40 Annoying Beauty Problems You Didn't Realize Are So Cheap & Easy To Fix

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda and Sara Brown-Rigoli
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Are you constantly on the lookout for great skincare and makeup products and searching for answers to the best-kept beauty secrets in the industry? Well, you can go ahead and stop your search, as I’m bringing you 40 annoying beauty problems you didn’t realize are so cheap and easy to fix. Beauty problems can range from skincare to haircare to nailcare — so you can expect this list to bring a little something for everyone.

Thousands of satisfied and happy customers on Amazon can confirm: These incredible solutions to your beauty woes are tried-and-true — and affordable. Maybe you’ve had it with salon-expensive blonde highlights that get brassy after just a few weeks. Or perhaps your eyeshadow creases after you wear it for an hour or you’re pining over a white, brighter smile but can’t fathom paying triple-digits for cosmetic dental work. There are products for all three of those issues — as well as myriad other “problems” you want to address.

Prepare to throw away your past beauty annoyances and save a ton of money in the process. You’re seconds away from upgrading your skincare and makeup regimen with these amazing, highly rated products and solutions to your most annoying beauty dilemmas.


Problem: You Assume Blackheads Require Pricey Facials

Solution: A Multitasking Clay Mask That Absorbs Excess Oil

Use this Indian healing clay to give yourself a facial, cleanse pores, soak your feet, rejuvenate hair, and even treat insect bites. It contains all-natural calcium bentonite that extracts impurities and is so powerful all you need is anywhere from five to 20 minutes to get the full effect. Mix it with water or apple cider vinegar, apply, and let the magic begin.


Problem: You Have Unwanted Breakouts When You Wake Up

Solution: Switch Up Your Sheets More Often With This Affordable Set

If you’re looking to switch up your bed linens more often, then this popular bed sheet set is not only extremely affordable but also comes in a super soft microfiber texture for a serious luxe feel. The sets come available in five neutral shades, such as taupe or ice blue, and fit beds ranging from twins to California kings. Simply toss the sheets in the washing machine to be ready for the next night’s beauty rest.


Problem: Your Newly Blonde Hair Gets Brassy Fast

Solution: Protect Hair With A Hydrating Purple Shampoo And Conditioner

This cult-favorite purple shampoo and conditioner not only keeps your hair as blonde as the day is long but also adds hydration with the help of coconut oil, marula oil, and vitamin B5. The cruelty-free and vegan formula is also free of harmful sulfates and parabens so you can feel good about using it frequently (and as a bonus, you’ll be saving beaucoup bucks on trips to the salon).


Problem: You’re Experiencing Calluses & Rough Skin On Your Feet

Solution: This Foot Peel Mask That Exfoliates & Softens

If you’re tired of feeling like your feet could double as sandpaper for your latest carpentry project, slip on this foot peel mask to return them to baby-soft territory. The peel uses salicylic acid in addition to botanical extracts to exfoliate dead skin cells and soothe cracked heels. Put the mask on your feet for 60 minutes to then see fresh-footed results within seven to 14 days.


Problem: Heating Tools Have Left Your Hair Parched & Dry

Solution: Protect & Nourish Damaged Hair With A Heat Protection Spray

Styling your hair day in and day out can take a toll, especially when there’s heat involved. Enter this leave-in heat protection spray that not only protects hair against more heat damage but also uses ultra-moisturizing coconut and argan oils to moisturize and revitalize — without parabens or sulfates.


Problem: Your Foundation & Concealer Cake By Midday

Solution: Apply A Primer To Create A Smooth Base

This affordable primer helps you to set it and forget it when it comes to applying your makeup in the morning. It’s made with hydrating squalene to give your skin a smooth, velvety texture, so you can apply your concealer and foundation on top with no fear of caking or wearing off throughout the day.


