Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Bougie Things That Seem Expensive But Are Cheap AF

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Living that bougie life just got easier thanks to these 50 super affordable items — thanks, Amazon. Take your home from Craigslist-chic to a bit more sophisticated with this set of ultra swanky silk pillowcases or this rainfall shower head that will seriously make you feel like you live at a high-end hotel.

Or for some bougie at-home spa vibes, get this incredible exfoliating shower towel to cleanse and soften your skin, and then give yourself a luxurious facial that doesn’t cost a week’s worth of groceries with this ice roller. It relieves puffiness and feels amazing on your skin when stored in the fridge or freezer. You may find yourself feeling so good you want to take a selfie — and this LED ring light clips right onto your phone for some seriously profesh lighting. Ok, time to add to cart. Keep reading for these totally bougie yet affordable finds.

A Facial Ice Roller That Relieves Puffiness & Soothes Irritation

Give yourself an at-home facial with this ice roller that relieves puffiness, promotes blood circulation and soothes irritation. Pop the stainless steel roller in your fridge or freezer, then gently use it on your face and neck to activate skin cells and allow its cooling effect to rejuvenate and refresh your complexion.

This Complete Stainless Steel Cocktail Set To Take Happy Hour Up A Notch

Make any cocktail at home using this 14-piece stainless steel kit — just add spirits and mixers. It includes a Boston shaker pair, strainer, double jigger and bar spoon, so you can mix up a delicious drink whether you’re a budding mixologist or a seasoned pro. Mix up a few drinks and this kit quickly pays for itself. Bonus points for this highly rated set: it’s all dishwasher-safe.

An Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Does The Job In 30 Seconds

Cleaning your makeup brushes is about to become so much faster, easier and more sanitary thanks to this electric makeup brush cleaner. It features adjustable speed settings and includes several brush collars to ensure a deep and thorough cleanse in under a minute. Keep your brushes — and your skin — clean with this easy-to-use, under-$30 kit.

This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy With A Place For Your Book & Wine

Enjoy a luxurious bath thanks to this expandable bamboo caddy that features a built-in book and wine holder for ultimate relaxation. It comes with a set of scented bath products that are all paraben- and cruelty-free and enriched with shea butter and vitamin E for added hydration. Since the caddy is expandable, it’ll fit over most standard tubs, so all you need to do is pour a glass of bubbly, drop a bath bomb in the tub and open up your book to feel oh-so relaxed.

An Extra-Large Rainfall Shower Head With High Power Jets For A Spa-Like Feel

No need for a full bathroom remodel to upgrade your shower — this rainfall shower head will bring luxury for just $20. The rainfall shower head has a 6-inch diameter and 90 high power jets that provide that relaxing high-pressure feel that makes you feel like you never want to get out of the shower (you’ve been warned). The chrome finish gives it a high-end look for this total steal of a price.

This Fruit Infusion Pitcher With An Ice Core Rod To Keep Your Beverages Cold

Always pour a refreshingly cold and flavorful glass thanks to this fruit infusion pitcher that has an ice core rod so you never have to worry about your beverages being diluted. Add your favorite fruit or herbs to the infuser tube to boost flavor whether you’re having water, iced tea or sangria.

A UV Light Sanitizer Box To Sterilize Your Phone — For Just $20

Use this UV light sanitizer box to sterilize the stuff you tote daily: smartphone, keys, and earphones. It uses a USB charger which makes it easily portable, and it’s safer on tech than wipes or chemical cleaners while still eliminating bacteria and removing odors within minutes. Pro tip — add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for a refreshing aromatherapy clean.

This French Press Coffee Maker That Comes With A Milk Frother For The Ultimate Cup Of Joe

Get this French press coffee maker and milk frother to start your day with a delicious homemade latte, cappuccino or macchiato. The highly durable borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel stand give it a sleek look while the professional-grade filter ensures a ground-free cup every time. Finish it off with a perfectly frothed layer of velvety foam that’ll make you feel like such a pro.

