Amazon Prime Isn't Worth Having If You Aren't Buying These 52 Brilliant Last-Minute Gifts

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It's never too late to find a great gift for that special someone, as long as you have Amazon Prime. Not only does having a Prime subscription give you access to millions of brilliant gifts, but many of them also come with free two-day shipping. Why bother with the stress and mess that comes with shopping at brick and mortar stores? To help you find the perfect gifts, I've rounded up the best gifts available on Amazon — especially if you're short on time.

Since I figured you're probably shopping for a wide range of people, I've made sure to keep this list versatile. There's a variety of electronics for any tech-obsessed folks in your life, as well as nourishing lotions and beauty products for anyone who likes to dress up. Or if your friends and family skew towards the more practical side, I've also included a mix of weirdly-useful items. Have you ever heard of a tool that helps you pull a hard-to-reach zipper up the back of your clothes? Because it's in this list, and it's practically a must-have.

No matter who you're shopping for, I can practically guarantee that there's something in here for them. So without further ado, check out all the clever gifts that Amazon has to offer — you may even wind up buying a thing or two for yourself.

This Hot Tool That Creates Wavy Curls Without Damaging Your Hair

Made with top-grade tourmaline, this adjustable hair waver is capable of creating a variety of styles, including tight, loose, tousled, and defined curls. The ceramic plates help reduce frizz while adding shine to your hair, and the temperature is adjustable all the way up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Innovative Smartphone Gadget That Cleans Your Device With UV Rays

Forget those disposable wet wipes that damage the environment — this clever phone sanitizer cleans your device using germicidal UV technology. Just pop your phone inside, close the lid, and wait for the disinfection indicator light to turn on. As a bonus, you can also charge your phone at the same time it's being sanitized.

These Thermal Blackout Curtains That Help Save Energy

Whether you're prone to insomnia, or you simply like sleeping in total darkness, these thermal blackout curtains are just the ticket. They come in a two-pack with ties, feature triple-woven microfiber, as well as sleek silver grommets. On top of making things dark, the thermal insulation helps you save energy by preventing heat from escaping out your windows.

A Brilliant Tool That Helps You Pull Hard-To-Reach Zippers

This genius zipper-pulling device helps you access hard-to-reach zippers on the backs of dresses and other apparel. Just hook it over the main part of the zipper, clip it down, and pull — you can also use it for tricky zippers on your boots, as well as other footwear.

This Cast Iron Dutch Oven That's Great For Pot Roasts And Stews

Made with high-quality cast iron coated in smooth enamel, this Dutch oven is the perfect piece of cookware to braise meat, or cook up a hearty stew. This heavy-duty pot is oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and features loop handles on the side for simple carrying. It comes in three sizes, as well as four different colors — just note that it's hand-wash only.

A Versatile Stick Vacuum That Only Weighs 4 Pounds

Featuring a slender body and a sleek, lightweight design, this swivel stick vacuum only weighs 4 pounds. It boasts a strong 2-amp motor, as well as a washable filtration system — and the 18-foot power cords means you won't have to switch outlets as often.

This Mask That Helps Get Your Lips Soft And Chap-Free

Formulated with moisturizing matcha and a pleasant green tea aroma, this nourishing lip mask is a great way to keep your lips hydrated. It also contains vitamin E as well as hydrating coconut oil — just put a layer on your lips before bed to help them feel soft by morning.

This 100% Bamboo Cheese Board With A Secret Pull-Out Drawer

Constructed with 100% eco-friendly bamboo, this high-quality cheese board is strong, durable, and the beveled rim is noticeably stylish. There's a hidden drawer with built-in utensil slots that hold three knives, and it also comes with tongs to keep the cheese in place while you cut.

This Best-Selling Essential Oils Kit That's Great For Aromatherapy

With 8 different organic essential oil scents, this comprehensive aromatherapy kit can be used in a diffuser or even applied to your skin with a carrier oil as a light perfume or massage oil. Each order comes with a variety of aromas, including peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary, frankincense, and orange.

A Hydrating Mist Infuser You Can Use With Your Favorite Essential Oils

If you know someone who's into essential oils, this therapeutic diffuser offers a soothing combination of humidification and aromatherapy. Just fill it with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and flip the switch — the device will fill the room with hydrating moisture while simultaneously emitting a pleasant fragrance. It creates hardly any noise as it runs, and there's an optional mood lighting function that rotates through seven colors.

