The 9 Best Cat Window Perches On Amazon

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Many cats enjoy having a clear view of their surroundings, and a window perch can offer them an ideal vantage point that’s also comfortable. The best cat window perches feature a range of designs and installation methods, but they all stay firmly in place and give cats a view of both inside and outside. As you shop, you’ll want to keep in mind your cat’s weight and overall size, as well as their lounging preferences.

Your cat’s perch should be reliably sturdy. Cat perches are commonly installed via suction cups, screws, hook-and-loop adhesive (such as Velcro), and/or over-windowsill hook attachments — regardless of the installation, it should somehow secure to the glass, windowsill, or wall and stay put. Suction cups and hook-and-loop fasteners can be very easy to install and remove, but screw-on attachments might offer you more peace of mind, especially for larger cats. While less common, you can also find options that hook onto the windowsill and require no suction cups or drilling. Just be sure to keep your cat’s weight and size in mind and double-check manufacturer specifications or Amazon customer feedback before you commit to a particular perch.

In terms of the design of the actual perch, options include flat ledges, curved or hammock-style ones, as well as partially enclosed perches that offer cats extra privacy. Some perches also include padding to boost their comfort. If opting for a perch with padding, choose one you can either toss into a washing machine or wash by hand with soap and water.

Below, you’ll find nine of the best cat perches to give your pet a view out the window in style.

1. A Fan-Favorite Cat Perch With 12,000+ Ratings

With a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 12,000 Amazon reviewers have chimed in, this best-selling cat window perch is a favorite among pet owners. Four sturdy suction cups and stainless steel cables hold up a pipe frame (which reviewers have described as PVC pipe) to support up to 40 pounds. The fabric material of the perch can be removed and thrown into the laundry machine when it’s time to clean it — and it comes with a hand-washable flannel pad that’s perfect for catnaps, too.

  • Perch size: 26.4 x 14.6 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 40 pounds

One reviewer raved: “Easy to assemble, outstanding suction, and the cat loves it! It’s not big and bustle and intrusive like so many other window perches. Would absolutely recommend!”

2. This Perch For Cats That Love To Scratch

This cardboard window perch doubles as a scratcher, offering cats an appropriate place to claw (rather than your furniture) — and it even comes with catnip to encourage them. The perch is gently curved and attaches to the window using suction cups that reviewers have attested are strong. Since it’s made of cardboard, you can’t wash the perch, and it doesn’t come with a pad. However, reviewers have mentioned that it lasts a few months to a year of use, at which point you can just order a replacement cradle. It also comes in a flat, non-curved version.

  • Perch size: 20 x 11 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 50 pounds

One reviewer raved: “My cats LOVE it and so do I! They both curl up in it together (total 12 lbs) and arrive on it via flying leap from their cat tree. They sometimes use it as a scratcher and the design is [...] so solid! It’s even got little perforations that hold catnip nicely.”

3. The Perch With Suction Cups That Support 60 Pounds

This sturdy cat window perch attaches to a window using stainless steel cables and four suction cups. The suction cups feature screw caps, which allow you to twist and lock the cups in place to hold up to 60 pounds’ worth of weight. The surface of the perch is made with mesh cloth that’s designed to keep your cat from getting too hot, and it comes with a cozy, machine-washable fleece pad.

  • Perch size: 19.7 x 11.8 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 60 pounds

One reviewer raved: “I have a 19 lb giant male cat who lays in this all the time and it hasn't come loose or damaged the window at all. Not quite big enough for more than 1 cat but the sturdiness is worth the money.”

4. This Partially Enclosed Cat Perch

If your cat likes to have a hiding place, this partially enclosed window perch can provide them with some privacy. The perch is made of what one reviewer described as “somewhat flexible plastic” and comes outfitted with three suction cups to stick it to the window. It’s designed to support up to 50 pounds — though some reviewers have mentioned the interior is too narrow to accommodate very large felines. While it offers a somewhat private space, the open-top design allows cats to access the perch easily. It also comes with a machine-washable pad to keep your cat comfortable.

  • Perch size: 27 x 6 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 50 pounds

One reviewer raved: “Took about a week for my cat to adjust to his new window perch/bed. But once he did he couldn't get enough! I catch him sleeping and snoring in it all the time. Installed it once and haven't needed to readjust it, stays firmly attached to the window. Great purchase.”