Problem: Your Makeup Brushes Need To Be Washed

Solution: A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Sanitizes In Minutes

This makeup brush cleaner uses electricity to quickly wash and dry your brushes so you can have no fear of inadvertently causing any breakouts from lingering bacteria. It includes a break-resistant cleaning bowl, a brush spinner, and several different-sized brush collars for anything from an eyeshadow brush to a blush brush. Clean brushes right before your beauty routine or even clean as you go!


Problem: You Don’t Have The Best Lighting For Makeup Application

Solution: An LED Mirror That Offers Light & Magnification

If you go about your day only to later catch a glimpse in the mirror under different lighting and realize your foundation isn’t properly blended, grab one of these LED mirrors that give you lots of light as well as two additional magnification levels. It has a 180-degree rotating swivel base so you can see every angle and it features flat-panel lighting that can be recharged via USB. For less than $40, you can have a professional makeup application station that can even be taken on the go.


Problem: Even With Mascara, Your Lashes Won’t Curl

Solution: An Eyelash Curler That Works In Seconds

To get those lashes as curled and perky as possible, turn to this eyelash curler that will get the job done in seconds. It features an ergonomic handle and finely calibrated hinge for exacting pressure, and, as a bonus, includes a satin bag and refill pads. It comes available in four pretty shades such as prism or rose gold.


Problem: You’re Experiencing Unwanted Puffiness After Waking Up

Solution: Massage With This Face Roller To Increase Circulation

Don’t regret that casual-hang-turned-all-night-soirée. You can instantly de-puff your face the next morning with this rose quartz roller that works to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, in addition to encouraging calming vibes. You can even pop it into the fridge for some serious cooling and inflammation-fighting power.


Problem: You’re Having Trouble Blending With Brushes

Solution: These Makeup-Blending Sponges That Address Every Angle

These makeup-blending sponges give you every angle you need to blend products perfectly. The flat bottom works to contour the chin and neck, rounded edges are perfect for larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, and the precision tip deals with hard-to-reach spots that require more precision. Five sponges come in a pack and can be used to blend anything from primer to foundation to powder, all for less than $10.


Problem: Not Being Able To Exfoliate The Hard-To-Reach Places

Solution: This Body Scrub Brush That Clears Dead Skin Cells For A Full-Body Glow

Whether you’re experiencing peeling skin from too much time in the sun or rough, scaly skin from a long winter, this exfoliating brush is exactly what you need for a full-body glow-up. It can be used wet or dry and the long lotus-wood handle makes it easy to reach all the hard-to-reach spots. Brush off those dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth skin underneath.


Problem: Waterproof Mascara Will Not Budge At The End Of The Night

Solution: These Makeup Remover Pads That Are Made Of Durable Bamboo & Cotton

These reusable makeup remover pads are made of several layers of bamboo and organic cotton to give you a durable surface with which to wipe away every last trace of makeup. They come in a pack of 20 and include a handy drawstring bag that you can place in the washing machine when it’s laundry day – so you can feel great knowing you're treating both the environment and your face with care.


Problem: Your Eyeshadow Always Creases

Solution: This Waterproof & Creaseless Eyeshadow Stick

If you’re so over dealing with bunched-up, creased eyeshadow on your lids, then this eyeshadow stick will answer your prayers. It comes in a highly pigmented creme formula that transforms into a powder upon application. It features nourishing vitamins C and E, and is fully waterproof no matter what the weather. There are over 10 shades to choose from in either a matte or shimmer finish, and it even features a built-in smudger to get the blend just right.


Problem: Granular Exfoliants Always Irritate Your Skin

Solution: A Liquid Exfoliant That’s Non-Abrasive

If you have sensitive skin, skip the rough exfoliants and opt for this liquid exfoliant that features gentle ingredients that won’t aggravate delicate skin. The formula uses 2% beta hydroxy acid (known as salicylic acid) and green tea extract to get rid of dead skin cells and clear the skin while leaving out irritating ingredients like alcohol, oil, or parabens.