These Clever Sleep Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

These brilliant sleep headphones, which double as an eye mask, allow you to fall asleep to music without the feeling of earbuds digging into your ears. They're made with soft fabric, and filled with slow-rebound memory sponge that rests comfortably on your face. The Bluetooth syncs quickly, and the battery can last for up to eight hours on one charge.

This Salad Spinner That Quickly Dries Your Wet Greens

This easy-to-operate salad spinner allows you to dry your greens with a few easy pumps on the handle. It's made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel, and the convenient non-slip base helps keep it stable as you work.

These Absorbent Microfiber Towels Designed Specifically For Your Hair

Instead of bulky terrycloth, these hair towels are made with super-absorbent microfiber. The material soaks up water faster than regular cotton, which helps your hair dry faster. Best of all, they have cute buttons on the back that make them easy to wrap into turbans.

An Adorable Desktop Planter That Also Holds Pens And Office Supplies

If someone on your shopping list loves plants, this cute desktop planter makes a fantastic gift. It's made from smooth concrete with a terraced base that you can use to store pens, small notebooks, business cards, and other office items, plus you have the option between two sizes: small or large.

These Adorable Earmuffs Made From Mink Cashmere

Few wintertime accessories are cuter than these adorable earmuffs made from knit mink cashmere. They're soft, warm, and stylish, plus they're available in a variety of different color choices. They feature an adjustable band that pulls out with a simple stretch, yet they're compact enough to fit in your pocket.

This Automatic Soap Dispenser With A Built-In Motion Sensor

Simply wave your hand underneath it, and this motion sensor soap dispenser will let the soap glide out into your hand — just like dispensers at the airport. It has a simple, minimalist aesthetic, and it only requires four AA batteries in order to work.

A Chic Cocktail Shaker Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Act like a professional bartender in your own kitchen with this stainless steel cocktail shaker set. Each set comes with a shaker made with a built-in strainer, as well as a twisted bar spoon, and an illustrated cocktail guide.

A Genius Beard Bib That Helps Prevent Bathroom Messes

Instead of filling the sink with beard clippings and wayward facial hair, use this clever beard bib to catch the mess while you shave. It's simple to use — just drape the bib over your shoulders, put the suction cups on the mirror, and shave away like you normally would. It's an easy way to avoid making a mess, while also preventing the sink from getting clogged.

A Shower Mirror That Won't Get Foggy

Not only are there no annoying suction cups to deal with, but this shower mirror is also perfect for shaving. Each order comes with an adhesive hook that makes it easy to install, and unlike regular mirrors, this one won't get foggy as the temperature rises.

A Clever Gadget That Helps You Put Bracelets On By Yourself

If you have a hard time putting bracelets on, this genius tool can help. Just insert one end of your bracelet into the clip, then wrap the other end around your wrist to secure it. It's especially great for folks who have arthritis, or other forms of joint pain.

These Twinkling String Bulbs That Easily Set The Mood

Constructed with bright LED bulbs, these twinkling star string lights offer the perfect mood lighting for outdoor gazebos, garden patios, dorm rooms, dining halls, bedroom windows, or practically any other place you want to add flair. They're completely waterproof, plus there are also eight lighting modes to choose from, including flashing, slow fade, waves, and more.

These Smart LED Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Not only does the downloadable app let you set schedules, but if you pair these smart LED light bulbs with Alexa, you can even turn them on or off using voice controls. They're also compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, as well as Cortana, plus they have a lifetime of approximately 27,000 hours.

An Insulated French Press Made From Stainless Steel

This elegant, high-quality French press is just the ticket for making a rich cup of Joe in the comfort of your own home. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the triple-layered filter helps prevent loose coffee grounds from making their way into your cup. The cool-touch handle helps keep you safe from accidental burns, plus it's available in 11 different fun colors.

This Coffee Maker Made With A Stain-Resistant Warming Plate

If you're looking for a regular coffee machine instead of a French press, this one is made with a stain-resistant warming plate that helps keep it looking classy throughout the years. The auto-pause function lets you remove the pot so that you can pour yourself a cup before it's done brewing, and the windows on the side let you easily see if the water reservoir needs to be refilled.

These Reusable Grocery Bags That Are Good For Mother Earth

Do the environment a favor and use these cute reusable grocery bags the next time you go out shopping. They're made from sturdy, tear-resistant polyester, and each one is lightweight enough that you can easily throw it in your purse or backpack when not in use.

