The 5 Best Dog Water Bowls For Sloppy Drinkers

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If your dog drinks water like it's in short supply, you’re probably used to them sending it flying in all directions and leaving puddles all over the floor. Impossible as it might be to train your dog to drink with polite restraint, you can find an easy solution with the right water bowl. The best dog water bowls for sloppy drinkers have innovative designs that keep splashing to a minimum.

When it comes to design, there are tons of options out there to suit your pet’s needs. Some bowls feature a narrow opening or tapered rim to contain splashes, while others come with mats that keep water from puddling on the floor. There are also bowls that regulate how deep the water is and prevent your dog from drinking too much, too quickly — a not-so-great habit that can lead to unwanted side effects. Spend a lot of time in the car? Try a water bowl with an angled design that offsets the slope of a seat. And if your dog tends to make messes by pawing at or knocking over their bowl, look for an option with an anti-slip base that can help keep it from sliding and spilling.

Just as there are many designs for spill-proof dog bowls, there are many materials to choose from. Stainless steel is a popular option for dog bowls because of how durable and easy to clean it tends to be. However, some of the most innovative bowls are made of durable silicone and plastic. Just keep in mind that plastic is prone to harboring bacteria when damaged — so if your pup is rough with their water bowl, be ready to toss it as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear (an inspection when you’re filling or cleaning it can do).

Ahead, you’ll find some of the best dog water bowls for sloppy drinkers that you can find on Amazon, plus an option for a feeding mat as an extra line of defense against your dog’s messes.

1. A Water & Food Bowl Set With A Built-In Mat

While it might be difficult to keep your dog from splashing around when they drink, this water and food bowl set helps keep messes to a minimum. The two removable stainless steel dishes are tightly nestled into an anti-skid silicone mat that prevents spills and kibble from making it onto your floor. If food or water does make its way onto the mat, not to worry — it’s easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. As a bonus, the set is made in three sizes: Mini, Small, and Large.

Positive Amazon review: “We are pleased with this product. It is easy to clean and the right size for our young pup. The dishes do not slide around and helps keep the water in the plastic mold and not all over the floor.”

2. The Splash-Proof Water Bowl You Can Take Anywhere

This splash-proof water bowl is made to keep your dog’s thirst quenched on the move — literally. The food-grade silicone is designed with a slightly lopsided bottom that works on both sloped surfaces (like a car’s seat) and flat ones. Plus, the bowl’s tapered lip minimizes sloshing while in transit. Reviewers have attested that the bowl doesn’t slide around, and one reviewer wrote, “It has a non-slip bottom and does not tip over. The lip prevents any splashes and major disasters.”

While most reviewers laud the splash-proof water bowl for traveling, many have found that it works just as well at home. Shoppers have also mentioned that it makes an ideal bowl for outdoor trails and quick trips to the dog park, thanks to its lightweight, portable design. According to one reviewer, “It folds up easily to be packed up.” It’s dishwasher-safe, too!

Positive Amazon review: “I bought this as we were moving from Florida to Canada. We took 3 days to do the drive and were able to have this bowl full of water in the back of the SUV and never once had a spill. It was so convenient. Highly recommend it.”

3. This Water Bowl That Slows Drinking Down

If your dog is a sloppy drinker because they’re slurping too much, too fast, this innovative water bowl can help slow them down. Made out of food-safe ABS plastic, it features a floating disc that offers your dog water in increments, and its outer rim helps keep water from spilling over the sides of the dish, too. The bowl sits low on the floor and nonslip grips prevent it from sliding on the floor. Some reviewers have noted that using the floating disc presented a learning curve for their pups, and others have commented that the 35-ounce capacity was on the smaller side for large dogs — but more than 3,000 reviewers have given the bowl a five-star rating. What’s more, it’s a pinch to wash: Just pop it in the dishwasher between uses.

Positive Amazon review: “Excellent dog bowl, stops our English Bulldog soaking the floor and looks great! Very happy!”

4. A Basic No-Spill Water Bowl For Sloppy Drinkers

While simple by design, this budget-friendly water bowl features a narrow opening that fits only your dog’s snout to catch splashes. While it doesn’t have an anti-slip base, reviewers have confirmed its versatility. Reviewers have not only used the bowl for their dogs at home, but also while traveling. The bowl is made of a sturdy plastic that, according to the manufacturer, is made to withstand wear and tear — and you can throw it into the dishwasher without the risk of it breaking. Unlike the Kurgo Wander bowl above, this one’s hard-sided rather than collapsible.

Positive Amazon review: “This bowl is a lifesaver and keeps the messy drinkers from ruining the floors. Dogs seem to like it as it is easy for them to drink from.”

5. The Self-Refilling Water Bowl That Won’t Tip Over

This self-refilling water bowl is made with a built-in reservoir that stores up to 2 liters of water and fills the dish with water whenever it runs out. However, what sets this apart is that the plastic bowl dispenses slowly and keeps the water level low, which can help force dogs to slow down as they drink and thus make less of a mess, according to shoppers. Reviewers have also attested that the bowl’s low-profile design and rubber-footed bottom withstands pawing and pushing.

Positive Amazon review: “I have been using this for a couple weeks [and] love it! The way it [keeps] the water level low, cuts the splash down to nothing, and [it’s] great for keeping the water fresh. I have a pug and a larger black lab, and each fill keeps them for a few days.”

Also Great: A Large Silicone Mat To Contain Splashing

There are sloppy drinkers, and there are sloppy drinkers — and for the latter, a so-called splash- or spill-proof bowl might not be enough. For another layer of insurance against spills, add a large mat like this Gorilla Grip feeding mat to their setup. It is made of anti-slip silicone and features a raised outer lip to keep water from spilling onto your floors. When it’s time to wipe down the mat, you can toss it in the dishwasher-safe. Plus, it comes in five different sizes and 19 colors.

Positive Amazon review: “My pups make the biggest mess when they are drinking from their water bowl and nothing I tried could contain the water. My hardwood floors were starting to get ruined. This mat has saved the day. It has such a small lip that you can barely notice it yet it contains their entire mess. The color is perfect as it blends right in with the floor color. Great purchase!”