Problem: Your Makeup Melts In A Sweltering Hour

Solution: This Primer & Setting Spray That Keeps Makeup Fresh

If humid temperatures are giving you more than just a healthy glow, go for this two-in-one primer and setting spray that gives you a lasting finish no matter how hot it gets. This transparent spray can be used underneath makeup and/or after you apply makeup to set your look in place with no fear of having to reapply it throughout the day.


Problem: Your Elastic Hair Ties Are Causing Damage & Breakage

Solution: A Spiral Hair Tie That Won’t Pull Or Harm Your Hair

Tired of pulling out hair ties only to see tons of breakage and tearing in its wake? Due to their design, these affordable spiral hair ties evenly distribute pressure so as not to cause any damage, tangling, or annoying ponytail bumps. Headaches will be a thing of the past with these ties that come in a pack of eight of varying colors, from browns to blacks to clear.


Problem: Dark Circles Under Your Eyes That Won’t Quit

Solution: These Cult-Favorite 24K Gold Eye Masks That Make You Look So Refreshed

Waking up to dark circles under your eyes may be a result of staying up too late or maybe even sleeping too much. With these best-selling 24-karat gold eye masks, you can treat the problem in as little as 20 minutes. Simply apply the gel pads under your eyes, grab your morning coffee or tea, and you’re on your way to smoother, brighter skin. The gold eye masks are loaded with powerhouse ingredients like glycerin, collagen, tea tree extract, and hyaluronic acid.


Problem: Your Shampoo Is Too Harsh On Your Thinning Hair

Solution: This Shampoo & Conditioner Set With Peppermint Oil

For those dealing with thinning hair, there’s nothing more hair-raising than causing unnecessary damage. This shampoo and conditioner set is geared towards preventing hair loss with the help of lots of botanical extracts such as argan and coconut oil, as well as vitamins E and H. It also functions to help strengthen hair with the help of keratin protein and leaves you with a pleasant and refreshing peppermint scent.


Problem: Your Brushes Could Use Some TLC

Solution: A Hair Brush Cleaner To Get Them Back In Shape

If you’re experiencing hesitation in brushing your hair with a brush filled with dust, hair strands, and fuzz, grab this hairbrush cleaner to restore it to life. It costs less than $8 and can clean out all the old hair, dust, and debris with its fine steel rake. It features an ergonomic wooden handle that’s comfortable to hold.


Problem: You Experience Unwanted Frizz While Drying Your Hair

Solution: Wrap Your Hair In A Gentle Microfiber Turban

These microfiber towels dry your hair much faster than regular towels and won’t leave behind any frizz you might get from air drying. They’re super absorbent and allow you to wrap your hair up in a turban style so you can go about your morning activities freely. Choose between four colors: pink, blue, grey, and purple.


Problem: Your Ordinary Makeup Remover Irritates Your Skin & Eyes

Solution: This Gentle Cleansing Balm That Even Removes Stubborn Mascara

Have no fear of a makeup remover irritating your skin or eyes when you wash your face with this hypoallergenic cleansing balm. It transforms into an oil when it’s applied to the skin and gently washes away dirt, sunscreen, and even waterproof makeup. It contains shea butter and coconut extract, among other herbs that soothe and moisturize skin.


Problem: Sunscreen Leaves Streaks On Your Face

Solution: A Highly Recommended Sunscreen That’s Tinted For Natural Color

You already know you should be wearing sunscreen every day, but the thought of dealing with dry, white streaky skin is unappealing enough to make you less than enthused about this crucial skincare step. This tinted sunscreen has nearly 10,000 reviews and comes dermatologist-recommended for those with sensitive acne or rosacea-prone skin. It contains a high SPF 46 and uses zinc oxide in an oil-free and mineral-based formula. It features a universal tint to help blend with the skin and even includes niacinamide to calm and soothe, so you don’t have to fear white streaks or red irritation.