An Electric Wine Opener That Uncorks A Bottle In Seconds

If you’re tired of getting a full arm workout every time you open a bottle of wine, get this battery-operated opener and enjoy a glass of red in less than 10 seconds. You will love this handy little gadget that’s a shopper favorite with over 2,000 five-star ratings. It’s available in three colors and is super easy to use — use the included foil cutter to expose the cork, place the opener on top of the cork, press a button, and let it do all the work for you.

The Cult Favorite Detangling Brush Over 41,000 Shoppers Give 5 Stars

Use this detangling brush that’s gentle enough on wet or dry hair thanks to the soft, cone shaped bristles that separate hair sideways instead of pulling it down. The flexible bristles are designed to minimize breakage. With over 41,000 shoppers giving this brush five stars, they report it works well on a wide range of hair types and even wigs.

This Illuminated LED Mirror With 3 Levels Of Magnification

Apply makeup, cleanse your skin, and tweeze your brows with this LED illuminated three-way mirror and you’ll never go back to using a regular mirror. It offers three levels of magnification, has a rotating 180-degree swivel function, can be charged with a USB cable or use batteries. Plus, it’s lightweight and easily portable, so it’s easy enough to slip in your suitcase when you’re heading away for vacay.

The Bidet Attachment That Upgrades Your Bathroom Experience For Less Than $30

If you’e been curious about a bidet, try this affordable bidet attachment that easily installs onto your existing toilet. You can fully adjust the sprayer’s water pressure and nozzle angle with one control dial, and this pick is backed by over 10,000 five-star ratings, including from dozens of shoppers who call this a “game changer.”

This Vitamin E Cleanser That Soothes Skin & Removes Makeup

Add this vitamin E facial cleanser to your daily routine to gently lift away the day’s dirt and any makeup while soothing skin with colloidal oatmeal and jojoba oil. Rice bran in the cleanser provides gentle exfoliation and it features a light lavender-citrus scent. It’s designed to be suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry, and users happily report a little goes a long way.

This $30 UV Lamp For An At-Home Gel Mani Or Pedi That’s Way Cheaper Than A Salon

Treat yourself to an at-home mani-pedi any day of the week with this portable UV gel nail lamp. It has an LED display screen and a dual light source that ensures your nails dry faster and more evenly. The gel lamp is designed for both hands and feet and has four built-in timers for easy curing. One shopper raved, “I love this machine. Its dries fast and same results as the salon! Saving me money! Higher UV helps get the job done.”

A Hand-Blown Wine Decanter With A No-Drip Spout

This exquisite hand-blown wine decanter will make all your fancy wine and cheese party dreams come true. It holds one bottle of wine with plenty of room for aeration, which every budding sommelier will appreciate. It’s also a sleek and stylish dining table accessory and makes pouring a glass nice and easy thanks to the no-drip spout.

This Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer With Clever Bracelet, Earring & Necklace Storage

With a removable bar for bracelets, a mesh screen for earrings and individual hooks for necklaces, this rustic-style jewelry organizer will keep all your favorites neatly separated and easily accessible. It comes pre-assembled and is easy to mount on the wall, and it also features a handy little shelf to hold or display small accessories, perfume bottles, or makeup.

The $10 Satin Pillowcase Set Over 177,000 Shoppers Give 5 Stars

For a luxe bedding look and a silky-soft place to land at the end of the day, don’t miss these satin pillowcases. The satin weave is smoother than cotton pillowcases, so they’re gentler on your hair and skin. With 24 colors and four sizes to choose from, this $10 envelope-closure pillowcase set will transform your bedroom and your sleep.

These Motion Sensor LED Lights To Illuminate Stairs

Illuminate any dark staircase with these LED lights that are automatically motion activated and turn off after 30 seconds. They turn on when motion as far as 10 feet away is detected and only do so in the dark as to conserve battery life. Easily install them on your stairs with the included adhesive tape and mounting screws and enjoy the extra safety and elevated look they provide.

A Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser That’s Also A Humidifier & Night Light

This three-in-one ceramic diffuser releases essential oils for aromatherapy and is also a cool mist humidifier and elegant night light. It’s incredibly quiet so it’ll never disturb your work or sleep and the automatic shut-off function ensures that it turns off when the water runs out, so you can always rest assured that it’s safely turned off.

A Yoga Wheel To Improve Flexibility, Balance and Core Strength

Improve your yoga form, strengthen your core and build muscle flexibility with this thickly padded yoga wheel. The 12-inch wheel can support up to 550 pounds and is made for durability and sweat resistance; the thick padding helps protect your palms and feet while you exercise. It even comes with a matching stretching strap.

This Light Therapy Lamp With 3 Settings To Boost Energy & Improve Focus

We all have days when we could use a little boost, and this LED light therapy lamp features three brightness settings that help increase focus and energy levels as well as improve your mood. The sleek gray lamp lasts for up to 50,000 hours providing full spectrum light that can help balance your circadian rhythm.

A $20 Heat Styling Brush For Curls & Waves That Last

Whether you want loose, voluminous curls or smooth beachy waves, this 1 1/4-inch heat styling brush is quick and easy to use. It has a 30-second heat up to make curling your hair faster, 25 heat settings to suit different hair types, and it distributes heat evenly to prevent hot spots and hair damage. For just $20, you’re minutes away from a salon-level hairstyle. One shopper commented, “Been a stylist for over 20 years, love this type of iron.”

A Facial Steamer That Cleans, Purifies & Hydrates Your Skin In Just 8 Minutes

Skip the spa and maximize the benefits of your existing skincare routine with this facial steamer. It will be the most relaxing eight minutes of your day. Not only does the warm mist feel incredibly relaxing on your skin and eyes, but the fine mist can help open up your pores for cleansing, hydrate your skin and even help relieve sinus pain. It comes with a silicone face cleanser, a soft headband, and blackhead removing tools for a full spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

These Aromatherapy Shower Steamers In A Very Giftable Box

Give yourself the gift of relaxation with this six-piece aromatherapy shower steamer set that can shift your moods thanks to essential oils. The set includes a peony & pear, cacao & orange, coconut & lemongrass, watermelon, grapefruit and menthol & eucalyptus scented steamers that are all cruelty-free and vegan and come individually packaged. To use, place an unwrapped steamer on your shower floor away from direct water stream and let it melt away the stress of the day.

A Microfiber Towel Hair Wrap That Cuts Down On Drying Time

This super absorbent microfiber hair towel wrap was designed to dry hair faster and prevent frizz and breakage from excessively drying hair with a regular towel. The strong elastic loop ensures it doesn’t easily slip and fall off while the lightweight material provides comfort and makes it easy to pack for the gym or travel. It comes in a four-pack that’s available in two color variations and since the hair wraps are one size, they fit both kids and adults alike.

A Water-Resistant Bamboo Bath Mat To Prevent Mildew & Slippage

This bamboo bath mat is a low-maintenance addition to your indoor or outdoor bathroom that looks as good as it functions. The slatted design allows for airflow, and nine anti-slip gaskets keep the mat from slipping.

This Silicone Wine Glass Holder For Your Bath Or Shower

Yes, that’s right — this silicone holder will securely grip to a tiled wall or glass shower door so you can enjoy your bubbly while laying in a tub full of bubbles. Mount it onto a dry surface 24 hours before use, and if you decide you want to move it to a different spot, simply remove it (it won’t leave any sticky residue) and stick it in its new spot.

A Personal Blender That’s Portable & Rechargeable

Have your smoothie or protein shake on the go in this personal size portable blender. Its lid doubles as a bottle cap so there’s no need to dirty an additional glass, and the USB cable allows you to recharge the blender whenever, wherever. It comes with two straws and a cleaning brush and is available in eight colors.