5. A Heated Window Perch

When colder weather rolls around, your cat might appreciate this heated window perch. The perch comes with an electric heating pad so you’ll need to position it near an outlet or have an extension cord handy. (One commenter reported that the power cord measures 5.5 feet long.) The temperature regulation makes it comfortably warm for cats but not too hot. Although made for the cooler months, you can use it regardless of the season because the heating pad and machine-washable fleece cover are removable.

To install the perch, you have the option of screwing it into the wall and/or using hook-and-loop adhesive strips, which some reviewers claimed were easier to install. The perch requires a window sill at least 2 inches deep to rest on.

  • Perch size: 14 x 24 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 40 pounds

One reviewer raved: “The heated window sill cat bed is perfect. My cat always wants to be on a lap and with work from home, this can make working difficult. The heater is not like a human heating pad and puts off just enough to be enticing, but not so much that I worry about it being on all day. I only have it on while I’m in attendance, but it allows my cat to be near me while I'm working, but warm and entertained by the birds when not sleeping.”

6. The Cat Perch That Hooks To The Window Sill

No screws or suction cups are needed to install this versatile window perch. All you have to do is place the metal hooks into the gap of your window. While it does require some initial setup (and a screwdriver) to adjust the perch to fit your space, one reviewer described, “It was easy to assemble and install— no screws, Velcro, tape, etc. it just hooks right on to the window ledge.” And reviewers have confirmed that the result is a sturdy perch that’s simple to move to another window when needed. It features a flat surface covered in machine-washable fleece. It is ideal for petite felines since it has a maximum capacity of 15 pounds.

  • Perch size: 19.7 x 13.6 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 15 pounds

One reviewer raved: “It’s very well built and was easy to assemble. The best part is that there is no damage to [the] window sill and it holds in place well. It’s adjustable so can [be used] on other windows if needed. I think it’s a great product! And my cat likes it too!”

7. A Sleek Screw-On Window Perch

While assembling a window perch using screws can be more labor intensive than using suction cups, this semi-permanent option still gets positive marks from reviewers for its ease of installation. Whether you plan on attaching it to the windowsill using screws or Velcro strips, users agree that it is a cinch to install. One reviewer described, “Assembly was quick and easy with unambiguous drawings and instructions.” It features a flat surface with a machine-washable foam pad. Reviewers have loved its “sleek” appearance, thanks to its clean lines and lack of suction cups and cables to obstruct the view. One cat owner wrote, “The look is clean and modern,” while another agreed that it looks “very elegant.”

  • Perch size: 23.6 x 12 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 20 pounds (with just Velcro strips) to 35 pounds (with both Velcro strips and screws)

One reviewer raved: “Easy to install. I did use some long screws that I screwed directly through the board and into the window sill for added stability. Our cat claimed it the first day and now spends about 10 hours each day sitting in the window watching the hummingbirds.”

8. The Best Perch For Multiple Cats

If you own multiple cats, a single-level perch might not be big enough for all of them to enjoy. This window perch features two stories to accommodate cats weighing up to 55 pounds in total — and many reviewers have agreed that it supports multiple cats. It has six suction cups, and the straps that hold the tiers in place are adjustable from 11 to 13.4 inches. Each of the perch’s levels is supported by a metal frame and outfitted with a machine-washable cushion. Plus, the upper shelf has a circular cutout for cats to shimmy through when they want to move up or down a level.

  • Perch size: 23 x 14 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 55 pounds

One reviewer raved: “Assembly pretty straight forward. Sturdier then I thought it would be! The cats all love to hang out on here and plenty of room to share. My 3 cats are around 30 lbs combined and it has held up as they have been playing on it as well.”

9. The Cat Tree With A Window Perch

If your cat likes to climb, they might like this cat window tree and perch in one. At 42 inches tall, the perch stands next to the window and attaches to it using three suction cups. The post is covered in a sisal rope material that cats can scratch and scale, which reviewers have attested is long-lasting. (Once it shows signs of wear and tear, you can switch it out with a replacement post.) The perch itself is made out of MDF and comes with a plush sleeping pad, which reviewers have recommended washing by hand.

  • Perch size: 20.5 x 16.5 inches (length x width)
  • Weight capacity: 50 pounds

One reviewer raved: “Such a great cat tree. I got this for my kitchen window because my cats always want to be up high with me to see what I’m doing. They were also trying to climb up on counters. They don’t do it anymore after having this perch! I think they are able to see at counter height so they are content not jumping on the counters. It’s sturdy, durable and the scratching post base is awesome.”