Problem: Waking Up With Swollen Skin Around Your Eyes

Solution: These Ice Globes For A Cooling Face Massage

Pop these ice globes in the freezer to use for a refreshing and relaxing face massage. The steel rollers massage the skin and eyes to help both relax and stimulate facial tissue. You can help increase circulation and de-puffing for less than $20 — a lot less than you’d spend on a spa treatment.


Problem: You Can Never Replicate Your Beloved Expensive Salon Blowout

Solution: A Cult-Favorite Hot Air Brush

With over an astounding 280,000 reviews on Amazon, this hot air brush has ascended to complete cult-favorite status. It’s an ingenious hairdryer and roll brush in one that helps you replicate that salon-worthy blowout. It features ionic and ceramic technology, three heat settings, and nylon pin and tufted bristles for even more detangling, smoothing, and volumizing. One five-star reviewer noted, “[...] I do not have hairstyling experience, neither have I blown dried my hair, and my hair looks like I went to the hair salon. [...]”


Problem: Unexpected Breakouts That Take Forever To Heal

Solution: Differin Gel That Goes Deep To Heal Acne

This water-based and oil-free Differin gel targets breakouts deep in the pores before they even emerge to grace your face with their presence. It’s a prescription-strength treatment that is non-comedogenic and also anti-inflammatory to reduce redness. The best part is that the formula contains 0/1% adapalene, which is easier on the skin than retinoids, making this a gentler treatment for sensitive skin.


Problem: You Want A Brighter Smile, But Office Treatments Are Expensive

Solution: These Whitening Strips That Give You Professional Results From Home

Save your money on dental office whitening procedures and go for these whitening strips instead. For less than $50, and in no more than 20 days, you’ll have a brighter, whiter smile and you’ll have achieved it from the comfort of your own home. It promises to remove up to 14 years of teeth stains and lasts more than 12 months. Each treatment takes up just 30 minutes a day.


Problem: Your Roots Are Showing But There’s No Time For The Salon

Solution: Touching Them Up From Home With This Root Concealer

Don’t panic when those roots begin to show, because there’s a budget-friendly and time-friendly solution: this root cover-up. It comes in eight different shades of brown, blonde, black, and red so you can find your match, and goes on quickly to touch up roots or highlights, cover grays, and even fill in sparse hairlines. It’s both water-resistant and sweat-resistant so you can go about your life with worry-free confidence.


Problem: Peach Fuzz & Facial Hair Is Messing With Your Foundation Application

Solution: These Dermaplaning Tools That Make Skin So Smooth

This dermaplaning tool gently smooths the skin with the use of high-quality blades that delicately exfoliate the surface and remove fine hair such as peach fuzz (if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish). There are micro guards in place to protect the skin, in addition to a special attachment that allows you to shape your eyebrows with precision. This best-selling pick has an impressive 144,000 reviews.


Problem: Your Newly Highlighted Hair Loses Its Luster Too Quickly

Solution: A Color-Depositing Mask To Temporarily Tone Your Shade

For fast and temporary hair color, choose this color depositing mask that comes in eight shades and also provides a deep conditioning treatment. Boost the color you’ve already got going on, or venture into more vibrant territory by opting for rose gold or lilac, knowing that it will gradually fade with time. The formula is made with argan oil and an amino acid blend to provide both softness and strength.


Problem: Perpetually Chapped Lips That Make It Impossible To Apply Lipstick

Solution: An Exfoliating Brush To Smooth Lips

Give lips new life with this double-sided exfoliating lip brush that boosts circulation for a nice, rosy glow and makes lips super smooth. The tools, which come in a pack of two, are made with soft silicone so they are gentle and non-irritating on this especially sensitive part of the face. You may just notice your lip balm absorbing better, thus making for a perfect canvas for that new red lipstick you’re longing to try.


Problem: Hair That Gets Knotted & Tangled After A Shampoo

Solution: A Detangling Spray To Keep Your Hair Conditioned

Comb through wet hair with ease instead of fighting a nest of knots with this detangling spray. It works incredibly effectively on all hair types, including super thick or curly hair. You’ll enjoy the Tahitian garden flower scent that permeates your hair while also providing protective qualities. As a bonus, this spray is free from ingredients such as parabens and silicones.