This Charging Pad That Juices Up Your Phone Wirelessly

Forget the cords and cables — this easy-to-use wireless phone charger lets you juice up your phone without the hassle of finding a charging cable. You don't even need to remove your phone case in order for it to work (unless it's extra-thick) — just set your phone down and you're ready to go.

A Clever Pan That Lets You Cook A Variety Of Ingredients At The Same Time

If your stove is small and easily crowded, this brilliant cast aluminum pan is here to help. This innovative piece of cookware is designed with built-in dividers so that you can cook multiple ingredients at once. It's also coated in nonstick so that it's easy to clean, and the heavy-gauge metallic base plate helps distribute heat evenly throughout.

A Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager With A Soothing Heat Function

Whether you have a stressful job, or you just like to spoil yourself at the end of a long day, this shiatsu massage pillow is an easy way to help yourself relax. It's constructed with soothing shiatsu massage nodes that can help alleviate aches and pains, plus the integrated heating function is a nice added touch.

This Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set That Can Help Soothe Pain

This versatile acupressure set, which includes a mat and pillow, is an easy way to help soothe away back and neck pain. You only need to lay on them for 10 to 30 minutes every day in order to start reaping the benefits. One reviewer reported, “[I] really love this for pain relief. i use it every night before bed because it’s so relaxing, it’s a great way to wind down and get my mind ready to sleep.”

This 3-Piece Cutlery Set That Comes With A Travel Case

If you're looking to ditch plastic utensils in favor of a more eco-friendly option, this stainless steel cutlery set is an excellent alternative. This three-piece set comes with a fork, knife, and spoon, plus each order also comes with a silicone travel case.

This 2-Pack Of Bathroom Spray That Uses Earthy Essential Oils

Rather than using ineffective aerosols that make your bathroom smell like stinky roses, this unique toilet spray helps stop unwanted odors right at the source. Just spritz it into the toilet before you "go," and the natural essential oils in the formula will work to eliminate unwanted odors before they hit the air. Each bottle delivers up to 400 uses, and you get two bottles in the set.

A Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set For Reducing Inflammation And Puffiness

This genuine jade roller is made with 100% natural rose quartz that promises to help boost the blood circulation in your face. It's also an easy way to give yourself a massage, while simultaneously helping to alleviate any puffiness or inflammation — especially under your eyes. You also get a gua sha tool for more massage uses. One Amazon reviewer raved, “Wow! It really DOES work and makes your face feel amazing!”

The Fondue Set Made With Convenient Color-Coded Forks

Whether it's strawberries and chocolate, or apples and cheese, this fondue set makes it easy to enjoy fondue in the comfort of your own home. Just heat it over the stovetop using the cast iron pot, then transport it to the stand for everybody to enjoy. Best of all, the forks are color-coded so that everyone can easily keep track of which one is theirs.

A Cute Ceramic Tea Cup Made With A Stainless Steel Infuser

This adorable ceramic tea mug comes with a stainless steel infuser that allows you to easily brew loose tea leaves right inside of the cup. The wooden lid helps to keep it hot if you're someone who likes to sip slowly, and you can even use it as a coaster to help protect your tabletops.

These Wool Socks That Are Bargain-Priced, Yet Super Cozy

Socks are always a great gift, and this affordable, yet high-quality pack of wool socks is an excellent choice. They're made from a cozy blend of wool, cotton, and polyester, plus they're both soft as well as breathable. They're available in a variety of colors, and one size is made to fit most.

This Handheld Clothing Steamer That's Perfect For Travel

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free by using this convenient, handheld steamer. It's able to heat up in less than 30 seconds, and can provide up to 10 minutes of steam before the water reservoir needs to be refilled. It's also completely BPA-free, and the automatic shut-off function helps prevent it from overheating when the water runs dry.

This Wildly Popular Cat Grooming Tool That Can Help Reduce Hairballs

If you're tired of finding hairballs throughout your home, try using this game-changing cat grooming tool. This extra-effective brush helps remove loose hair in order to reduce the amount of fur your cats shed, and the built-in guard works to prevent it from digging into their skin. Best of all, this tool features a "Furjector" button that lets you easily dump the excess hair into the trash. Choose from large and small brushes to get the best option for your feline.

A Small Dehumidifier That Covers 215 Square Feet

This miniature dehumidifier is great if your home or office is muggy, or if you spend time in the basement where it can be extra-damp. Even with its small size, this convenient appliance is capable of covering 215 square feet. It operates at a near-silent level, and it turns off automatically when the water reservoir runs dry.