A Shoe Spray To Quickly & Permanently Stretch Too-Tight Shoes

If you have one too many pairs of shoes that are cute but give you blisters every time you wear them, you need this shoe stretch spray in your shoe closet. It works on leather, suede, canvas and nubuck, and all you need to do is spray it generously inside the shoe, then insert a stretcher or just place your foot (make sure to wear socks) inside the shoe to stretch it out until it dries.

This Rechargeable Electric Body And Facial Razor You Can Use On Wet Or Dry Skin

This cordless two-in-one electric razor removes unwanted body and facial hair with its dual blades to deliver a smooth result. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades protect your skin from irritation, redness, and cuts, and the waterproof feature means you can use the razor on both wet and dry skin.

A Castor Oil & Collagen Peptide Lash Serum That Promotes Growth

If you were into the thin eyebrow trend of the 90s and 2000s and wonder if your brows will ever recover, look no further than this brow and lash serum. Made with castor oil, collagen peptides and vitamin E, it promotes hair growth, thickness, and volume when you regularly apply a couple of coats on your brows and lashes. It deeply nourishes and conditions them to restore fullness.

An Antique-Style Mirrored Tray To Hold Jewelry & Accessories

This ornate antique-style mirrored tray is the perfect spot to drop your earrings, watch, and favorite necklace at the end of the day. The polyresin tray comes in a gold, golden gray or golden silver finish and looks like a precious find from a high-end antiques store, when really it’s a total Amazon bargain for under $15. Organize your trinkets, jewelry and more in a stylish and sparkly way with this affordable little decor item.

This Exfoliating Brush That Removes Dead Skin, Gently Cleanses & Increases Circulation

Use this easy-to-grip exfoliating brush twice a day to cleanse and smooth your skin and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. For best results, gently massage wet or dry skin with this chemical-free brush for up to 30 seconds, going against the hair’s grain in a straight line. It’s especially effective when used prior to shaving, waxing or spray tanning.

An Adjustable Laptop Riser To Reduce Neck & Back Pain

If WFH life has had you hunched over your laptop for two years now, a laptop riser like this one will help improve your posture, reduce neck and back pain, and make working a lot more comfortable. It is fully adjustable, can rotate 360 degrees and is light and easily portable for those days that you do need to be in the office. The stand is compatible with all standard laptops and tablets and an added bonus is the fact that it keeps your device cool and prevents it from overheating.

A Wireless Charging Station For Your Phone, Apple Watch & AirPods

Charge all your can’t-live-without devices with this three-in-one charging station that only uses one cable. It’s compatible with Apple and Samsung phones, Apple Watches and AirPods, charges very quickly, and has a non-slip silicone surface and cooling holes so you never need to worry about your devices slipping or overheating.

A Bluetooth Headband With A Play Time of Up To 10 Hours

Listen to music or your favorite true crime podcast while you run, doze off on the couch or work on your laptop thanks to this breathable Bluetooth headband. The built-in earphones have a play time of up to 10 hours, and it functions as a lightweight sleep mask or waterproof headband for outdoor workouts in the winter months.

An Electric Lighter With A USB Charger

Forget using matches or an old school lighter for your scented candles, and try this sleek electric lighter instead. It uses a USB charger and can be used up to 600 times on one charge. The windproof and splashproof design with a flexible neck mean it’s easy to use and reduces the risk of burning your hand during use.

These Stylish Coasters That Are Waterproof & Dishwasher-Safe

A set of coasters that’s beautiful and practical? Win-win. These 4-inch wide silicone coasters are stain-resistant, waterproof, and dishwasher-safe and feature a modern design that’ll add a touch of contemporary sophistication to your dining or coffee table. The set is available in five beautiful colors and would make a great gift, too.

A Smart Outlet Pair For Under $20

Turn on your devices remotely or schedule a timer to automatically turn them off with this voice-controlled smart outlet. Forgot to turn off the lamp in the living room but you’re already halfway at work? Pull up this pick’s smartphone app and turn it off in seconds. The app also allows you to track usage, helping you cut down on energy consumption in the long run.

