cases, duvet cover and a couple of towels in one basket.... pretty much whatever comes out of my large-capacity dryer will go into the basket,” one shopper offered. It has two handles, a side pocket for detergent, and a pop-up design that folds away for storage.

  • Size (length x height x width): 14 x 24 x 13 inches
  • Available colors: 4
A Woven Laundry Basket That Looks So Stylish

This chic woven basket could easily double as a decorative basket to hold linens, pillows, yoga mats, and the like when not used for laundry. An ideal mix of style and practicality, it’s made with durable, breathable, natural cotton rope, has two concealed side handles, and can be machine-washed on the cold setting and air dried if you want to clean it (which you occasionally should, if you’re using it for laundry). Though the capacity isn’t listed by the brand, one customer who purchased this for their toddler’s room wrote that there’s “plenty of room for his dirty clothes for a few days.” Choose from four color options, each in two-tone, neutral shades.

  • Size (diameter x height): 15.8 x 13.8 inches
  • Available colors: 4
This Laundry Basket That Comes With A Stair-Climbing Dolly

Think of this rolling laundry basket as two essentials for the price of one. It’s equipped with a removable polyester laundry bag, and a stair-climbing dolly with a comfortable, soft-grip handle, each of which can be used either separately or together. Both pieces can fold down flat when not in use. Obviously, this is handy for carting your laundry up and down stairs, though plenty of Amazon reviewers use it for transporting other heavy items, as well (the carrying load is 110 pounds) — like one customer who used it tote a delivery of a 36-pack of soda into their kitchen. This also comes as a rolling hamper with a standard dolly, for those who don’t have to contend with stairs.

  • Available sizes (length x height x width): 38-inch: 17.25 x 38.37 x 16.75 inches (featured); 36-inch: 15 x 37 x 13.25 inches
  • Available colors: 3
This Sectioned Laundry Hamper With A Woven Design

Isn’t this faux-wicker hamper so timelessly chic? This double-lidded hamper is hand-woven from synthetic wicker and comes with two removable, machine-washable canvas laundry bags, each with built-in handles. Though if you don’t want to bother removing the bags, you can also carry the hamper itself with its two side handles. In total, it can hold 3.3 bushels (or about 116 liters). Finished with a split lid that can open either side individually, it allows you to sort laundry as you go, instead of leaving it to laundry day. Get this oval-shaped basket in three colors, or opt for a rectangular, single-lidded version made from real water-hyacinth wicker.

  • Size (length x height x width): 22.75 x 24 x 13 inches
  • Available colors: 3
A Slim Laundry Basket That Can Fit Into Tight Spaces

Perfect for anyone short on room, this ultra-slim, discreet laundry basket can slide into any space over 8.5 inches wide — and it can also fold down when not in use. Made from a double-layered, waterproof Oxford polyester, it has a breathable mesh cover that closes with a drawstring, three side handles, and a volume capacity of 45 liters. “I can tuck it away in the slim space left in my closet but it is still big enough to hold a good amount of clothes,” one Amazon reviewer confirmed. Choose from five colors: beige, black, two shades of grey, or blue with “laundry” written on the side.

  • Size (length x height x width): 15.2 x 21 x 8.5 inches
  • Available colors: 5
A Classic Plastic Laundry Basket With A “Hip-Hugging” Design

It’s a classic for a reason: This no-frills plastic laundry basket from Rubbermaid simply works. It’s constructed with ventilated sides that won’t snag on your delicates, three handles, and a curved, hip-hugging design, which allows it to fit comfortably against your body for one-handed carry. Capacity-wise, this medium-sized version can hold 2.1 bushels (approximately a 74-liter volume), and it’s seriously durable: “This is the laundry basket for me. My first one lasted 10 years before one of the handles gave way,” wrote one Amazon customer.

  • Size (length x height x width): 27.8 x 19.4 x 20.3 inches
  • Available colors: 1
A Minimalist Double Laundry Hamper With 13,000+ Five-Star Ratings

With a minimalist aesthetic, this double laundry hamper could effortlessly fit with any number of decor themes — and with over 13,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, it’s clearly a popular pick among online shoppers. It’s built from a tough canvas fabric (with a polypropylene frame to keep it stable) and has a fold-over lid, two side handles, and a center divider. Each section has a removable mesh laundry bag with handles, and the entire contraption can collapse down for storage. Although the capacity wasn’t listed by the manufacturer, each bag can hold roughly one load of laundry, according to a few shoppers.

  • Size (length x height x width): 23 x 22.75 x 13 inches
  • Available colors: 8
This Oversized Laundry Tote That Folds Flat For Easy Storage

Take a utilitarian approach to your laundry with this oversized laundry tote. Made from polyester, it has an open top, two handles, and a maximum capacity of 55 pounds (or 64 liters). It’s particularly loved for its sturdy construction, as well as its collapsible design thanks to built-in snap hinges that give it a more structured feel. Another multipurpose product, you could easily use this as a carry-all or organizer for heavy items like cleaning supplies or books.

  • Size (length x height x width): 21.25 x 18.5 x 13.25 inches
  • Available colors: 8