April 6 Is Going To Be A Great Day For Everyone, But Especially For These Zodiac Signs

There’s no “April Fools” about the astrology on this day.

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On April 6, Venus will shift into the expansive, idealistic sign of Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. After a long trek through Saturn’s signs (Capricorn and Aquarius), Venus is eager to shift into a water sign that supports its need for unity, creativity, and compassion. While this transit is bound to be positive for everyone, here are the four lucky zodiac signs that can expect to benefit most:


On April 6, Venus will shift into its sign of exaltation, where it’s affirmed and supported. In your birth chart, the planet will step into your 11th house of friends, alliances, and hopes and dreams, prompting you to connect with these areas with ease.

As the zodiac sign that’s eager to form bonds and long-lasting relationships, Venus in Pisces will allow you to form connections effortlessly during its stay in this sign. Now is a great time not only to expand your social circle, but to pursue connections that align with your dreams and aspirations. With your chart ruler supported in this way, anything is possible now.

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As Venus shifts into your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships on April 6, you’ll notice a strong emphasis on connection in your life during this transit. As the logical, detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, Venus in Pisces offers you an hopeful, idealistic view on relationships, which is bound to be refreshing.

As Venus navigates the mutable, watery domain of Pisces, you’ll feel inclined to form deep, emotional connections with a special someone, in a way that almost seems too good to be true — but don’t let that stop you. There’s nothing wrong with a fairy tale romance, even if it is a little impractical. Your love life is a priority right now, so be sure to soak it all up.

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On April 6, Venus will shift into your fifth house of creativity and pleasure in the sign of its exaltation, as well as the house it rejoices in. While Venus travels through this area of your chart, you can expect a deep emotional need to cultivate joy in your art in any way possible.

During this transit, you’ll be feeling much more inspired and will be able to channel your creativity without any limit or bounds. Pisces is a mutable water sign that’s incredibly fluid and imaginative, something that can serve as a breath of fresh air for you, considering your innately fixed nature. Now is the perfect time to express yourself freely, so be sure to go for it.

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As Venus shifts into your first house of self on April 6, you’ll be feeling creative and inspired during this period. After a long trip through your 12th house, matters of the heart will be much easier for you to connect to during this transit, as Venus inspires you to connect and unify with everyone around you.

From April 6 until May 3, you’ll be feeling more inclined to surround yourself with beauty and love in a way that’s truly authentic to your self-expression. In Pisces, Venus is able to see the beauty in all things, which is precisely how you’ll view things during this time.

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