This Faucet Attachment That Filters Impurities For Better Tasting Water

If you’re tired of drinking chlorine-flavored water and can’t be bothered to constantly refill a pitcher filter, you’ll love this faucet water filter. It easily attaches to your kitchen faucet with one click (no tools necessary) and reduces 70 impurities, including lead and mercury.

A Wireless Doorbell With Customizable Colors & Chimes

Never miss a delivery again thanks to this sleek wireless doorbell that memorizes your custom settings and has a signal range of up to 1,000 feet. Its battery has a three-year lifespan and you can fully customize your doorbell with 52 chimes, 10 colors and four volume levels. It only takes two minutes to install — just use the provided adhesive to stick it on the wall and plug in the chime box. More than 16,000 shoppers give it five stars.

This Sofa Armrest Tray Table That Clips On And Off

Catch up on your favorite show in true bougie style with this easy to clip on and off armrest tray table. It works on both square and round sofa arms and always stays put thanks to the arms that hold it in place. Use it for your phone, snacks, remote, drinks and anything else you you’ll need for that four-hour Netflix marathon.

An LED Backlight For A Better TV-Watching Experience

Take your gaming or movie nights to the next level with this adjustable and customizable LED TV backlight. Use a remote or the light’s corresponding smartphone app to turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness and choose a custom color. The set comes with four backlight strips that easily attach to the back of most 46- to 60-inch TVs.

A Contact-Free Soap Dispenser For Your Bathroom

Not only will this stainless steel automatic soap dispenser look sleek in your bathroom, the contact-free design will make hand washing more hygienic and prevent cross infection. The dispenser senses your hand and releases soap within a second. It could also be used for hand sanitizer and hand lotion, or for dish soap by the kitchen sink.

An Electric Milk Frother To Get Perfect Foam In 15 Seconds

Unleash your inner barista and whip up fluffy froth-topped drinks with this two-speed electric milk frother. The stainless steel frother can stand on its own for easy storage and is cordless so you can make a delicious drink just about anywhere. For under $20, you’re always only 15 seconds away from a coffee shop style beverage to keep you caffeinated all day long.

This Japanese Exfoliating Shower Towel For Smoother Skin

For clean and soft skin, exfoliate your body with this Japanese shower towel that’s suitable for all skin types. Woven from rip-resistant contrasting fibers, it gently scrubs your skin to restore softness and exfoliate skin to help reduce acne or keratosis pilaris. Use it with your favorite body wash and feel the stress (and skin impurities) melt away.

A Bamboo Charcuterie Board With Matching Serving Utensils

Live that bougie life and take wine and cheese night up a notch with this bamboo charcuterie board that comes with four stainless steel serving utensils neatly tucked away in a built-in drawer. The bamboo is scratch-, stain- and odor-resistant, so it’s easy to clean even after serving the stinkiest (read: fanciest) of the stinky cheeses.

A Ring Light That Clips Onto Your Phone Or Laptop For Brighter Selfies & Zoom Calls

If your video calls and selfies aren’t bright enough, get this rechargeable LED selfie ring light to change everything. It’s compact, lightweight, and compatible with all smart phones, tablets and laptops. Just clip it on your device and choose from three lighting options — low, normal and high white brightness — and pose away.

This Electric Mug Warmer To Keep Your Coffee Piping Hot All Day

If you just reheated your coffee in the microwave for the third time, this electric mug warmer is for you. It keeps your beverage at a constant temperature and can be used with ceramic, glass, stainless steel and other mugs and cups. It’s small enough to sit on your desk without taking up much space. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about turning it on and off — it’s on when your mug is sitting on it and automatically turns off when you remove the mug.

A Super Soft Reversible Sherpa Blanket For Luxurious Comfort

Wrap yourself up in this ridiculously plush velvet and sherpa-lined blanket for some luxurious coziness. It’s made from microfiber cashmere and faux sheepskin for ultimate softness and comes in eight sizes and 23 designs. Plus, it’s machine-washable.

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