These Glasses That Can Help Reduce Strain On Your Eyes From Reading Screens

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, these glasses can help reduce the strain on your eyes. They block out blue light as well as help reduce glare, plus they're available in a variety of cute colors and patterns.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp For Soothing Ambiance

Designed to emit a soft amber glow, this Himalayan salt lamp is an easy way to create a relaxing ambiance in your home. Use it for a nightlight or a soothing light for your office or home studio. It comes with a dimmer switch so you can customize the brightness, and the six-foot cord gives you a good range of where you can plug in.

A Reversible Heated Blanket Made With Sherpa And Microfiber

Whether you get cold easily, or if you just like to feel extra-cozy, this toasty heated blanket is the way to go. The reversible design features sherpa fleece on one side, whereas the other side is made with super-soft microfiber. There are five heat settings to choose from, and it's available in six colors.

A Wireless Charger Designed To Work With Your Case Still On

Not only can it charge your devices without any cables, but this high-tech wireless charger also can charge right through your case (as long as it’s not thicker than 5 millimeters) so you don’t have the hassle of removing anything before charging. There’s a convenient light indicator to know when you’re fully charged up, and it’s compatible with a ton of devices, including the latest iPhones and Samsung devices.

A Set Of Luxe Pillow Covers You Can Pamper Yourself With

Treat yourself to a little taste of luxury with these velvet, colorblocked pillowcases. The ultra-plush covers help morph practically any bedroom into a relaxing retreat, and when you tire of one color, just flip it over for a new look. The hidden zippers ensure that your pillows don't slide out, too. The set includes four pillow covers and you can choose from three color combos.

These Wine Bottle Stoppers That Are Resistant To Cracks

Rather than letting your wine get bitter overnight, try using these handy bottle stoppers. They help preserve the flavor of your wine more effectively than a regular cork, and they're made from durable rubber that's crack- as well as fade-resistant.

A Pair Of Salt And Pepper Grinders That Are Super-Elegant

Fancy up your kitchen with these elegant salt and pepper grinders. They're made from a combination of rust-resistant stainless steel and glass, plus the lids are airtight in order to help preserve the freshness of your spices.

A Hair Dryer That Helps Give Your Hair Extra Volume

Featuring tourmaline ceramic technology, this versatile hair dryer lets you to brush and style your hair at the same time. There are three different heat settings to choose from so that it can be safely used on a variety of hair types, and it even helps add shine to dull, frizzy hair.

A Pair Of Brushes That Are Specially Designed For Wet Hair

Brushing your hair when it's wet makes your strands more delicate, which can lead to frizziness and split ends. Luckily, these hair brushes are specifically designed for wet hair. They extra-soft, widely-scattered bristles that are gentle on your hair, and they even massage your scalp as you brush.

This Wallet That Helps Protect You From Identity Theft

Help protect yourself from identity theft with this clever RFID-blocking wallet. The bifold design is able to hold up to 18 credit cards, and there are two zippered pockets where you can easily store coins. It's made from high-quality vegan leather, and the cover is also dustproof.

A Roll-On Essential Oil Stick That Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

Formulated with therapeutic-grade essential oils, this roll-on stick can help alleviate anxiety so that you drift peacefully off to sleep. It's completely vegan as well as cruelty-free, and one Amazon reviewer even raved about how the scent isn't "overpowering."

This Electric Water Kettle That's Resistant To Rust

Rather than hassling with a stovetop tea kettle, this stainless steel electric kettle gets your water heated faster than a microwave, while being safer to use than the stove. Just fill it with water, press the button, and you're ready to go. It's great for offices and dorm rooms, plus the exterior is also rust-resistant.

A Memory Foam Pillow With Over 4,000 Positive Reviews

With more than 4,000 positive four- and five-star reviews on Amazon, you truly can't go wrong with this popular memory foam pillow. The plush memory foam on the inside contours to the shape of your neck and back to help keep you comfortable, plus the removable case is hypoallergenic as well as breathable.

A Coffee Grinder That Lets You Adjust How Coarse Your Grounds Come Out

Perfect for any coffee aficionado, this manual coffee grinder features 18 different coarseness settings so you can choose precisely how fine your grounds come out. It's made from super-durable stainless steel, and many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it's "easy to clean."

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