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Plan the perfect fall couple photoshoot amongst the changing leaves.

31 Fall Pictures To Take With Bae For The ‘Gram That Are Anything But Basic

Fall-ing in love with these ideas!

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Between the fiery leaves and your cozy wardrobe, autumn is honestly the most beautiful season of all. It's warm and intimate even though there's a chill in the air and it’s right before the hustle and bustle of the holidays ahead. There are plenty of opportunities for romantic date ideas (hello, pumpkin patch!) or just spending quality time with one another. Fall has just a little bit of everything, which is perfect for you and your bae to showcase your love in a few aesthetic Instagram photos. If you need some fall picture ideas for couples, these unique photo opps will make for a memorable shoot.

Let's face it: every adorable fall activity with bae deserves a picture. For anyone with a Pinterest board full of fall photography, a scenic fall couple photoshoot is definitely number one on your list. The opportunities for a photo like this are endless as soon as summer ends, so take advantage of the natural beauty of the season and snap a few fall couple pictures. You’ll love having these autumn photos to look back on, admiring what a joyful time the fall season offers. Put on your cutest fall outfits and get ready to snap a few photos. Whether you're outdoors among the changing leaves or indoors sipping hot coffee, cozy up to bae get the perfect shot together. Here are some classic and creative fall pictures ideas for couples that your followers will love.

Get An Outdoorsy Shot

  • A little artsy framing and a little rain go a long way. Take this photo through a rainy window for a cozy hipster vibe.
  • Your natural surroundings make for a gorgeous photo. Whether it’s pampas grass or some other beautiful kind of foliage, be sure to get it in the shot.
  • Make the gloomy weather a little less gloomy with a sweet kiss.
  • Include your best furry friend for the ultimate cuteness factor.
  • When there's an amazing view, your followers have to see it (whether the view's of the treetops or bae is up to you).
  • Bonfire, anyone? Add some s’mores to your nature shot for a little something extra.

Take Advantage Of The Gorgeous Leaves

  • Kick up some colorful leaves for a fun photo.
  • Use fall foliage as a natural frame. Get the leaves from the vibrant trees in the top or bottom edges of the photograph.
  • A little bit of color and a whole lot of love makes for a stunning photo. Find the prettiest leaves in town, and put on an outfit to match.

Go On An Adventure

  • Capture your autumn adventures to leaf-peeping spots for a more personal portrait.
  • Go apple picking or to a corn maze with bae, and share some candids with your followers.
  • Showcase the things you and bae love to do together during the fall, whether it’s the farmers market or a football game.
  • Go on a double date to the pumpkin patch and take some photos after when you’re carving the pumpkins as well.
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Cozy Up Inside

  • The warmth of the season can be captured indoors, too. Whether you’re making dinner or hosting a party, be sure to set up a cozy scene.
  • Cuddle up next to the fireplace.
  • Who needs bright colors to make a fall portrait? Turn the image black and white for a more moody vibe.
  • Make a fall inspired recipe together. Snap before and after pics for the ‘Gram.

Keep It Candid

  • Find a spot that makes it feel like you're the only two people in the world.
  • Sometimes, simplicity is your best bet. Stand hand in hand and smile!
  • Don't be afraid to share a sweet moment like there's no one with a camera around. Steal a hug or a kiss, and turn on the self-timer.
  • Have fun in the leaves like you're just two children, and the adorable photos will follow.
  • Don't be afraid to get a little goofy.
  • A candid laughing shot is always adorable.
  • Capture a candid during an outdoor coffee date.
  • Your followers know your faces; sometimes, a less personal photo says just as much. Get a shot of just your hands clasped together.
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Plan Your Outfits

  • Dressing in fall colors will only enhance the mood.
  • Matching flannels? YES.
  • Take a zoom-in on those adorable fall accessories.
  • Put on beanies and live your coziest lives.
  • Your furry friend definitely needs a sweater, too. It’ll be the cutest family photo.

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