Problem: Stubborn Eyelashes & Eyebrows Refuse To Grow

Solution: This Organic Castor Oil To Stimulate Hair Growth

Through the daily application of this cold-pressed, organic castor oil you can expect to see fuller and thicker eyebrows and lashes, according to many reviewers. The glass dropper gives you precision application but you can also use the included applicators to flawlessly target your brows and lashline. Some of the other uses for this affordable castor oil include skin hydration and even help with banishing dandruff. This pick has more than 60,000 reviews.


Problem: Under-Eye Shadows Are Making You Seem Fatigued

Solution: A Concealer That Instantly Brightens The Area

If a good night's sleep escapes you and you wake up with dark under-eye circles, dab on a bit of this instant concealer treatment to correct any discoloration. This concealer comes in 18 shades and has a cult following with more than 134,000 reviews.


Problem: Dealing With Painful Razor Burn After Shaving

Solution: This After-Shave Solution That Helps Soothe Irritated Skin

Bumpy, irritated skin won’t be an issue for you anymore after shaving when you apply this after-shave solution afterward. This remedy doesn’t just soothe the razor bumps you have, but it can also help with preventing and fighting ingrown hairs that can be caused by shaving. You can use it on all of the areas you shave, like armpits and legs, as well as more sensitive areas like your bikini line.


Problem: Pesky Fly-Away Strands Are Ruining Your Sleek Hairdo

Solution: This Hair-Finishing Gel With An Easy-Application Wand

If you know how to apply mascara, you’ll have no problem applying this hair finishing gel stick to give you that sleek hairstyle you’re going for. The wand lets you easily and accurately apply the gel to any area where strand fly-aways are being particularly stubborn. Now you don’t have to ruin your final ‘do by having to use bobby pins or barrettes to take care of those stray hairs.


Problem: Cuticles That Look Unruly From A Lack Of Moisture

Solution: An All-Natural Oil Formulated With Milk & Honey

If you suffer from dry and cracked cuticles, try using this revitalizing oil to soothe and moisturize them. This highly rated oil with more than 100,000 reviews is formulated from sunflower oil, honey, milk, and a plethora of other vitamins to nourish dry skin. Not only will your cuticles replenish their moisture, but your nails will also reap the hydrating benefits.


Problem: It Takes Forever For Your DIY Manicure To Dry

Solution: An At-Home Gel Manicure Drying Lamp That Speeds Up The Process

Home manicures can save you a lot of money, but if you don’t have salon-worthy tools, the process can be a major drag. Shorten the drying time on your nail polish down to 60 seconds with this UV LED nail lamp that has 22,000 reviews. Switching to gel polish gives you the ability to speed up the whole nail painting process compared to traditional polishes. After you’ve applied gel polish, simply press one button on this lamp for a fast and long-lasting finish — that will help you get out the door faster.


Problem: Over-Processed Hair Feels Dry & Brittle Hair

Solution: A Shampoo That Hydrates & Clarifies Damaged Hair

If your hair suffers from too many salon procedures like straightening, bleaching, and coloring, and not enough moisture and TLC, you are going to love the rejuvenating effects of this hydrating and clarifying shampoo. The botanical extracts in this vegan shampoo, like rosemary and aloe, lock in moisture and keep your hair strong. The product is free of sulfates and other ingredients that make hair parched and can strip strands of expensive salon color and highlights. It has a 4.6-star rating and more than 2,000 reviews.


Problem: You Can’t Get The Rest Of Your Makeup From The Bottle

Solution: This Tiny Spatula That Scrapes Out The Remainder Of Your Product

This tiny beauty spatula — which, yes, has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon — makes it possible to get the remaining drops of your product out of the bottle (whether you’re working with concealer, lotion, or a different type of makeup). It’s flexible to fit various types of containers, and it can even be used to mix cosmetics together prior to application.

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